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@benjitheffffingfurry said: hoi :3 any love for them not-so-main characters like Selmers, Lori, or Bombshell girl? :3
anonymous said: Draw Selmbers writing an epic poem with Lori M.’s help.

i lied when i said an hour, a big fat lie ™. i hope everyones havinng an easy time studying for APs and finals, im wishing you guys the best of luckkk!!

Three years ago today, I embarked on an incredible journey to become the man I have always been. In these last 1,095 days, I have had experienced the lowest of lows and the highest of highs. But I wouldn’t trade who I am for the world. I love me. I love who I am and the journey my life has so far taken me on. I never thought I’d be able to look at myself and finally feel some sort of peace. I still have so much progress to make and many more obstacles to overcome, but I can’t wait to keep seeing the changes that this transition will have in store for me. I have an incredible support system around me that have helped really make this all possible. People who have raised my spirits on my darkest days, people that have been incredible advocates, people who have accepted me for ME. Thank you to everyone who has journeyed with me. You all really have no idea how much your support truly means to my progress! Peace, Love and Positivity!!

I just decided to throw two summoning tickets at the orleans event english fgo is doing rn and suddenly my son who I have loved and raised these many years comes home…

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Hi me and my little have been dating for a little over a month now we've had an amazing time so far but we both have depression and it's hard to get out of it sometimes she helps me but I can't get her out sometimes any advice on how to pick her up and put her in little space? (Btw we have to do long distance so like physical stuff won't work sorry for the trouble but it looks like you have such a good relationship that I thought I would ask, again thank you hope you can get back to me)

Hello there!!
Aw! Depression is such hard thing to overcome! I have terrible depression and anxiety. My Daddy is such an amazing guy! He would sit on call with me while I would cry and try to calm me down and raise my spirits.
Here are a couple of suggestions to try to help your little that help me! (My Daddy and I are also in a long distance relationship)
~You could sit on call with her even if she doesn’t want to talk. Just to be able to be there Incase something does happen (Daddy and I just sit on call together even if we don’t do anything specifically, it’s just really comforting to have him there)
~Ask her how she is doing, and even if she says she’s okay, ask if she promises that is how she is truly feeling (I know that when my Daddy ask how I am, and then I say I promise, that even if I don’t really feel that way, I will tell him how I really am feeling)
~Asking her who your little is, who you love the most, who you’re proud of, or just little things like that. It could trigger the beginning of little space (It always makes me giggle and smile and makes me feel better. I then start to go into little space slowly after that if other things are said or done to trigger it)
~Asking her to colour or draw you a picture, and telling her that you really want to see something she’s going to create for you! Then, if she does it, make sure to tell her how proud it makes you and how much you like t. (This is what my Daddy does and it helps me. He really likes when I draw and colour for him, and though I’m still feeling down, his reassurances and interest in my activities makes me feel special and happy)
~Offer to watch a movie of her choosing! (You can use Rabb.it to stream it together!)
~Offer to do really any activity together. Even if she says no, try to get her to do it even as a distraction. (This is really helpful for when I just don’t do anything and just sit and think too much, to actually get up and do something and then with Daddy makes it even more fun and special, as I just really enjoy spending time with him in any way)
~You could have her cook or bake. (This is one of the only things that helps distract me from myself)
~You could write her little notes every day telling her how special she is to you! This would boost her self confidence (even if its slightly) and just bring a smile to her face! Even if only for a moment.
~If you know when her depression gets worse, you could make sue to call with her and let her fall asleep in call Incase she wakes up with a bad dream or can’t sleep because of her own thoughts. (This really really helps me and makes me feel comforted and just not alone with my own thoughts. Daddy makes sure to stay in call for a long while and check up on me. I’ve woken up an hour or so later and he’s still there. It’s just so so comforting to have him there!)

These are a couple of ideas!! I hope they helped! If I think of anymore I’ll leave them in the comment like section!!
I hope this helped and that you and her both start to feel better!!!! Stay safe!!

Self care is about to become more important than ever for me!

