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scars [peter parker]

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warnings: mentions of sex, heavy make out, a bit of sadness in the beginning

request: @pradabiatch655 

word count: 1655

    Today had been one of the worst days of your life.

    It had started out just like any other day, you walked to school beside your boyfriend of two years, Peter Parker. The two of you always walked to school every morning, seeing as you lived in apartments that were close together. It was almost like a tradition for the two of you; meeting at the corner of the two of your building, before walking the fifteen minutes it took to get to school.

    Once the two of you had arrived at school, everything went downhill, fast.

    The moment you stepped into your first period class, your stomach had turned sideways, feeling as though your guts were turning themselves inside out. It felt as though something bad was going to happen as soon as you sat in your desk.

    And something bad was happening, indeed.

    Sitting in the cold, wooden desk aside Peter, you lowered your arm so that you could grab ahold of your bag. Pulling out a pencil, you straightened your back and relaxed into the seat. Raising your eyes, you noticed your teacher standing at the front of the room, a stack of paper in his hands.

    Pop quiz.

    An hour later, there were tears in your eyes, as you knew that you had down awful on the quiz. With the grade that you already had, this quiz would have decided your grade for the next few weeks.

    And that was not the end of the story.

    By the end of the school day, you had taken three tests, been bullied by the most popular girls in school, and tripped into the mud outside the school’s front doors on the way home. Now, you stood in front of Peter’s apartment, tears in your eyes. The cold, salty tears stung your dulled eyes as you knocked on his front door. Peter opened a few moments later, his body wrapped in a sweatshirt and a pair of jeans. His wide eyes scanned your shivering frame before he was immediately grabbing you by your waist. He pulled you into his chest, strong arms wrapping around your hips. You inhaled his familiar scent as he pulled you closer to his chest, something that seemed almost impossible. The teen in front of you seemed sympathetic, his eyes filled with sadness and his heart filled with hurt.

    If Peter was being honest, when he saw the tears in your eyes, he was filled with a sudden rage. He wanted to find whoever had done this to you and use his newfound powers to show them that they should never hurt you. The teenage, human spider hated that you were in pain, even if it were not physical.

    Peter pulled you out of the rain, his grip never leaving your body. He pulled you into his apartment with strong hands guiding you to his room. He ducked past his Aunt May, trying to avoid her pestering questions, wanting nothing more than to get you warm and happy.

    When he reached his room, he grabbed a pair of his old sweats and a large shirt of his. He handed them to you, not uttering a word before gently pushing on the small of your back. He pushed you towards his bathroom, letting you get changed out of your wet clothes and into his fresh, warm ones. While you changed, Peter moved across his room, turning on his television screen. He let the vibrant screen play quietly in the background of his room for a few moments before he grabbed a movie beside the television. He pushed it into the slot of the screen before moving back to his bedside, moving the blankets and bunching them up in order to make part of a fort.

    When you exited Peter’s bathroom, you were surprised to see what he had done. Your eyes scanned the small room and laid them upon Peter’s figure; he was sorting the blankets and pushing pillows to the side of his bed so that there would be room for the two of you.

    Making a sound from the back of your throat, you alerted Peter of your presence. The teen turned his attention in your direction, his eyes immediately falling upon your frame. His chocolate brown eyes took in your broken stature; scrubby, red eyes, sunken-in frame, and wet, knotted hair.

    “Oh, baby,” Peter spoke sadly, moving the distance to take you back into his arms. He let your forehead fall against his broad chest, new tears soaking his sweatshirt. Peter rubbed small circles into your back, his head laying atop of yours, breathing in your scent. He let you cry for a few more minutes before he pulled you towards his bed. He layed you down in front of him, letting him lay behind you. He wrapped his arms around your waist and pulled you back into him. The position felt natural, as if he were meant to lay beside you.

    For the next hour or so, you and Peter cuddled into each other and watched movies, letting you get more comfortable.

    While you were focused on the movie, you did not see Peter watching you. You did not notice Peter’s eyes as he scanned your face with adoration in his eyes. He watched your eyes as they crinkled when you laughed, and the way that your lips curled at the end when you smiled. His eyes shined and reflected immense happiness when you smiled, grinning happily when you did. His eyes roamed every inch of your face, from the scars and lines. He knew that you did not like the scars and acne marks on your face. You claimed that they were ugly; that they made you look different and not perfect.

    But Peter thought differently.

    He thought the marks made you beautiful. He thought they made you look strong; as if you had survived through hell and much more. Peter thought that scars were not a sign of imperfection; they were a sign of strength and beauty. He loved the scars on your body, even if you did not.

    Lifting his hand, he let the tip of his index finger trail along the scar behind your ear, dropping it to follow the short line to its end. He moved his hand again, towards another one of your scars. It was one caused by acne, a scar that you hated because it was on your face, right underneath your cheekbone.

    When you felt the tip of his finger trail across his face, you turned, watching Peter as he stared at your face. His chocolate brown orbs gazed into your eyes, taking in every feature of your face with complete and utter awe. His lips twisted into a smile as he watched you take in his features as he did to you.

    With one final look, Peter lowered his lips until they were inches away from yours, “You are so gorgeous, love.”

    You shook your head with a blush, before you leaned up to connect your lips to his. Peter responded almost immediately, his lips moving against yours. He tilted his head so that his lips could slot against yours in a smoother fashion. You groaned against his lips, moving your lips faster so that you could keep up with him. Peter moved, his back muscles shifting as he let you fall back against his bed sheets. You sighed happily, complete euphoria and love rushing over your body.

    This was Peter Parker.

    The man you had loved since the day you met him.

    The man you would love for the rest of your life.

    You moved, your back lying flat against the sheets of Peter’s bed. Your hands clutched the sides of Peter’s face, one pulling itself through his hair with a groan. Peter smiled against your lips, his contagious personality rubbing off, causing you to smile as well.

    “God, I love you,” Peter groans. His hips roll into yours for a short moment, eliciting a moan from your mouth. He continues to roll his lips into yours, sighs of happiness and love coming from both your mouths.

    To anyone other person, the scene may have looked like two people wrapped up in lust and euphoria.

    However, that was not what was happening.

    No, this was different.

    This was something bigger; something pure and beautiful. Something that no one could have predicted, a motion that most people would never achieve in their entire lives. This was something that made the stormy days brighter, and the bad days just a little bit happier. It was the sort of thing that made your stomach flutter with excitement and your heart beat just a little bit faster. It made your eyes shine brighter and your steps feel lighter. This thing made you happy, sad, and excited all at the same time; the simple mention of it made you nervous and happy all at once.

    It was love.

    This love was the feeling in your stomach when Peter mumbled how much he loved you; it was the feeling of Peter’s lips against yours. Love was the ache in your gut as Peter’s hips rolled against yours.

    And most of all, it was what you felt for Peter; and similarly, it was what he felt for you.

Baby Rogers - Captain America x Reader

Summary : Reader is pregnant, and she has no idea how she’s going to tell Steve…The other Avengers try to help. 

(My masterlist blog here : https://ella-ravenwood-archives.tumblr.com)


Shit. Shit shit shit shit SHIT.  You knew there was nothing to be afraid of, that he was going to be great as usual…but you were scared shitless. 

Were you ready to have a baby ? You didn’t really know, the only thing you were sure of was that if you ever wanted kids, it was with Steve. He proposed to you a few months ago and you were suppose to get married the coming summer, a child wasn’t really part of the plan. However, the more you thought about it, the more you smiled…But was he going to be as happy ? You were totally freaking out, alone in your bathroom, glad that he wasn’t home right now. He would have totally understand that something was wrong with you…it was fairly obvious really. So you were glad to be alone. Well, not really. You wished you had someone to tell, someone that wasn’t your fiancé. 

You bolted out of your bathroom, grabbing a jacket, and went to the Avengers’ Tower common room, hoping to find a friend there. While you walked to the common room, you started to panic. You knew Steve, he would never hurt you…So what if he didn’t want a kid, but just to please you would act as if it was OK ? What if he decided that he didn’t wanna marry you anymore, and you suddenly found yourself raising a kid alone ? Granted, it wouldn’t be that difficult, you being a Stark, but…You were never so glad to see your brother, chilling in the common room with your friends. They were all there. Wanda, Natasha, Thor, Clint, Vision and Bruce. 

You came in awkwardly, and they didn’t notice you right away. 

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No Happy Endings | Wonho [M]

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Warnings: Strong language, sexual suggestiveness. (no actual smut scene yet)

word count: 2,489

 “I don’t think I have ever been so graphically threatened a day in my life,” Hoseok says clutching his heart.                                   

Part 2: Eating out, and eating out. Because apparently there’s a difference.

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Left With | Jason Todd x Reader

Description: Jason Todd, your everything, has been dead for three years. Or that’s what you thought at least.

Words: 3726 (this seems shorter than that for some reason???)

Notes/Warnings: ANGST. Mentions of suicide, death, cutting, etc. PLEASE do not read if you feel you may be triggered. I’ve had this floating around in my head for a while, which is pretty unusual since I write such fluffy stuff. This probably isn’t as bad as I thought it would be… Note to self: do not write angst when happy. Hope you like it! I might write a part two for it yet, but I have to figure out how it will end…

Ship: Jason Todd x Reader

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Jason’s trembling beneath his leather jacket, and every step against the marble flooring of Wayne Manor shakes the entirety of his being. But the Red-Hood isn’t quivering with grief or anxiety, but for once in his life… happiness. Pure, unadulterated happiness. He looks even more enthusiastic than Dick, so much so he’s practically sparkling and it’s starting to freak everyone out. Then again, it’s not every day he comes back from the dead to surprise the love of his life.

You were told on the night of April 27th, years ago that your everything—Jason Peter Todd, the present Robin at the time—was murdered brutally by the Joker. You hadn’t moved on. The pain and reminder of his death stung your eyes with tears and tore at the center of your chest. You had always been sensitive, you had always been too kind and sweet for his line of work. But with Jason’s passing you were welcomed into the Batfamily, and now often wandered the halls of Wayne Manor as a source of comfort and guidance for others. And, more often than not, Damian’s babysitter.

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Physical Education Pt. 1 (Seungcheol Smut)

So we just wanna give everyone a heads up and say that there will be sexual content so if you’re not comfy with that at all, then please click away. but if you’re down for some smut, then you’re at just the right place. ;) DISCLAIMER: ALSO THIS MAY CONTAIN SOME SENSITIVE CONTENT THAT MIGHT BE TRIGGERING SO YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED BUT you are free to click away if you don’t like it, you don’t have to read the whole thing. thank you ❤

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He Should Be Here

Characters: Y/N, Dean Winchester, Sam Winchester, Sammy Winchester (no I am not stuttering!), Lisa Braeden (mentioned), Ben Braeden (mentioned), Chuck (mentioned) Lucifer (mentioned), Michael (mentioned)    

Pairing: Sam x Reader, Dean x Lisa

Warnings: Character death (only as in canon), nothing much else I think.     

