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PSA | Stan

Okay, so just your neighbourhood word nerd raising awareness.The other week, I was on Twitter and I ran across a new word. 

Stan / Stanning. 

As in, “I stan ____.” Or Swift-stan if you love Taylor Swift. 

But, seeing as this wasn’t an English word I knew, I had to learn it. So I ran to Urban Dictionary.

This is the top definition. 

As you can see, this isn’t a new word. It goes back to 2006 when an Eminem song came out about an obsessive fan.

Let’s look at that. 

“Eminem intended for this song to be a message to fans who had written him disturbing letters indicating that they had taken the violent lyrics on his first studio album too seriously. “

I don’t know about anyone else and I don’t intend to dictate anyone’s speech, but these are not the kind of words I would associate with anything I liked. Being a fan of something is great, but adding yourself to the category beyond that is questionable, at best.


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Chlonath Day 2!!!!

Even though it technically stopped being day two 12 minutes ago for me, here I am!

Day 2: Honey/Tomato

“What about Honey?”

“What about honey?” Chloé responded through gritted teeth, taking a brief moment to glare at him out of the corner of her eye. Less than a second later her eyes were on the road again and Nathanaël was thankful she was at least a good driver. He would be lying if he said he hadn’t been extremely hesitant to get in a car with Chloé Bourgeois behind the wheel, but his mind had quickly been set at ease when he’d realized she wasn’t an absolute maniac on the road.

“Oh come on,” he said, “that’s a pretty common pet name.”

“That doesn’t make it any good! It’s so sappy and sticky and gross!”

“As a pet name or a food?”


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Late night thoughts before I crash and sleep but I have vastly different headcanon stuff in mind for Lars pairings when it comes to the question of if he’d be a parent and whatever .

For Larsadie, they’d both agree not to have children, they’re not into that, and they don’t want that responsibility, but they do get appointed as godparents and honorary uncle and auntie for Steven’s children (Steven would be the best dad ever let’s be real). They don’t have any regrets in deciding not to have children, and they get pissed off when people question them about it.

For Ronlars you bet your fucking ass they would raise children. They’re the dads who tend to clash in areas, like Lars being more nurturing and strict and Ronaldo being more exuberant and reckless but they put their kiddos first and foremost and they cooperate. They’d build the sickest playforts for their kid(s), raise them on nerd stuff and they also get super into helping on those school projects like the science fair, where Ron gets a shit ton of pictures of everything and is super boastful of that project he helped on, and Lars gets into a fight with a PTA mom over baking, like fuck you Brenda your cookies are bone dry and my kid can cave in your honor roll kid’s shins.

How To Be A Heartbreaker-Jeffmads- Chapter two-

James walked into the school, holding his cup of coffee, that he had added half of a monster energy drink to. Listen, he stayed up really late last night. By stay up late I mean he didn’t sleep. At all. He felt his coffee be pulled out of his hands and he looked up, glaring. “Listen here, you macaroni fucker, I am the perfect height to cut off your tiny ass dick, so God help me, give me back my coffee!” James hissed angrily, his gaze darkening when Thomas simply laughed, ruffling his hair and taking a sip of James’ coffee, immediately doubling  over and coughing. “HOLY SHIT WHAT IS THIS?!?!” Thomas screeched, spitting the drink out into a napkin. “Black coffee and a hint of monster energy drink.” James responded with a grin, taking  his coffee back with a wink, watching as Thomas frantically grabbed his own smoothie, taking a large sip and sighing.

“I already had my morning coffee, but luckily it was starbucks, not that crap.” Thomas said snottily and James chuckled. “Alright, coffee critic.”

Thomas grinned at him. “Anyways, Pretty Boy, see you in class.” He strolled off and James shook his head, walking to the library where, John, Alex, and Hercules were waiting. He knew Alex and John fairly well, but didn’t talk to Hercules in person often. He did text him a lot, they just didn’t have any classes together. “So, I got invited to his party.” James

Hercules looked up, confusion clear on his face. “Who’s party?”