I am starting my own side business, working full time in mental health, preparing to go back to grad school all while continuing my spiritual journey in the craft. That means I’m really busy and need to take really good care of myself. One way I’ve decided to do this is by actively inviting my Joy Guide to take part in my life like never before. For those of you who don’t know what a Joy Guide is, a JG is sort of like a Spirit Guide. We all have lots of different types of Spirit Guides aside from our main guide. We have healing guides, joy guides, protection guides, etc…I believe Joy Guides belong in our lives not just when we have time for fun, but in heavy, busy times as well. So from time to time, I’ll post updates about my developing relationship with my Joy Guide and how it affects my magical practice and life progress in general. Why? Because joy raises our vibrations, and higher vibrations can increase your magical power, making us indomitable witches :) 

Translation: Shoma Official site Feb 28

Hello, it’s Shoma. 

Thank you for all the support during 4CC and AWG.  I’m kuyashi because I wasn’t able to show you my best performance in both competitions. 

At 4CC, I myself was very surprised I was able to land a 4Lo. But I failed the 3A after, and the content of the performance left a bad taste in the mouth. Nonetheless, I had a sense of fulfillment and I think this experience will lead to a next step. 
At AWG, I wasn’t able to control my feelings during the SP but I was able to adjust physically during the day in between and it raised my spirits, so I was able to do a tenacious performance in the FS. 

Worlds, that ended last year in tears, is upcoming very quick. I will work hard so this year everyone can end it with a smile. Thank you for continuous support. Please be nice with me from now on too. 

By Your Side (Bucky x Scarred!Reader)

Requested by Anonymous.
“I have keloid scars on my shoulders and and back. they are pretty visible and I have a lot of them. I am pretty comfortable with them most of the time but I had someone today make some pretty rude remarks about them about how I should “cover that nasty shit.” And it would just raise my spirits a bit if you could possibly write a Bucky x reader Drabble about something like that.”

Word Count: 744
Warnings: Just a complete ass-hat making dumb ass remarks about scars jfc (but honestly god knows we’ve all had that asshole say shit like this istg i’m so done w people)

Originally posted by vibraniumdoll

Usually you were fine with your scars. Over the years you’d become more and more comfortable with yourself and while at first it’d been a challenge, you’d easily learned to love yourself for who you were.

Some days, however, were harder than others.

Today had started out fine; you and the rest of the team had decided to go out and spend some time at the beach. It was well deserved after the endless and grueling five months of missions and paperwork you’d just endured. Even Rhodey had come out to lay in the sand with Tony.

Sam, Wanda, Clint, Steve and Nat were all out in the water causing mischief and you and Bucky had decided to go out for a walk in the sand.

You wandered along the waterside, occasionally dipping your feet in the water and chatting on and off as you went. With things having been so hectic it was nice to just relax and spend time together.

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Came home from a short but fun trip to London, completely drained (something about a cancelled flight and flying through a storm the next day…) but the dirt pig coming out to greet me as soon as I came home definitely raised my spirits, just love her so much!

So this morning, I was running self checkout and this poor dude with a full fucking cart comes through and asks if I can check him out at a regular register. I don’t like leaving self checkout to go to a register, because if something happens or if someone needs help I won’t be there to fix things, but I also know that trying to check out with a cart packed full of food is literally hell. We weren’t very busy, though, so I figured I’d check him out at a register really quick.

So I’m halfway through the order, doing really well on time when Old Fruit Motherfuck fucking apparates at my register. He’s a regular, and rude as fuck, and feels entitled to be as crumudgenly as humanly possible because he’s o l d. Every day I am at self checkout he sneaks up behind me, says nothing and just waits for me to feel his creepy ass there. Always spooks the fuck out of me. And all he ever has to checkout is, like, a single package of blueberries. On a good day he says nothing and I ring him up and run his card for him, use his pin number I have memorized because he has me enter it for him and I tell him his balance on his card and send him on his way.

But on a day I can’t immediately help his old, rotting ass OH BOY he gets impatient, and will take it out on you because how dare you not be able to just drop everything and help him right the fuck then- or the fact you’re busy and there’s no self checkout registers open can only be because of YOU! And, of course, there I was, nowhere near done with checking out this poor guy with his full, full cart, and unable to split myself in two to serve Old Fruit Motherfuck. And he gives me the most passive aggressive look like “what the fuck is going on here?”

