raised from the ground

ok even though nobody asked I’m still gonna say why I think Jyn is Asian because it’s important to me. When I first heard of the character, before I knew anything about the film, I was so excited because Jyn sounds just like a traditional Chinese surname, Jin, which is also one of my names. I hoped I could relate to her more than Leia, a morally clear princess as in actual space royalty, destined to be a hero. Jyn was supposed to be a person raised from the ground up whose path was divided between submission and a tough fight against oppression.

After I saw the film, this became even more important to me. I loved all the diverse male leads, but it really let me down as a woman. I couldn’t relate to a white actress from Britain, a country that colonized and oppressed half the world, telling us a story about parents sacrificing themselves to a corrupt organisation in hopes of a better future for their child. Not to go too into it, but china sucked while my parents were growing up, and it still sucks pretty badly. It’s even worse in other Asian colonized nations, which is why Jyn could be from any of them as well. Jyn’s story is not a white story. Her story could have been so much richer if played by an actress of Asian descent.


Tricking The Trickster

“God, you’re annoying” Loki laughs and nudges your arm. You shrug and smirk as he rubs his arm.

“You not the only trickster here” you laugh and raise your hand. As you raise your hand, a rock rises from the ground to meet it. You look up at Loki, with a grin on your face.

“Don’t you dare” Loki says, trying to be serious. You push your arm forward and the rock flies, slamming into Loki’s arm. You laugh and he yells.

“Two can play at that game, Y/N” Loki grins and your eyes widen. You’re nowhere near as good at this as Loki. You laugh and started running in the other direction.

You run down the hall as Loki runs after you. As you run, you use the fire from the candles in the hall and throw fire at him. He dodges and teleports in front of you. You smash into him and he laughs.

“I win” He smirks as you look up at him. You pressed your arms against his chest and use a gust of wind, throwing him across the room. He smacks into the wall and groans as you laugh.

“I guess not” You laugh and begin running back down the hall. He pulls himself up and begins chasing you. You notice your room door at the end of the hall. You run into it and closed it. You leaned up against the door as he tried pushing it open.

Eventually he pushes the door open and wraps his arm around your waist. He lifts you up as you laugh and he throws you onto the bed. The two of you laugh as he lies on top of you.

You stare up into his eyes and smile. He tilts his head and leans in slowing, softly kissing your lips. He pulls away and rolls over, lying beside you. You turn over, looking into his eyes.

“I love you” You say as he begins to smile. He cups your face with his hand and leans in, kissing you again. He pulls away and smiles.

“I know” he laughs and you nudge his arm, before kissing him again.

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Home, Sweet Home

Fandom: Supernatural

Word count: 545

Summary: Based on “Imagine being Sam and Dean’s older sister and coming back from Hell.” by @supernaturalimagine


The fire was slowly dying on what was left of the grass yellowed by the long time of drought. The place was being drained of life for many weeks, slowly greying and fading. One could feel the bad energy hunting down the desolated hills if only someone wanted to come. There weren’t many visitors, though. Only those who felt that something was coming. And they were right.

Sam and Dean slowly raised from the ground after they were thrown away by the sudden explosion of an insanely intense power. Crowley and his demons blinked rapidly, taken aback by the kind-of familiar, but very uneasy feeling creeping out from the centre of the outbreak. Something happened, and the apprehension of what it meant united the vicious enemies for a moment that stopped everything around them.

“No… No, no, no…” Crowley murmured when the realization hit him all of the sudden. “This can’t be possible…”

“Crowley, what’s going on…” Sam winced, getting back onto his legs, gazing into the thick fumes slowly vanishing into the night.

“They were supposed to keep her locked!” Crowley suddenly screamed, pure rage clashing in his voice.

But not only rage could be heard in it – and when Sam met the demon’s look for a brief moment, it sent shivers down his spine. Crowley was petrified. And if someone like him feared the thing that crashed right before their eyes…

“What is this, Crowley? What just…” Sam whispered, not tearing his gaze away from the figure slowly emerging from the smoke.

