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✨ Be careful what you think and believe.

Why? Because the universe is a spectrum of possibilities. Heaven and hell are not places. They are both here and now. We can experience either according to our perspective.

Does that mean every single thought becomes real? Of course not. But the belief systems we hold consistently over time will eventually become the world we occupy.

Thoughts are like rent money. Wherever we put them becomes our home. And to quote the poet Hafiz, “Fear is the cheapest room in the house. I would like to see you living In better conditions.”

It is all within YOU! Love yourself and the rest will follow… Love is the foundation of life. Love your body, your soul, your mind, your life, you are this way for a reason! Embrace it. Nourish yourself with proper foods, go for a nice walk every day and take in the nature you see all around you! Connect yourself to Mother Earth, to Gaia, to the sky… You will start to realize how everything is connected✨ you will see the beauty in everything… It will take practice, awaking to your truth is a journey, but in the end you will feel so free and full of Light, Love and Oneness💗 I want to share this way of Being with everyone… It is truly liberating✨
It all starts within YOU!✨🙏🏼🌟 🙄☪👁💜👁

Masterpost: Book Recommendations

Hey! So one of the most frequently asked questions here is for what books I’d recommend to you all, so I’ve decided to compile a list of books that will help expand your view and raise your consciousness. Some of these books I haven’t read and were submitted by other members, so when you see “sb” it means submitted by. From now on, I’ll refer everyone to this post when they ask that question! I’ll add books to the list as I discover new ones or as you submit them. I put a * next to the titles I think you should really read, and I bolded those that you should really, really read. There are really good books here that don’t have a * because I haven’t read/finished them. Note: they’re alphabetized. 

Animal Farm by George Orwell (also 1984) (sb @supreme-understanding-allah)

*Any book by OSHO (esp. The Book of Understanding)

Autobiography of a Yogi by Paramahansa Yogananda
 (sb @supreme-understanding-allah)

Be Here Now by Ram Dass  (sb @supreme-understanding-allah)

*Bhagavad Gita (try The Essence of the Bhagavad Gita: Explained By Paramhansa Yogananda, As Remembered By His Disciple, Swami Kriyananda; it’s easier to understand)

Bringers of the Dawn: Teachings from the Pleiadians by Barbara Marciniak, Tera Thomas

Cosmic Memory: The Story of Atlantis, Lemuria, and the Division of the Sexes by Rudolf Steiner, Paul Marshall Allen

Crystal Enlightenment: The Transforming Properties of Crystals and Healing Stones (Crystal Trilogy, Vol. 1) by Katrina Raphaell (also volumes 2 & 3)

Discovering Your Soul Signature: A 33-Day Path to Purpose, Passion & Joy by Panache Desai

*Entangled Minds: Extrasensory Experiences in a Quantum Reality by Dean Radin Ph.D.

Food of the Gods: The Search for the Original Tree of Knowledge A Radical History of Plants, Drugs, and Human Evolution by Terence McKenna  (sb @supreme-understanding-allah)

*Frequency: The Power of Personal Vibration by Penney Peirce

How Consciousness Became the Universe by Deepak Chopra, Roger Penrose, Brandon Carter

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Spirituality – Extraterrestrials and Inter-dimensionals

[Buddhism, Hinduism, religion, Vimanas, Nazis, healing, spiritual teachers, reincarnation, chakras, Earth’s energy grid and vortices, Archons, Reptilians, mind control, DNA, chemtrails, fluoride, ET experiences, Earth = the galactic prison / slave / farm planet, Wanderers / Star-seeds]

So this is where it all gets a bit far out and freaky for some – I am going to post some information on extraterrestrials soon – the more general aspects, genetics, some metaphysics and our connections - and then eventually specifically about the Archons and the extraterrestrial interference that has been occurring here on Earth -  and that this planetary system is a slave / prison planet - a sort of galactic farm – energetic farming, feeding off human fear - amongst a few other things. Sounds like a sci fi movie? Well the ‘powers that be’ give you many clues in sci-fi and fantasy movies about what is going on -  watch them carefully – many allude to what is occurring and many blatantly tell you. Who controls Hollywood? It is the secret societies who control it and they are connected to the Archons and other interfering elements. It is part of their weird religion to tell humanity in subtle ways what is occurring.