Word Count: 1600ish

A/N: Hey guys welcome to SPN Angst Appreciation Day 2017 - I hope y’all are ready to cry. As one of your hosts I thought it was my duty to do my best to make sure you go to bed with puffy eyes tonight so I am posting 3 brand new one shots in honor of this day. This is number 1

I have been wanting to write this fic for the longest of times - I hope you guys will enjoy it. It is heavily inspired by You Should Be Here by Cole Swindell

Thanks to @blacktithe7 for being a sweetie and betaing this for me

***My fics are not to be saved nor posted on any other sites without my express written permission.***

It was Tuesday, and just like any other Tuesday, you had gone to the park. You sat on the bench watching the kids play as you gently rocked the stroller with your sleeping baby boy inside it.

You didn’t come here for your son though. You came for you. You had been ever since the moment you had found out you were pregnant. It had been a Tuesday too, and a beautiful day just like today. You had called the only person you could think to call, even if you had vowed to each other only 3 weeks ago to go your separate ways and start over. Given your condition, that promise hadn’t lasted long, and this park had not only become your place to dream, it had become your meeting ground. It had become your only connection to the father of your child.

“Hey, how’s little Sammy doing?” his voice sounded behind you, and you looked up to see the tall, broad ex-hunter standing above your stroller, smiling softly at your sleeping son .

“Growing like weed,” you answered, making Dean chuckle as you raised from your seat to let him hug you.

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Anonymous requested:

Wat up?! Anywho~! Could I request a jealous Tsukki, Noya, Kuroo and maybe Terushima?? Like their s/o is giving way too much attention to another guy or something like that

This has been in my askbox for sooo long😫 I’m officially the worst😩😩😩 Good thing is that I’m finally feeling good about my writing again.

Nishinoya Yū

No way. No way in hell.

Why in the world would some guy think it’s fine to flirt with you it’s out of Nishinoya’s understanding, but there’s no way he’s gonna sit still and leave that guy to wrap his arm around your shoulder.

At least he wouldn’t, if it weren’t because he’s in the middle of a game and you’re all the way up in the grades, giving the bold guy a killer glare while taking his arm off of you. The guy doesn’t sweat it and keeps his advances.

Noya’s ears are buzzing and he can feel the heat rising to his face, he can faintly listen to the Coach voice but he’s more focused on watching you raise from your seat to go and seat with Yachi in the front line.

“Nishinoya!” The coach’s voice brings him back into the game, the entire team is looking and him and waiting for an answer.

“Are you with us, Nishinoya?” One look to his surroundings and he’s ready to go. He takes a final glance to your frame and sees that the guy hasn’t move from his place and that you’re talking to Yachi.

“Of course I am!” Nishinoya smirks, “Let’s give ‘em hell!”

When the game is over and Nishinoya wastes not time in making his way to you, he can see that the guy is making his way towards you now that the crowd is slowly leaving.
But Nishinoya is still running high in adrenaline and euphoria from the triumph, so he gets by your side before the other.

And before you have the chance to congratulate him, he’s engulfing you into a tight hug, next second he’s stealing a kiss from your lips.

“Sorry, I’m sweaty.” He apologized. You don’t catch the glare he sends to the other.

Tsukishima Kei

It’s actually quite amusing. Watching you and your new classmate interact.

For one part, it couldn’t be more obvious that you’re totally oblivious to the guy’s advances and for the other, it’s completely pathetic that the guy hasn’t noticed anything. Tsukishima almost feels sorry for him. Almost.

That is of course until Tsukishima starts to notice the lustful looks the guy gives you, the way his eyes follow each and every one of your movements. Still, Tsukishima tries to convince himself that is not his place to intervene.

Sure, you are his girlfriend; but you’re not his property and he knows that you’re more than capable of taking care of yourself. So, he manages to keep his demons in place, until he can’t anymore.

You’re standing next to the vending machine and Obnoxious #1 has just made his appearance next to you. Tsukishima gets to your side and casually drapes an arm around you. You turn your head up to look up at him, but he simply gives you one of his smirks before pressing the button for your favorite beverage.

Tsukishima doesn’t let you bent over to take your can from the machine, and instead turns the both of you to face your new admirer. “Can I help you?” Tsukishima asked, with an almost too inocent tone.

“I just wanted to talk with (Y/N).” Replies the other, half scowling, half calculating if he could beat Tsukishima up despite the height difference.

“I’m sure you do.” Tsukishima’s glasses get opaque from the sun, and his voice has stopped at pretending politeness. “But before you say anything, remember that she has a boyfriend and that she would never look at someone like you.”


“I’m not done.” He cuts you, cold glare directed at the other boy. “You didn’t actually believe I would let you make a move on her, right?” Tsukishima mocks, rejoicing on the other disppair.

“Now, do you still want to talk with her?”

The boy’s eyes are throwing daggers at Tsukishima, but he doesn’t dare to make a move, so he simply turns around, walking in the other direction of the hall.

“Guess he didn’t have anything to say, after all.”

Kuroo Tetsurō

At first, it’s a lingering gaze whenever you pass by; Kuroo doesn’t mind. Then he starts to stare, longer and shamelessly; it’s okay, nothing too out of this world or particularly evil, per se. Kuroo is fine. Then, you get assigned to a project with the guy, and that’s when the problems begin.

It’s not like he’s actually making a move on you, but still, there’s just something about him that irks Kuroo off. Something in the way he looks at you doesn’t feel right anymore.

But, since he hasn’t actually tried something, and given that you still have to work on a project with him, Kuroo doesn’t step in. He simply keeps a careful watch on you from the sidelines. Then, one day Kuroo finally has to step in.

He honestly doesn’t remember taking the guy by his collar and crashing him into the wall. He does remember however, the vulgarity that spilled from his mouth when the both of you when passing by in the hallway.

Now, Kuroo’s grip on his shirt is so strong his nuckles are turning white. He rises over the other guy from almost over a feet and yet, that’s not the reason why the other guy looks so small and defenseless.

“Listen carefully, garbage.” He hisses, eyes squinted and voice so low only the other can listen. “If you as much as look into her direction I’ll make sure that is the last thing you ever see. Understood?”

The guy nods slowly, and Kuroo smiles dryly. “Great. After all, it would be such a shame that something were to happen to you, seeing as you’re such a valuable specimen to the human race.”

Terushima Yūji

It would’ve been so easy. Extremely easy, actually. Terushima could practically savour the moment. In his head, he had kicked the other guy more than a hundred times already.

But he had promised you he wouldn’t do anything rash, cause this piece of garbage who was not casually flirting with you was your new boss, and you really needed to keep this summer job. So he had to suck it up, at least until your car savings weren’t be on the line.

But him was making things so hard. It took everything for Terushima not to take the other guy by the neck and kick him until he was out of breath.

But he had promised. So every day Terushima would drop by the flower shop you were working on to have lunch with you and then proceed to hang out smelling the same flowers day after day, just to see you do your best not to kick your boss in the face. And every day he would go home sulking and with a red and irritated nose because of the pollen.

A nice date. A simple and well deserved date free from your boss. Was that too much to ask?

Apparently it was, cause you had just ran into your boss, at the movies, right before entering to watch a movie, and Terushima highly doubts it’s a coincidence.

But he promised. So he inhales as much air as his lungs can hold in, and let’s it out in a big grunt. “Don’t turn back.” He said, his hand firmly gripping yours.

You’re about to ask him what’s going on when you hear the voice of your boss calling you. You’ve barely prepared yourself to face him when Terushima takes you by the waist and turns the both of you to face him.

“We’re busy.” It’s all Terushima said as he drove you into the cinema. Your boyfriend grip is tight on your waist and all you can do is shoot your boss a quick, apologetic look. Terushima stretches his other arm, but you can’t see what he’s doing.

Soon after your finding your seats in the dark.

“You gave him the middle finger, didn’t you?”

“All you asked me was not to punch him, I was behaving accordingly.”

Like a Record, Baby

Originally posted by thetrashprncess

A/N: yikes… sorry its been so long. ive been pretty busy lately but i promise ill get the other requests out soon. this is probably a bit rusty but yaknow. i REALLY like this song and hearing nsp preform it was so cool. incoming dancy dance!

Edit: AAAYYYEE!!!! fixed the formattig thank god.  

You stood on your toes to wiggle behind the wall of people, pushing back against the wall with one hand cradling your drink to your chest and the other holding tight to Ethan’s, dragging him behind you. Finally breaking free of the crowd, you stumbled over the step up into the balcony. Ethan followed, almost knocking you over when he tripped.

“Careful.” You smile back at him and he laughs. Your grip on his hand loosens as you walk further down the balcony to one of the small round tables. Taking your seat, you set down your drink and lean forward with your elbows on the table. Ethan settles down across from you, flashing you a bright and excited smile.

“Oh this is gonna be so cool!” You’re practically bouncing in your seat, raising your voice over the chatter of the room. Ethan beams back at you, reaching over and taking your hand in his.

“I’m excited for them. They seem like pretty cool guys and you can tell how much work they’ve put into this.” Ethan leans against you with a smile. The two of you continue a light conversation until you’re cut off by the lights dimming and the crowd around you screaming. You clap as TWRP walks onto the stage, joking with the crowd and starting their songs.

They fly through their set and before you know it the cheering is overwhelmingly loud. The pit below you churns with excitement as Ninja Sex Party themselves step out. You laugh at their ridiculous costumes and banter, singing along and clapping. Ethan sways next to you, cheering with the crowd.

At one point, the both of you abandon your chairs to stand and dance in front of your table.

“All right. As most of you probably know,” From on stage, Dan leans against his microphone stand, swaying slightly. “A while back we released a cover album called Under the Covers.” He pauses to let the crowd cheer, light sparkling off the sequins of his costume. “This next song is gonna be on our /second/ cover album, just saying. But uh… when I was little I thought this song was, yaknow, about records…” The crowd cheers as they realise what’s about to happen. “Now I know… now I know it’s about fucking!”

You laugh as the music starts and he begins to sing. You dance through the first verse, shimmying to the chorus. As the second verse starts, you feel someone grab your wrist and you gasp. Ethan pulls you towards him, moving his hands to yours. He smiles up at you, moving your arms back and forth in a strange, uncoordinated dance. You laugh and pull him closer, stepping around the table to dance more openly.

Smile shining on his face, Ethan slides an arm around your waist, swinging the two of you around. As the chorus starts again, Ethan beams at you and sings along.

