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Simple Banishing Spell

I used this when I was about 15 when I had some issues with someone at school. They did a pretty nasty thing and it really hurt my feelings, especially when I liked them in a romantic way. I performed this spell about a month after our little teenage flurry and after about 3 weeks he moved to a different state. Before you do this, ask yourself what your goal is… for me it was to have closure and to get him away so I could have that closure. We were just about in every class with each other which was very distressing for the both of us… even so that he disappeared from school for about a week. The reason why I chose water is because it has an emotional connection. 

what you need

  •  a heavy stone ( small enough that you can pick up and heavy enough to sink)
  • Black ribbon that is made from an environmentally friendly material.
  • a piece of paper that has been cut on all four sides (you want to cut this person from your life) you can use tissue paper which is ok and wont damage water ways all that much… (it dissolves so its all good)
  • Black beeswax candle
  • the persons full name and maybe a photo of them or some finger nails etc.
  • pen 


1. Write the persons name 3 times on a piece of paper, making sure your don’t raise the tip of your pen. The letters have to be joined. I just used an example name for this.

2. Now write your name over the top of the other name 3 times but make sure its in the opposite direction. I wrote a pretend name over the top in red so you can see it. (sorry, my camera is reversed)

3. Next, write “Move far away from me” or along those lines and again make sure the letters are joined all the way around in the circle. (this is in Blue for you).

4. Place your personal concern in the piece of paper. (I used a shell cause yeah… thats like the only small thing I could find right now. Maybe the button would have been better? but anything that was owned by them is ok…. so.. a strand of hair or something they’ve given you). 

5. when you have your personal concern in the paper then fold the end closest to you over and away from you so that you have a folded piece of paper with the concern inside. After, fold it again but making sure its still away from you. 

6. when you have folded your paper, seal it with a bit of wax from the candle.

7. when the paper is sealed, place it onto the stone and wrap the ribbon around tying the paper to the stone you have chosen. Imagine that this stone is the person you want so badly out of your life. I’ve used red wool to demonstrate to you here. 

8. When wrapped, take this stone to a stream which is far away from where you live thats really deep and throw the stone into the deepest part of the water as you do so… visualising the person moving away from you and cutting all ties. Say “ the further this stone is away from me, the further ______(Name)_____ shall be away from me.” then turn around and dont look back. Do not come back to the place you took the stone. 


I love these Precious Meme Bros™ so much


Both Spencer and the reader wear glasses but they are always wearing contacts. So one day they go to work with their glasses and is the same frame and Garcia freaks out, saying that they are so cute.

I can do this one!  Here is your one-shot, comin’ ‘atcha!

(Part 2  Part 3  Part 4  Part 5  Part 6  Part 7  Part 8  Part 9  Epilogue)

The night had been long and arduous.

You and your husband had yet another fight about your work hours, stating that he didn’t “quite know” what he was getting in to with your transfer.

And that’s when you called bullshit.

You rattled off all of your conversations verbatim, and he soon realized that the trait he fell in love with you for was now the one producing ammunition.

Your eidetic memory went from something that turned him on to something that made him leave.

As you sat in the living room, staring off at the blank television, you hear him drag his suitcases behind him.

“You could do it, you know,” he mumbles.

“Do what,” you sigh as a statement.

“Put in for a transfer back to your old job.  We could have the life we wanted again,” he whimpers.

“I love this job,” you state robotically.

“But I thought you loved me,” he whispers.

Closing your eyes as a tear falls down your cheek, you draw in a ragged breath, glancing over at the clock that ticked just past 1 am.

“And that’s why you’re leaving,” you sigh as you turn around, facing his reddened cheeks and puffy eyes as you sniff and rub your nose against your arm.

“I shouldn’t have to choose between the two,” you beg, your brow furrowing as your lip begins to tremble.

“I’ll tell my mom you say ‘Hello’,” he says as he reaches for the doorknob.

And as your husband leaves you in your house, alone and in the dark, you look over at the table where the signed divorce papers were sitting, realizing that he had taken them with him.

Hearing your phone buzz, you reach for it on the side table as you flip it open, sighing when you see it’s your now ex-husband.

I’m sorry we couldn’t make it work thru the separation period.  I’ll send the guys for the furniture we agreed I would have.

Setting the phone down and tugging at your itching contacts, you put your face in your hands and rubbed your eyes as you realized your fate.

It was official.

You were now alone.


Stepping in to the elevator as you smother the last of your powder on your face, you sigh as you adjust your thick black-rimmed glasses, exhausted from the evening before as you sent a message to the boys saying you wouldn’t be home all day today.

They were planning on coming and getting his half of the furniture.

Placing your phone in your go-bag as the elevator dings, you cling to your coffee cup as you step off of the elevator.

