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Time is running out.

…For several things.

We haven’t talked much on this blog about the reason this auction is happening. But everyone here knows: tomorrow is a terrible day. Whether you are marching in DC, or closer to home, or watching the protests from your laptop, or trying to blot it all out by playing Candy Crush Saga, there’s no forgetting about it completely.

But we are not powerless. There are things we can do. Some of them start tomorrow. One of them is tonight.

This is our last night to raise money for the fantastic charities and organizations who will need our support so badly in the coming years. This is the last night to come together, across fandoms, to show the world – and ourselves – how powerful we can be, together, as fans.

These are the last few hours to put some money toward a good cause, to give another fan a project they can do to fight back, to give yourself something positive in the future, and to create fan works that will enrich our communities.

Bid on an auction or two now.

Can we just talk about how much Tom and Harrison care about children and people in general? They go to children’s hospitals, travel to help others, will donate their bone marrow to help others who need it, and they also go out raising money for good causes.

anyway about my commissions im getting kind of desperate

hi again my name is tord and i made this post about a month ago about how im taking commissions to raise money to buy myself a binder cause im a trans guy

well heres the thing. i dont mean to sympathy grab here. but lately ive been experiencing some pretty severe depression due to dysphoria, and im pretty close to having enough cash to getting that binder i need. so please. please please if you have any money to spare at all consider commissioning, donating, anything you can afford. i would be so grateful. 

not to creep on your tags or anything but @simplylinly this is one of the best additions to my post so far……..she’s so into all her buggies but she has to try to keep it to a “socially acceptable” level, so she’ll raise money in streams for bee conservation efforts and stuff but during the streams she’ll throw in little asides like “And while bees are totally awesome, did you know moths, beetles, flies, and even ants are important pollinators too? All insects are cool and super important!! ok back to the stream”

anonymous asked:

Can I be serious right now? Just. I'm so scared for the future. I'm graduating high school in 5 months, what kind of place will we be at? Will I even be able to go to college? Where will women, POC, the LGBT community be? Freedom of speech?

Anon, all I know is that there are still TONS of people out there working really hard to help. I work full time as a graphic designer at a marketing firm that ONLY serves non-profits: healthcare orgs trying to help people, schools trying to raise money for scholarships, cultural orgs trying to provide a platform of self expression. I work with HUNDREDS of incredible people all over the country whose careers revolve around helping, and they’re ALL fighting and haven’t given up hope. So not all is lost! There’s good out there.

Hi Folks!

I’m Maya and I’m the creator and main coordinator of this project. You can usually find me on tumblr as ahoysnufkin or on instagram as fernsgrow

I’m a college student studying film and TV, an aspiring illustrator, and someone who was helped immensely by Destiel. The love of this ship brought me close to some incredible people and even after all these years, it’s still my happy place. I love how much talent and love our fandom is capable of. 

And I know we can have such a positive impact on the world, I love the idea of using our love for destiel to raise money for good!

There a few other people on the crew, the number cruncher, the designer, and the shipping assistants (haHA), but I’m running the show. 

From the bottom of my heart, thank you all. We just hit 300 followers, there are 40+ incredible artists who are going to have art featured, I’ve just been blown away by the reception we’ve received and how beautiful this project is turning out to be.


i get that a lot of furries are weird and cringey but here are a few pretty neat things about the fandom that i’ve noticed:

  • furries raise a lot of money for charity and sometimes even do volunteer work at children’s hospitals or similar settings. you might think that’s cringey, but to a little kid, a fursuit is like a giant stuffed animal and it can make their day
  • toxic masculinity isn’t really a thing with furries. people across the board are encouraged to be themselves, and that includes more “sensitive” men
  • ^related to that note, platonic cuddling/affection is a big thing in the fandom, which is something i’ll always support (as long as it’s consensual, of course)
  • a lot of furries fall somewhere on the LGBTQ+ scale, so it’s generally considered a safe space
  • transgender furries can find validation by using their fursona to represent their gender identity, especially on online forums
  • the market for art is still thriving and i think that’s pretty cool
  • suicide prevention. a lot of furries cite the support and friendship they found in the fandom as the reason they didn’t commit suicide in their youth. this is the most important point imo

anonymous asked:

Hi. Can you help my friend by reblogging this post? She really needs money for place to live, because her parents kicked her out for being gay. And she has only a week to raise the money. Thank you! angelicdeancas[.]tumblr[.]com/post/156086220535/my-parents-kicked-me-out-i-need-your-help

everyone please go and help here

Some of the good things from 2016:

Pokemon go
DiCaprio’s oscar
The deadpool film
Supergirl’s Sanvers
Stranger things
Hamilton the musical (and mixtape)
Steven universe/the summer of Steven
Finding dory
Yuri on ice
Fnaf sister location
Beyoncé’s lemonade
Fantastic beasts film
Grease live!
Tatiana Maslany’s emmy
Rouge one
Black mirror season 3
Ilvermorny was revealed/we got sorted
The Gilmore girls revival
“Baby groot”
Captain America: civil war
VR is finally here HTC VIVE/oculus rift etc
Robbie rotten memes
Tracer is officially LGBT+
Dat boi
Dodie Clark’s EP
Dan and Phil go outside
Mario run
High school musical 4 announced

