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Unfamiliar with Miles Morales?

Saw that trailer of Spider-man: Into the Spider-verse, but you do not know much about Miles? I got you, fam.

Okay, this is going to be really thorough because Miles is under the pen of Brian Michael Bendis. If you are unfamiliar with Bendis’ style of writing, then I’ll explain it to you. Bendis is not a fan of the complete comic book. What I mean is that he will not wrap up a story in one or two issues because he focuses on developing aspects of the plot such as characters, their motivations, and the overall nuances to the world around him. Bendis displaces immediate action in favor of overall plot. He sacrifices pacing for development and most critics of his point out that sometimes they aren’t getting a complete comic book instead it just feels like a part in a story. I say “buy volumes, asshole” or just appreciate how well defined the world is.

Anyways, here we go.

Miles is a Black Latino American born in Brooklyn and is the son of Rio Morales and Jefferson Morales, formerly known as Jefferson Davis. Miles has an Uncle Aaron who does not get along with Jefferson nor Rio for reasons I won’t specify at the moment. Miles’ story begins when his mom and dad drag him to a Lottery. What kind of Lottery, you ask? Well…

A lottery that poor inner city kids enter into to receive private school education so that they actually have a chance at a decent life instead of thrust into Public School Zoning where they will most likely get shot at, join a gang, do drugs, and/or receive poor education. This is not made up. This actually happens in real life. Notice how there is a lot of people of color here? And before some asshole makes the remark that this is a handout, these kids are gifted and had to take a test to be entered in the lottery. Miles and a lot of these kids passed so they do possess the intellect to get in these schools. They don’t possess the money however. Anyways, Miles gets his lucky number drawn, 42(Jackie Robinson’s Baseball number if you don’t realize the symbolism), and he becomes enrolled in Brooklyn Visions Academy.

You’d expect Miles to be happy, but no one wants to be that jackass to be happy during someone else’s funeral or will reading. Not a great analogy, but you have future? Great. Everybody else is just screwed though? …Okay? Yeah. So Miles decides to tell his Uncle Aaron the news and he is proud of him. He mentions that he has an opportunity that he and Miles’ dad didn’t have when they were growing up and tells Miles that this is a ticket out of this cesspool a.k.a the hood…not what culture appropriating white people call the hood or I’m talking motherfucking get your shit janked Hood.

Miles sits down on a couch while he and Aaron are talking and he notices a pack with a mysterious red case.Aaron decides to get his nephew a Popsicle and notices that Miles is messing around with his stuff. Aaron acts all sketchy and quickly tells Miles that it is nothing when prompted and takes the case while handing Miles the Popsicle. Of course, Miles completely ignores the sketchiness of his Uncle because fucking Popsicles, man. His Uncle leaves him for a bit and Miles just chills out on the couch eating his swirl orange and lemon flavored treat. Oh yes, this is the life. Your parents are proud of you because you did something. People giving you popsicles and shit. Nothing can ruin this moment. He woke up this morning feeling like he got to thank God. He don’t know why, but this day was feeling kind of odd. 5-Oh did not even do no flexing. Sheeeyat, they did not  even look in a brother’s direction. No Stop and Frisk in this bitch! Today was a good day.

Well shit.

That is right. A mysterious spider with the number 42(symbolism) on it’s thorax bites Miles. He freaks out and flings that eight legged fuck large motherfucker off his hand. Miles then trips over his Uncle’s coffee table and begins to have a seizure. His Uncle Aaron finds him on the ground as Miles begins to pass out. Miles wakes up and finds his Uncle tending to him. Apparently, Aaron had to call daddy Morales and Papa was about to stomp his foot up in Aaron’s ass.

Miles freaks out while Aaron and Jefferson are arguing and he decides to runaway from the commotion. Jefferson notices that Miles and missing and decides to go after him. He heads out the apartment and sees a swathe of people, but no little Miles. He heads out into the crowd, but there is a faint voice calling out to him that he doesn’t notice. As Jefferson keeps looking, Miles stands up and notices that something changed in himself.

Miles panics and begins to run away. He sees a pair of handymen carrying a T.V. in front of him and he is going full speed at them. 

Motherfucka got hops like MJ. That is like a 72 inch leap. 6 feet in the air. Kobe be like, “Dayuum.” The crowd impressed with the nastiness stops and looks at the boy only for him to turn invisible. People freak out and Miles gets away from the crowd. He eventually meets up with a bunch of teenagers who are standing in front of an apartment. One of them tries to rob little Miles of his bookbag. Miles, not having their shit, grabs him by the arm and clings to his belongings for dear life. Something happened when Miles grabbed the little bastard and the bully stepped back in feeling something is wrong. All of the sudden, a surge of electricity courses through his body and the asshole is knocked out. The other teens watched the event and Miles feeling all big and bad yells out the teens to leave him alone…and then he runs away like a dork.

Eventually Miles meets up with his best friend, Ganke(pronounced Gain-Key). It also might be a nickname for Gankeyama. Regardless, Miles tries to show Ganke his power to turn invisible and well..

Ganke is not too impressed. Failing at the task, Miles inadvertently touches Ganke’s Lego construction that he was working on before Miles arrived at his place and…

This nigga did not just…

Oh hell no. No joke, I would have fucked Miles’ shit up if I were Ganke. Anyways, Ganke is impressed with the display in spite of Miles wrecking his hard worked on Lego construction. A really fucking impressive Lego boat. With sails and everything. Miles lucky that he is a friend because shit would have gone down. 

Miles is not particularly thrilled that he has these new abilities. You see, in the Ultimate Universe having powers or even being a mutant sucks after Magneto and Dr.Doom decided to flood New York. Think like being a Muslim after 9/11. Yeah that bad.

Ganke and he are talking until Papa Morales arrives and takes Miles away. He is a little peeved that Miles ran away from him earlier, but they have a little father-son talk in New York Central Park. Jefferson tells Miles that Uncle Aaron is a bad person and is a cat burglar. He also tells Miles that Aaron has been and jail…and so has he.

Could you imagine telling your son that? They are raised to believe that only bad people go to jail and police are their friends. Then you have to tell them that you were a criminal. You were a bad guy. It is a conversation that you never want to have with your kids, but they have to know.  Miles is amazed, but Jefferson is annoyed. His words?

So Papa Morales hates Mutants or people with super powers in general. Miles thinks he is a mutant and he knows he has super powers. Oh shit, character dynamics. Miles gets taken home by Grumpy Morales and then he gets a text from Ganke at night.

Miles has spider powers. And then the plot thickens…or thins…or lengthens? Whatever. Anyways, Ganke immediately comes over after Miles presumably texts back telling him what he just did and wants to see it from himself. Miles shows him.

Of course, Ganke is stoked that his best friend is Spider-man. After discussion, Miles and Ganke decide to go to Aaron and ask where the spider came from. They go to his apartment only to find the place emptied out. 

Well that is not strange or peculiar for a man to empty out his apartment after a day? Anyways, that is not important to you right now.

They head back out and then they see a building on fire and the fire department trying to rescue a woman in distress.

In an act of heroism, Miles saves a woman and a little girl. He should be really proud of himself right? 

So yeah, Miles doesn’t become a superhero because he rationalizes that there is already a Spider-man around. He can see the writing on the wall with how dangerous it is. He is scared. He is afraid. So Miles decides to live a normal life and goes to school. He does his homework and just lives his life.

And then, he gets a nightmare that Electro shocks him to death. 

His Resident Assistant wakes both Ganke and Miles up and tells them to go to the auditorium. They get the news.

Well shit, man.

Miles decides to help Spider-man. Someone busted a cap in Spider-man red and blue ass and it also turns out Spider-man is fighting the Sinister Six while shit is going down in New York for reasons that I won’t bother explaining. Miles eventually arrives in Queens, in front of Peter’s home.

But it is too late.

Miles feels bad because he feels like this is his fault. He feels that he was coward for not trying to reach Spider-man. Maybe he could have helped him. He was given these powers for a reason and he chose not to use them and now Spider-man is dead because he was scared of his dad. He was scared of what others would have thought. He didn’t take responsibility and now Peter Parker is dead. 

Damn. Of course, Ganke puts in a different perspective. 

Miles and Ganke go to Peter Parker’s funeral where there are hundred of people gathered around. And they witness the impact, Spider-man had on people. They witness Aunt May and Gwen are stopped by a little girl who tells Aunt May that Peter rescued this little girl from a fire and she did not die because of him.

Miles calls over Gwen Stacey and asks why he did what he did. She shrugs him off at first still visibly upset. But eventually Gwen Stacey gives him this answer.

This is the connection between Miles and Peter.  Through people who knew Peter, Miles becomes inspired just as Spider-man hoped his message of Great Power, Comes Great Responsibility. Just as that message was passed onto to his fans, the message is passed onto Miles. We will never personally know Peter Parker, but we are inspired by him all the same.

So Miles decides to redesign a costume and try his hand at crime fighting. Of course, Miles can’t sow so Ganke buys him one.

So Miles has the costume, the powers, and now all he has to do is just walk out there and do it, right?


Of course this doesn’t deter the little guy and he decides to keep at it until he gets a better costume. Although there are still people pissed that Miles is wearing Peter’s costume.

Spider-woman is pretty pissed that someone just decides to take up the mantle. So she confronts the new Spidey on top of a building. She accidentally knocks him out, captures him, and takes him to SHIELD headquarters. Miles wakes up to Iron Man, Hawkeye, and Nick Fury, with Spider-woman of course, watching him behind a force field. 

That is right, Miles. Plead the fifth. 

Nick Fury goes on to tell Miles that Aaron is also the Prowler. He also tells him that he needs a new costume if he wants to keep doing this. Of course,  this interaction gets interrupted when fucking Electro busts out of prison, again. Seriously, why do they still keep villains in the same place where SHIELD headquarters are? Did they learn nothing?

Iron Man, Jessica Drew, and Hawkeye engage Electro to no avail. Electro is hellbent on killing Nick Fury so instead of trying to escape, he sticks around for his own personal headhunt. Of course, he is shocked(see what I did there) to see Spider-man still alive.

He subdues Electro. Kid is a G. So next day, he tells Ganke what happened and then they are confronted by a girl holding a suitcase.

And I’m ending this right here. By the way, this is the first 5 issues of the comic. I intentionally left out details as to where the spider came from and how did Peter end up getting shot and what exactly is the deal with his Uncle Aaron.

So this is Miles Morales.

⇁ money shot (m)

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pairing⇁Yoongi x Reader 

genre⇁smut || pornstar!au

⚬ warnings⇁dom!yoongi, submissive!reader, verbal humiliation, spanking, roleplay, rough sex, cum play, dirty talk, this is porn ok and everything is consensual

word count⇁10.6k pwp 

[money shot] in a pornographic movie, refers to the sequence in which the male actor ejaculates onto his partner’s body

“Don’t look so put off. Min Yoongi’s indisputably one of the best in the industry. He’s extremely professional and experienced—and handsome to boot. You’ll be in the very best hands. He rarely works with newbies, so consider yourself special.”

or ; the author just really wanted to write a pornstar!au but got carried away;;

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Okay I’m actually really proud of this fic please read, reblog, and review!

Angus loved Taako, every weird bit of him.

He was definitely weird, the elf was just a walking collection of eccentrics. Of course, as a detective, Angus was able to find a reason for each and every one of them.

“That’s alright, sir, I’m full,” Angus said, putting his hands up as Taako approached his plate with the pot. Taako scoffed and loaded Angus’s plate up with more seconds than the small boy could ever eat.

“You’re too small just eat it, squirt,” he said as he walked back into the kitchen.

He was always like that when it came to feeding Angus, slipping the kid extra cookies and making sure he had a big lunch to take to school with him.


-Taako likes to make sure everyone in his life, especially me, has enough to eat

-Taako keeps a hoard of snacks under his bed

-Taako eats till his plate is clean

-Miss Lup says her and Taako never got enough to eat as kids


-Taako starved as a kid and has been paranoid about food and others starving ever since

Taako didn’t just slip Angus cookies. He was also loose about the liquor cabinet.

“You want soda or beer, sweetie?”

“I’m only ten, sir?”

“Better to learn young so you can get the taste for it,” Taako said uncapping the bottle.

During New Year’s Taako had let Angus have a sip of his champagne, and had earned a through scolding from the director for it.


-Taako gives me alcohol even though I’m only 10 11

-Taako swears around me a lot

-Taako raised himself


-Taako’s never followed a rule in his life, and doesn’t see why I should have to

Once Angus had gotten up for a glass of water in the middle of the night and found Taako crying in the living room. Once Taako realized Angus was there he’d cast a glamour on himself to erase any signs of crying and greeted the kid with a snappy: “shouldn’t you be in bed?”

“Are you alright sir?”

“None of your business, twerp, go back to bed, jeez Louise.”


-Taako cries a lot at night

-He always cries in the living room, bathroom, or kitchen


-Taako doesn’t want me or Kravitz to see him crying

Living with Taako and Kravitz had taught Angus a lot about love and being in a relationship. For example, one night they were walking home from the best pizza place in town, Taako had been very drunk at the moment, and had been the one to insist on going out to pizza in the first place. All three walked down the street munching on their slices when Taako paused and looked Kravitz dead in the eyes.

“Babe. Baaabe. You wanna know how much I love you?”


“You see this pizza? This is the best pizza in the goddamn world.” Taako shook the slice in Kravitz’s face. “But for you, for you Kravitz, I would throw this bitch right on the ground. I would do that for you!”

Taako had then thrown the pizza onto the ground.

“Do you want me to buy you another slice?” Kravitz had said once he finished laughing and kissing Taako.

“….yes, please. I still love you more than pizza! I just-“

“Love pizza very much, I know, dear.”

