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My little brother walked in on me watching supernatural, the ghostfacers episode was one of them, and stayed watching it with me, but now everytime I come over all he says is “lets watch ghostfacers” the starts singing the ghostfacers theme. It’s annoying, but too adorable to stop because he is only 6

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okok i love punk Katie McGrath as much as anyone because, let’s be real, how is that not incredible BUT

i take punk!Lena high school au and raise you nerd!Lena high school au. because Lena is really smart: she is, after all, the CEO of a gigantic company, and she has kind of defeated the bad guys multiple times now so!! someone needs to thank Lena Luthor immediately but my real point here is that she is smart, she is a CEO, and she’s good at it, and you know she went to some Very Good business school back when she was still trying to gain the respect & love of her family. 

SO. here we have teenage Lena Luthor, low key genius, who rebels in her own quiet way by just trying hard, refusing to give in, give up. she wears her last name and the stigma it brings with a decent amount of shame, so she’s quiet, kind of distant until you get to know her. she’s got a couple of friends and they sit toward the side of the cafeteria and try their hardest to tune out the world around them, but to other people this reads like aloofness (it’s not; it’s loneliness)

in her free time, she’s always in the lab tinkering with something. it’s the only time she feels truly free, this time all alone to build and think and create, and Kara meets her there one day after shattering her phone screen somehow: she runs in, all help, can you fix my phone? please, I’ve broken three screens this year already, and my sister will never stop laughing if I break another, please you’ll be my hero forever, and how can Lena say no to that embarrassed little smile? so she holds out her hand, offers to take a look

(she fixes the phone, but Kara sticks around, and the last thing Lena wants to do is complain about this development)




i was just thinking about this earlier but...

imagine lance out of the blue saying: “Space, the final frontier…”

which then followed by hunk: “These are the voyages of the starship Enterprise.”

pidge: “Its five year mission: to explore strange new world–”

keith: “–to seek out new life and new civilizations–”

then they wait in silence, all staring at shiro, who sighs and continues: “–to boldly go where no one has gone before.”


This is Anansi, the Spider.

My son named Anansi when he found the spider living in the closet where he sleeps. (“Anansi, the Spider” is one of his favorite books.)

My wife asked me to go see the spider and help my son deal with it. I asked my son if we should put it outside, but he said no. He said we need to take care of Anansi because it’s missing two legs. I told him I thought that seemed like the nice thing to do.

After tucking him in, I told my son that maybe Anansi would build a web tonight that would catch any nightmares that come around. He laughed and said those would have to be pretty small nightmares.

He’s such a kind, sweet little guy. I hope he always stays this gentle.

I don’t care WHY you’re a fan or HOW LONG you’ve been a fan I just care that YOU ARE a fan because we need as many people as we can get to raise our nerd army and conquer the planet