“All I know is that to me you look like you’re lots of fun!” His voice is rough from shouting but undeniably happy. He pushes you away slightly to sing again. “Open up your loving arms, watch out here I come!”

He pulls you back quickly before twirling you out again to spin you. You shriek in surprise but don’t hesitate to sing with him.

“You spin me right round, baby, right round like a record baby right round round round!” You lean in towards Ethan, smirking at him and wiggling around in a silly dance. You grab his hand and spin him, voice breaking with laughter as he stumbles over his own feet. You dance and laugh and the world around you feels bright and airy, happiness swelling in your chest.

As the song ends and the crowd erupts with cheers, Ethan tugs you back towards him, wrapping his arm back around you and leaning his forehead against yours. You’re both sweating a bit and panting from exertion, but it still feels right. You lean against Ethan, draping your arms over his hips and smiling at him.

“Wow…” He breathes out.

You laugh lightly, eyes closed and cheeks flushed.

“I love you.”

Your eyes shoot open to look at him and a giddy laugh escapes you. Instead of an answer, you lean forward and pull him in for a soft but sure kiss. When you pull away, Ethan’s eyes are so captivatingly bright and beautiful that not even the roar of the crowd can pull you away from him.

Don´t forget

A/n: so basically this is some random stuff i came up with while listening to Don´t Forget by Demi Lovato and it´s really shitty plus not edited so excuse this please. also i still havent been working on raindrops part 4 and it might take a while until it will be up. hope you have a good day loves. 

word count: 2,369

But somewhere we went wrong,

We were once so strong

Our love is like a song

You can´t forget it


You were standing in line to get your favorite tea at the little coffee shop a block away from your apartment. This whole week has been extra stressful since it was the end of the semester and all your prof decided you should hand in a final paper about everything that went on this year. You were relieved to have it already finished yesterday.

You were just about to order your tea when you heard the door open and some guys coming in. normally you could care less about a random group of guys but some feeling down your stomach made you creeped out. You couldn’t quite point on the uneasiness until you heard it. It was him. He spoke up to another guy.

“No Andrew, seriously, I think it would be better, if we place the drums right behind me so we can have better access to the rest of the stage.”

You froze in your actions. Honestly you didn’t think, you would see him so soon again. He just left for the European leg of his world tour. You knew this because you were still following him once in a while just to check on him. It wasn´t like you two broke up or anything. Well, best friends can´t really break up, can they? But you were something more than only just best friends. There was this little spark, that tiny feeling in your guts that made you believe, there could be more between you two. And you almost thought, he would feel it too. But then the day came. He had come over early in the morning. He had said he wanted to chill before this huge TV show he was attending. It had been a live show so you actually were going to watch it. But he´d have other thoughts to share with you.

“Do you want a soda or something?”

“Actually, can you come sit with me on the couch; I want to talk about something really important.”

“Sure, what is it?”

“You know, this kinda has been bugging me for quite some time now. I have the feeling that… God, this is harder than I thought.”

“Shaw, come on you can tell me. It´s me, your best friend since kindergarten, remember?”

“I know, okay. That’s why it´s so hard.”

“Okay just say it, you´re making me feel uneasy.”

“So, you know, there´s that girl I like a lot. But she kind of thinks that we are a thing and now she doesn’t talk to me anymore because she thinks I´m lying about you.”

“Should I talk to her? Tell her that there´s nothing between us?”

“No I don’t think she would believe you either. It´s just, I really, really like her (Y/N).  And I can´t stop thinking about her. So I thought about what I could do to prove her.”

“And what did you think of?”

“Maybe it´s just this whole friendship, you know? Maybe we should take a break, stop seeing each other for a while.”

“You… what? Just because this girl- wow, I can´t believe you. Yeah, maybe we should stop seeing each other but while you´re at it, change ´for a while´  into ´forever´.”


The memory after it was a blur because you were screaming and crying, shouting he should leave. It was a horrible time after this day. It still was hard not to talk to the most important person in your life anymore. And now here you were, in the middle of a coffee shop, your ex- best friend right behind you. You quickly ordered your tea, not speaking too loud in fear; he would recognize your voice.

As the barista called you up to get your order, Shawn already took a seat in the very back of the coffee shop. You were eyeing him from time to time while waiting for your order. He looked good, absolutely handsome actually. But that were no news to you, he always looked so good. You were just about to reach for the door when you looked at him one last time. Suddenly your eyes met. Your heart sank and you felt the adrenalin shoot in. you rushed to get out of the shop, not looking back to see if he really saw you or even stood up to go after you.

You almost reached the street, ready to cross it, when a hand grabbed your wrist and pulled you back. You didn’t turn, feeling the tears already burning in the back of your eyes, knowing that if you would look at him they would fall freely.

“(Y/N), please” he spoke up, voice soft, as if he didn’t want to scare you away.

You were still quiet, feeling the lump in your throat already building up. He pulled a little more on your wrist, so you finally turned, not looking up.

“Can we talk? Please, I have so much I want, no need to tell you. Please hear me out. Just five minutes.” he pleaded. This sucker always got you with his soft voice and his big brown eyes, you were looking at as you now lifted your head up. Nodding, you followed him into the coffee shop once again. He lead you to a both further away from the group of guys. You saw Geoff and Brian waving at you, Andrew smiled shyly at you. As you sat down, Shawn looked dearly at you.

“Wait here for a second, I´ll just grab my drink. Be right back.” He rushed away in the guys direction. You heard Geoff spitting at him about what his fucking plan was and what he was up to.

Meanwhile you made yourself comfortable in the little booth. Shawn came back after a few moments, sliding into the bank in front of you so you were facing each other. For a while you were just looking at each other until he broke the silence.

“Listen (Y/N), I-“

You cut him off. “Look Shawn, I don’t know what you think this is getting at but I actually don’t want to hear your excuses. I´ve had enough. Please just let me go. Obviously you have moved on regarding the fact, that you never called or even texted. I don’t know what happened back then but I think it´s best when we just leave it like this. I don’t know, you probably forgot about me while you were away and I can´t blame you. You were busy and everything but I never forgot. This time was really the worst of my life and I know that there must be a time we went wrong and something broke this what we had because we were so strong once but maybe it´s better like it is now.”

The tears already were making their way down your cheeks and as you looked up, you saw Shawn in tears as well. It was new to you, you never saw him cry before but he still looked like the most handsome human on this earth to you. He swallowed thickly before he spoke up.

“(Y/N), I really never meant for you to feel like this. Believe when I say these past months without you have been hell and I don’t know how to put into words how much I miss you, because I do. I have never missed anyone more in my life than you. And I could never forget about you. I called Zahra almost every day just to check on you because I didn’t have your new number. Please, I need you in my life, more than anything. Just let me in, give me one last chance.”

He looked at you, honesty prominent in his eyes. You knew he was sincere but the anger still was inside of you.

He left you for another girl, he just left. Now it´s your time to leave.

Just do it. Be strong. Show him that you don’t need him.

You looked at him, you could see the hurt in his eyes as you slowly raised from your seat.

“How´s the girl by the way? What was her name? Alissa?” you spat out before turning and leaving.

You felt as if you left your heart at the booth as well. The tears already started to burn down your cheeks again. Before you could reach for the door, there was a massive body blocking the door. It wasn’t Shawn so you looked up and reached Geoff´s eyes. He saw the hurt in your eyes. He knew how you felt about Shawn, he knew it all the time.

“Think about it one more. He´s here, trying to fix it, (Y/N). He knows, he feels the same. Don’t break the both of you just because of his stupidity in the past. Please, consider it. If you change your mind, we´re still at the hotel near your apartment.” He told you gently.

You wanted to scream but making a scene wasn’t you so you just answered quietly.

“What about his girl, Alissa. I´m sure he would do better with her.” You spat back.

Geoff chuckled. You were completely raged about his behavior.

“Alissa was a one-week thing for him before he realized, he couldn´t replace you.”

Shocked you took a step back. This was not what you were expecting. You had to clear your mind. This was too much for one day. You made your way past Geoff finally hitting the fresh, cold winter air. Walking back to your apartment you passed the window at the booth you and Shawn were sitting in. You saw him, head in his hands with Andrew and Brian on his side, comforting him. Brian looked up, meeting your eyes. He gave you a pleading look as if to ask you to come back to Shawn. You couldn’t stop your feet so you made your way back to your apartment.

Zahra was already home again as you walked through the door. You wanted to scream at her, punching the living shit out of her for betraying you like this but instead you fell into her arms and started crying. She took some time before she asked what was wrong. You told her the events from earlier. How you were feeling through the whole situation. That you really just wanted to give in and be with him again. You told her about what Geoff said as well. She got up from the stool beside yours and started getting dressed. Picking up both of your jackets she threw yours in your direction.

“Where are we going?” you asked her, eyes still puffy and with crooked voice. She smiled at you devilish.

“We are going to get your boy because I really don’t see why your stupid, stubborn mind tries to sabotage this. So let´s go now. Get your ass up from that chair and chaise after the love of your freaking life.”

You were just about to go out of the taxi when you realized that you didn’t bring your wallet and the little money you had left from the coffee shop wouldn’t be enough for the drive.

“Damn it Zahra, I didn’t bring my wallet, I can´t pay.” You whispered. She just chuckled at you.

“Go ahead, I got this. Get out of that taxi I´ll be right back.”

You got out of the taxi just to hear the engine start. You turned and looked at your best friend driving off in the taxi, head poked out of the window as she shouted “See you tomorrow, use a condom you two.”

This little bitch, you were going to kill her for this when you came home. But now here you were, in front of his hotel. As you entered the lobby you heard someone calling your name. You turned just to be almost run over by Geoff.

“Thank god you´re here. I though Zahra was joking for a second. But really thank you for giving him a second chance.” He was overly happy but you were just thinking about Shawn and how bad you wanted to be in his arms right now.

“Geoff, trust me I´m happy too but where is Shawn for god’s sake?”

“Oh yeah, sure.  He´s in his room. 5th floor. Room 534.”

And off you were, rushing to the next elevator. As you reached his floor you got even more exited. Only a few more steps between you two.


You felt your hands getting sweatier by the minute. You reached up to knock on the door. You heard shuffling behind the door, steps getting closer, someone reached for the door knob to open it. As the door opened you practically wanted to fall into his arms. You didn’t even take a look at him as you were hanging all over him and started rambling.

“Shawn I´m so sorry, you were right and I get why you did all of this. I regret leaving, please. I just want to be with you too.”

“Alright (Y/N), that’s good now you just have to say it exactly like that to Shawn, who is a room further in 535.” You heard Brian chuckle into your ear. You disconnected yourself from Brian, already feeling the heat rise into your cheeks from embarrassment.