As they waited for Kravitz to come back with his new slice, Taako picked up the street slice and started feeding it to some nearby racoons (ANGUS WE CAN’T LET FOOD GO TO WASTE).

“I’m glad you took us out for pizza, sir!” Angus said. Kravitz had asked him to keep an eye on the drunk elf while he was gone, and he was taking his job very seriously and making sure Taako didn’t put his hands too close to the racoon’s teeth.

“S’lonely,” Taako sniffed. “Needed someone to get pizza with.”

“What was that sir?”

“I was lonely, Ango. I get lonely a lot. A looooot.”

Taako slumped over, sitting with his back to a building. Angus sat down next to him and Taako lay his head on the boy’s shoulder.

“I’m not a good…” he hiccupped. “M’not a good person, Ango McDango. “Dunno why Kravitz hangs out with me….or you…”

“One fresh slice of pizza, please try not to drop it to prove your love,” Kravitz said, returning that very moment.

“Gimme!” Taako made grabby hands and snatched the pizza away from Kravitz, chowing down with all sadness forgotten.

“I love you, silly man,” Kravitz laughed, pressing a kiss into Taako’s hair.

“I love ya too, I love you more than pizza, ‘n the moon, n’ magic n’….” the list continued.


-Taako is lonely and thinks he’s bad

-Taako gets drunk a lot

-Taako doesn’t like to be alone while he’s drunk


Angus crept into Taako and Kravitz’s room, breakfast tray clutched carefully in his hands. He’d followed one of Taako’s recipes for cinnamon walnut pancakes and had tried to throw together a decent mimosa (which he tried just one sip from to make sure he got it right! Cause he’s still a little boy!).

He set the tray on the bed. “Good morning sirs!”

“Mmm…good morning, Angus,” Kravitz yawned. “What’s all this?”

Taako rubbed his eyes and looked down at the tray. “Hot shit Angus you got ‘em just right, nice job little dude.” He ruffled the boy’s hair.

“Happy father’s day!” Angus said, blushing slightly.

Kravitz and Taako exchanged a surprised look for what seemed like an eternity. Then suddenly Taako burst into tears and pulled Angus into a hug, almost knocking over the tray (Kravitz saved it with his quick reflexes before joining in on the hug)


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A small piece where Y/N can’t get Harry’s attention, so she pouts and decides exactly how to grab his attention

Y/N rarely begs Harry for anything. He’s usually one step ahead of her, always making sure she had everything she needed. Cuddles, hugs, good morning texts. But sometimes he can get caught up in his own work, Y/N has no problems with it obviously. Yet it only gets in the way when Y/N really wants something. And not just anything. But something only Harry could satisfy.

The first time Y/N acted out like a brat, Harry was answering emails.

He was lied out on the bed, back propped up by the headboard with the MacBook in his lap. His ankles crosses and hair slightly fluffed over his forehead due to just waking up. His glasses perched on the bridge of his nose, scratched at his stubble dusted jaw letting his eyes dart on the screen at the multiple emails sent by his manager. It was barely 8am on a Saturday, Y/N usually slept in on the weekends, it was her escape from the hectic schedule of work and schooling. Something was keeping her up though. She lied in bed with her back facing Harry, stretching her arms over her head once she became aware. Y/N peaked up at him sleepily, seeing his bright green eyes looking down at her.

“Up this early in the mornin’? Tha’s a record.” Harry teases letting his right hand lightly scratch over Y/N scalp making her hum out in delight.

“Heyyy don’t be rude… I can be up early if I put my mind to it.” Y/N quipped in. The only thing on her mind right now was for Harry to put his mouth on her.

She’d never ask him for it though. She would always think she’s got it all in her head, pep talking herself in the mirror to get the confidence to just come straight out and tell him exactly what she wants. But she can never get past the first sentence. Harry always can read her before she can even mention what she wants from him. He says it’s all due to his “impeccable reading of people” but Y/N just thinks her flushed cheeks are a dead giveaway.

After sharing a few kisses and daily questions they went through every morning that he asked. “Did you sleep well,” “what should we make for breakfast,” she could usually answer them with no problem. But she was getting too distracted on the way his mouth spoke certain syllabas, the way he used his knuckles to push the glasses further up his nose. Everything that should seem normal, but was just making her body even warmer. Harry caught on to her spacing out, brushing the tip of her nose with his finger.

“Did you even hear a word o’ what I just said?” He rose an eyebrow looking down at her. Y/N moved her eyes back to him immediately dropping them back down when her eyes met his. She meaked out an embarrassed ‘no’ before he smirked softly leaning over kissing under her ear.

“Go brush your teeth an’ we’ll make some breakfast yeah?” Harry tucked a piece of hair behind her ear before rubbing his thumb across her jaw. Y/N blinked a few times before getting up and heading over to the bathroom to freshen up. She brushed her teeth, combed through her hair, she even splashed cold water on her face to just snap her out of it.

But nothing worked.


And now she was left to fluster her way through to get Harry to do something to her. Y/N opened the door after drying her face with a towel, he was still lied there in the same position, ruffling his hand through his hair yawning out. She stood by the end of the bed just watching his, fiddling with the sleeves of the sweater of his she wore. Harry trailed his eyes back to her smiling sweetly.

“Look a’ you… all fresh an’ ready to go.” Y/N smiled slightly nodding before gnawing on her lip.

“Yeah! Yeah yeah I just….” Just like that she was at a loss for words. Anytime she started a sentence in a certain way, Harry’s eyes would immediately dart over to hers, his eyebrows scrunching in concern. She hated when she worried him, it was never her intention to, I mean how were you supposed to ask your boyfriend to just eat you out. It should be easy, but with someone like Harry, it’s more tedious than it should be.

I just really want your mo-“ She’s suddenly cut off by Harry’s ringtone blaring, making his eyes move to the phone left on the nightstand. “Jus’ give me a minute love…” Harry mumbled before answering the call.

Just like that he answered the phone. Y/N looked at him, dropping her hands by her sides letting her lower lip jut out in a pout. She didn’t mean to be someone who wanted a lot of attention, but she wants attention. Especially when she’s needy for him. Something in the way he answered the phone made Y/N reset her words in her brain. She knew a way to get to Harry.

It was risky, but she knew she had to take it if she wanted him to do something now.

Harry has his phone held between his shoulder and ear, typing away on his laptop letting out noises of responses to whoever was on the other line. Y/N crawled over to his side, resting her hand over his forearm. He glanced at her from the corner of his eye, moving his hand for a minute to brush his thumb over her knuckles. She moved to lean her chin to rest on his shoulder, pressing her lips against his ear, tugging his hand that was over hers, to her thigh. Harry let his hand rest on the outside of her thigh, suddenly glancing down at it. He moved his head up to sit straight, using his other hand to pressing the phone against his ear.

“H….. really need you right now…” She murmured quietly in his ear, slipping her fingers between the open spaces of his on her thigh. Harry looked at her moving the phone away from his mouth.

“Sweetheart.. ‘m on a call jus’ give me 5 minutes..” He mumbled moving his phone back to his mouth before resuming the conversation with what sounded like his manager.

Y/N frowned pulling just her head back to look at him, his eyes not even bothering to look back at her, too focused on the screen in front of him. Her own patience was wearing thin, deciding to shove the computer off his thighs and crawling in between them. Harry looked at her with furrowed eyebrows glancing back at the screen and then her. Y/N just shrugged tapping her fingers against his thighs casually keeping her eyes on him. He looked down at her hands before grabbing one of her wrist and sending a warning glance before setting her wrist down in her lap. Y/N pouted moving her hands back to the waistnand of his boxers, slipping her fingertips in. Harry widened his eyes quickly grabbing her wrist and moving to press the phone against his shoulder to muffle the speaker.

“What the hell do you think you’re doing?!” Harry hissed keeping his hold on her wrist.

“You aren’t paying attention to me, have to figure out ways to do it obviously.” Y/N bluntly stated rolling her eyes.

Harry narrowed them before murmuring our a low ‘quit it’ before returning back to his call, now making sure his eyes were focused on hers the whole time. At this point she would’ve stopped, realizing whoever was on the other line is important and whatever they were talking about was obviously something that Harry would have to pay attention too.

But she wasn’t going to stop.

Y/N moved to lie on her stomach between his legs, pulling out his cock from his boxers. Before he could let out another scolding, she immediately wrapped her lips around the tip, lolling her tongue around. Harry let out a choked breath moving his free hand into her hair. She let her eyes trail up to his raising her eyebrows up before pulling back, letting her hand slowly work over his shaft. Harry shook his head gritting his teeth together.

“Yeah ‘m fine mate don’t worry about it… I can’t believe what the fuck are you doin’…” Harry spoke through clenched teeth at the last part. Y/N bit her lip shaking her head innocently, acting like she had no clue what she was doing. She let her tongue lay flat on the underside of his prick, letting it drag up lazily before flicking her tongue against the bead of pre-cum that had escaped. She was fully now wrapping her mouth around his cock and letting her head do the work. Her hand pumping over his shaft ever time she moved her mouth up making his head slam back against the headboard squeezing his eyes shut. He had more self control than this, but something about the way her mouth was hot around his dick was making his mind go in circle. He couldn’t think straight with her doe eyes looking up at him like she isn’t choking on his cock.

“I go-got it yes-fuck I’ll talk to you later ‘m busy.” Harry quickled rambled out before slamming his hand down on the bed with the phone. His hand quickly tangled in her hair tugging her head back toughly. A line of spit connected from her bottom lip to the tip of his cock, breathing out heavily against the warm skin.

“You are jus’ not listenin’ today are you petal…” Harry clicked his tongue shaking his head as he looked down at her with dark eyes. “Know ‘m on an important call… still disobeyed..?” Y/N licked over her lips dropping her eyes down.

“I’m sorry daddy… just wanted something…” Y/N meekly whimpered out, his hand tugging at her roots to have her eyes move back to is.

“Well if you jus’ would ask… daddy wouldn’t be so rough with his baby now would he…” Y/N nodded biting over her lip pouting out as she looked at him.

“I tried saying something! You didn’t listen though!” Harry raised his eyebrows at her tone making her shrink back slightly.

“I said I’d be with you in a minute didn’ I..? You weren’t being patient…” Y/N huffed out moving her eyes away from his face.

“I know I know….. sorry daddy…” She mumbled out looking back at him, tilting his head to the side.

“‘M letting you off with a warning this time… next time it won’t be pretty do you understand?” Harry lowly mumbles leaning his head down slightly to make his point clear. Y/N nodded glancing over his face biting over her lip.

“Good girl…. now.. go ‘head…. finish what you started…” Harry leaned back against the headboard again watching her with raised eyebrows, his lips quirking up into a smirk once he saw her eyes light up again.

The second time Y/N acted like a brat, both of them were at a restaurant with a group of friends.

They were both sat together in a booth, Y/N was pressed against the wall, sitting on the inside of Harry’s side. His hand rested comfortably on her thigh as he talked to one of his friends about a story she’s heard a million times before. She hasn’t had much to drink this time coming out. She would’ve been nursing a couple margaritas by this time but something was once again taking her focus off of anything. Her eyes turned to watch Harry animatedly explain his story using his free hand to gesticulate every word. Her mind flashed back to that morning he tugged at her hair she could feel her scalp prick with pain. The way he just looked down at her with a harsh stare that would make her want to crawl into a hole and never come out, but at the same time just completely soak her panties. She liked the way he was asserting his position in their relationship.

She loved he way he just dominated her.

Her hand moved to rest over his, using her fingertips to trace over the rings that adorned his fingers. Harry turned his head to look st her adoringly, squeezing her thigh in response. Y/N smiles leaning over to press her lips over his ear, tightening her grip on his hand. “Daddy….”

Harry’s eyes widened slightly turning his head to look at her properly, blinking a few time to understand what she said. She looked at him sinking her teeth in her lower lip sliding his hand up her thigh slowly. “‘M soaking for you… want you to take me home right now.”

Harry shook his head grabbing his glass of water raising his eyebrows over the rim of the glass. “Stop it…..”

Y/N pouted before pressing his fingertips over that spot over her underwear, specifically wearing a skirt of this occasion. Harry swallowed thicker looking down at her lap where his fingers were now pressing against her warm heat. He sucked the air through his teeth glancing at her through his eyelashes.

“You are so in fo’ it when we get home I swear…” Y/N looked at him with excited eyes trying to hide the way her thigh clenched even more hearing the way he spoke. Harry pulled his hand back before looking back at the table and explaining their sudden plans to leave. “Missus has a bit of a stomach flu happening, gonna take care of her now” he murmured helping Y/N get out of the booth alongside him. Both saying farewell to their friends, some of them wishing Y/N a full recovery as they headed out back to his car. The way Harry had his fingers tightly locked with her own, was making Y/N anticipate what was waiting at home.

The minute Y/N stepped into the door, Harry had her shoved against the nearest wall. She let out a gasp of shock pressing her hands against the wall to turn around. Harry came around quickly to press his body up against hers, wrapping his fingers around her waist.

“You jus’ don’t know when to behave do you…” Harry whispers hotly against the crook of her neck, baring his teeth against her skin, letting her head fall back on his shoulder. Y/N’s eyes shut feeling his mouth work on her neck, licking over her dry lips trying to move her wrists away from his grip. Harry squeezes over them pressing pressing his mouth against her ear.

“If you move those hands an inch… I won’t let you cum once tonight… understood…?” Y/N swallowed thickly nodding quickly before being turned around looking up at him. Harry moves her hands to rest on the wall by her hips before sinking down on his knees. He leaned forwards nipping up the skin of her inner thigh, holding the back of her knees as he looked up at her. Y/N’s hands were clenched into fists twisting slightly every time he sunk his teeth into the supple skin of her thigh. Harry moved his head under her skirt, it being flowy enough for his head to disappear completely under the fabric. His tongue pressed flat against her clit letting it nudge around over her underwear. Y/N dropped her head back whining slightly as her hands itched to just slip into his hair. Harry pulled back finally and slipped off both her skirt and panties, pressing kisses all over the apex of her thighs. He could see in the corner of his eyes, her fingers flexing and un-flexing each time his mouth would brush against her clit. He couldn’t help but let a smirk spread across his lips, knowing that whatever he was doing, she was trying her absolute hardest to stay still.