“I’m so, so sorry,” Crowley said with an unusual sincerity. “This should have never happened, I don’t know how…”

But Crowley became silent and the Winchesters didn’t need to ask him anything more. They have seen you, in all of your glory and something deep inside of Dean winced like a long lost memory coming back to life.

You took a deep breath, drinking in the sweet scent of life. Of Earth. It was so fresh, so… innocent. It would be a shame if someone… ruined it.

A very wide smile appeared on your dusty face.

“Hello, my dear brothers,” you welcomed the well-known men. “Long time no see, huh?”

The brothers stayed silent, completely bewildered by your words. This could not be true, they have never even heard of…

Dean felt his heart stopping. Scraps of rough flashbacks flew before his eyes. A night, much darker than this one. His father, and mother… and someone they had to go out for, leaving him alone in a car in the middle of nowhere. How old had he been by then? How could this happen that he had not remembered the lonely, grieving days, when his parents couldn’t utter a single word? They have lost something dear and it was long before little Sammy was even born. They must have denied the accident ever since, and now… Now it all came back.

“Hell was fine, if you wonder,” you stated, raising your chin. “But I don’t think you do. I was watching you all those years, hoping you would make some connections and save me from this whole “eternal damnation” that I had to take because of one deal made wrong, but you… Boys, I’m really disappointed. I mean, I used to be. Now… Now I’m not guided by such pitiful feelings. In fact, I’m better than you will ever be.”

“What do you… What do you mean?” Dean’s voice cracked weakly and you smirked, coming closer to the brothers. To someone who should be your family.

You leaned to him, so close that you smelled the fear floating from his pores.

“I will destroy everything you have ever possessed,” you whispered, letting the darkness take over your eyes. “I will destroy everything I couldn’t be a part of.”


“You know, I should kill you,” Wade began as he pressed the gun to Francis’ forehead. “Every inch of my body is dying to pull the fucking trigger after all the things you’ve done to me, Vanessa and Y/N,” he yelled.

Francis raised his hand from the ground and said, “Then go on, Wilson, shoot me.”

Suddenly Wade let out an irritated groan. “No, I won’t. You wanna know why?”

“I don’t care. At all,” he replied hoarsely.

“I’ll tell you anyway,” Wade informed him with a shrug. “I saw you reaction when I said Y/N’s name. I know, I know, you’re good at keeping this arrogant smirk on your stupid face, but I’m not blind: you flinched. You like her, don’t you? After everything you’ve done to her you still have feelings for Y/N.”

This time Francis rolled his eyes and let his head fall back on the concrete ground with a light thud. “I don’t feel pain but I swear hearing you talk still manages to make me feel something very similar to physical pain.”

Wade punched him in the face as some sort of a response and you couldn’t help but take a step back, instinctively grabbing your sister’s hand while you both watched the endgame.

“Now listen to me, fuckface. For some unbelievable reason Y/N likes you, too, so here’s the deal,” Wade began. “I’ll let you go and give you one chance to prove us you can change. No, wait, let me rephrase this. You’ll get a chance to prove us that you don’t necessarily have to be such a giant douchebag 24/7. If Y/N tells me you did something bad, even something as small as not taking out the trash when asked, I’ll come after you again.”

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Theatre of Orange

Orange, France

1st century CE

103 m. long and 37 m. high

One of the most iconic parts of this structure is the grand exterior facade, which measures to be 103 meters long and 37 meters high.Originally, there was a wooden roof across the theatre to protect the audience from unfavorable weather conditions. There is evidence on the walls that shows that, at some point, the roof was destroyed in a fire. Although it is relatively sparse in decoration and embellishment, the three story wall gives an overwhelmingly powerful appearance to the entire building. The main three doors on the first level of the facade open directly onto the stage inside the theatre, which can seat from 5,800 up to 7,300.

