raise your pints

Actual Solangelo feelings first time they met at camp at Gaea war.
  • Will: *looks at some guy's back and before he says anything he realizes that guy was Nico di Angelo his "ex" crush and gets REALLY surprised cause NICO HASN'T BEEN AT CAMP SINCE A LOOOOONG TIME AGO* Nico?
  • Nico: *turns to see who in Hades name was calling now*
  • Will: *OMGS HE'S EVEN HOTTER THAN HE WAS THREE YEARS AGO I'M GONNA DIE LOOK AT THAT FACE I LOVE Y... wait, is that a hawaiian t-shirt what the hell* what are you doing here?
  • Nico: *wow this dude isn't ugly at all* what are you doing here you wanna get killed?
  • Will: *I ASKED FIRST ANSWER MY QUESTION* we are spying, we took precautions.
  • Nico: *... not ugly AT ALL* you are wearing black when the sun is raising, you pinted your face but didn't covered that blond hair of yours. It would be easier to simply hang a red flag guys.
  • Will: *did he just noticed my blond hair I AM DEFINITELY GOING TO DIE RIGHT NOW* *blushes* well...

Today, I realized something.

Elsa’s cornoration took place on her 21st birthday.

Throughout the movie, absolutely no one wished her a happy birthday (including me…)

So raise your pints and make merry in her majesty’s name.

Here’s to you, Elsa.

Happy birthday! (Anna was the only birthday gift Elsa wanted.)