“Jefferson’s” John answered before explaining everything to Hercules. Hercules swallowed. “Guys, that’s pretty me-”

“He broke Alex and so many other people.” James said softly, looking up from his book.

“Break him back.” Hercules agreed, crossing his arms, his face darkening.  James nodded, a slight smirk on his face. “That’s the plan.”

By the time it was lunch James was ready to rant to his friends and forget everything. But he never got that chance. Oh no, because as soon as he walked inside, Thomas grabbed him and pulled him over to his table. He spent all of lunch getting to know his friends, but even that was a blur. The day in general was a blur. By the time James walked up to Thomas’ house, he was exhausted,  staring at the large house with an awed expression. He already wanted to run and never look back. He looked down to his t-shirt, he had chosen against wearing his math puns t-shirt and instead pulled on a simple black one.  He knocked on the door and bit back a sigh when he saw a very drunk Lafayette open the door. “Ah, Mon Ami, Tommy’s boy, come in.” Lafayette greeted, handing him a shot. James shook his head and handed it back, remembering his instructions to not get drunk.  Lafayette raised an eyebrow. “Nerd.” He mumbled affectionately, ruffling his hair. “Hey, you’re friends with …” He searched for the name, biting his lip. “Hercules right?” Lafayette finished and James nodded. “Yeah, why?”

Lafayette seemed to be blushing slightly, fidgeting. “Is he uh.. What’s the word? Single?”

James grinned. “Yes, he is. But he does have a crush.”

Lafayette’s face fell and James held back a smirk. “It’s you dipshit.” James said, laughing softly, smiling when he saw Lafayette’s eyes light up. His smile dropped when he remembered that Hercules was planning to do the same thing to Lafayette as he was doing to Thomas. “So, where’s Thomas?” James asked softly, Lafayette leading him upstairs. “Why are we going upstairs?” James questioned and Lafayette grinned. “Thomas wants to talk to you.”

“And he can’t do it in public? My god, he’s so dramatic.” James mumbled, but followed Laf up the stairs anyways. He swallowed nervously when he saw Adams and Burr were there as well. Thomas, a very drunk, Thomas let out a squeal of joy and ran forward, wrapping his arms around James, picking him up, making James screech, before spinning him around the room. “James!” Thomas said happily, his eyes lighting up with pure joy. James chuckled, the chuckle dying when he realized that he was still in the fucking air. “Okay, you can bippity boppity back the fuck up now.” When Thomas didn’t react, James managed to pull one hand free, freezing when Thomas dropped him and backed up. “I’m sorry, I’m sorry, I’m sorry. P-please don’t hit me.” Thomas stammered, looking like he was gonna cry. The other people in the room exchanged nervous glances, Adams opening his mouth as if to tell Thomas to shut up.

“Why would I hit you?”

Thomas glanced up at him. “That’s what my dad does, so why wouldn’t you?” He giggled drunkenly, cocking his head. “But like pa says, I deserve it.” Thomas said in a far too happy tone for the topic. James just stared at him, shocked before hugging him tightly. Adams took a step forward, his tone threatening. “You tell anyone-”

“We’ll destroy you.” Laf finished

“Physically and socially.” Burr added in a helpful tone.

James could feel guilt pooling at his stomach, but then he remembered how broken Alex was after Thomas. There was no way in hell he was going to tell anyone about this. But breaking Thomas’ heart? That must go on.

“Can one of you get me a glass of water for Thomas?” James asked softly and Burr nodded, heading downstairs.

“So, why aren’t you drinking?” Adams asked suspiciously, narrowing his eyes. “Got something to hide?”

James chuckled nervously, running his fingers through his hair. “Actually, this is my first party, I’ve never drank before.” He confessed nervously, wincing when the room burst into laughter.

“Oh my god, you really are a nerd!” Adams called and Thomas frowned, wrapping an arm around James’ waist. “But he’s my nerd!” Thomas protested and Laf smiled. “You make him happy, mon ami, keep it that way.”

James spent the rest of the night taking care of Thomas, tucking him into bed and kissing his forehead softly. “Goodnight, Tommy.” He whispered, heading downstairs and out the door.