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anonymous asked:

Hello! Can you do a headcannon of your costar tom holland finding out you're dating Harrison?! Pls and thanks!!

of course! i hope you don’t mind, i’ve answered it in dot-points rather than a full story but enjoy :-) thanks for being my first request!


dating harrison osterfield as tom holland’s co-star 

dialogue; you, harrison & tom

  • you and tom are starring in ‘beneath a scarlet sky’, a WW2 thriller in which tom plays the young hero and you’re his love interest
  • the movie is 2 months into shooting in switzerland
  • you’re great mates with tom but he doesn’t know you’re dating harrison, his best friend and assistant
  • you met harrison at casting auditions over a year ago when you got a call-back to read lines with tom
  • harrison was sitting outside the building when you arrived, drinking a coffee and looking down at his phone
  • you’d never been cast in a movie as big as this before and you were really nervous about meeting tom so you were flustered
  • you didn’t even acknowledge him as you rushed past but he looked up and his first thought was that your cheeks looked really cute when they were a bit red

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