The stage, which is 61 meters long and raised about one meter from the ground, is backed by a 37 meter high wall whose height has been preserved completely. This wall is vital to the theatre, as it helped to project sound to the large audience. The wall, also known as the scaenae frons, is the only architecturaly decorated surface throughout the entire theatre. It originally was embellished with marble mosaics of many different colors, multiple columns and friezes, and statues placed in niches. The central niche contains a 3.5 meter high statue of the emperor Augustus, although this was most likely a restoration of an original statue of Apollo, the god of music and the arts. The central door, below the niche containing this statue, is called the Royal Door, or valva regia. This door was used only by the most important, principle actors to enter and exit the stage. Above the door was a frieze decorated with centaurs.


1, 2, 3, 4,
I declare a Chara War!
5, 6, 7, 8,
Who can keep their knives straight?

Guess what boys, 「KNAIFU WAIFU」 is back, and still snazzy.

Actually, who would win in a fight?
In the left corner: Souldust Chara, with her Stand, 「MEGALOVANIA」, whose powers include stopping time and summoning knives out of the slots in its arm guards.
In the right corner: Caretaker Chara, with their Stand, 「KNAIFU WAIFU」, whose powers include raising knives, spikes, and miscellaneous puzzles from the ground. (That’s not official, I haven’t really finalized in any way what  「KNAIFU WAIFU」’s powers are.)

My bets are on Souldust Chara because timestop, but with Stands it’s really anyone’s game.

Caretaker Chara from The Caretaker of the Ruins (@caretaker-au) by @peppermintbee and @nochocolate

Souldust Chara from Frisk’s Bizarre Adventure: Souldust Crusaders by me

Drop a line if you want a dank superwide version

I love how Rick Riordan gave Athena’s kids zero “cool” powers but their brain. Like, it shows how much valid your ideas and intelligence can be, resulting with being the strongest power a demigod can have.

No matter you can fly, control water, raise skeletons and other stuff from the ground or spontaneously catch fire. You still need to be clever to use those powers without making a mess.

Brain before anything else.

Yessss. I freaking love this.


Title: Gratitude [Stephen Strange x Reader]

Summary: Why couldn’t you just be simple. Bratty!Reader and Exasperated!Strange.

A/N: Dedicated to all my followers, and lovely anons that take time out of their day to make me feel special!

“Will you stop being difficult and just take off your pants?”

You raised your tired eyes from their fixation on the dirty cold ground to accusingly glare at Stephen for the umpteenth time that night, and pointedly ignored the spike of annoyance he sent your way.

Absolutely not.”

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She won’t hesitate
to rip your heart out
and use your dripping blood
as war paint.

She was forged in fire
and raised from the ashes.
Her enemies bones have been ground to dust
and she built her temple upon their ruins.

She is fire
She is rain
She is heart
and she is never afraid.

—  feminism was carved into history by gods | S. R.

Every positive stride we have made within the past few years (gay marriage, transgender rights, etc.) have happened because of normal people in the streets, not the higher ups who do not care about minority groups. Change almost always occurs from the ground up. WE demand change and WE raise the moral standard by coming together in love and acceptance.

The conditions for Donald Trump to become president have already existed for quite some time, but that has not stopped so many of us from standing for what we believe in and generating change. I understand the hatred and fear that is thriving in beautiful hearts on this day around the world, but please never for a second believe that this country does not accept you because of your race, gender, economic standing, etc.. If anything, this election has uncovered the truth and brought us together stronger than ever before, more willing to stand for one another and this earth.

The conditions for REAL change are currently thriving. People are not handing their trust over to the government any longer. It’s up to us. I believe that we will make history within these next four years.

Anxious (Newt)

{Requested by anonymous}

Request/description: If request are open. Could you maybe do a imagine where you’re at wicked and you and Teresa have to get treated differently cause you’re girls and Newt is worried about. Thank you so much you’re a phenomenal writer!!!!

Warnings: None

Word count: 622


“But what if they’re hurting her?”

Newt sat anxiously, his leg bouncing up and down. He sat at the lunch table in WICKED headquarters surrounded by all of the other Maze survivors and test subjects. This was all a mess.