Harry licked over his lips before wrapping them snugly around her clit, letting the tip of his tongue roll the bundle around in his mouth. Y/N jaw dropped open looking down at him feeling her knees buckle. Harry quickly grabbed her thigh before throwing one of them over her shoulder, giving him more access to lick into her. His tongue moved back to lap up everything that had come out, letting out a growl against her clit when lifted her hips up into his mouth.

“Taste so fucking sweet… could spend the rest o’ my life here…” Harry mumbled against her inner thighs nipping roughly at thr tender skin making her cry out, slamming her hands down onto the wall.

“Oh my… fuck me… right there H.. oh my god…” Y/N squeaked out whining as he pulled back with raised eyebrow. “What did you just call me?”

Y/N quickly shook her head desperately moving her hands to her thighs to clutch into something. “Nothing daddy please.. please please please just come back… please!” Y/N begged, before nearly crying in relief when he returned his mouth back onto her swollen clit, letting his jaw work feverishly to pull her to her high. She looked down at him with her jaw dropped feeling her tummy coils, digging her nails into the skin of her thigh. She was so close. So so so close.

And then he pulled away.

Harry stood up to his feet as she looked up at him blinking through some tears, feeling her high escape her slowly. “Why did you do that! I was so close.” She cried out sniffling slightly. Harry shook his head turning her around pressing her chest back against the wall.

“You think this was gon’ be easy…?” Harry tutted shaking his head as he grabbed her hips and pressed his aching bulge against the swell of her bum. She purposely pushes back against him, resting her fists against the wall beside her head whining.

“I’m sorry daddy… I’ll never do it again I promise.. just.. j-just let me cum… please…” Y/N whimpered hearing the ruffling of his clothes coming of. She glanced over her shoulder before he pressed his lips lightly across her cheek.

Oh baby… baby baby baby… relax… ‘m comin’ ‘m comin….” Harry coos out against her cheek, holding her hips, letting his thumb rub across her heated skin. She shut her eyes slightly relaxing into his movements. Her eyes quickly shot open letting out a choked cry once he got in one smooth thrust. Harry growled against her shoulder grinding his hips down immediately.

“‘M going to fucking ruin you…” His hips moved to a rhythmical pace, her forehead pressed against the wall, letting out choked whined and moans every time he reached that spot. Harry’s forehead pressed against the back of her neck slamming his hind into her perky bum, making him want to cum on the spot.

“You feel me… right.. here.” He emphasized when he lightly squirmed his hips to nudge that spot, pressing his hand against her tummy. Y/N gasped dropping her hand to rest over his before nodding desperately.

“I-it feels… so good fuck…” Y/N cried feeling his free hand move to wrap his hand around her throat.

“Are you ever going to act like a brat like that ever again..?” Harry asks pressing his nose against her temple squeezing down on her throat ever so slightly. Y/N gasps out shaking her head, the pressure on her throat intensifying the bubbling in her tummy.

“Are you ever going to disobey daddy every again..?” Harry takes her lobe in between his teeth pressing his hips flush against hers, just staying there. Y/N shook her head once again trying to move her hips against his, but it was no use.

“N-no I’ll never disobey you ever again daddy.. never never never I-I promise just.. let me cum please, ‘m so close..” Y/N chokes out a sob dropping her head down. Harry looked at her moving his hand down from her throat and rubbing quick circles over her clit, keeping his hips still against hers.

“Wan’ you cummin’ jus’ like this….” Harry murmurs nudging his nose against her cheek maid her head turn to lock eyes with his. His other hand moves to slip in between her fingers, tightly intertwining their hands as he worked his fingers against her. Y/N pressed her cheek against the wall looking at him through hooded eyes trembling slightly under him. Harry tilts his head to press his mouth against hers, letting his tongue lick into every inch of her mouth as she chased her release. Y/N dropped her jaw against her mouth letting out a string of whines and his name as she finally came. The clenching around his cock making him cum just behind her, letting out a low groan, burying his face in her neck utterly exhausted.

Y/N turned her head to press her lips over his forehead smiling sleepily rubbing over his knuckles.

Baby…. baby come on….” Y/N cooed out softly to Harry who just let out a tired moan against her neck, lifting it up lazily. His sweaty fringe draped over her forehead, eyes tired but gleaming with excitement, lips puffy with his constant gnawing. Y/N wishes she could engrave this picture in her head for the rest of her life.

If this is what being a brat brought, then she won’t hesitate next time to push his buttons.

;dimple (m)

pairing—kim seokjin x reader
genre/warnings—smut, comedy, slight angst/drama, romance, slow burn, roommates/friends
words— 14,725

:: summary— What’s the rule again? How many dates does it take for you have sex with a guy? Three? Five? Ten?! What if all this waiting and you can’t remember how to do it? It’s been so long since the last time you swear you’ve forgotten! You’re desperate, and that’s how you end up asking your roommate for help. Only trouble is, you get much more than you bargained for…

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Yuuri stared down at Victor, expression oddly blank. He pushed back on his elbows, to raise himself off Victor slightly and permit him to watch as he waited for his captain to continue.

“Lots of humans, they don’t find the right mate for them the first time around. We have a few, sometimes many, and some of us never find the person we want to stay with forever. I-… I didn’t either, Yuuri,” Victor explained, thumb stroking along Yuuri’s cheek. “I had a few partners before you, but they weren’t… they did not last long, they were people I met and spent some time with, but they weren’t… They weren’t my mate, not the way you think of it. But you, Yuuri, I can’t imagine being with anyone else now. But I need you to know all of this, I don’t want you thinking something of me that isn’t true. I’ve had other lovers, some of them you might meet at some point, and I need you to understand that humans aren’t the same as sirens. You weren’t my only… but I do want you to be my only from now on.”

Yuuri smiled. And started to laugh. He turned his face into the hand Victor still rested on his cheek and pecked at it repeatedly, kissing at his palm and his fingers, as his laughter continued to rumble, light and amused.

Victor’s eyes went wide and his mouth hung open, in confusion, as Yuuri simply cooed and continued nuzzling into his hand. “What, why are you… I thought you’d–did you know already?”

Yuuri nodded, giggling at Victor’s shock, and wrote into his palm. Phichit told me. Bettas don’t mate for life, he said humans don’t either.

At that, Victor positively scowled and huffed. “I thought you’d be upset!”

Only if you’re telling me you don’t want to stay as my mate.

“Of course not, lovebird! How could I possibly even consider spending the rest of my life with anyone other than you? You’ve ruined me. But I want you to think about this. We’re going to have both humans and sirens hunting after us. A pirate’s life isn’t a safe one, if something happens to me, you’ll be without a mate. You have one chance, are you sure you want to waste it on a human? I’ve already almost died on you twice this week." 

Kinda too late to ask. Yuuri nudged a finger into Victor’s chest. Already mated with you.

"Not gonna regret that? You’ll be okay having a mate who isn’t as strong as you? Who might not live as long? A mate without feathers, for the rest of your life?”

Yuuri rolled his shoulders and straightened his spine, his wings blossoming from behind him. Even in the dim of the cabin, they shone and reflected the sunlight peeking in through the windows. Glancing back at them, Yuuri threaded his fingers through his own feathers, until one came loose. Iridescent blue, speckled with light and tipped in the softest pink. He tucked it behind Victor’s ear, as if it were a flower. I’ll just adorn you in mine.

“I’d love that,” Victor replied, smiling back. “I want to tell you… many humans don’t mate for life, but some do. We have something called marriage, where we promise to stay together, till death do us part. Sometimes we exchange rings as a symbol, but you’ve already taken all of mine.” The gold Victor used to wear around his fingers shone on Yuuri’s. 

“I know humans aren’t well known for keeping promises, but I’ll make this one to you… I will never love anyone as completely as I love you. Having you, as my mate for life, is more than anything I could ever hope for,” Victor said, taking both of Yuuri’s hands in his own. “And no one, not human, not siren, could take me from your side. I’m yours and only yours, for as long as you’ll have me.”

Yuuri watched the fullness of Victor’s smile, searched the blue depths of his eyes. Then he pulled his fingers out of Victor’s, and seized hold of the silver streaks of his hair, plunging down for a kiss.

Victor met him halfway.

anonymous asked:

could you maybe write something with deaf Derek? like maybe he is used to people trying to communicate by writing on paper or texting but then Stiles comes along and learns sign language so he can ask Derek out!!!!! and like he learns enough to converse and Derek is just !!!!!!!! I just need pining Stiles and soft Derek <3

Thank you for the prompt, I hope you like this little fic! (On AO3)

Stiles takes a deep breath. He’s been working on this for weeks, he’s got this.

He walks up to Derek’s table and stands in front of him, hoping to catch his attention. Derek’s already done eating, and has just started looking through his class notes, so Stiles doesn’t feel too bad about disturbing him.

When Derek glances up, Stiles points to the chair across from him questioningly. Derek gives him a little smile, nodding.

He takes the seat, then signs Hi, I’m Stiles, making sure to mouth the letters as he spells out his name.

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BTS Reaction | Falling For You While Being in A Relationship

Requested by Anonymous, “Hello, I love your blog so much! You’re such a talented writer! Can I request a reaction to BTS falling for one of their friends (who is the reader/OC) while they have a girlfriend? Sorry if my english is weird. Thank you and I love you! 💖💖💖”

Jin — It’s been awhile since he realized he had feelings for you and he was terrified. He knew he had to choose one, his best friend or his significant other;  but it was hard for him as he was too afraid to confront his girlfriend and splatter a mess he’d rather not clean up. He loves you, spending every passing day with you and even cancelling meet ups with his girlfriend like she was nothing but a nuisance. His phone always purred with texts whenever he was with you, and once he finally got tired of it one day as he forced the device to slumber when you both went out to eat, you finally ask him about it. “Is it your jagi calling?” You ask with a teasing smile as he blows on his steaming beverage.

“Nah,” he whispers, sliding the phone into his pocket, “it’s no one important.”

Originally posted by yoongichii

Suga — The moment Yoongi realized he was falling for you, he had ended it with his girlfriend right then and there. He wasn’t going to lead someone on when his heart belonged to someone else, and even if you didn’t know about his feelings — he didn’t care in the slightest. He invited you to the studio and dorms plenty of times, and he was smiling more often, teasing you and just basking in the beauties of you when he got the chance to steal a glance. It was one day when you two were in the studio alone, that you finally notice his gaze burning holes into your soul. “What?” You snap, annoyed, and he simply sways his arms nervously as he smiles admiringly.

“I love you.”

Originally posted by minsecretsoul

J-Hope — It was just a simple crush that prolonged as wine overfilled his glass and intoxicated him, permanently drunk on you. Being with you made him happy, but he was way too afraid to leave his girlfriend due to the aftermath — and the cruel reality that you may never return his feelings had obsidian ink dripping into half of his heart. He always left you at abrupt times, never trusting himself around you as his body begged to touch yours, and when he got up to calm his flushed cheeks and fluttering heart, you raised an eyebrow, thinking he was sick. “Are you okay?” The question drips from your lips and freezes him, quickly feigning a smile and refusing to stare you in the eyes.

“Yep.” Hell no.

Originally posted by bangtannoonas

RapMonster — “I saw her with someone else.”

He watched you sway your legs as you sat on the bench, staring at the silver marble tiles of the large mall. He could hear you stomach growl and whine for food, feel your confusion slap him in the face as the hurt in your eyes drenched him in regret. “Why did you leave her?” You asked, because you knew your best friend would had a good reason to end things with the one you assumed he loved.

“Because…” he whispered, hoping to anything his ex didn’t do anything to you out of spite, “because I realized I was in love with you.”

Originally posted by jeonbase

Jimin — He couldn’t help himself, and he was even disgusted with himself. His feelings bloomed with each passing day, the floret growing bigger and stronger and refusing to wilt. He is way too nice to leave his girlfriend even though he knew all he felt was attraction towards her, but with you..he is in love with you. Deeply. “Like the stars, you’re beautiful.” He says as you both sit in the back of his truck during the night, and immediately, you become flustered.

“Oh, shut up you ass,” you laugh, pushing his shoulder but he quickly grabs your hand.

“I’m being honest,” a genuine smile forms on his lips as he looks into your eyes, “how do you look so beautiful all the time?”

Originally posted by yoonmin

V — There was something in your eyes that left him breathless, something that glimmered with a distant hope that he had been chasing after, something that made his heart swell in agony..

And it was captivating.

It was during one of his famous tickle fights that he slowly stopped his ministrations whilst being entranced by your eyes, and before he knew it — he was kissing you. It was soft and pure, yet you pushed him away alarmingly, saying, “this is wrong.” But he only pulls you into his chest tightly, never apologizing because he regretted nothing, because he was in love with you. 

“Just let me hold you a little longer,” his deep voice breathes, “please.”

Originally posted by bangtannoonas

Jungkook — “You’re not my boyfriend.”

And he stiffens as those words, even if you giggled them, leave your mouth as they used his heart like a punching bag. You’re not my boyfriend. He sits there, slumping into the couch he sits on defeatedly as your eyes settle on Taehyung from across the party, telling him that you were going to spend time with the older man and Jungkook knew where this was going. He was jealous, and he didn’t want you to go, grabbing your arm with such force to keep you seated beside him even if his girlfriend was watching you two from afar. But you were right, he wasn’t yours, you weren’t his and you never will be.