“I’ll be with you in a second, I just need to finish up this order” I told him as nicely as I could.

“A second, huh?” Old Fruit Motherfuck scoffs and I knew deep down in my veins that he was taking what I said literally and was literally giving me one second before he got on my case.

“I didn’t mean it like that sir” I assured him with a smile, “I’ll be with you in a moment.”

“Well it was a second a whole minute ago” Old Fruit Motherfuck insists, like this will instantly make things better.

“I’m sorry, I can’t check out two people at once, I’ll be with you as soon as I’m finished with this order” I apologise, trying my damnedest not to snap.

So I go back to finishing up the first guy’s order and the entire time I was doing this, Old Fruit Motherfuck is just bitching and moaning about how he wanted to know where our usual girl who works mornings was (she’s on vacation/ doesn’t work weekends, I do) and how he liked her better and I’m doing my best to explain that she wasn’t here today, and I was there in her place.

“Well, it’s been six minutes since one second” he suddenly brings up when I am mere moments away from finally getting to his rude ass. HE WAS STILL ON ABOUT THE FACT THAT I HAD SAID “ONE SECOND” AND DIDN’T LITERALLY MEAN ONE SECOND.

“I’m sorry, I meant I’d be with you shortly” at this point I’m struggling not to cry.

“So what’s the truth!?” Dude asks, and I struggle to find words other than repeating that I’d get to him as quickly as I could. But dude was dead set on giving me as much shit as he could that I didn’t finish scanning half a carts worth of groceries in a single solitary second. “Do you ever tell the truth!?”

Let’s keep in mind I don’t think I have ever shared more than ten words at a time with this guy, and suddenly I’m this infamous compulsive liar ruining this guy’s life. And at this point I just give the fuck up. I don’t respond to Old Fruit Motherfuck and handed the first guy his receipt, and then rang up the antagonistic fuck without another word. I wanted him gone.

What’s worse is that the guy I checked out first came back and apologized and I nearly burst into tears. After being berated so early in the morning and being presented with human kindness, I was hardly able to hold back a wave of unnecessary emotions.

So yeah… Hopefully something really nice happens to raise my spirits a little…

Written in the Stars

Title: Written in the Stars
Fandom: Tales of Zestiria
Characters: Mikleo, Sorey
Relationship: Sorey/Mikleo
Rating: General
Warnings: None

*Read on AO3*

I remember you fancied the idea of there being as many emotions as stars in the sky. But now that I look up and trace my fingers between the tiny orbs of light, my other hand stroking absentmindedly at the feather tied around my waist, I think there are as many memories as there are stars, too. I’d teased you for being a romantic back then, but it looks like you’ve influenced me in more ways than I imagined, huh?

Author’s Notes:
I haven’t written fanfiction in over five years, and have never really thought about participating in a fandom week. But Sormik gives me feelings and makes me do things I never intended.
Inspiration struck and I came up with a way to somehow encompass all of the days for this year’s Sormik Week into one comprehensive piece. So here I am, presenting a very late entry for Sormik Week 2017! Most of it is based on game canon, with one scene taken from the manga and quite a bit of headcanon and filling in the gaps.
Enjoy (hopefully)!

[Sormik Week 2017 Prompts]
Days 1-7: Innocence | Trust | Nature | Loss | Truth | Acceptance | Fate
Bonus Day: Rebirth

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from very far away - inosaku

let’s just pretend this didn’t take forever and also that this makes any sense at all.

sakura runs. ino waits. sometimes, you just have to let old wounds to heal. sometimes, you have to learn forgiveness. (sometimes, there is no forgiving.) post-fourth war (6,500+ words)

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Maybe Max isn't usually as extravagant with his antics but he knows that Davids form of punishment is usually make Max stay by his side so he can keep an eye on him. Once Max figures this out his lashing out becomes more extreme but David is more mild than ever, and Max gets more and more desperate to get a rise out of him. Besides as long as David continues with his ineffective punishment at least Max gets to be close to him -🌸

Awe,, leave it to 🌸 to raise my spirits with more amazing headcanons