“She’s going to be fine, okay?” Frypan reassured him. “Do you know how I know?”

Newt raised an eye to him from the ground. “How?”

“Because look around you. Do you see all the other girls in here? They had to go through the same things as Y/N and Teresa, alright? So breathe, man.”

Newt thought for a moment but shook his head. “No I feel like somethings off. What if they find something wrong with her? Or Teresa? What would they do to them?”

“Newt!” Frypan let out an astonished laugh at the boys racing thoughts. “The only thing different about them is that they’re girls. Just different tests need to be done for them, like they said, right?”

Thomas leans in and joins the conversation. “I’m with Newt. I hate having Teresa and Y/N somewhere else. It’s like they’re trying to tear us apart.”

Frypan threw his hands up and leaned back in his chair. “Like tryin’ to reason with a bunch of babies,” he muttered under his breath.


Newt couldn’t sleep that night. His thoughts threatened to consume him and devour his mind.

Then, the door to their bunk room opened and hands pushed Teresa inside.

All of the boys say up at once and twisted to see the door. Immediately Thomas fell off of his bed and scrambled to his feet, wrapping Teresa in his arms.

Questions were thrown at her from all directions. She waited for them to die down when Thomas croaked one last one.

“Are you okay? Why do you look so weak?”

Teresa furrowed her eyebrows and rested her head on Thomas’s shoulder. “They just took a lot of blood is all.”

Thomas began leading her to a spare bed when Newt stopped her with a hand on her shoulder.

“Hey where’s-”

Suddenly the door opened again and the same hands pushed another girl in.

“Y/N,” Newt breathed.

He rushed to you and slipped his arms around you. You gave a surprised yelp but laughed and hugged Newt back.

Newt pulled away after a moment and smoothed the hair out of your face. “Are you alright?”

You nod and smile to him. He puts his hands on your shoulders and looks into your eyes. “You’re absolutely certain your okay? Did they hurt you or-”

“Newt!” you laugh lightly, surprised at his reaction. “I promise I’m fine.”

You waited for his response but he just gave you an unsure look. You roll your eyes and press your lips to his quickly. His concerned expression changed and melted away to one of relief.

“Do you believe me now?” you ask once you break the kiss.

Newt looked back and forth at your eyes, shocked. He barely nodded, never breaking eye contact.

“Not even five shuckin’ minutes together and they’re already making out,” Minho laughs.

Newt turned around to look at Minho. “No were not. What are you talking about Minho?”

Minho shakes his head and looks to his left. “I wasn’t talking about you two.”

You follow Minhos glance and see Teresa and Thomas. You start laughing but the boys apparently don’t find it as funny as you do. Most of them groan and look away, or just roll their eyes.

Newt pulls you in for another hug. “I’m glad you’re okay,” Newt says gently.

“Me too,” you say. You’re about to put your lips to his again when Frypan throws up his hands and let’s out a loud groan.

“Not them too!”


UPDATE: Pre-Sale Ticketing Situation

Just a gauge of how the pre-sales went for Party Baby Seoul Boom. This is only open to those who verified their Baby 3 membership on their Interpark accounts between 7 February till 9 February. The pre-sales went on for 4 hours between 8pm to 12midnight on 9 February (today). 

The numbers left must be added up to give the total number of seats left in the quota set aside for pre-sale purchases by Baby 3 members. 

Open sale of the Seoul Boom tickets will happen on Monday, 13 February, on Interpark KR/Global. 

  • It’s unclear whether this is the projected outcome desired by the Boycott Camp or not. 
  • TS still hasn’t given response to the concerns raised by babyz, from both the Boycott Camp and the middle ground camp. 


I am NOT in support of the boycotts – either the (1) Boycott of Seoul Boom only, or (2) Boycott of Seoul Boom and the rest of the world tour – and I am NOT in support of the tiring tour schedules and the lack of proper domestic exposure and promotions for ‘From Noir’. There you go; I hope this is short and sweet enough since many don’t bother reading the detailed exposition of my stance on Twitter. 

Goodnight folks.