“Oh…my god,” you hear Garcia yelp as she comes shuffling over to you.

“No way!” she squeals, clapping her hands together as she takes your left arm, dragging you in to the main room without so much as a pause to drop your bag.

“Look, everyone!” she says, shoving you beside Spencer as she ushers between the two of you.

“Look at how cute they are!” she yelps.

Grimacing as you wiggle your finger in your ear, you glance up at Spencer as you realize what she’s talking about.

You two have the same glasses frames.

“Heh,” you say, a weak smile breaking out on your face as you point between yours and Spencer’s face, “Great minds, huh?”

“You look nice in them,” he says, a light smile drifting across his cheeks.

“Oh, I look like a nerd,” you say, adjusting them as you squint, realizing you probably need to update your prescription.

“I think you look quite nice,” he says with mock dignity, puffing his chest out as he chuckles to himself.

Feeling your expression slowly drop as Garcia drones on and on about the other things that match between the two of you, like your eidetic memories and your love of classical music and books, Morgan steps in and pats you on the back, exclaiming something about those things being the reason the two of you are partners or whatever.

You couldn’t get your mind off of the fact that Spencer was staring you down.

Watching him study your face, you blank for a second before you watch his eyes trail down your body, settling on your left hand where the outline of your wedding ring glares like a deer in headlights.

Swallowing hard as you feel your throat constrict, you avoid his gaze as you turn back towards Garcia, her smile radiant as you give her a hug.

“You are always so refreshing to see,” you say, giving her a light kiss on your cheek.

“So are you, doll,” she says, shooting Spencer a look as he looks at you with his worried glance, “so are you.”

“Well,” you say as you set your bag down in the middle of the floor, “gotta go find the boss man,” you say, widening your eyes in mock surprise as you turn for the steps.

And as Spencer and Garcia step together, their shoulders bumping as they watch you sloppily ascend the steps, Garcia looks over at Spencer and asks, “Did I say something wrong?”

“No,” he says, shaking his head, “no, you didn’t say anything wrong.”


Stepping in to Hotch’s office, he ushers you to sit down as you clear your throat, feeling the tears burn the back of your eyes as your gaze stays glued to his name tag on his desk.

“Is there something the matter?” Hotch asks, his hands crossed and leaning forward on his desk.

“I uh…need to update my paperwork,” you say lowly.

Furrowing his brow as he slowly reaches for a drawer, he rifles through the files before pulling yours out, flipping it open on his desk as he takes out a pen.

“Alright.  What needs changing?” he asks.

“My last name,” you say, barely above a whisper.

Watching him pause, his gaze slowly drifting back up to yours, he swallows hard as his eyes bore a hole into your forehead, your gaze at his desk instead of his face.

“Y/N,” he says.

“Yes, sir?” you ask.

“Look at me.”

Slowly raising your gaze up to his face, you find the soft face of Aaron rather than the stern brooding of your boss.

Hearing him sigh as he puts his pen down, he gets up and goes over to the window, pulling the blinds as he walks over to the filing cabinet behind you.

Hearing him rifle through papers, he places a stack of 5 or 6 in front of you as he hands you a pen.

“You can get everything done in one sitting,” he says.

“W-what…?” you ask.

“If you want to revert back to your maiden name, that’s fine.  But before I can change it in your file, it has to change in some other places.”

Nodding slowly as you take his pen, you rifle through the Social Security Card paperwork, your driver’s license paperwork, your passport paperwork, and a few other things as well.

Feeling your eyes fill with tears as they cascade down your cheeks, you feel Hotch sit beside you as he reaches out and squeezes your trembling hand.

“If you need time off, take it,” he urges.

Shaking your head, you draw a ragged breath.

“This job is all I have left to keep me stable,” you breathe.

“Wrong,” he says, leaning in to you as you slowly look over to him.

“You have all of us,” he smiles weakly, his hand migrating to your back as he rubs it reassuringly.

And as you turn your head back to the paperwork, you feel yourself raising your pen as you place it to the paper, watching as your former life melts away, giving birth to a new one that you so desperately wanted to live.


As you seal your paperwork in the manila envelope Hotch had given you, you walk it over to Strauss who promised it would get into the hands of the right people, and that she would try to pull some strings so that you could have your badge changed and in your hands by the end of the month.

Looking out towards the main room, you see everyone watching you warily, knowing that Spencer had latched on and probably informed everyone as to your “change in status.”

Walking down the steps as you make your way to your desk, you sit as Spencer picks your bag up and brings it to your side, sitting down in the free chair beside you as you stare off into the abyss of your work area.

And as you feel his hand reach out and encompass yours, the warmth making your arms tremble as you feel his finger outstretch and run itself back and forth over the outline of your nonexistent wedding ring, you swallow hard as he leans into you and mumbles, “I really like your glasses.”


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