The tiger population rose for the first time in years
Physicists found gravitational waves to be real
The priminister of Japan jumping out of a mario pipe to commemorate the olympics
The Juno spacecraft reached jupiter’s orbit
Money raised by the ASL ice bucket challenge may have found a breakthrough
A plane went around the entire world without a drop of fuel
Leicester city football club beat 1 in 5000 odds and won the premier league
A man was cured of HIV, world wide cure is just on the horizon
Child mortality is at a all time low
There’s an Ebola vaccine now
The FBI now labels animal abuse a class A felony

the cringemas charity livestream saved my life and here is why

  • ‘here’s our first guest, markiplier. no, you’re not mark- yeah’ [jack walks onscreen]
  • is felix racist? donate to the charity to find out
  • jack getting a christmas tree shape waxed into his leg
  • jack slapping felix’s ass and then ‘i’ve been kissing felix’s ass for years, might as well do it physically’
  • jack singing
  • cryaotic reading pewdiecry fanfic with felix for 5 minutes and then leaving
  • ‘shut the fuck up. it’s cooking time’
  • mark and jack nominating septiplier for the cringiest fandom
  • ‘i’ve always wanted to see you fist a cake’
  • mark doing an interpretive dance in an inflatable snowman costume
  • pj: ‘watch out for this bag of trash’ jack: ‘who, mark?’
  • jack doing both of mark’s laughs
  • ‘the stuff in this fell out somewhere. i dunno where it went.’ [camera zooms in on the piece of paper behind jack’s feet]
  • jack doing a little irish jig and kicking felix in the knees on purpose and them getting into a mock tussle
  • the kisses…

Meet the black woman who will run from NYC to DC to raise money for Planned Parenthood

  • The Republicans’ plan to defund Planned Parenthood along with repealing the Affordable Care Act won’t come without a fight — or a long, frigid run.
  • Alison Mariella Désir is a New York City-based running coach and founder of the Harlem Run running group. 
  • On Jan. 16, she’s teaming up with at least three other women to run 240 miles over five days from New York City to Washington, D.C., to raise money for Planned Parenthood. 
  • Just so it’s clear: That’s the equivalent of running two New York City marathons each day.
  • Désir hopes to raise $44k to support Planned Parenthood, an amount that honors the 44th president, Planned Parenthood ally Barack Obama. 
  • Less than a week out from the start of the run, she’s already brought in close to $30,000, according to her GoFundMe page.  Read more

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Antoine Griezmann poses with a flower bouquet after being pranked on TV

Every 28th of December, Spain celebrates ‘El Día de los Inocentes’ which is a kind of April Fools Day. On that day, the “Inocente Inocente” Institution makes a Fundraising gala on TV for Children with diverse problems. Last year they raised 1,150,000€ for those kids. In the gala they show pranks they’ve played on famous people during the year, and this year Antoine will be one of the pranked people.

It’s quite often that they play pranks on football players, and sometimes it’s even their own teammates who help to make those pranks:

2007: Iker Casillas
2008: David Villa
2010: Raul Albiol and Alvaro Arbeloa
2010: Jose Antonio Reyes (Accomplice: Kun Agüero)
2012: Radamel Falcao (Accomplice: Adrian Lopez)
2013: Thibaut Courtois (Accomplice: Koke)

2016: Antoine Griezmann is invited to a radio show to discuss the new UEFA rules, what he doesn’t know it’s that a female football association will appear on the show to claim equal rights. HIs reaction will be aired next Wednesday.

Tax breaks are reportedly helping racist, anti-Semitic hate groups disseminate propaganda

  • Whether you like it or not, American taxpayers are likely indirectly helping to subsidize studies of whether people of different races have different IQs — and whether Jewish people are a threat to civil society.
  • That’s according to a new investigation by the AP, which found that four hate groups were able to claim tax-exempt status for the last 10 years. 
  • Organizations included Richard Spencer’s National Policy Institute and the New Century Foundation, which “studies” racist ideology.
  • All told, the groups raised $7.8 million, which donors could then use to reduce their tax burden — since donations to 501©(3) organizations are deductible.
  • The AP reports the money raised was primarily used for editorial purposes and conferences to help perpetuate the groups’ ideologies.
  • In all four cases, money was used as personal compensation for the groups’ leaders. Read more
When a man asks you about an ideal arrangement:

Well, good question. My ideal arrangement is where we are both comfortable with each other. You get a bit of what you want  and I get a bit of what I want. You get to be with a sexy, romantic, vibrant, mature, and (sexual girl) who’s also charismatic, and intelligent, etc and I get to be with a man who is willing to provide financial need in my life. I want to feel like a queen and a man who can invest in me is a keeper in my book. I am open to intimacy eventually. I am happy with per meet or monthly allowances. I do like cash though. I am happy per meet when we are platonic, and then when intimacy is involve and you see my sexual side, I am happy for a monthly allowance (of course money raised). I have been doing this for a good amount of time to know what I want. Per meet, I am totally comfortable of minimum _____. I would like to know if you are willing to let me see other men because if so, then monthly will just be doubled but if not monthly will be around ____. (Remember the more you invest in me, the more luxurious I can be for you and the more “prettier” I can be ;).