And regretfully, he stares into his lap as he whispers, “I wish I was.”

Originally posted by bangtannoonas

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Seaside Sabbatical (M)

Summary: After an accountant in your firm is sent to prison, you are assigned to clean up the mess he left behind. Sorting out your clients’ disastrous business records proves beneficial when you meet the fisherman who teaches you the value of taking a break.

Pairing: Jin x Reader

Genre: Fluff, Smut

Word Count: 11,145

Warning: Fisherman!Jin, Accountant!Reader, sexual themes, oral sex, profanity, discussion of taxes, terrible fishing jokes, unnaturally high levels of wish-fulfillment

Series: Working Man Bangtan

A/N: This has enough wholesome fluff to give me a cavity, but it just felt right. Pardon the cheesiness, as there was no way to avoid it in this type of fic. Hope you enjoy!

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The Porno - Bucky x Reader - One Shot

Originally posted by heartfulloffandoms

Bucky x Reader -You are having some alone time when you come across a familiar face in a porno. Safe to say you can’t look at him the same.

Warnings: Smut, bad language.

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Faking It

Summary: You try to keep your relationship a secret, but Steve reveals everything with just a single glance in your direction. 

Pairing: Steve Harrington x Reader

Word Count: 1,640

A/N: I will probably regret writing this instead of my 10 pg research paper later. Anyways, I hope you all enjoy this! xx | masterlist

Originally posted by performingxdreams

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taehyung scenario | x and o

Originally posted by pabora

You accidentally send ‘xo’ at the end of a text to your daughter’s teacher, and he seems to get the wrong idea… ❞

prompt: My ex will be at the Christmas party, so you agreed to pose as my fiancé to keep them away.

pairing: teacher taehyung x parent reader

warnings: mentions of alcohol, brief mentions of bereavement

requested by anon | 11.4k words | fluff, teacher au

In the busy whirl that is the life of a single parent you’ve done some pretty stupid things – like running out of the house in your pyjamas to try and get your daughter, Mia, to school on time, or accidentally giving her your lunch of chickpea salad while you went to work with her sandwiches made with teddy-bear shaped ham, or forgetting to check the weather before driving her to school on a snow day, only to realise your mistake and ending up needing to call in sick off work so you could stay home with her.

But out of all the stupid things you’ve done, distracted by the blur of days that are never long enough, this is by far the stupidest. You stare at your phone in horror, gaping down at the ‘xo’ send at the end of the text. That was not meant to be there. How could you absentmindedly tack on kisses and hugs, normally reserved for your mother alone, and accidentally send them to Mr. Kim, your daughter’s young, and unnaturally handsome teacher?

If only you could delete texts… if only you could delete yourself…

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a girl like you | jeon jungkook

summary: jeon jungkook has had a strong disliking towards you since the first day you two met. and for what reason? many reasons, actually. you’ve always been taught to play nice, so that’s what you’ve always done, however jungkook takes it too far leading you to explode — finally all your feelings come out.

“no one would ever like a girl like you.”

genre: angst, smut, eventual fluff? bully!jungkook au.

a/n: this is gonna be a long one guys, just warning y’all. i hope you enjoy nonetheless!! 

request here.

It started when you were fourteen years old, right in your first week of freshmen year.

Back then you were clueless, and dumb, extremely shy, and really, really fucking clumsy.  

You clutched onto a piping hot cup of coffee, running carelessly around the school you were so unfamiliar with, trying to reach your class on time while balancing a shit ton of textbooks in your arms.

Everyone knew that combination would only result in the worst thing from happening —everyone except for you.

Without any regards to your other surroundings; getting to class on time being the only thing on your mind, your body collided with another figure as your lips emitted a small gasp, seeing the much taller boy open his mouth, sending a deathly glare your way.

“What the fuck!” he hissed as your eyes widened upon seeing his white shirt drenched with the brown substance.

“Oh my god, I am so sorry!” you exclaimed, trying to wipe the spilt coffee from his shirt, to absolutely no avail.

“Don’t fucking touch me,” he hissed, gripping your wrist tightly, throwing it off his torso. “What the fuck were you thinking?!”

“I’m sorry, I-I was just trying to get to class, and I didn’t want to be l-late, so I started running, I didn’t think I was gonna bump into somebody, I wasn’t thinking at all—”

“Who the fuck are you anyways?!” he interrupted your rambling as you stuttered out a response.

“Uh, um, I’m y/n,” you spoke quietly, still embarrassed from the previous encounter. “I-i’m a freshmen..”

He scoffed, as you watched him roll his eyes. “No fucking wonder.” he muttered under his breath, but you knew he wanted you to hear. You felt the heat immediately rush to your cheeks as you looked at the floor, eyeing the small droplets of your coffee starting to dry in its place on the marbled tiles. “You’re lucky you’re new here, y/n. You don’t know how fucking lucky you are that you don’t know who I am. But consider this a warning, starting now don’t ever pull some shit like this again, and don’t ever fucking get in my way, otherwise I promise to make your life fucking hell. Understand?” he came close to you, whispering threateningly in your ear as your heart sped up, his voice sending shivers throughout your body.

You nodded slowly, eyes still fixated on the ground. 

Hey, look at me when I talk to you.” he ordered, your eyes reaching his.

Fuck, you thought. He was attractive. And really fucking scary. But attractive nonetheless, and you knew right away he was someone who was extremely well known around the school. You didn’t know who he was just yet, but with a face and attitude like that, you already knew he was valued and respected by many other people. You were in fact lucky you were new, you could already tell the kind of things this boy would do to ruin peoples’ lives if they ever crossed him. You weren’t lucky however with the fact that you were now on the bad side of the latter seeing as the incident you pulled really managed to anger him.

“Do you understand what I’m saying to you, y/n?” he asked again.

Your eyes still fixated on his as you observed the way his eyes gleamed, your vision slowly starting to trace the features of his face, his jawline clenching at you, while his perfectly shaped lips spoke words you were far too distracted to hear. 

You nodded your head at him, seeing the way he raised his eyebrow.

“Use your words, y/n.” he demanded. 


That was the day you came to know of him — Jeon Jungkook. The boy who was a year older than you, who was extremely respected and well-known around the school (confirming your assumptions), the boy who captivated the hearts all females with his charming personality and attractive figure, the boy who many other males were envious of. But he was also the boy who was notorious for bullying his way to get the things he wanted.

You promised yourself to stay away from a boy like that, but fate really didn’t want to listen to you.

Over the course of your freshmen year, there were many incidents involving Jungkook. A week following your first incident, you bumped into the boy in the hallways as he once again reprimanded you to stay the fuck out of his way, letting you off with your second warning. You recalled another time where you had accidentally whipped open the girls bathroom door, trying to exit, resulting in you hitting the boy’s back as he tumbled forward from the impact. You remembered how angry he was at you, biting his tongue back from completely flipping shit on you, leaving you with another admonition and your third warning.

But the next encounter with Jungkook after that was the complete end for you, for this one incident caused him to officially make you the main target of his constant torment.

Walking through the cafeteria, you tried to find your friends as you balanced the assortment of foods laying perfectly on the red tray. You managed to compose yourself, gripping the tray tightly knowing you had a tendency to drop and spill things very frequently. You silently coaxed yourself to keep going, giving yourself encouragement as you congratulated yourself on the fact that you had not managed to be a clumsy fuck and drop your food all over the place.

Your silence praises of encouragement were immediately shot down as a random boy ran past you swiftly, bumping into your small figure as you jolted forward, landing on your knees. You watched what felt like was playing in slow motion as your tray flew through the air, as you saw your pasta and orange juice land on the person who you feared the most. 

Just my fucking luck, you thought.

You looked up at him, already feeling his gaze on you as you saw his face reddened deeply with anger. His friends snickered at the food sitting on his lap, taunting him with jokes, as other people began to stare at you knowing that you were in deep shit.

You could feel everyone’s eyes on you as you felt like your heart was gonna burst out of your chest from the sole feeling of fear and humiliation. 

That was the last straw for Jungkook, and you knew that you had screwed up all your warnings in it’s entirety.

“Fucking hell, it’s you again!” he seethed, trying to wipe the remains of sauce and juice off his pants as you stood there at a loss of words. “You clumsy shit, what did I tell you about getting in my fucking way again?!”

“That wasn’t my fault, I-i’m sorry!” you tried to reason as you practically saw the steam escaping his ears as he looked at you with the same glare he gave you on your very first encounter. “He ran past me, he knocked the tray out of my hands!—”

“Just shut the fuck up,” he silenced you as your mouth closed instantly, afraid of the backlash you would receive from the boy. “You’re not making anything better for yourself, y/n. You’re practically asking for me to ruin your fucking life!”

“No, no, that’s not what I’m trying to do, I swear!” you exclaimed. “I’ll try and stay out of your way from now on—”

“I don’t give people second chances. A girl like you should know that by now. I gave you three fucking warnings and you didn’t listen, so you just fucked yourself over. So have fun, y/n. Welcome to high school.” he hissed menacingly, your heart dropping at his words.

Jeon Jungkook did in fact live up to his words — from that day on you, he tried anything, and everything to fuck up your mood, and ruin your life. 

As promised, he made your life hell.

Now you were in your junior year, Jungkook being in his senior year. You thanked god for the day that you would soon see him leave your godforsaken high school, finally giving you a good last year in peace.

You were used to his consistent attempts to ruin your mood, hoping to catch an intense reaction from you, but you always remained extremely nice and kind to the boy. You were taught by your parents to always see the best in people and to not let anyone affect you in any way

At first it was hard. How couldn’t it be when you were suddenly on the most popular boy’s hit list. But eventually you grew used to all the things Jungkook would pull on you, ranging from embarrassing you till you ran away too humiliated to even talk, or insulting you so much till tears ran freely down your face.

It still affected you, your feelings were always hurt by the things he did. But you got used to it.

You walked into your biology class, clutching onto your notebook as you walked to your seat beside someone who grew to be an extremely close friends of yours. Jimin.

He was a grade older, your class being mixed with juniors and seniors, and he also happened to be a close friend of Jungkook’s. Being assigned a shared seating with the boy made your anxiety sky rocket, knowing he was extremely good friends with the person who despised you the most. You didn’t talk to him for the first three weeks, but eventually you eased up on him once he proved that he was actually a decent human being, a big contrary to Jungkook. 

Jimin was cocky at times, something you expected from the popularity that consumed him, but he had good intentions and morals, and he had a much kinder personality than you expected, resulting in the two of you becoming good friends.

He would often update you about the things Jungkook said about you, and his antics. You wished you could say you didn’t care, but you did. You were both infatuated with the boy and extremely afraid of him, two feelings that shouldn’t be shared at the same time.

Despite the fact that Jungkook displayed an obvious disapproval with the friendship between one of his best friends and his enemy, you and Jimin disregarded his words. 

The stories Jimin would tell you about times where Jungkook proved to be an actual decent person surprised you, but intrigued you nonetheless. You wanted to hear the good things Jungkook did to try and distract yourself from the asshole he was towards you. You craved to see the good in him, always trying to see the absolute best in people.

You sat down in your usual seat, to the right of your friend, as he greeted you with a bright smile, not noticing the person to his left as you pulled out your notes. Jimin cleared his throat, whispering what you assumed to be reprimands as you finally turned to look at the person he was talking to.

You felt a lump in your throat as it was none other than Jungkook himself.

He was in your AP biology class as well, but ignored you and Jimin for the most part, sitting all the way in the back avoiding the both of you. You remembered Jimin telling you that Jungkook didn’t bother acknowledging him during this class, hating the fact that the two of you had become strongly acquainted. He didn’t ever talk to Jimin when he was around you, so the sight of him with his friend surprised you.

I see you guys are still friends,” he exclaimed with extreme disdain.

“Jungkook, stop that. Just go back to your seat now, class is about to start. We’ll talk after class.” Jimin dismissed the brunette as Jungkook rolled his eyes.

“Yeah whatever,” he countered, walking away from your table with a huff.

You didn’t notice yourself holding your breath until you finally let out a sigh of relief as Jimin rubbed your arm reassuringly. “You okay?” he asked as you nodded your head.

“Yeah, I’m fine, don’t worry about me.” you smiled, despite the fact that your mind was spinning with wild thoughts as you tried to brush it off.

Class proceeded as usual, listening to your teacher’s lecture while you and the rest of students took notes. At the end of class you gathered all your things as she stopped everyone in their place, announcing there would be another project which would be a partnered assignment. She allowed the students to choose their partners almost always, so you and Jimin instantly looked at each other.

However, to your dismay, she spoke up. “I will be assigning partners for this project, you all seem to work with the exact same person every time. We need variety, people. Don’t you kids get bored working with the same person every project we do?” she asked, a few kids grumbling no in response as she dismissed their remarks of disapproval. “Anyways, this project is gonna make up 30% of your grade, and will take around two to two and a half weeks to do, depending on how well you use and manage your time. And since there are an even amount of juniors to seniors, I’ll be assigning each junior with a senior. Once you and your partner’s names are called out you may pick up your package here at the front and leave.”

You waited patiently to hear your name being called out, eyeing the seniors around your classroom. You were friends with most of them, some were just mutual, but they were friendly with you regardless, Jungkook being the only person who hated you for, well, everything for that matter.

Your teacher continued to call out names as people started filing out the classroom. You grew nervous eyeing the remaining four seniors, Jimin and Jungkook being two of them.

The other two people were called as you saw them exit with their partners as you and another junior were left to be called. Your heart raced seeing the 50/50 chance of landing one of your good friends, and landing the boy who hated your fucking guts.

You waited patiently as your teacher scanned the remaining group as she looked back and forth amongst you guys. “Jimin and May, you two will be partners.”

Your heart stopped as Jimin looked at you with an apologetic gaze as he and his partner picked up their package leaving the class in a rush.