“I swear I´m going to kill Geoff for this.” You muttered.

“At least it was funny to watch.” You heard the familiar voice behind you. Taking a turn you looked right into his brown, glooming, still a bit red eyes. Shawn leaned against the door frame of his room shooting you a smile that made you putty. Slowly you reached him, trying not to look to embarrassed as you spoke up again.

“You know, that thing you just heard me saying to your best friend was actually meant for you.” You finally looked up and met his loving eyes. He grabbed you by your waist pulling you into his chest while he hid his face in your hair to take your scent in.

“Just promise you won´t leave this time”

“As long as you promise to never forget about me.”

“I won´t forget about us.”

1| Two is okay, three is too much.

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Ship: Leta Lestrange x Newt Scamander x Reader
Warning: None
RequestCan you make a newt scamander x reader series where leta lestrange come back into newt’s life and him and the reader are dating but leta thinks otherwise and makes him cheat because he still has feelings for her and also can u make sure the reader doesn’t forgive him to easily but have a happy ending ALSO looked over you’re stories they seem really good keep it up❤
A/N: Hello dear, I know writing the first chapter was really long for it shortness. I’m sorry darling but I still hope that you’ll like the beginning of this adventure with Leta and Newt. To every other readers, hope you enjoy too. Sorry for any spelling error. 
Word count: 2109

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  Being a witch isn’t what everybody thinks. You’re not doing potion frequently if you’re not a potion master else you can make things explode or worse, which is not a goal. You don’t use a broom to travel, in fact you usually use cabs or hidden portals. Brooms are majorly used to play quidditch and not every wizard is a good player, trust me. And stop being so cliché about witch. Not all of them has a black cat, to be frank it’s quite rare. Owls are quite popular in generals, even though cats, rats and toads are too. Ah, muggles! They think witches are all ugly with strange features and crooked personalities but they would be so surprised if they knew the truth about the wizardry world.

Being a magical being was a lot more than that, actually, and it was the total contrary of the human’s thought. It was basically another reality with many jobs and schools, creatures and of course a lots of magic but it’s still so much more than just that.

You, in this world, were a witch. A proud student from Ilvermorny, school of witchcraft and wizardry in America. It wasn’t as prestigious as Hogwart but to be honest it was all you ever dreamed. Ilvermorny was a second house to you and you made such good friends there that you couldn’t careless about which school was better than the other.

After finishing school at Ilvermorny’s, you decided to study the magical creatures. How fascinating these beasts can be? You wanted to learn everything you could about them and share your knowledge with the world. And so you traveled all around the world to write a book about creatures and their way of being. 

While your trip, you took a boat which was leaving New York to London. Walking a little bit too fast in the crowded area to get on the upper part of the boat, you bumped into someone and dropped your case, felling on your butt afterwards. The person you bumped in, crouched next to you and looked at you worriedly.

“Oh, excuse me miss. I-I think I wasn’t looking where I was going.” The stranger said, struggling to talk without sounding totally nervous.

You grabbed the hand he was holding out for you to take it. He seemed a bit taken aback by your features when you fully raised your head towards him. To that stranger you looked incredibly good and the mysteriousness in your eyes… He couldn’t help but found you fascinating and slightly intimated. 

You brushed the dust out of your grey coat and smiled brightly to him(which caused him to gulp and feel his heart skip a beat), even if deep down you were just as intimidated as him for the same reason he was for you. What a strange duet you two were right now.

“O-oh no really, it’s not your fault, I was walking too fast.”

You lowered your gaze nervous, feeling the sweat slowly forming in your back. Suddenly, you noticed something, in the corner of your left eye, slipping out of the man’s case, The little thing was furry and grey with strange appearance. You instantly recognized the creature and gasped. Was he a wizard? Could you really mention there was a Niffler getting out of his luggage maybe taking all of his precious bright things with it? 

The man noticing your surprised expression, turned his look to the floor. He bit his lip immediately seeing what caught your attention. His Niffler.

Seeing the little creature was about to rob someone’s wallet, you got your wand out slightly.

“Arresto momentum!” You whispered, the spell reaching it victim.

The little creature was slow motioning and you grabbed it, hiding it in your coat’s pocket. To be sure he wouldn’t escape, you gave to the little furry animal a few golden and argent things to occupy it.

The stranger saw the entire scene and was a bit taken aback. Slowly realizing your error, you looked at him eye wide.

“Don’t tell me you’re a muggle?” You murmured, using the British term for the non-magic people. You felt your body tensing up in anticipation.

“I’m not. L-let’s just go a little farther to talk about all this.” He said looking around, noticing some people were giving the both of you strange looks.You relaxed a bit at his statement  as you followed him away of everyone. 

All the afternoon after the incident, you spent it introducing yourselves. You were so happy to meet an other wizard and none the less a wizard that liked magical creatures.

“I’m (Y/FULL/N), I’m glad to meet you Mister Scamander.” You smiled. 

Since then you started travelling with each others. Why? Well my friend, because you had that same passion about creatures. After a while, you decided to combine your researches with his and write a book about creatures. It was going to be called “Fantastic beast and where to find them”.

Soon enough, with all the adventures the book gave you, you became good friends. Your relation kept growing and when Newt finally decided to release the book he wrote with your help about the fantastic beasts, he asked you out. Let me say, you were really happy about it. It was the most beautiful day in your life.

Basically, now, your life is resumed to write about magical creatures, see them and then be back home and do something with your boyfriend. 

Tonight, the activity you were about to do with him was a little bit more special since it was your two years anniversary. The both of you decided to go see that huge quidditch match between two of the best team in the wizardry world, of course one out of the two was your favorite.

You weren’t surprised to see that there was a lot of people at the match but sincerely you didn’t cared. You just focused on you being with your boyfriend and it was perfect just like that. But as you two walked in the stairs for you to get to the place you were assigned, Newt stopped dead in his track.

You turned to see what was wrong and you saw her. The beautiful woman you would saw in a picture inside Newt’s wallet. You use to see that face often when you were traveling and taking care of the beasts with your boyfriend.

You suddenly understand that she is probably someone really important to him if he reacts like that. He never really told you what happened with the girl, he only said her name was Leta Lestrange and that he knew her since the time he went to Hogwart.

You gulped silently as you looked at the girl slowly walking in the crowd. You saw the pain flashing in Newt’s eyes and you just putted a hand on his shoulder. He looked at you, his eyes staring deep in yours, you just smiled sweetly in a reassuring way.

“It’s Leta isn’t it?” You asked.

He nodded and turned his head back to where she went. After a short silence between the two of you, you gently pecked Newt’s cheek.

“Go see her. I know you crave it. I’ll wait for you after the match at the entrance.”

You immediately saw a smile tugging at his lips as he hugged you tightly. 

“See you later then.”


As the match finished, you slowly raised from your seat and walked to the exit. The wave of quidditch fans was leading you out of the stadium. As you finally were out of the building, you made your way out of the crowd to wait for Newt.

At first, you thought maybe Newt was just caught in the middle of the wave and waited for him, patiently. You tried to distract yourself with minim things such as little families exiting the place while smiling and talking happily about how their favorite team won the final… but as time passed by you remarked there were slowly many to little people leaving and after a while, no one was getting out of the stadium.

The night started to get colder. You shuddered slightly, your coat was at home and you couldn’t go back now because Newt was still nowhere to be seen. You had nothing to tell you what time it was and it seemed to you that you have waited for your boyfriend for years.

Of course this was exaggerated, you’ve been waiting for him for at least 1 hour 15 minutes. Still, this was pretty long. So after so much time waiting for him, you decided to head back home. After all, Newt knew his way to your shared house, if he wanted to hang with Leta so bad to give up on his girlfriend the night of their 2 years anniversary he could easily go back home alone.

And so you went back home feeling slightly like a forgiven piece of crap. How could he ditch you like that? Asked an inner voice but as soon as you asked yourself the question you found an excuse to it. He hadn’t seen his friend in years! Of course he wouldn’t enjoy just a little match with her. But still… on the night of your 2 years anniversary?

You pushed that thought away, giving yourself more and more excuses to his way of acting just until you felt slightly better and reassured. ‘Yeah, he must have missed her. If I wouldn’t see (Your Best Friend name) often, I would do the same thing.Right? Right.’

Feeling convinced by your own excuse, you showered and then went straight to bed. It was almost 1AM and tomorrow you had to go to the Diagon Alley to get some books about dragons and also a gift for your friend’s birthday in a few days. That’s why you needed your sleep more than anything right now but you weren’t able to close your eyes and drift away in the wonderland. In fact, you were once again showered by anxious thoughts about Newt still not being back. Where was he? Was he still at the stadium?
What was he doing? Was he waiting for you like you waited for him a few hours ago? Was he still with Leta?

Ah Leta, you didn’t even knew her and you let your boyfriend ran in her arms. Well not literally but you know what I meant here. You slowly started to feel the remorse. Why had you let Newt go up to someone who is a perfect stranger to you? ’(Y/N), how stupid can you be?! For all you know she can be Newt past girlfriend!’

You sighed and turned around in your bed. And so you did this for hours… but as you were finally drifting in the dream lands, you heard the front door open. Your eyes flung open straight away and you raised on your legs, walking silently to the entrance. As nearer you got to the entrance, louder got some whispers. You stopped to listen what was said. Maybe it wasn’t Newt who entered home, maybe it was some muggles hunting down wizards or whatever could enter your house so early in the morning.

“Promise me we could see each other tomorrow, Newt, please! It’s been so long since last time I saw you… I don’t want to let you go this time plus we have to catch up all those years you were away from me~!” The voice was whining, it sounded like a plead but also like a mirror cracking in your ears. The mirror felt extremely fragile, like it was just about to shatter in pieces.

You held your breath, knowing Newt was silent because he was thinking about what her friend said, or so you thought. Never would you have guessed he was hugging her right now.

“I promise, Leta, I don’t want to let you go either.”

You heard Leta sigh and bid goodbye to Newt as your boyfriend waved back, finally closing the door. You slowly let your body slide down the wall. You hear the mirror break into pieces or maybe was it your heart? You had an extremely bad feeling about what was said. Your heart sunk in your chest. Newt accepted to pass time with her… not you. Her.

Who in the world was she to take your Newt away from you on the weekends?! It was the only time you could really share caring moments with him!

As you were about to move back to your shared bedroom, as whisper echoed close to you.

“(Y/N) what are you doing up so early in the morning?”

neonxxlights from Quotev asked: Y/n is locked up during Augustine. Meets Enzo and Damon but escapes when Damon does and then meets Enzo years and years later.

Warning! If you’ve never seen TVD, ‘Augustine’ is a brutal place for vampires. So yeah.. there will be some brief mentions of their time in this place.

