The upside of revealing yourself and making yourself vulnerable and speaking your truth about your own fears, insecurities, problems … always yields a greater good than it does a backlash.

The obvious truth, when it comes down to it, is that we’re all in the same fucking boat – so many people experience fear and worry and insecurity and … lack of discipline, self-loathing – you name it… When you raise your hand and talk about your own insecurities and problems … what you usually see a bunch of people out there nodding their heads, saying: “Oh my god! I’m so happy to hear someone say that – that’s what I’ve been feeling.”

And this is, ultimately… the purpose of a lot of art – to make us feel less alone.


In a fantastic Patreon podcast conversation (also starring Neil deGrasse Tyson), Amanda Palmer discusses art, the balance of solitude and sociality in creative work, and the psychoemotional investment necessary for wholehearted living. 

Join me in supporting Amanda on Patreon here, then treat yourself, if you haven’t already, to her fantastic and culturally crucial manifesto for the art of asking

Also see Seth Godin on why vulnerability is the wellspring of great art.

Ban the word “Minions”

When a person uses the word minion(s), they’re called a “memer”. Yet when someone speaks out against use of this word, they risk being branded “a faggot”. Words like minions send a message: don’t raise your hand or speak up. By middle school, people against the word minions are less interested in participating due to persecution—a trend that continues into adulthood. Together we can encourage everyone to participate by standing up against the use of the word minions.

Pledge to Ban Minions.

Make the pledge to Ban Minions here.

I will #banminions

Raise your hand if you think everyone should get 1 free name change no questions asked upon your 18th birthday. Like a name is so personal. You should be able to define yourself and name yourself. Like ty for the good old college try mom and dad but I don’t think xxxxxxxxx suits me.

Her - My poetry

I’ll tell you what poetry is:
your fingers gently holding your sleeves
as you raise your left hand
(and sometimes both of your hands)
up to your mouth,
protecting it.
Afraid that the words you never meant to say
might accidentally spill out.

having you in front of me
on a frosty day in spring
(that is poetry!),
as the chill wind blows in my face
and through my eyelids
into my eyes, into my brain,
it burns your image;
it immortalizes your being;
it glorifies the birth- the projection
of your being into my area of existence,
into my area of being.

un-interested and un-entertained
of these worldly things,
just wanting to sit somewhere-
anywhere! – Just wanting to talk,
listen, just wanting to breathe.

I would like to better explain to you
what poetry is,
but I know nothing more than this–
poetry is:
I, writing of you and about you
and you,
thinking that this is just a poem,
thinking that this is just poetry.

- Kushtrim Thaqi

Imagine- tied up

*caution- smut (bondage)*

Imagine dean waking you up in a most unexpected way.

Laying on your side still asleep, a rough hand runs up your spine, a scruffy kiss on you shoulder. In your sleep you roll over with a light moan, hands raise above your head. His hands are quick, the soft fabric around your wrist and around the post. A deep kiss wakes you up, you try to move you arms but can’t. Your eyes open to Deans deep green with a smirk on his face.

“Let’s have some fun, darling” he says before sending you over the edge.

finnartneta asked:

I started thinking that, if your gem was located at the back of your neck, summoning weapon wouldn't actually be that difficult; just raise your hands to the back of your neck and then DO IT.

it’s the awkward angle of pulling the thing out? like if it was a longer weapon my arm doesn’t Do That and couldn’t pull it straight out

anonymous asked:

I'm in row 10 in the section in front of luke, towards michael a little. Do I have a chance of being picked or nah

Ehhh, mmmm,, ehhhh mmmmprobably nootttt. I mean hey still raise your hands, I was sitting on the side, on Cal’s side, and people were still raising their hands in the air to be picked. Just know theyre going for the closest rows