“So that just leaves you, y/n, and Jungkook—”

“This is fucking bullshit!” Jungkook barked suddenly as you jumped slightly from the volume of his voice.

“Jungkook! Watch your language please!” your teacher scolded. 

“There’s no way in hell I’m being partnered with her!” he exclaimed as he pointed his fingers to you, you remained silent in your spot not believing the fact that you had actually been assigned to work with him.

“And may I ask why?” she asked, eyeing you as you shifted uncomfortably in your spot. 

“I just don’t want to be with her,” he said, menace laced in his tone. “I don’t think we’d work very well together.”

“Y/n is an excellent student, and so are you Jungkook. I’m expecting the best presentation out of the two of you. You two are, if not the smartest already, one of the smartest students in this class. I think you two would work very well together. I don’t see what the problem is?” she said, completely oblivious to the rivalry between the two of you.

“Miss, I just, I don’t know, how comfortable we’d be working with each other,” you spoke finally.

“I bet half the class wasn’t comfortable working with their partner, but it’s about changes, guys. Just try to work on it together, I see so much potential in this assignment for the both of you.”

Jungkook huffed, muttering a string of curse words as you eyed him grabbing the package off the table walking right out the classroom as you looked at your teacher. “Okay, we’ll try.”

That whole class left you in a daze as your head hung low, deeply absorbed into your thoughts. You didn’t know exactly how to feel, you had been tormented by this boy for two solid years, and here you were partnered with him for a project.

You genuinely considered just failing the entire thing and making up the grade with sleepless nights of studying for tests and handing in all your homework and even doing extra work just to get the complete mark.

But the rational side of you told you that Jungkook was not worth failing a project over. You cursed that side of you for being right, as much as you wanted to deny it. 

Your phone vibrated in your pocket as you pulled it out, reading the the message displayed on your screen.

Jimin; message sent.

you okay?

You sighed, your fingers tapping rapidly on your phone as you typed back.

You; message delivered.

i guess.

not really.

i don’t know tbh?

You eyed your phone as you watched the bubbles pop up, then disappear, then pop up once again, waiting patiently for his reply.

Jimin; message sent.

you have really bad luck, huh? 

i mean, what were the chances you would actually be partnered with Jungkook

You; message delivered.

ikr. idek, it’s whatever i guess. i’ll figure it out. 

can you do me a favour tho?

You bit your lip, awaiting his response.

Jimin; message sent.

yeah anything

You; message delivered.

give jungkook my number and tell him to text me. only for the project, i need to figure this shit out and i kinda need him to help 

Jimin; message sent.

alright, no problem.

You sent one final text thanking him as you breathed out a nervous sigh, massaging your forehead feeling the throbbing of your head increase. 

For the rest of the day you tried to ignore the heavy feeling in your chest, not being able to focus on anything else but the fact that you would have to spend the next two weeks working on a project that amounted to nearly half your grade with Jungkook.

You walked into your last period class, waving a small hello to your teacher as you took your seat awaiting patiently for him to start the lecture. You had gone to class a few minutes earlier than you anticipated, as you toyed with your phone in your hands. You felt the familiar vibration as you observed the name displayed, however an unknown number popped up.

Unknown; message sent.

Jimin told me to text you about the stupid fucking project. 

Your heart raced as you contemplated what to say to him, not knowing to make small talk and take the nicer, more friendly approach, or respond in a more stern, affirmative approach.

You; message delivered.

we can work on it at my house after school. 

Jungkook; message sent.

why the fuck would I want wanna work at your house for?

You rolled your eyes at his remark.

You; message delivered.

wdym why?

this project is worth 30% of our grade, and i’m not trying to fail

i know you fucking hate my guts but can you spare me the attitude please, can you just try to get along with me for the next two weeks so we can get a good mark?

You saw him begin to type a message but instantly deleting it as you brought your fingers to tap away once again as you let out a frustrated sigh.

You; message delivered.

you can go back to making my life a living hell when this is over, but can you try and tolerate me for two weeks? 

Jungkook; message sent.


meet me at my locker after school

You put your phone away, tucking it in your pocket as you slumped in your seat. Your teacher began speaking as you tried to distract your thoughts by copying the notes displayed on the board.

Class seemed to go by quicker than usual to your dismay. You wished for this last class to drag on forever in order to avoid Jungkook. However, everything seemed to be against you that day as the last bell indicated the students were free to leave.

You dragged yourself out of your seat and out the door as you made your way to his locker, your body shaking slightly from the nerves erupting in your system, feeling your anxiety progress.

You spotted the boy, throwing books into his locker before slamming it shut as you walked over to him. “Uh, um, are you ready to go?” you asked, not daring to stare into his eyes.

“Yeah give me a sec,” he breathed out as you nodded, waiting patiently for him. “How do you get home?” he asked.

“I drive, usually,” you answered. “What about you?”

“Drive but I got a ride with Taehyung today so,” he answered. “Guess we’re going in your car.”

“O-okay,” you said, as you began walking towards the exit. You felt your hands grow clammy as you spared quick glances at Jungkook as he stood beside you, following you to your car. 

You both got in as you sighed quietly, wiping the sweat forming on your hands before gripping the steering wheel. The two of you remained silent the whole ride, but you could feel his intense gaze on you as you kept your eyes averted to the road ahead of you, trying to ignore the urge to speak up.

You got to your house, turning off the engine as you unbuckled your seatbelt, Jungkook following your actions. You grabbed your bag as you trudged up your front porch, fishing for your keys. Jungkook stood behind you, still remaining silent as you opened the door instantly greeted by your mother.

“Y/n! I was just about to head out for the rest of the day, I have a lot of errands to run—” she began but stopped as soon as she saw Jungkook beside you. “Oh, hello. I’m y/n’s mom, nice to meet you.” she smiled warmly, extending her hand out for him to shake.

“It’s nice to meet you too, miss y/l/n,” he responded kindly as you held back the sudden urge to roll your eyes. “I’m Jungkook.”

“Well I wish we could talk more but I have many things to get done, but you two kids behave yourselves. There’s food in the fridge, but if you want to go order something there’s fifty dollars on the table, um make sure you get all your homework done y/n, if you need me just call or anything,” your mom rambled as she paced around grabbing her jacket and keys. “Oh, and feel free to make yourself at home, Jungkook. I’m sure I’ll see you around sometime.” Your mom kissed your cheek as she waved goodbye, leaving the two of you in silence.

 “Uh, your mom’s nice..” Jungkook spoke awkwardly as you nodded.

“Yeah, she is,” you said walking away from the boy for a brief second. “You can just leave your stuff in there, I’ll go grab some snacks and drinks.” you said as pointed towards your living room.

You pushed past Jungkook, composing yourself as you laid out a variety of snacks, grabbing a bottle of water and some soda cans as you forced yourself to walk back into your living room and ignore the tension that was so thick it was almost unbearable.

“So,” you began. “Um, what do you want to start with?”

He shrugged as he opened the soda can, taking a sip as he ignored your question. “I don’t know. This whole thing is absolute bullshit.”

“I know, but it is what it is.” you sighed. “This project is worth so much of our grade for us to let your problems with me get in the way. I want to put away our issues for just a second to get this done because you and I both can’t afford to fail this course, Jungkook.”

“I just don’t understand why the fuck I had to be partnered with you.” he spat bitterly, arms crossing firmly over his chest.

“And I don’t understand why the fuck you hate me so much!” you retaliated. 

“There are a lot of reasons, y/n”

“You know what, I’ve done nothing but be nice to you throughout the last few years while you fucking continuously ruined my life. I haven’t done or said anything back to you, and you’ve put me through so much shit for two years! And you can’t even spare me two fucking weeks just so we can finish this stupid project and be out of each other’s lives?!”

He stared at you, surprised at your sudden outburst as his lips remained sealed tightly, eyebrows furrowing as if trying to think of what he wanted to say to that.

“Jesus Christ, relax will you?” he uttered, running a hand through his hair. “Fine, I’ll spare you the next two weeks just stop acting like such a fucking spazz.”

Your eyes widened at his statement as you breathed out heavily. “For fucks sake Jungkook, can’t you be nice for one fucking second?” you held your hands over your head.

“I can be, just not to you. You piss me the fuck off, it’s not in my nature to be nice to a girl like you,” he retorted.

“What’s that supposed to mean?”

“I hate everything about you, I can’t fucking stand you. That’s why I can’t fucking tolerate being in the same room as you, but I have to for this stupid assignment!” he seethed. “I’d rather stick a fucking knife through my eyeball than be with you for another second!”

Your heart felt like it plummeted to your stomach, your face dropping instantly at his words. Sure, Jungkook had said much worse things to you in your time knowing each other, but this felt like such a stab to the chest as you looked down.

“Fine,” you spoke. “You can’t stand to be around me for another second, go home figure out what the fuck you want to do for this, then let me know. We won’t have to work together, we’ll split the work and then we just do our final presentation together and that’ll be it. If you’d rather fucking kill yourself instead of being with me for a few hours then fucking go.”

You got up from your spot on the couch, entering the kitchen as you felt the tears rush to your eyes. You held back your urges to sob as you breathed out deeply, trying to calm your nerves. 

You couldn’t be surprised at the words he spoke, you knew how much the boy hated you for his own fucked up reasons. But it pained you to ever think you could be hated so much that he couldn’t even withstand a few hours in your presence.

Too absorbed into your own thoughts you didn’t hear him enter the kitchen as he stared at your teary-eyed figure in front of him. “Y/n,” he spoke silently as you whipped your heads towards him, wiping away the tears that ran freely down your face.

“I thought I told you to leave,” you hissed.

“I’m sorry.” he said quietly as you looked at him with a glare. 

“Yeah, sure you are.” you huffed, turning away from him.

“I am, I was being an asshole. I know we don’t get along, but I shouldn’t of said those things. I’m trying to process this whole thing, I’m not used to being nice to you.” he reasoned, walking up to you. “I promise starting now I’ll try and be civil. Just till we finish this project.”

For the first time ever, Jeon Jungkook had apologized to you. You stood there in disbelief, as you nodded your head not being able to utter a word. This was the first time you’d ever seen anything sincere and apologetic come out of Jungkook’s mouth, but you didn’t retaliate or question him.

For the next three hours you two had managed to come to a formal agreement being civil as you began preparing for the next steps, deciding the topic of your project and all the requirements and materials needed. 

At times Jungkook would have something snarky to say, always having a snide comment to retaliate with, however he was tolerable for the most part which was somewhat, refreshing to you. 

You had grown so used to his never-ending torture towards you that it was a comforting feeling to see another side of him you never thought you would.

For the next week you guys had spent most of your time together. As weird of a concept as it was, you guys had actually started to form a decent friendship, his torments gradually decreasing each day that passed.

On the twelfth day of your work-in-progress assignment, Jungkook came over again, as you two sat on your bed, continuing to finish up bits of your presentation.

“You don’t still hate me do you?” you blurted out suddenly, watching him type away at his computer. He turned towards you with a questioning look as he shook his head. 

“Nah,” he clarified. “I still don’t like you, but I don’t hate you anymore.”

You frowned instantly at his comment as he spoke up again. “Y/n, it’s a joke. I like you.”

Your heart skipped a beat, ignoring the blush rising to your cheeks as he laughed at you. “You’re still annoying as fuck sometimes, but I kinda consider you a friend. Somewhat.”

“I’ll take it,” you shrugged as you gathered your materials, laying them out in front of you.

“Do you still hate me?” he inquired as you raised an eyebrow at him.

“I never hated you,” you exclaimed. “You’re the one who was always such a douchebag to me.”

“Don’t start that, y/n.” he sighed. 

“Start what? I’m just telling you the truth,” you replied.

“I said I was sorry.”

“Yeah but your sorry doesn’t take away countless times you purposely tried to fuck me over,” you spat suddenly. Jungkook’s face dropped at your remark as your face softened. “I-i didn’t mean that, Jungkook.”

“No, no it’s fine.” he shook his head. “You’re right.”

Tension filled the room as you stood still in your spot, not wanting to move or speak afraid of getting Jungkook riled up. Truthfully, your comment came out of nowhere. All Jungkook asked was a simple question regarding your feelings towards him but resulted in you lashing out at him.

However, Jungkook felt an extreme amount of guilt recalling all the moments throughout the years where he made you a victim of his torment. He didn’t know you back then the way he knew you now. Did he regret it? Immensely. Did he wish to take it back? He’d do in a heartbeat. But could he? No, he couldn’t. All that was left for him to do was apologize and try his best to make it up to you, but he knew there were years left to repair the damage that had been done.

He saw you in a completely different light, getting to know you instantly changed his views on you and his desires to make your life unbearable. He didn’t deny that he hated you and your entire presence, he did. But he didn’t anymore, and he wanted nothing more than to take it back and start fresh.

His feelings for you didn’t change overnight, but it did change. He knew that much.

“Jungkook,” you finally spoke, your arm touching his shoulder as a slight shock came to Jungkook’s senses. 

He didn’t show his reaction however, but your touch felt warm and comforting making an unexplainable feeling constrict in his chest. He brushed it off, still not daring to look at you.

“Please look at me,” you said sadly. “I’m sorry, I didn’t mean what I said—”

And then it happened.

His lips were suddenly on yours as you felt all the air from your lungs escape as your eyes widened. It took the both of you by surprise, but for some reason, it didn’t feel the least bit wrong.

Your eyes shut as Jungkook gripped onto your waist tightly, pulling you in as his tongue grazed your bottom lip. You parted your lips slightly allowing Jungkook to access every inch of your mouth, your heart clenching in a way that you couldn’t describe into proper words.

You felt his fingers explore every curve and inch of your body as he played with the opening of your shorts. Without thinking you allowed him to unbutton the denim material, dragging them down your legs leaving you exposed to him in just your underwear. 