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Enzo X Reader

1953 - 1958

You had first met Enzo months ago when you were plucked off the streets after just learning how to control yourself in this new life of yours. You had been thrown into a cell, the barred door slammed shut behind your kidnapper as you hissed and snarled obscenities that a lady like you should never say aloud.

Enzo had been in what he called 'St. Augustine’, a place where Doctor Whitmore experimented on vampires to learn the ins and outs of your kind for a little over a year. He tried to calm you down, but you were too angry to listen to what he had to say. But soon enough, you learned your lesson.

Doctor Whitmore always took the one vampire with the most energy, sedating you just enough so you couldn’t overpower him. He took his sweet time cutting away pieces of flesh, watching as the skin regenerated and taking notes. And he didn’t stop at tearing away flesh. Oh no. He kept going, going as far as cutting out vital organs and watching as you died over and over, only to bring you back and toss you back in your cell until the next time.

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I read your scenario about TFP Knockout, Smokescreen, & Optimus Prime realizing their feelings for potential human s/o. If it's ok with you, would you mind a continuation? If not, said human crush likes them back but never confessed before so they try to figure how to confess properly. The mechs accidentally heard them say to themselves " I'll just say I love you romantically, (said mech name)!". They're confident until they realizes the mechs were behind them. The mechs' reaction to this?

I’m going to post these in different replies so be on the lookout for the other two. Optimus goes first because we all love our boss bot. I’m putting a spin on this one because I can’t see the reader being caught like that. Not in front of OP at least. Here’s the first part of the story so you can refresh your minds. And because it is 3am and I want to get this out there, it’s a cliffhanger. Sorry not sorry ;)

TFP Optimus

You met team prime after you noticed Raf, one of your smartest students was missing more and more class. You had followed him out to the curb one day after school where he waited for his ride to pick him up. You tried to make conversation but he was becoming more and more nervous as time ticked by. The real reason you were out here was because you were hoping to snag a moment to talk to his mother or father about his increasing absences. When a yellow Camaro pulled up with tinted windows and no driver you weren’t letting Raf get in concern for his safety. Long story short Raf and “Bumblebee” managed to get you into the car and soon conned you into being an after school teacher for him and two other students. Base life was easy enough, the bots came and went on missions and you got along well with Ratchet and the Autobot leader Optimus. You pretty much became “Den Mother y/n”. You would make snacks and meals for the kids and pick up anything that could possibly help the bots. You did most of this without being asked and not expecting any thanks. But of course as you went about your business someone was watching you from afar.

After a long Saturday session of tutoring the kids he decided that would be a good time to approach you. The kids had already taken their snacks and moved on to play their video games out of ear shot. You were leaned back in a chair both arms over your face in an uncomfortable position. When he called out to you you startled awake. Apologizing, he asked if you were ready to return home for the day. He watched as you looked back at the kids, frowned and then said you were ready to go. When you started making your way to Bumblebee, he stopped you and told you he would be driving you home today. Your face morphed into one of concern as he transformed and popped open his passenger door. As you both barreled through the desert he began to express his gratitude for what you had been doing for the kids and his team. When you finished he noticed your face had grown into a smile that stopped his spark for a second. You told him not to worry about it and that you didn’t mind doing the small things. They know he works hard and that he shouldn’t have to worry about everything. As he pulled up to your home you didn’t reach for the door and he didn’t move to open it. You awkwardly mentioned how nice it was outside and he took the hint. He started up his engine and was on the move again. With no destination in mind he moved along the outskirts of the town. He would keep his new feelings to himself. He wouldn’t risk this new budding relationship.



Months have gone by since you began your after school tutor sessions with the kids. So many months in fact that now it’s the last day before school is out and summer begins. You’re sitting at your desk now supposedly being on the lookout for anyone who may be cheating on their final exams. You can’t help but zone out as the silence in the room gives you time to think. The other teachers had been gushing in the faculty room about their vacations out of this hell hole, too far away paradises with less desert. As they had prattled on the gnawing feeling of anxiety settled into the pit of your stomach again. With summer starting the kids wouldn’t be needing a tutor anymore, or at least till the school year started up again. So when Kathy, a fellow teacher asked what your plans were for vacation you came up with the lame excuse of visiting your parent’s home in “___”. The loud ringing of the last bell cut off your thoughts as students lined up to hand in their exams. One by one the students handed off their papers to you at the door until none were left and you were surrounded by the droning noise of kids out in the hall.  Truth be told you were waiting for someone, anyone among “Team Prime”, to ask you about your summer plans. Fishing to drop the sad bomb of “nothing” with a nonchalant air about yourself. Pitiful. You thought to yourself as you shuffled the papers and let out an exasperated sigh as you flopped into your chair. If you were being really honest with yourself, you were more miffed that Optimus hadn’t asked what your plans were. Though as soon as the thought entered your head you quickly pushed it out. Optimus had more important things to worry about then your sad excuse for a summer. Like a civil war.

You and he had become closer over the past months. Ever since he took it upon himself to drive you home that one day it had become a happy ritual after almost every tutoring lesson. But of course that had come after the attempts to stay at the base longer after the lessons ended. In the beginning you two would only discuss in a casual manner. How the kids were doing in school, how the war effort was progressing, the weather. Though as time moved on so did both of you, and the effects of the battles Optimus fought began to show more than ever. Throwing caution to the wind you had asked him how he was feeling, as himself and not as the leader of the Autobots. He had stared at you for a long time after you asked that. Probably weighing if it was even worth telling you at all, but in the end he did. So much pain and grief was unloaded then that your head had trouble wrapping around just how he or any being could keep this to themselves. When he finished he had apologized, an annoying trait you had come to realize was a habit of his. You waved him off saying it was fine and that if he ever needed to talk, you would be there for him. He had agreed to those terms only if you would speak to him in the same manner. You knew there wasn’t much you could do in a sense of actually “helping” Optimus defeat the Decepticons, but if you could help him stand a little straighter, so the weight of the world wasn’t crushing him, you’d do it in a heartbeat. You’d also found out in this short amount of time that Optimus had a somewhat dorkish sense of charm to him. In the rare occasion that he did make a joke you always laughed, and that seemed to make his optics brighten slightly. Speaking of his optics, you let out a shuddering breath. He always seemed to be watching you. Just blatant staring or side eyeing you. You weren’t sure why, but you could never turn to meet his stare because you were afraid what he might see. You had contemplated trying to amp up the flirtatious behavior between you to, but chickened out at the last minute when the opportunity would arise. A thought came to you just then. A bold thought. To just tell him how you felt. What did you have to lose? You and the kids had planned a small end of the year party tonight at the base, you could tell him then. And if you made a fool of yourself, you could just hide away for the rest of the summer.

“Perfect” You said aloud as you placed the exams into your bag. Now just to figure out how you were going to do this.

“Hey Optimus, I’d like to get to know you better” No.

“Hey BossBot! You and I should spend some more time alone more often” Definitely Not.

“Optimus, I like you more than just a friend”

“Who do you like more than just a friend?!” came the telltale shout of Miko in the doorway giving you a minor heart attack in the process.

“What?” You gasped with your hand to your chest in startled panic.

“You were talking about how you like someone more than a friend!” she exclaimed slamming her hands on the desk. “You gotta tell me Ms/Mr. (Y/N)! I can keep a secret!” she grinned over at you. And as much as you loved Miko, you knew that was horse shit. Composing yourself you raised up out of your seat grabbing your bag.

“I’m not quite sure what you’re talking about Miko. You must have misheard me.” You clipped in your “teachers” voice. Which only made Miko squint her eyes and pout.

“Whatever” She threw her hand out as if brushing it away. “Just hurry up! Bulkhead is picking us up today, we’re gonna listen to all of my favorite songs!” she said grinning wickedly.

All you could do was cringe at the thought of the hour long journey ahead of you as you shut off the light and closed the door behind the both of you.

A dual ache had settled in your head as the night droned on. The drive had been more than excruciating. Between the loud music and the constant bickering between Miko and Jack, the whole ride had been painful. Now you sat with your head hanging and arms dangling over the railing of the upper level. The loud metal music still blaring in a far corner of the room was not helping either. The night had not been going as you planned.

“Are you alright (Y/N)?” The rumbling baritone voice that always seemed to shake you to its core asked. You gripped the railing and whipped your head up so quick you thought you may have given yourself whiplash.

“Optimus!” you exclaimed face turning red at earlier thoughts. “No! I’m fine really, ride here was just a little more unhinged them I’m use to” you said smiling up at him.

He gave a rumbled “mmm” of his acknowledgment, followed by silence and that unnerving stare. Then continued on with “Now that the children’s education is finished for the year, I would assume your lessons are no longer needed”.

Ouch, you thought and it must have registered on your face because Optimus was now backpedaling on his words. Hard.

“I meant no offense” He hurried on, “I only meant that you will now have more free time to endeavor in your hobbies”.

Double Ouch. If it didn’t feel like you were being kicked out before, it did now. And now the pieces of your haphazard plan were crumbling before you. The internal battle you were having on whether or not to trudge on or bail out were flipping back and forth in your mind. And the blue glow of his optics boring into you were not helping.

“(Y/N)” He said letting out a long vent. Just the way he said your name made the decision.

Fuck it. You said to yourself and stared into his eyes straight on.

“Optimus, I think we-“ and was abruptly cut off by Mikos screech of lyrics.

“SCHOOLS OUT FOR SUMMER” She sang and threw, what had to be, every piece of homework and schoolwork she had in yours and Optimus direction.

 As it rained down over you and over the balcony you let out a long sigh and closed your eyes trying to rein in your frustration.  In the distance you could hear the raspy yell from Ratchet about the mess and Miko’s gleeful laughter. It was then you decided that this was fates way of saying this was a horrible idea.

“What was that (Y/N)? Optimus had broken eye contact to observe all the papers flying with a straight face.

“I think I should go home” You muttered placing a hand over your face and moving to grab your jacket. You could hear his foot falls following you as you went.

“Then I will take-“But you cut him off with a wave of your hand as you shrugged on the jacket.

“It’s alright” you breathed as you placed your bag on your shoulder. “I’ll ask Ratchet. God knows he needs to get out of here before he blows a fuse” you said laughing a hollow chuckle as you made your way down the ladder, and with one last look you met Optimus’s optics

“See you around Optimus” you smiled a smile that you knew didn’t reach your eyes. And with those last words you turned on your heal and walked briskly in the direction of Ratchet. All while those blue optics seared into your back.