You pulled away slightly, instantly feeling self conscious as Jungkook pressed himself closer to you, his lips capturing yours once again. “Relax, okay?” he spoke lowly, your head still spinning as you nodded in response.

What the actual fuck is happening? you thought to yourself, your brain not fully processing the events taking place.

His fingers were brought to your core as you gasped at the feeling, as he began rubbing your clothed centre. Your lips detached from his as your mouth opened slightly as you suppressed the urge to groan, your eyes shutting from the small amount of pleasure he was giving you.

You tried to make sense of what was going on between the two of you. This being the last thing you’d ever expect to happen to you both. 

His fingers pushed your panties aside, shuddering at his touch as you felt him slip a finger inside you, letting out a small groan as you bit your lip to hold back any sound from escaping your lips. “Don’t be shy, y/n. Let me hear you.”

You obliged as you let out a string of quiet moans, feeling him pump another finger into you. “Fuck, you’re so wet.” he breathed, his lips instantly attaching to your neck as he peppered light kisses on the skin.

“Go faster, p-please.” you asked as Jungkook smirked at you, his fingers speeding up as you let out another moan. 

Jungkook studied your features, his heart constricting at the sight. He didn’t know if he was too consumed by the amount of lust and desire he had at this very moment that caused him to look at you differently, or if he genuinely was starting to feel something for you, but he couldn’t deny how gorgeous you looked under him. 

This was the first time he had ever truly noticed your features, but he couldn’t deny how attractive you were to him. He was so distracted by his constant torments towards you to ever notice how you really looked, and how much he adored every little part of you that he was seeing right then and there.

You felt his erection press against your thigh as you instinctively brought your hand to grope the hardened member. A groan escaped his mouth as you started unzipping his jeans that constricted against him. You looked at him for permission as he nodded, allowing you to pull down his pants and underwear before beginning to pump him slowly. 

“Fucking hell.” he breathed out, feeling yourself growing more aroused. 

His fingers begin going at a rapid pace as you felt yourself come undone in front of him. “J-Jungkook, I’m gonna—”

“I know, I know. Go on.” he coaxed as you felt your orgasm approaching. You didn’t hold back as your vision blurred the feeling of your muscles clenching around his fingers. You took your hands off his member as you dug your nails into his shoulder, burying your head in the crook of his neck.

“Was that okay?” he asked once you recovered from your climax as you nodded breathlessly. 


“Do you want to keep going?” he asked, as you eyed his still hard erection, nodding your head as lust once again filled his eyes. 


He nodded, pumping himself a few times before pushing himself inside you as you bit your lip from the feeling of him stretching you out. He paused for a second allowing you to adjust to his large size awaiting for you to signal him to continue. 

“Okay, you can move.”

That was enough for him to start thrusting into you, gripping onto your hips as heavy pants filled the room, your mouth eliciting moan after moan. “Holy shit, you’re so tight.”

“Jungkook, s-stop talking, you’re embarrassing me.” you breathed out, as he let out a small laugh.

“You don’t want me to tell you how good you’re making me feel, right now?” he whispered in your ear, his voice raspy as you felt your heart thumping against your ribcage. “You don’t want to know how crazy you’re making me feel. You’re so fucking hot, I love seeing how much of a mess you are underneath me. Fuck, you’re so fucking wet and tight around me. Just think of how you were the person who I hated the most, now you’re the person giving me the best sex I ever fucking had.”

You groaned at his words, your arousal never seeming to diminish as he continued to speak. “Fuck, what is going on right now?” you huffed as he continued to pound into you, his tip brushing your sensitive spot as he sucked on the skin above your collarbone.

“I-I don’t know, but I don’t want it to end.” he admitted.

“Neither do I.” 

He continued to thrust into you relentlessly, coaxing the both of you to your orgasms as you felt the familiar feeling coiling in the pit of your stomach. “Jungkook, I’m close.”

“Me too,” he groaned, pounding harder and faster into you.

“Don’t stop, please,” you begged as he continued his assault.

Before you knew it, your second orgasm hit you like a wave as you rode out your high, clenching around his member as Jungkook followed suit, his own climax taking over his body. He collapsed next to you as you both breathed out heavy sighs as he wrapped an arm around you, pulling you into his chest.

“I’m sorry for everything I did to you, y/n.” he murmured against your limp body. “I want to make things better.”

This was the day you realized,

You fell in love with Jeon Jungkook.

You woke up to the sounds of your blaring alarm as you dragged yourself out of bed. The events of last night invading your brain as you looked at the marks he left on your neck.

Did that actually happen? you asked in utter disbelief.

Your heart fluttered at the thought of seeing Jungkook at school, yet you grew nervous thinking of the things you wanted to say to him. How were you going to approach him casually when the two of you had just shared the most intimate moment you could’ve with one another.

Were you even going to discuss what happened? Were you going to confess your feelings to him? Did he even feel the same?

A million thoughts clouded your brain as you tried to focus on everything but the fact that you two had sex just a few hours prior. 

You drove to school, feeling as though you were in a complete daze as you made your way towards biology class, your heart hammering against your chest. 

You spotted Jimin first, as his eyes widened at you, patting the seat next to him. “What the fuck happened between you and Jungkook last night?!” he asked suddenly.

“What?” you asked in surprise. “What do you mean?”

“Jungkook has been acting all weird and shit, he’s been getting so flustered talking about you. I know you guys are friends now, but he doesn’t usually like this when you’re brought up in a conversation. So let me ask you again. What. The. Fuck. Happened. Last. Night?” Jimin interrogated as your face reddened. 

“We um, well you see, we, well he was over last night, w-working on our project, and then—” you stuttered trying to compose a decent explanation to your friend that you literally slept with the boy who spent years bullying you.

“Words, y/n. Use your words.” he grew antsy, awaiting for you to explain what happened.

“MeandJungkookmightofhadsexlastnight.” you spoke fast, barely forming a coherent sentence.

“I’m sorry, you and Jungkook what?!” he asked in shock.

“I already told you, please don’t make me say it again.” you begged as Jimin shook his head.

“I barely understood you, you were talking too fucking fast. Tell me again.” Jimin demanded as he eyed you incredulously.

“We had sex,” you murmured, avoiding his intense gaze.

“Woah, woah, wait. You’re telling me you fucked the guy who has made your life a complete living hell for the last two years?” 

“I mean, y-yeah.”

“I cannot believe this,” he whispered to himself, as you watched the blonde boy try to process your confession.

Your conversation was cut short as your eyes landed on Jungkook as he entered the classroom, instantly making eye contact with you. You felt your lungs tighten as you brought up the courage to walk over to him.

“H-hi.” you spoke as Jungkook nodded at you.

“Yeah, hi.” he replied rather coldly, catching you off guard.

“Are you okay?” you asked.

“I’m fine. You should go back to your seat, class is gonna start any minute now.” he waved you off. 

“Oh, um, yeah, okay.” you answered. “Can we talk later though?”

“I’m busy later.” 

“But you were supposed to come over to work on the project—”

“Well I’m fucking busy alright!” he snapped at you, your eyes widened as you swallowed the lump in your throat.

“Okay,” you were confused by his distant and cold attitude towards you as you felt a heavy feeling on your chest. “I’m sorry.”

“Whatever,” he muttered as you walked back to your table.

“What happened?” Jimin asked as you ignored the aching feeling in your chest. 

“He doesn’t want to talk to me.” you answered quietly.

“What? Why not?” he questioned as you shrugged.

“I’m not sure,” you replied truthfully. You really didn’t know why Jungkook was acting this way towards you, and you prayed that it wasn’t because of you. “Maybe he’s just in one of those moods.”

“Yeah, you’re right.” Jimin nodded in agreement. “Don’t sweat it, y/n. He’ll probably talk to you later.”

Lunchtime approached faster than you expected as you made your way towards your usual table, your friends greeting you welcomingly asking you how your day has been, with a few questions regarding your newly blossoming friendship with Jungkook.

You ignored their questions about the boy, not wanting to disclose any information about the events that took place last night in your bed as you ate silently, occasionally interjecting with a comment.

You felt your phone buzz as you pulled it out of your pocket, reading the message displayed on the screen.

Jungkook; message sent.

what the fuck did you tell Jimin?!

You; message delivered.


Jungkook; message sent.

don’t play stupid with me y/n

did you tell Jimin we slept together last night

You sighed nervously, your fingers tapping away to answer his question.

You; message delivered.

i did ya

he asked me about it

i’m sorry

i didn’t know you didn’t want me telling him

You watched him type his reply, awaiting the backlash you knew you would receive.

Jungkook; message sent.

meet me outside by the parking lot

we need to talk.

You rushed to grab your things, ignoring your friends questions as you got up from your seat, exiting the cafeteria in a hurry.

You walked outside, the cold december air causing a shiver to rush through your body. You nervously walked over to Jungkook, seeing his jaw clench at the sight of you as you braced yourself for the shit he would say to you.

“Why the fuck did you tell Jimin we had sex?!” he snapped as you flinched at his increasingly loud tone.

“He asked me?” you exclaimed. “I didn’t think it was that big of a deal, he’s both of our friends..”

“Let me tell you why the fuck it’s a big deal,” he hissed, gripping your arm tightly. “Sleeping with you was the biggest fucking mistake of my life. I don’t need anybody knowing what we did. I wasn’t in the right mindset when I fucked you. I told you I was gonna tolerate you for two weeks, and only two weeks. Since our project is already finished, there’s no reason for me to keep faking a friendship with you.”

You stood there in shock, trying to muster up a response, but all that left your mouth was a cry. Your heart dropped, a kind of pain that was so foreign to you, but hurt you immensely. 

“I don’t want anything to do with you. So don’t try talking to me anymore. I can’t believe I even fucking slept with you. I don’t like you. No one would ever like a girl like you. I never have, and I never will.”

You nodded, ripping your arm away from his grip, struggling to form a proper response as you walked over to your car, not bothering to look back. He left you in a complete mess as you pulled away from the parking lot, driving off.

Once you were far enough away from the school, you pulled over, allowing the sobs to escape your lips as you clutched onto your chest. 

You finally saw the good in Jungkook, but he proved to be a shitty human being like you assumed he was all these years. Despite the fact that you tried to see the best in him, you finally saw the real him. The boy who didn’t give a shit about you. The boy who lied to you. The boy who tormented you for so long.

Although there were many horrible things Jungkook had said and done in the few years you two have known each other, this was the most painful thing of all.

You knew it was because you fell in love with him.

And here you were, getting your heart broken by him. This was the worst form of pain you could ever receive from your tormentor, knowing that you shouldn’t of tried to befriend him.

You gave him infinite chances to prove to you that he was different than how you and every other person perceived him as. But in fact, he was exactly how he showed himself.


A complete and utter asshole.

You composed yourself enough to start driving, going all the way home and rushing to your room. You collapsed in your bed, the heartache in your chest still present. 

Your phone blew up from multiple texts from your friends asking where you had run off to, and a bunch from Jimin asking what went on between the two of you, explaining that Jungkook had been extremely angry all day, lashing out at him and his friends. You sighed, turning your phone off as you forced yourself to go to sleep.

For the next few days you avoided Jungkook like the plague. You would often catch him glancing towards you, but you tried not to look at him knowing if you did, your heart would break all over again.

For your final presentation, you and Jungkook read directly off your cue cards, ignoring each other’s presence. Your teacher congratulated the both of you on an extremely successful performance, oblivious to the obvious tension between the two of you.

Once the presentation was over and done with, you avoided coming to first period, constantly asking Jimin to bring you your work and missed notes. He questioned your absence at first, but ultimately decided to leave you be and do as you asked him to, bringing all your work after school.

You had done a good job avoiding Jungkook, barely seeing him at school when you did show up. There were a few occasions where you had shared eye contact, but you immediately turned the other direction to avoid any sort of encounter with the boy.

Eventually two weeks had gone by that you had missed first period, however you managed to stay on top of all your work so it wasn’t a problem for your teacher for you to be missing so much school. 

You heard a knock at your door, expecting Jimin to be standing outside with a package of your work in your hands. You trudged downstairs, as you opened the door, opening your mouth to speak. “Thanks Jim—”

You were instantly cut off by a pair of lips crashing against yours as you tumbled back. You pushed the figure off of you, eyeing the boy in front of you. “Jungkook what are you doing here?” you asked with wide eyes, as he ignored you, pressing you against the wall as his lips came in contact with your earlobe.

“I missed you so much,” he whispered, his husky voice sending shivers down your spine. He pressed his body against yours as you resisted his actions, trying to push him away from you.

“Jungkook stop, you can’t do this.” you spoke. 

“Don’t push me away please,” he gripped onto your wrists. “I missed you, y/n. I needed to see you.”

“Fucking hell, Jungkook,” you huffed. “You told me you wanted nothing to do with me, so what are you really doing here? Are you looking for another fuck for the night only to avoid me the next day? Cause I am the wrong girl for that, so you can just leave and—”

“I’ve been so miserable without you. I don’t know what the fuck I was thinking when I said all those things to you. I never meant them.” he explained, hugging you tightly. “I know I fucked up, but please don’t push me away. I deserve it but I can’t keep going without you. I need you.”

“You can’t tell me you didn’t mean what you said, you can’t fucking break my heart and come back to me only for you to realize this was a mistake again and leave!” you shouted. “It doesn’t fucking work that way Jungkook.”

I love you.” he confessed.

“Shut up—”

“No, I love you. I love you so much, and I was scared. That’s not an excuse, but I love you.”

“If that were true why were you the one who pushed me away?” you asked, your voice breaking.

“Because I hated you for so long. And then we had sex and it made me realize all these new feelings I was having for you. I told you it was a mistake because I didn’t want to accept that I was falling love with you. You were the girl I was supposed to hate for the rest of my life. But these last few weeks have been hell, not being able to see you. And I know it took me a long time to tell you how I really felt about you, and I don’t even deserve to be here right now and have you hear me out. But I’m in love with you, and I want to be with you.”

His confession made your heart clench, as he looked at you with apologetic eyes as he caressed your jaw slowly, his face a few mere inches away. “You don’t give people second chances so why should I?” you asked.

“Because I know you feel the same way about me.” he returned. “And I know how much I hurt you, but please give this a try. I promise to make up all the times I hurt you, if you just let me.”

You looked at him, as you nodded slowly. “Okay, w-we can try if you really want to.”

Jungkook let out a sigh of relief as his lips instantly connected with yours once again.  “I love you, I love you so much.”

“I-i love you too.” you murmured against his lips.

“I fell in love with a girl like you for a reason. You’re everything I wanted, and even if it took me years to realize this, starting now I promise to treat you the way you deserve, and I’ll make up for all the shit I put you through.”

And Jeon Jungkook lived up to his word, for from that day on he vowed to do nothing else but love you with his whole heart. Despite the fact that he put you through absolute hell and back, you were lucky you were raised to see the best in people. If you hadn’t, you wouldn’t of realized how amazing of a person Jungkook ended up becoming, and the way he changed himself for the better. From that day on and the next years to come, he proved himself worthy to be with you, showing you how much he truly loved a girl like you.

play pretend || sebastian stan

Summary: What’s more humiliating than bumping into an old frenemy from the past at a grocery store, looking your worst? Luckily, someone comes to your rescue.
Warnings: None.
A/N: I found this laying around in my computer so I added some more to it and decided to post it. Hope you like it! Don’t forget to give me some feedback, much love xoxo

You weren’t pathetic. You were just like any normal adult, going grocery shopping on a Saturday night. It wasn’t like you were going back there just to get a glimpse of the hot guy that you saw roaming around occasionally. Really, if you just happened to see him then that would be a bonus.

That’s what you were trying to tell yourself as you were walking down the deserted cereal aisle. You couldn’t decide what kind of cereal you wanted, currently walking back and forth at a slow pace with a box of Captain Crunch in one hand while running a finger along the Cheerios box. You sighed, wondering why the hell it was so hard in the first place, to just pick a brand and move on with getting the ice cream that you’d been looking forward to all day.

You reached up to pick out the Cheerios, humming while contemplating what your pick would be.

“I’d pick the Captain Crunch if I was you.” An amused voice spoke up from behind, and you whirled around in fright.

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I will hold on to you

@emmagrangergood sent me a prompt 💙 :)

Okay, so I’ll admit, I had my difficulties with this prompt :D (which I’ll put at the end, so you guys can be as oblivious as our boys :D) That’s why it has taken me ridiculously long to get to this ask. I thought of maybe doing something about Auror partners and a fake relationship thing… Maybe I should have gone with that :D Anyway. Another idea hit me when I was listening to Taylor Swift’s new album on repeat ever since she released it and there’s this song and I love it so, so much and so… yeah… here we go :D

It’s also on AO3 :)

He didn’t want to move. There was so much pain. Pain everywhere. His arms, his legs, even his toes felt sore. And thinking, thinking felt like someone was drilling a hole in his head. This really wasn’t fair. Ron never got hungover. Was this the universe’s way of creating balance? Punishing Harry for Ron’s dumb luck?

He tried to sit up, regretting it immediately. His stomach definitely didn’t agree with moving. At all.

“Ugh, I’m never drinking again,” Harry mumbled to himself, slowly sinking back down.

“You say that every time.”

Startled, Harry turned around much quicker than he should have. The room started spinning, making him extremely queasy. His eyes wouldn’t focus properly, but he could make out a naked torso beside him. Pale skin. Blond hair.

“Oh, it’s you. For a moment I thought I would be forced to have a really awkward conversation with one of our friends.”

“Which one of our friends?” Draco asked, raising an eyebrow.

“I don’t know.”

“Are you telling me you were so drunk, you would have slept with Blaise? Finnigan? Thomas? Theo?” He paused. “Longbottom? Weasley?”

Harry wanted to laugh, but he was afraid of what his stomach would do then. So instead, he settled into a more comfortable position, putting his hands underneath his pillow.

“God, can you imagine? Besides, you were supposed to keep an eye on me. You know what happens when I drink.”

“I do know. Why do you think I’m here?” Draco said, shaking his head in mock disapproval. It made Harry frown.

“You sleep here almost every night. I don’t even remember the last time you slept in your own bed.”

“Is that a complaint?” Draco said in a challenging tone. Harry wouldn’t have needed to see his face to know there was a smirk on his lips.

“Yes. You’re very clingy in your sleep,” Harry replied with an answering smirk.

“Excuse me, I was under the impression you liked that. Well, if you feel that violated, I’ll just sleep in my room tonight.”

Please don’t.

It was on the tip of Harry’s tongue. He bit his lip to prevent him from embarrassing himself. It was bad enough he had feelings for his flatmate… Okay, at this point, Draco was definitely more than his flatmate. He had become his best friend. He couldn’t ruin that by blurting out something stupid. No.

“Seriously though,” Draco grumbled as he threw back the covers and leaned down to retrieve his clothes, “I can’t believe you were thinking about sleeping with one of our friends. Who, by the way, are all in committed relationships. It would have caused so much drama!”

“I wasn’t thinking about sleeping with anyone!”

Now that wasn’t exactly true. And it became harder and harder to hide it every day. Literally. Draco, running around the flat in just his pants or simply a towel, really wasn’t helping this whole situation either.

“I know you weren’t,” Draco said with a grin as he buttoned up his shirt. “I guess you’ll stay a virgin forever.”

“Hey!” Turning beet red, Harry grabbed one of the pillows and threw it with all his might. “Take that back!”

“They should call you ‘The Boy Who Stayed Abstinent For The Rest Of His Life’.”

If only Draco knew! But even if Harry decided to tell him, he wouldn’t even know where to begin. Just thinking about it made him so nervous, he felt like throwing up. Oh, wait, maybe that wasn’t nervousness… Yeah, it definitely wasn’t nervousness.

“Ugh,” Harry groaned, pressing his face into the mattress.

“Five more minutes, Sleeping Beauty. Then you’ll have to come and help me clean.”

“How come you don’t feel sick? You had more to drink than me!”

“Easy. I’m better at everything,” Draco chuckled with a shrug. Harry rolled his eyes and pulled the covers over his head. Going back to sleep wasn’t an option, though. He’d feel awful afterwards, he knew it. Reluctantly, he manoeuvred himself into a sitting position.

Getting dressed took about ten minutes longer than it usually did. Not only because his stomach protested to this kind of activity, but because he couldn’t find any clean socks.

Harry’s heart instantly began beating faster. Socks. Oh Merlin! He nearly felt assaulted by the memory his mind was suddenly springing on him. It had been such a disaster!

“Draco,” Harry whispered. “Draco, wake up.”

The blond let out a grunt and buried his face in the crook of Harry’s neck.

“Let me sleep.”

Harry chuckled, ruffling his hair. He didn’t want to wait. He knew it was childish. Christmas morning was tomorrow. But he wanted Draco to have his present now.

Christmas had always been a little sad for Harry. It hadn’t even been the fact that he’d had to watch Dudley open his ridiculous amount of presents each year. Well, that too, because it had been a reminder that there was no one in this world who cared for him. At Hogwarts, it had changed. He had come to spend Christmas with his new family. And being with the Weasleys was one of the best things Harry could have imagined. He hadn’t thought it could get any better than that. That was before Draco had joined them.

“Accio present,” he muttered, careful not to move around too much. A moment later, the messily wrapped present flew into his waiting hand.

“Draco,” he whispered again. “Merry Christmas.” He held the present to Draco’s ear. Maybe the crinkling would pique his interest.

“What’s going on?” Slowly, Draco opened one eye and rested his chin on Harry’s chest.

“It’s your Christmas present.”

“You’re supposed to give me that tomorrow. Has nobody taught you how Christmas works?” Draco froze, realising what he had just said. “I didn’t mean it like that, I-”

“It’s okay.” Harry’s smile was genuine and he felt a warm trickle down his chest when Draco gave him one in return.

“Alright, you impatient child. Give me my present.”

Harry watched anxiously as Draco took his time with the wrapping paper. For Merlin’s sake, how long was this going to take? When Draco’s hands stopped moving and his expression became puzzled, Harry stopped breathing.

“Socks. You’re giving me socks?”

Harry pressed his lips together.

“They’re… fluffy socks.”

“Seriously? Socks? The most boring present ever?”

It was hard not to feel hurt.

“And this couldn’t have waited until tomorrow because…” Draco looked at him expectantly.

“I was too excited,” Harry said sheepishly, trying to hide how tense he was. Well, what had he thought Draco’s reaction would be? Of course he’d think it was weird. And boring. Draco had no idea what these socks meant to Harry. What he was trying to say with them.

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in this together.

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(billy hargrove x reader)

summary: who knew that the king of the douches actually had a heart? and can actually comfort someone? it’s wild.

request: Hi there! I know you probably have a lot of requests rn but my hometown Ventura is on fire and I’m out of town for college and i’m freaking out, i just feel really small and afraid and kind of lonely without my family and friends. Do you think you could write a Billy fic where someone from his hometown who he went to school with has to come to Hawkins to live with family for a bit because there was a huge fire in their hometown and their home was taken? Something comforting and fluffy

word count: 2,726

a/n: hey remember that time that i said that i was going to bed and wouldn’t be posting til tomorrow ha guess who has no self control. IN OTHER NEWS anon, i really really really hope that this cheers you up and helps you out! i’m sending good vibes and praying for you, my friend. seriously, if you want to talk, do not hesitate to send me a message or a private ask. abuse tw.

It wasn’t that you and Billy weren’t friends, per say, but your mom had been best friends with his stepmom, and everyone who’d gone to your high school had known how that had gone over. So you were automatically on the side of the opposition, in his eyes. He wasn’t cruel, or anything like that. Just cold, mostly.

But then he moved away and you really didn’t think about him that much.

And then one thing lead to the next, and you were standing outside of the Hargrove’s house in some small town in Indiana. You tried your hardest not to read into it, but all the leaves had fallen off of the trees, leaving them looking brown and dead. There was a sharp chill in the air, one you weren’t used to. You tugged your thin jacket closer to your body as Max passed you and headed into the house.

You’d been there a week and you still felt like an outsider. There was an uncomfortable tension that swamped the house the second that Billy’s father arrived home. It’s not that anything specific happened, but there were looks and words spoken in harsh whispers and the way that Max would sometimes flinch whenever her stepfather raised his voice even a little.

You followed behind her, listening as Billy slammed his car door shut. Your heart gave a little ache as you stepped inside. You knew that your parents hadn’t meant for this to be a bad thing. Times were tough. Your family didn’t have a place to stay, and it was easier for your parents to send you away for a little while so they could get back onto their feet. It just so happened, though, that the nearest place with people who would take you in, was in Indiana.

“You gonna stand there all day, Y/N?” Billy’s gruff voice invaded your thoughts.

“What? Oh, sorry,” you said, scurrying towards the kitchen where Max’s mom could be heard. She was a nice enough woman, but she seemed a little fake, if you were being honest. You snagged an apple from the fruit bowl on the counter, watching idly as Max and her mom caught up with each other.

It wasn’t that you were jealous. You just missed your family and your friends and Hawkins was small enough that it was kind of hard to make new ones, especially when half of the school was terrified of you merely because you were living with the King of the Douches himself. It was kind of ridiculous, really. Billy Hargrove was a lot of things, but you really couldn’t find it in yourself to be afraid of him. You’d seen him when he was seven, and sobbed when he found out Santa wasn’t real.

So you went about your business, keeping your head down as you went to your classes and ate your lunch and kept quiet. When you’d get to the Hargroves after school, it was much of the same thing. Max was either in the room that the two of you shared, or off with her friends. Billy would be hanging around the living room watching TV or lifting, but the second his dad showed up, he disappeared into his room for the rest of the night. And the Hargrove parents really didn’t seem like the type to want to hang out and talk to you about your day.

You spent the rest of the night quiet, working on homework and staring at your plate during dinner. By the time the dishes and silverware were washed, Max had retreated to her bedroom to start on her homework. You lingered by the kitchen sink, adjusting the dish towel that was hanging off the rack when you heard it.

“What the fuck is wrong with you?” The words were spat out, harsh and glaring in the otherwise quiet of the house.

“I don’t know what you mean.” There was a pause. “Sir.” You frowned, tilting your head in the direction of the hallway. You’d heard Billy sound like a lot of things, but never like that.

“It’s a school night, and you’ve got your keys in your hand, acting like you’re getting ready to go do who knows what. Unless you’ve got a damn good excuse, you’re going to your room and you’re going to learn some goddamn respect, do you understand me?” There was no response from Billy, but then you heard it.

A hard, resounding slap.

“Where the hell are you going?”

“Billy, you ready to head out?” The words left your mouth faster than you could really think about them. But your feet carried you towards the hallway, pausing once you reached Mr. Hargrove and Billy. The two of them stared at you, slackjawed, but you just plowed through, acting as though you hadn’t heard anything. “Seriously, thank you for taking me into town. You are a lifesaver.”

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There’s a difference between being a morning person and being used to waking up early. Yuuri is the latter, which explains why he grunts and hides his head in the pillows when Victor’s gentle lips begin peppering soft kisses on his shoulder. 

It takes a while for his brain to function properly in the morning, so Victor continues trailing kisses up his neck and his cheek until it finally dawns on him.

It’s his birthday morning. Turning his head on the pillow, trying to blink the world into focus to no avail, Yuuri catches the scent of coffee in the air. And Victor, as if reading his thoughts, presses his body against Yuuri’s as if to remind him that he’s awake, that this is not a dream, and whispers:

“Happy birthday, my sleeping beauty.”