Risk For Reward (Finn Balor) Vol. 6

Prompt: You are the new make-up artist for WWE. You have no prior knowledge of Finn or the work that goes into creating the demon. With a whole new world to discover is there room to be anything but professional? Your biggest test will be fighting your new demon(s) and showing that’s this job was made for you. Even if resisting Finn will be harder than you first thought.

Pairing: Finn Balor & Reader

Word count: 1k

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Jungkook Scenario: Play Pretend.

Request: Can you do a scenario with Jungkook please? Based on this: “will you pretend to be my date to my family’s holiday party so they’ll stop harassing me about being single, there will be food for you”. Thanks!

Genre: Fluff / Romance

You chewed on your food harder than you actually needed. The constant bickering of your “unfortunate romantic situation” as your family started calling your singleness was giving you a headache.

So you reminded calm on your seat, swallowed the food that felt like cardboard inside your mouth, gripped the fork as if it was a lifeline and raised your face towards the seat of your mother who was happily chatting with one of your aunts about why you were alone and trying to pick up good suitors for you. You smiled perforce, cleared you throat for your family to finally look at you and spoke.

–Tell me when – you interrupted your mother.

–When what? – Now everybody around the table had a surprised face, every pair of eyes was focused solely on you. Why did your throat feel so dry?

–When do you want me to bring my boyfriend over – that was it, you were burying your own tomb and you didn’t care a single bit.

Your father’s jaw dropped, your aunt’s fork fell from her hand, your mother gaped at you from the other side of the table and the rest was apparently frozen by your new released information.

–You have a boyfriend? – one of your cousins asked and you nodded. If you were already caught up in this lie, might as well make it work.

– Of course I do. If any of you had bothered asking me before making plans on your own, you’d have known–

Your mother clapped, her eyes were practically twinkling in excitement and she placed her hand on your father’s forearm. –Y/N has a boyfriend honey! – she smiled delighted to herself. – Bring him home to our holiday dinner next sunday! –

She kept on talking, asking questions about his name, his life, how did you know each other and so on, but you were only ignoring her, staring down at your plate. How were you even going to find a boyfriend within a week?

Suddenly you found yourself very intensely wishing your rice could swallow you down and ease yourself out of all this.

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You’d met your group of friends on your frequent trips to the London area while deciding to move there. It just so happened that your group of friends entwined with the one and only Harry Styles. Having moved in a little over six months ago, you were just getting settled into the London life and were fairly new to the group. That being said, this would be your first one on one encounter with Harry. You took a deep breath before knocking on the doer a few times.

A minute or so went by with no response, so you knocked again and pulled out your phone, checking your messages. He said that he was home and it was okay for you to come over. You heard movement on the other side of the door, finally, and a couple seconds later it was opened to reveal Harry clad in nothing but a pair of joggers. You gave him a once over, eyes lingering on his well developed torso a little longer than necessary, before looking at him directly and giving him small smile. He gave you a short lived side hug as you shuffled into his flat. “Hey,” you said awkwardly standing in the middle of the room not quite sure where to sit down.

“Hello,” he greeted back, drawing out the he last syllable. You were still not so discreetly checking him out which caused him to look down seeing that he was bare from the waist up and blush. He looked absolutely adorable with his cheeks tinged with pink. “I’ll just grab a shirt. You can sit wherever you like and yeah I’ll be right back.” You nodded, sitting on the black leather couch, then started looking around.

His home was so nice. It was contemporary but cozy. The newer feel it had to it was balanced out by all his pictures and knick knacks. You unconsciously raised from your seat in favour of perusing the pictures of him along with his family, friends, and idols, his extensive award collection, and my god you really had no idea that a grown man could own so many candles. When Harry returned, he caught you staring at a photograph of him, his mum, and his sister with a small smile. He cleared his throat to get your attention, nearly causing you to drop the frame. You felt heat flooding to your cheeks as you set it back down and turned toward Harry who now had on a plain black t-shirt.  He gestured toward his couch for you to take a seat, alongside him. “It’s a lovely place you have here, Harry. I must say, I’m quite impressed.”

“Thank you. Now, not that I don’t mind you stopping by because I don’t, you’re a very nice person. You’re just- we’ve never hung out one on one before.”

“Yeah,” you said drawing out the word, “I’m not going to lie. I was nervous as Huckleberry  Finn coming over.”

“Huckleberry Finn?”

“I’m trying to lay off cursing. Used to have a sailor’s mouth. I offended the fish sticks out of this one lady when I was with my mum this one  time. I got in so much trouble.” He laughed. That meant phase one was working out so far. You had to establish a line of trust with him. Open up a bit so he could do the same with you. Phase two was to find a common ground or something to talk about in order to have the conversation. The final phase, phase three, was to actually do it. Not actually do it. Well, if he wanted to do it, you wouldn’t be completely opposed to it. But, seducing Harry was not on the itinerary for this mission.

“So, how are you?” he asked. Your eyebrows raised up, not fully comprehending what he had said because you got lost in his dimples and smile whilst he was laughing.

“Oh! Me? I’m fine. How are you, though? That’s kind of the reason I came to talk to you,” you answered smiling sheepishly. You noticed his smile falter slightly.

“What do you mean?”

“Well, you haven’t been, like, around.” He cocked his head to the side slightly. “I didn’t really notice. Not saying that your presence isn’t notable because it totally is. Like you light up a room, but I just assumed that with your occupation that you’d be gone more often but apparently you’ve been MIA even for you, so, like, what’s up? Of course you don’t have to tell me if you don’t want to but I’m here and willing to listen,” you ended your rambling.

“They sent you to do this?” he asked trying to figure you out.

“Well, not necessarily, but kind of, like, they thought it’d be a good opportunity to bond and what not, and they were concerned which made me concerned. So, yeah. Kind of, but not really.” You really need to stop rambling. You make yourself sound like a fool.

“You referred to me being in One Direction as an occupation…”

You furrowed your eyebrows, not sure what he was getting at. “That’s what it is, innit?” You’re involved with it like 25/8 and you get paid to do it, so yeah a job?“

His lips quirked up into a small smile before he looked up at you and his face settled into a more somber expression. "Honest, I’ve just not been in the mood to be around a lot of people. Or anyone at all, really.”

You furrowed your eyebrows together once more. “Why’s that?”

“I- I was seeing this girl, yeah? And, now I’m not.”

You nodded in understanding. “Agh… I’m sorry, love.” There was silence for a few moments before you spoke up again. “Is that all?”

You knew that break ups could be tough but he was Harry Styles. He (from what you’d been told and seen) didn’t let people get to him this much. Something else-something deeper-had to be going on that he wasn’t saying. He looked like he was having a battle within himself, so you pressed just that little bit more.  “Harry…?” You mentally fist pumped as he sighed heavily, seemingly ready to reveal his true emotions.

“She just- it wasn’t mutual, ya know?”

“Most breakups aren’t,” you noted.

He nodded thoughtfully but continued on. “And, like, she ended it with me. Honestly, I should’ve never let it get that far. Like, when we first started seeing each other we were both aware that we were just looking to have fun. I made that clear. She agreed to it and I agreed to it, and we were both happy with that for a bit. But then, I went and caught feelings for her like a proper idiot.” He let out a bitter laugh. “Then, she ended it with me. Said she didn’t just wanna have fun anymore. And, I was so ready to give that to her, but you know what she did?” At some point during his rant, he had gotten up and was now pacing back and forth. As he posed the question, though, he turned to face you. You honestly didn’t expect him to let it all out, but you’re glad he is, you suppose. With that in mind, you shook your head signalling that no, you didn’t know what she did. “She laughed. Right in my face. Told me to get serious because the whole thing was fun, yeah? But, she couldn’t actually see herself with me.” Harry turned around to look at you once more, however, this time with tears in his eyes. You stood from your place on the sofa and moved toward him, placing a hand on his shoulder before deciding to just run it up and down his back.

“You don’t have to keep going, really, love. It’s okay.” Still he continued on.

“She really was just having fun. Using me like an old chew toy. There I was-here I am-half in love and it turns out she never gave a damn about me at all.” That’s when the flood gates really opened.  He was full on sobbing, clutching onto you for dear life.

You were glad that he was so caught up in his broken heart, though. That way he wasn’t able to see you looking like a deer caught in headlights. No more than thirty minute ago were you just a mutual friend of the guy. Now here you are holding him while he poured his heart out to you.

About fifteen minutes later, when Harry pulled himself together a bit (all that was left of him we’re frequent sniffles and a few stray hiccups) you found yourself back on the couch with his head laid in your lap, while you played with his hair.

A few more minutes went by before Harry popped up in a panic, seemingly snapping out of whatever daze he was caught up in. You looked at him curiously waiting for him to say something. Again, something snapped him back to reality and he slumped back against the couch. “’M sorry,” he murmured, “I got your shirt all wet. I can get you another if you’d like.”

“Oh, pish posh, Harry. It’s just water. It’ll dry. Forget about my shirt. Are you feeling a bit better now?”

“A bit, yeah. I didn’t realize how much I needed to let that out, until it was out.” You nodded thoughtfully and he leaned into you as he was before.

“You know… you could get any girl you want right?” He huffed.

“’S not what I want, though. Like, well, I want her, but she won’t have me, ya know? And, this isn’t even the first time. It always ends up like this. I just don’t understand why I can’t be enough. I try so hard-so hard-but I’m just not enough for any of them and that is what kills me everyday.”

You pursed your lips. You couldn’t quite comprehend how a person so perfect could turn to mush and be so insecure about such, in your opinion, a horrible girl. “But… you seem so confident?”

“Well, I’m not. Not always,” he stated, poking out his bottom lip.

With that, you turned towards him and boldly grabbed his face. “Harry, darling, you have to be enough for yourself.”

“But-” he began. You weren’t having any of that, though.

“No buts. You have to be enough for yourself because that’s all you’ll ever have: yourself. You are only ever guaranteed yourself. People come and people go. Some say they’ll stay but they leave. A lot of people leave in your life, so at the end of the day all you have is yourself and that has to be good enough. And, if someone doesn’t accept you for who you are and everything that you represent, that is their fault. I may not have known you for as long as the rest of the lot, Harry, but I know that you are a wonderful person that has absolutely no reason at all to doubt yourself.” He nodded solemnly, accepting your words and pulled you back into him.

Both of you held on to each other for dear life (him more so than you but you felt it rude not to reciprocate his actions). You were certain he could hear the hard thump, thump, thump, of your heart in your chest. The moment was oddly intimate in a way that shouldn’t be normal for people who were only just friends. “Sometimes, I just wonder if there’s really someone out there for me.”