And there it is, the taste of coffee on his fiancé’s lips, soft and warm and inviting, making Yuuri wish to stay like that all day, safely bundled up on their bed with his weight on top of him. He could live lifetimes of a routine just like that and it would still not be enough, Yuuri realizes like an afterthought as Victor kisses him again, wrapping his arms around his frame. 

“I brought you breakfast,” Victor continues, nuzzling on the crook of his neck, wrapping one leg around Yuuri’s waist like a human octopus that doesn’t seem particularly interested in breakfast with that gesture, “and gifts.”

“Mm,” Yuuri smiles, content, comfortable in their tangly mess of limbs but wanting to turn around and embrace Victor, beg him with caresses and kisses that they cancel morning practice in favor of staying in bed.

It’s thundering. Yuuri is sure it’s cold outside. And in a lazy thought, he knows nothing can go wrong if they stay like that for the entirety of his birthday.

“Did the gifts get your attention, babe?” Victor asks in a humorous voice, his chest reverberating the chuckle he suppresses. 

“I have the best gift right here,” Yuuri hums, voice raspy and low as he pats Victor’s arm around him. “You shouldn’t have…”

Victor shuts him up with a tender kiss. He almost whines to make a complaint about his own morning breath, but he’s known Victor well enough to know he doesn’t mind it. 

With Victor in his life, every other gift pales in comparison, he thinks.

“I couldn’t resist,” Victor hums happily, pressing his body closer. “I thought of taking you to a restaurant after practice tonight, and I’d like you to wear it.”

That catches Yuuri’s attention, making him raise his head and look at Victor with squinting eyes. He is the most gorgeous blur Yuuri has seen in his life.

Wear it?”

And like a giddy child, Victor sits back and pulls Yuuri up, “Get up, get up. Have your breakfast and unwrap your gifts.”

Yuuri does, rubbing his bleary-eyes in an attempt to see the world better - and as if reading his thoughts, Victor puts on his glasses for him, punctuating the gesture with a kiss on the tip of his nose. On the corner of the bed, waiting for him, is breakfast - neatly organized on a plate, fruits with yogurt and toast and coffee, their regular competitive diet with a lot more passion put into it for the special occasion. Cupping Victor’s face in his hands, Yuuri kisses him in gratitude, feeling his fiancé smile through their kiss.

“I love you,” Yuuri says, lips brushing on Victor’s gently.

“Happy birthday, love.”

It’s a slow morning despite it being a regular training day. Yuuri feeds Victor spoonfuls of his breakfast, snuggly slotted between his thighs, feeling Victor’s warm embrace around him. Makkachin joins them in bed, wagging her tail as she watches them being lovely from the other end, then giving Yuuri some congratulatory kisses once they put the dishes away. 

Victor puts a lot of thought into his gifts. Yuuri had learned so last year, and this year was no different, though especially soft and personal. A gorgeous lilac cardigan Yuuri had fallen in love with weeks before, and mismatching poodle socks were Victor’s morning gifts (Yuuri is informed there is yet another gift Victor would give him at dinner) and getting out of bed in a reasonable hour becomes impossible as Yuuri decides to show Victor his gratitude. 

They arrive at practice nearly an hour late sporting brand new lovebites that are safely hidden under their shirts, and Yuuri is once again showered with affection and happy birthday wishes. He gets calls from his family, messages from friends overseas, even is surprised with a cupcake baked by Mila and Georgi who start singing him happy birthday as he goes through his short program. 

Despite being far away from home, Yuuri feels truly loved by his friends. 

Their day is exhausting, and it’s almost easy to forget his own birthday as he and Victor get completely focused on their exercises. But it’s there - appreciation, in every touch, in every glance Victor spares him, a hint of a smile creeping up behind his eyes as Victor watches over him. 

Yuuri feels truly blessed.

And dining out together after a long day feels refreshing despite how tired they feel, as if just by being around each other their energies are renewed. They go to Yuuri’s favorite place, toast to a flute of champagne and skip their strict diet for the night, enjoying each other’s presence and relishing their love.

When they’re done with dinner, just simply holding hands on the table and making small talk while gazing lovely into each other’s eyes is when Victor stirs on his seat, fumbling his jacket in search of something, and Yuuri remembers his words in that morning.

“I… have another gift for you,” Victor says, pulling a rolled piece of paper with a ribbon tied around it, picking Yuuri’s interest. “It’s nothing big, but it comes from my heart…”

Yuuri reaches for the paper looking at Victor in awe, letting go of his hand to untie the blue ribbon, noticing his jaw is hanging open as his eyes scan the familiar, neat handwriting on the parchment.

“You wrote me a poem?” Yuuri asks, feeling a knot form on his throat as his eyes begin to sting.

“I’m a little rusty,” Victor smiles embarrassedly, and Yuuri’s vision gets a little blurry, “and I noticed that translating my emotions for you into words is actually more difficult than I’d imagined.”

“Vitya…” Yuuri’s voice trembles, his smile hurting his cheeks.

“Do you want to read it at home?” Victor offers, brushing the pad of his thumb on the back of his hand, and all Yuuri manages to do before tearing up a bit is a curt nod.

In the quiet of their home, Yuuri finally reads the poem he’d been pressing against his chest on their ride back home as if trying to feel Victor’s engraved emotions through it. There, Yuuri is comfortable enough to cry, hiding his face on Victor’s chest as he takes pauses from reading his poem. He reads it over and over, a smile all over his face and happy tears streaming down his face as he realizes how much he is loved. Victor, who’s quietly watching Yuuri’s expression, can’t help but let his tears flow, whispering countless I love yous between kisses. 

Yuuri falls asleep in his arms, happy and loved and very much grateful for his fiancé’s endless ways of surprising him. Before his consciousness ebbs away, he whispers words about his devotion for good measure, smiling against Victor’s chest as he thinks of a way of making Victor feel the same. 

Public Apology - Harry Styles Imagine

Breakdown: Harry strives to keep your relationship hidden from the public. However, after a large argument with Harry, he makes a public apology to you in an interview.

It has been nearly five days since she last heard his deep voice, and although it had been during a heated dispute, she would do anything to hear it again. Reflecting upon it now, she could not even recall the main cause of the argument, but she knew it was a long time coming. For several weeks now, she has noticed their relationship growing increasingly distant and it has torn her apart a little more each and every day. Even fighting would have made her feel less helpless than the constant silence that lingered between them. Slipping in late at night and leaving before she would waken in the morning, she knew that something wasn’t right. Finally, she realized that she needed to be free from the constant worry and doubt that played in her mind, so she finally built the courage to confront him. As she expected, the argument resulted in a two-hour long blow-up between the couple where every underlying issue in their relationship was brought to the surface. She exposed her frustration for his lack of presence in her life due to work, while he accused her of being far too needy and dependent upon him. The intense quarrel ultimately ended with her ordering that he leave the apartment. To her surprise, he followed her request without any hesitation or fight. In fact, he almost seemed pleased to rid himself from the burden she placed upon his life.

Five days later, she has not heard a single word from him. She has not received an email, a phone call, or even a single text message. Knowing that he was traveling to America to promote his new album, she expected his stylist to text her with updates as she usually did when he his daily schedule was demanding. However, this time, she was left completely in the dark.

Despite her anger and frustration, she was still extremely excited to watch his interview with Ellen Degeneres. It was pre-recorded and she knew it had been filmed sometime within the past couple days, but she was also aware that it would be her only chance to see him for a while, as he is not expected to return to London for another week. He has always been nervous about being interviewed by Ellen, for she had an extremely large fan base, and he was frightened of making himself look like a fool. In almost every interview with her, Ellen would inquire about his relationship with her, but every single time, Harry would mumble a few words and change the topic. Harry has always valued his privacy, but when she entered into his life, her privacy became so crucial to him as well. Being just a normal girl living in London, Harry strived to shield her from the public eye as much as he possibly could, for he knew the damage that social media and the press could cause, especially to the relationship that he had worked so hard to build with her.

Her thoughts are interrupted when the commercial break ends and Ellen Degeneres reappears onto the screen. “Here to talk about his new album, please welcome the one and only, Harry Styles!”

Her heart flutters at the sound of his name, but that was could not compare to how she felt when he appeared on the screen. Wearing one of his fancy suits, Harry strutted across the stage with the awkward smile that she adored. As he waved to the crowd and showed off his handsome smile, Harry pushed his hand through his curly hair – the curly hair that her hands would often get lost in late at night. After pulling Ellen into a warm embrace, Harry took a seat opposite of her. While not many could notice, his nerves were apparent to her.

Ellen immediately jumped into a conversation about his new album. When asking about the songs on his album and his feeling on being a new solo artist following the breakup of One Direction, Harry’s face lit up with apparent passion and joy. While it made her happy to see him so delighted to discuss his music, she also knew that it was a joy that she never saw when he was with her. Maybe her insecurities were in fact true - maybe he had indeed fallen out of love with her.

Breaking her from her worries, her body jolted towards when Ellen smugly inquired, “Are any of these songs written about your girlfriend? What’s her name? Y/N, right?”

An embarrassed smirk fell across Harry’s lips and an awkward chuckle fell from his mouth. When Ellen did not change the topic, Harry defeated his stalemate and nodded his head. “That’s her, yeah.”

“So which one is about Y/N?” Ellen asks, striving to pry more information from him.

When Harry pretended to be lost in thought, Ellen answered her own question. Using her typical silly attitude, Ellen suggested, “Sweet Creature is a very romantic song, isn’t it?”

Harry broke into short laughter and once again, nodded his head to confirm her suspicion. “Yeah, that one is definitely about her.”

Curled onto the couch with her wide eyes glued to the television, her body was frozen in shock. Her and Harry had never discussed the meaning behind each of her songs, for she had always been fearful that she had not been an inspiration for any of his songs. Instead of being disappointed, she decided never to inquire, and in return, he never felt the need to share with her. Instead, they would simply lie together and listen to his music, and she would form her own ideas and thoughts about what each song meant.

“Which lyrics from the song do you feel relates mostly to her?” Ellen asks.

Initially, an uncomfortable expression falls across Harry’s face. Having to explain his personal life has always been something that he strives to avoid. He avoids this so much that interviewers compete to gather any personal information about him, for they know it will drastically increase their viewers. However, as Harry seems to be thinking, it appears as if a light bulb almost goes off in his head. The uncomfortable expression is wiped from his face and replaced with a confident and determined appearance.

“There is one lyric that says, ‘I know it’s hard when we argue, we’re both stubborn, I know,’” Harry recites. “The song then continues to say, ‘Wherever I go, you bring me home.’”

A tiny smile falls onto Harry’s lips. “This song for me was truly acknowledging that Y/N and I do not have the perfect relationship and we are faced with challenges and hardships. However, this was my way of recognizing that at the end of the day, she is the person who I will always return home to, and she is the person who has become my rock and-“

Harry shifts his body so that his eyes are staring directly into the camera. Almost as if he is directing his words towards her, Harry finishes with, “I truly do not know what I would do without her.”

The television suddenly powers off and the screen turns black. Confused and startled, she flips her body around to see who could have powered down the television. However, her body freezes when she finds herself staring at him – Harry Styles. Harry stands behind the couch with his hands placed in the pocket of his jacket. With his eyes fixated on her, a saddened expression falls across his face.

“What are you doing here?” Y/N asks. “You aren’t supposed to be home until next week.”

“After that interview, I knew that I had to come see you. I’m so sorry about the way that I left things.”

“It’s okay, Harry. You don’t need to apologize,” she says.

Harry shakes his head, arguing her. “Yes, I do need to apologize. You were right. I have been so distant lately and I have not put our relationship as a priority in my life. It was wrong of me to expect you to stick around while I was busy focusing on every single thing besides our relationship. That interview made me remember the reason I wrote that song about you, and that is when I realized how badly I fucked up.”

A smile instantly jumps to Y/N’s face, for she had been waiting to hear all of those words for such a long time. She quickly leaps from the couch and approaches Harry, but he quickly stops her. “Don’t you want to see the rest of the interview?” he asks.

She raises her eyebrow, curious as to why it would be important for her to watch. As Harry turns the television back on, Ellen presents Harry with another question relating to their relationship.

“So will Y/N be joining you on your tour in 2018?” Ellen inquires.

Instead of looking uneasy with the question, Harry smirks and shrugs his shoulders. “Well, I haven’t asked her yet but I suppose that I’ll have to now,” Harry jokes. “But of course, I hope that she will join me.”

Harry once again turns off the television and sits down on the couch beside her. As she peers at him with excitement, he officially asks her. “Will you please come with me on tour? I swear, I’ll be the best fucking boyfriend.”

“Of course, Harry,” she responds gently.

Harry leans forward and gently presses his lips against hers. “My sweet creature,” Harry whispers before allowing his lips to find its way back to hers.


SORRY it has been a while since I have posted anything!! School has finally finished for me, so I am officially free and can post lots!! This was not requested, but I happened to accidentally delete my request list, so please RESUBMIT your requests and I will get to them right away!

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She’s Magic

Loki x Witch! Female! reader

A/n: Based her abilities on AHS Coven. Also, I will probably write a part 2. (This is my first time writing for Loki, and like I honestly don’t know how to talk about magic, I’ll need to do more research next time)

Summary: Loki meets a Midgardian witch.

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The bells at the entrance of the shop chimed. A tall lean gentleman wandered in with his hands tucked into his coat pockets. His green eyes carefully scanned the merchandise in the shop.

Realizing that it was part of your job to greet customers, you opened your mouth to speak. But instead of words, you squeaked at him.

The stranger turned his head in your direction. He lifted his eyebrows, his green eyes staring at you with a curious gleam.

“Hello pretty girl,” he replied in a smooth voice.

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