“Honey, you have the world at your feet and your entire life to live.” Your words did little to soothe him and you even noticed a stray tear slipping down his cheek and wiped it away. “Hey, hey, now. None of that. You know someday someone is going to be so soft and so gentle with your heart. You’re gonna be so glad you kept it open, and your gonna wonder why you ever thought about quieting it down. So, don’t stress about it right now. Besides, they say that by this time in life you’ve probably already met the person you’re going to marry. Stop searching so hard.”

Something seemed to click in his mind after you finished. He pulled back to stare at you with a weird look in his eye that you couldn’t quite place. “I’ve already met the person I’m gonna marry, yeah?” he asked cheekily, a stark contrast to the teary eyed man you were faced with moments prior.

You cocked your head to the side slightly. “I mean, it’s a theory, yeah.” You hadn’t a clue as to what he was hinting at until he lightly pecked your cheek.

“I like the sound of that.”

Thought You’ve Seen the Last of Me - Daryl Dixon

Imagine: There’s someone else at the prison that likes Daryl, you two are in a somewhat relationship and you go on a run and the person uses you as bait and leaves you behind. a/n: got some detailed violence.

After many months of trying to inch closer and closer to Daryl’s heart and trying to get him to open up his feelings to you, the two of you were dating…kinda. He didn’t come right out and ask you to be his but the two of you treated it as such. You both held hands and exchanged kisses but only really in the absence of others and this made you pretty upset, but something is worse than nothing. When the survivors from Woodbury made their way into the prison one female in particular just rubbed you the wrong way. You haven’t even spoken to her and you already didn’t like her, maybe it was her face. The way her eyes complimented her face well with her red hair or the way she walked, swinging her hips side to side. It drove you up the wall.

With Daryl being on the council he was one of the members that interviewed newcomers and gave them the questions. Eavesdropping on the girl that you didn’t care for, you listened to Daryl ask the questions. You pretended that you were sweeping the floor in front of the cell that each new person rotated in and out of, either they were allowed to stay or they were given supplies and sent on their way. “I’m Alex.” whelp, now you had a name for the face. About a week or so later, you noticed that Alex was trying to get awfully comfortable with your man and you were trying to think of ways to confront her about it. Finally when you decided on what you were going to say, Rick approached you and asked if you could go on a run into town with Alex. You pondered on saying no but realized it would be the perfect moment for the two of you to discuss that what she was trying, wasn’t going to fly. “Okay.” you collected your backpack and grabbed your knife and gun, waiting for Alex who had the same and then the two of you headed out. Slamming the car doors shut, you sat in the driver’s seat and looked over to Alex who was smiling. “What’s your name? Seen you around but never asked. "Y/N.” you said in a slight bitchy tone. Driving off, you gave Alex the map and to give you direction as to where to turn for the small neighborhood that the group has yet to scavenge.

When the two of you arrived you instructed that you guys would split up but stay within shouting distance of each other. You took the first house and Alex went next door. Searching through every nook and cranny, you didn’t find anything useful. Onto the next house across the street, you kicked the door open and a walker made its way from the hallway and growled at your presence. Dispatching of it easily, you made your way to the kitchen to find cupboards filled with can foods. “Hell yeah!” you exclaimed in joy, it was your lucky day. Stuffing your bag full, you turned to leave to find several silencers attached to handguns with ammo laying in the next cupboard conveniently. Grinning from ear to ear, you happily stuffed the bag full and made your way out. Just as you were about to step over the threshold, a decaying hand reached out and grabbed onto your arm. It scared you for a moment but you shot it between the eyes before it could sink its teeth into your arm, the gunshot echoed through the whole home and the neighborhood; alerting all the walkers that had been held up in the homes. Several made their way down the stairs of the home you were in and began to pour out of the others; running quickly you saw Alex who was in a panicked state after seeing how many walkers there were. “We have to make it to the car!” you yelled but of course you had parked it about a mile down the road, with your bag stuffed full it was bound to slow you down. Shooting rapidly into the crowd of walkers that were gaining in on the two of you, you tried to run as fast as you could. Alex was running at the same pace as you were, she looked to you with scared eyes, pulling out her pistol, she shot you in the shin.

With that Alex took off in a fast sprint as the adrenaline in her body finally kicked in and she left you for bait, leaving you for dead while she got away. Initially you didn’t fall, you managed to take the gunshot like a man. You held in your screams as the blood began to pool out of the hole that was now in your leg. You had to live. You had to get back home. You had to get back to Daryl. That bitch. That bitch is gonna pay. Reloading your gun quickly, you dispatched of more walkers and made a quick b-line for the backyard of a home that had a high fence; it would keep you safe for a minute while you patched yourself up. Good thing you always listened to Hershel and brought a first aid kit. Closing the fence quickly, you limped towards a tree house that some kid must of had. Climbing up the ladder as quickly as you could, you sat in the little wooden house and just breathed for a moment. Ripping out the first aid kit, your hands fumbled for gauze so that you could at least stuff the wound and wrap it. Pouring disinfectant all over, you stuffed the hole and wrapped it tight, now it was time for step two. How were you going to get out?

Meanwhile back at the prison
…Alex had managed to make it back to the prison, her bag also had been stuffed full of supplies and her gun had one missing round..the round that went through your leg. Rick and Michonne ran out to greet her only to be confused as to where you were. With fake tears that she managed to conjure up before the reached her, she spoke of how heroic you were and that you sacrificed yourself so that she could live. With sad and worried looks Rick and Michonne looked at each other and tried to figure out if one: she was telling the truth, and two: how they were going to tell Daryl. The 3 of them made their way back inside to find Daryl and tell him the bad news. He was sitting on the edge of a step and feeding Judith, he seemed pretty content and in a good mood. Looking up at the sound of footsteps, he looked over to Alex but didn’t see you. “Where’s y/n?” with a sad sigh Rick tried walking over to Daryl to comfort him but he just handed Judith to him and started pacing angrily. “Did you do somethin’ to her?” he asked Alex, pointing a finger in her face. “N-No. She sacrificed herself for me. She saved my life, she’s a hero.” Daryl shook his head in anger, tears welling up some in his eyes. “Liar!” he yelled, throwing his hands in the air. Storming out, he sat outside, his head raced with thoughts.

“I can do this..I can do this…I can do it.” you encouraged yourself that you could make it into the home and back onto the street. Most walkers got bored and wandered away, looking up to the sky, you noticed the sun was ready to go down. “Okay..” you made your way down the ladder and into the house. There inside, was just one solo walker. An idea popped in your brain as you remembered Rick explaining that if you coated yourself in walker guts, they can’t smell your scent and its as if you were just another one of them. Stabbing the solo walker in the head, you held your breath as you gutted him and rubbed his blood and goo all over your body. Rubbing it in your hair and all over your exposed body parts. Making sure to extra banadage your leg up so that the goo wouldn’t ooze into the wound. “This is crazy..” holding your knife tightly to your body, you opened the door and made your way down the street. There were several walkers straggling around the road, holding your breath you made your way past them. Their yellowed eyes looked right past you as if you weren’t even there, “It’s working..” you thought to yourself. As you made it out of the neighborhood safely you made your way back towards the prison.

Several hours later, you could see the peaks of the guard towers. Still covered in walker slime, you made past the ones that were built up at the fences. Maggie had been keeping watch in the guard tower and spotted you in her scope, just thinking you were another walker she ignored you as her shift ended and she made her way back inside. Climbing over the fences, you finally made it to the courtyard of the prison. “I’m telling you, I watched her get eaten! She. Saved. Me.” Alex repeated the same story constantly to Rick and the rest of the council. They were gathered around a small table in the gathering room in block C. Hershel looked at Rick in concern as he didn’t believe her, then to Daryl who was sitting upset next to Rick. “She saved my life–” before she could finish her sentence a voice spoke, “The hell I did.” you were standing there, staring her right in the face, covered in walker blood head to toe. “Y/N!” everyone was glad to see you safe and sound. “Oh my gosh you’re alive!” Alex pretended that she was so shocked that you were okay. “Bet you thought you’d seen the last of me. This bitch left me for dead, shot me in the shin.” Alex shook her head and began stuttering. Walking over to her, you stared her down in her seat. Raising your hand to your waist, you grabbed your handgun out and shot her right between the eyes. Alex’s now limp body fell out of the chair and slumped onto the cold prison floor, her blood pooling out onto the floor. Daryl ran over to you and pulled you into his arms, not caring that you were smelling of the dead. Rick and the others were in shock of what you just done but knew you had a reason. You didn’t want to speak to anyone at the moment, dropped the backpack full of supplies and made your way towards the shower. You stepped carelessly over Alex’s body, stepping in her blood and leaving a trail of it behind you.

Imagine #58 - Tom Wilson

“Knock, knock,” Tom’s voice accompanies the sound of his knuckles on your door.

“Come in,” you shout in response. You grab your handbag and coat off of your bed and go to the entryway to meet him at the door.

“Hey, [Y/N],” Tom greets you as he lets himself in.

“Hey,” you respond, setting your things down to hug him. “Ready to – where’s your tie?” You lose your train of thought, noticing his bare collar.

“Oh, right,” his face changes at the realization. He reaches into the chest pocket of his suit jacket and produces two rolled-up neckties. “I wanted to give you final say.” He unfurls the ties and drapes one on each shoulder. “Which one?”

“Hm.” You look between the two ties, then down at your own dress. Unfortunately, you didn’t get any say over your outfit, being a bridesmaid and all, but Tom just happened to bring a tie that was a fairly similar color. “That one,” you answer, pointing to the near-match.

He tosses the other one onto the table and starts putting on the tie you chose, fumbling with the knot.

“Let me,” you offer, taking the ends of the fabric from his hands and knotting the tie for him. You straighten it out then step back. “Looks good,” you nod.

“So do you,” he replies. “Um, I mean, thanks,” he adds, faltering. He offers you his arm and you take it, grabbing your purse off the table and heading to the car.

“Tell me why we’re doing this again,” Tom says impatiently as he weaves through the traffic on the way to the venue.

I’m doing this because it’s my sister’s wedding. I’m the Maid of Honor and my attendance is mandatory. You’re doing this because the Maid of Honor can’t be dateless and you owed me a favor,” you explain for what feels like the hundredth time.

“But does this really count as a ‘favor’?” He puts air quotes around the word for emphasis. “I mean, going as someone’s date to a wedding is more than a simple favor.”

“Don’t act like I’ve never done anything for you, Tom,” you warn. “Remember that time that I came home early from my vacation, all because you called me, hysterical about –”

“Yeah, I remember. That’s enough of that,” he interrupts you, reaching across to your seat, as if to restrain you, laughing nervously. It makes you laugh, too, at the memory.

The car turns into the parking lot of the venue and Tom parks near the back entrance.

You unbuckle, then lean over to grab Tom’s hand off of the steering wheel, cupping it between your own. “So, can you just be good today? It is my sister’s wedding, after all. You might actually have fun if you stop bitching about having to go.” You give him a pleading look, his hand still wrapped in yours.

He looks back at you, quietly processing your suggestion. “Fine,” he concedes. “I’ll be a good date,” he adds with a lop-sided smile.

“Thank you,” you reply, stretching across to give him a quick kiss on the cheek. “You’re the best. Now, let’s get inside before anyone starts wondering where I am.” You get out of the car and hurriedly lead Tom into the venue.

“There you are, [Y/N],” your sister bursts out as you enter the bridal suite. “I thought maybe you’d gotten lost, or forgotten the date, or something.” She comes over and gives you a hug. “You look beautiful,” she adds, holding you at arms’ length to look at you.

“So do you, sis. You’re the most gorgeous bride I’ve ever seen.” You grin, the happy importance of the day hitting you.

“Your groom isn’t gonna know what hit him,” Tom interjects, partially to make his presence known, since your sister hadn’t yet acknowledged him.

“Oh, hey, Tom!” Your sister greets him, giving him a quick hug, careful of her dress, hair, and make-up. “[Y/N] said she had a plus-one, is that you?”

“Yeah, she said the Maid of Honor couldn’t be dateless and I owed her one,” he explains, smiling cheekily at you.

You give him a warning look, eyebrow raised. “Just go take your seat, alright? I’ll see you out there.” You give him a parting hug and watch as the door closes behind him.

“So, are you two, like, a thing?” Your sister asks, smoothing her dress in the full-length mirror.

“What? No!” You retort, a little too defensively. “He’s one of my best friends, and I’m one of his, but no. Just friends, and that’s all,” you reaffirm, joining your sister by the mirror.

“Everyone ready?” One of the bridesmaids asks, popping into the room, relieving you of any further questioning from your sister.

A chorus of agreement sweeps through the room as all the girls pick up their bouquets, check their hair, smooth their dresses, and line up to walk the aisle. 

The music begins and you walk down the runner, taking your spot next to the altar. You look out and see Tom sitting a couple rows back, smiling happily at you.

He waves.

The music changes and your sister stars walking the aisle, stepping slowly towards the arch.

Your soon-to-be brother-in-law stands across from you, a handkerchief in his hands to wipe his tears.

Your sister reaches the altar and faces her soon-to-be-husband, both of them starting to well up. She turns to hand you her bouquet and the sight of her misty eyes gets you choked up, too. She gives your hand a squeeze before turning back to her groom.

“Dearly beloved,” the officiant begins. “Family and friends of the bride and groom, we are gathered here today to take part as these two are joined in marriage.”

You look out at the rows of chairs again and spot Tom.

His phone is out and trained on you. He glances up from the screen and gives you a goofy smile and a thumbs up.

You suppress the urge to roll your eyes or laugh, instead trying to focus on the vows, handing your sister a tissue when she starts to cry.

Finally, a few tear-filled minutes later, it’s time to exchange rings.

You get the groom’s wedding band out and hand it to your sister, her hands shaking.

“With this ring, I thee wed,” she recites, sliding the ring onto her grooms finger.

He recites the same line, fitting your sister’s wedding band onto her finger.

“I now pronounce you husband and wife,” the officiant proclaims.

Everyone applauds, and you can hear Tom cheering, his claps louder and somehow more enthusiastic than everyone else’s.

Tom catches up with you as everyone files out of the ceremony space, heading towards the reception.

“You looked great up there,” he says, putting an arm around your shoulder.

“Thanks, I’m glad you got some pictures, then,” you half-joke.

“Video, too. I had to capture the moment, because that’s what a good date would do, right?”

You laugh. “I guess.” You walk into the reception space and lead Tom to the table where you’ll be sitting. You grab glasses of champagne off of a tray as it passes, handing one to Tom.

He gets your chair for you and takes his seat next to yours, mindlessly playing with his place card while everyone awaits the arrival of the married couple.

You both finish your champagne and are your second glasses by the time the bride and groom arrive. By the time toasts are over and food is served, you’re both three or four glasses deep.

“I can’t wait to get married,” you muse distractedly, taking in the room.

“Why?” Tom asks, setting down his glass to await your response.

“It’s nice to see everyone come together to celebrate love, ya know? Plus, it means I’ve found my person, and, I don’t know, I’m just really looking forward to it,” you attempt an explanation, never having really thought about your reasoning before.

Someone comes by to clear the plates and the DJ announces that the dancefloor is open, but you don’t pay much mind.

“That’s true,” Tom nods. He turns to you abruptly, startling you from your thoughts.

“What is it?” You turn to him, eyes wide, wondering what has him so wired all-of-a-sudden.

He takes your hands in his. “[Y/N], if neither of us are married in a few years, we should marry each other.” His eyes look intently at yours, partly to maintain focus though his buzz and partly for emphasis.

You laugh softly. “I think you’ve had too much champagne,” you brush him off.

He holds your hands tighter. “It’d do both of us a favor. It’d be a double favor,” he urges, his face becoming puppy-like. “I’m being serious.” 

You look back at him wordlessly for several seconds, letting your clasped hands fall into your lap. “Okay,” you agree finally.

Tom smiles, his cheeks rosy from the bit of excitement and the champagne.

You make a note to yourself how cute he looks and can’t help but smile back. Then you decide to change the subject, to avoid it getting uncomfortable. “In the meantime, how about you just do me the favor of dancing with me?”

“I was hoping you’d want to dance. Double favor,” he replies, standing and offering you his hand to take you to the dance floor.

The two of you dance to several party songs, going back and forth to see who can do more ridiculous dance moves. Between all the waves, sprinklers, robots, and moonwalks, you both agree it’s a tie, and the unexpected moment of seriousness at dinner is all but forgotten.

“I need some water,” you announce, making your way towards your table.

Tom follows, taking your hand as you walk, but dropping it nervously when you reach your seats.

You take a sip of cool water and rest for a minute. A breeze comes and you shiver. It hits you that you left your coat on your table in your hurry to leave.

Tom slides his suit jacket off and drapes it on your shoulders, wrapping it around you in the front. “Better?”

“Yeah, thanks.” You shift to put your arms in the sleeves and pull it tighter around you, smiling gratefully.

A slow song starts and Tom looks to the dance floor. “This is a good one,” he remarks. “Want to dance, [Y/N]?”

“Sure.” You stand up, smoothing his coat as you take his proffered hand and go to the dance floor.

He pulls you into him with a little flourish and sways you to the music.

You put your arms around his shoulders, not sure what to do with your hands.

His hands are on the small of your back and, as you relax, you find yourself resting your head on him as he holds you closer. You dance through a few slow songs, almost not noticing as the songs pass.

You’re almost disappointed when the music ends and are surprised to notice that so many people had left while you and Tom were dancing.

“Hey, sis,” your sister comes up behind you, tapping you on the shoulder. “Can I steal [Y/N] for a second, Tom?” She looks to Tom, pending his answer.

He nods and she leads you to the outskirts of the reception.

“Okay, tell me the truth. You two are a thing, huh? You just didn’t want to admit it earlier, because you didn’t have to time to explain before the ceremony,” she hypothesizes in hushed tones, as though someone might overhear.

“We really aren’t, I promise,” you assure her, absent-mindedly pulling his jacket more snugly around you.

“Well, you should be. I mean, it’s my wedding day, but I can’t help but notice the connection between you two,” she asserts.

“Really?” You search and find Tom, helping the groomsmen move a few things to help with the clean up, and smile in spite of yourself.

“Of course,” she repeats. “And it’s about time you two left anyway.” She grips your shoulders encouragingly and gives you a wink.

“Okay.” You give her a big hug. “I love you, and it was a beautiful wedding. All the best to you and your new husband,” you make your goodbyes as you embrace.

“Thanks, [Y/N]. I love you, too,” she answers. “Now get out of here and make something happen.”

You hurry over to Tom, who’s chatting with the groom. “Ready to go?”

“Uh, yeah,” he says, looking between you and your brother-in-law.

You hug the groom. “See you soon, and congratulations,” you offer, excusing yourself.

You and Tom walk arm-in-arm back towards the car, but you stop in the now-empty parking lot.

“What is it?” Tom asks, turning to you. “Did you forget something?”

“Um, no,” you manage. You take his hands and step closer to him, your breaths visible in the chill of the night air. “But there’s something I want to ask you.”

“Yes?” Tom replies apprehensively, his grip tightening on your hands minutely.

“Do you,” you pause, unsure of how to proceed. You sigh. “Do you like me as more than a friend?” You feel stupid for being so blunt, but it’s too late to change it.

“Yes,” Tom answers quickly, his face brightening. His smile stands out against the ruddiness of his cheeks and nose in the cold. “And that reminds me,” he starts, drawing you slightly closer to him. “I have a favor to ask.” He smiles cheekily.

“What?” You watch him, returning his smile as you move slowly into his arms, which begin to wrap around you.

“Can I kiss you?” He asks, holding you now fully in his arms.

“I was hoping you’d want to,” you answer. “Double favor,” you add, making both of you laugh softly.

You relish the feeling of his laugh reverberating through his chest against yours.

Then, without warning, he tilts your chin up and kisses you slowly, and you’re blissfully wrapped up in each other’s embrace.

Too good to be good for me (NSFW)

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Chanyeol I Fluff, slight smut I 1,227 words

Requested by Chanyeoltomybed (for some odd reason I can’t tag her)

You’ve sworn to yourself that your career would be the only thing you’d focus on for a while and Park Chanyeol with his bright smile, dark voice and sweet voice threatened that oath immensely.

Completely confused you stared at the letter in your hands, trying to use every last bit of the language skills you had, while reading through the wild mess of words and terms.

Some people really had their own interpretation of how English is supposed to look like – everything takes practice, but this honestly felt like a bad joke to you. Over the years you’ve worked for SM Entertainment as the leading translator in marketing, finances and the main management, you had seen a lot, but this was like a completely new language to you.

You furrowed your brows in confusion, stubbornly reading the letter over and over again until three loud knocks gained your attention. Looking up, you immediately saw Chanyeol behind the freshly-cleaned glass-door, giving you a wide cheerful smile.

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Context: DM has started a new campaign, we’re in a bar full of lumberjacks and one of the has bumped into our bard spilling his drink. Enthused he tries to start a fight. His roll and mine don’t work it’s now our ranger’s turn

Ranger: I’m going to kick his nibbly bits.

DM: all right, roll for no children

Ranger: *nat 20*

DM: *smiles* You raise out of your seat and note his stance. His legs are open leaving his most precious parts exposed, you reel your leg back. It occurs to him that he should close his legs too late. Your foot connects and all that’s left dribbles down his leg


Bard: off to a good start I see