Some of what I say may seem controversial to some, and many will not understand what I am expressing in this article, but I will post it on here anyway - so as to maybe sow some seeds and in the hope it may inspire people to question everything, as well as to question and research for yourself what I am writing about in this article.

Spiritual Teachings:

I am fully aware of humanity’s resistance to this sort of information – I was resistant to it at one time too. Two or three years ago when I was still studying Buddhism, the Bhagavad Gita and various modern day teachers and sages etc…  I have been through all the stages, I got stuck on some prison planet belief systems for a little while at various points. There are positive things about Buddhism and Hinduism but it has very much been manipulated by forces behind the scenes, in fact both were started by beings not from here –  and there has been information 'lost’, sections of scriptures purposely left out of translations, scriptures stolen and metaphysical info suppressed – and they are both still absolutely religions – yes Buddhism as well - whatever people may say - they contain a set of beliefs, there to limit and confuse you to some degree. And if you look deep enough into these religions there are ancient scriptures talking a great deal about extraterrestrials beings -  and they also discuss battles in the sky and heavens and advanced transport and advanced explosive weaponry many thousands of years ago – look at The Mahabarata, The Rig Veda and The Ramayana, to name but a few. And plans and diagrams on how to build  these extraterrestrial craft were found in both Hindu and Buddhist scriptures –  These ships were often called Vimanas (You can easily look all this up yourself) – most of these diagrams and plans found their way into the hands of the Nazis (The Nazis tracked the diagrams and scriptures down and stole them) – believe it or not. Anyway, as I was saying you can think of yourself as spiritual and have very little understanding of metaphysics, energy and how Creation and this particular free will universe actually works. If I didn’t have these extraterrestrial, interdimensional, and multidimensional experiences over the last couple of years (Which I give a brief overview of later on in this article) I would not have the same understandings and perspectives, so I am certainly not getting on my high horse here. If I hadn’t received a lots of guidance and these beings hadn’t shown themselves to me – I would not know the things I know.

Humanity is in such a lot of pain, lots of suppressed pain and emotions, hardly anyone feeling good enough, everyone desperate for validation, (see how they perpetuate this through the media – everything is either turned into a competition or a fashion show!) and there are some mainstream-book-store teachers and modern sages who can help you heal to some degree – but these teachers will not be able to explain the metaphysics behind how this planet and universe works - the vast majority don’t even know about the energy body, the chakras and the metaphysics behind healing. And none of the mainstream book store teachers or sages know how the reincarnation cycle process works on this planetary system. These teachers are limited in their understandings - you could do a certain amount of emotional healing, raise your consciousness, release a lot of suppressed/trapped energies, become more loving - then die and leave your body - get trapped by the reincarnation cycle and get tricked into false light realms - to then eventually reincarnate again on Earth – get your memory wiped again – back on to the prison planet – which has all been happening for a very long time. Can you see how important is to be become informed as well as healed and heart centred?

One question people may ask is: Surely these mainstream well known teachers and modern day sages are conscious enough to know about this other dimensional interference and how this planetary system works? Well, I have studied the vast majority of them and most of them have almost no metaphysical knowledge and do not understand multidimensionality. Can spiritual teachers be duped – manipulated into what they can and cant detect? Can they be naïve? Are the beings that have been interfering with humanity  powerful enough to deceive these teachers? Can they be to some extent mind controlled? You bet. And a lot of this is to do with DNA and the transformation and reconnecting of it.

From my own personal point of view I haven’t really got much time for spiritual teachers if they are not discussing within their teachings multidimensionality, the enslavement of humanity, the power of the collective-consciousness, humanity’s and Gaia’s transition to a different dimensional experience (third density to fourth density) and inter-dimensional and extraterrestrial interference. There are actually quite a few teachers talking about these important subjects – and they have good metaphysical knowledge – and these teachers are the ones the interfering forces and 'the powers that be’ don’t want us to engage with – so these more knowledgable and informed teachers are, of course, so much more suppressed. Much of humanity has been programmed to think the only people with beneficial spiritual knowledge are those who wear robes or sit in loose fitting clothes sitting on a stage with flowers around them – more mind programming. In fact you can get a lot of great metaphysical knowledge from the secret space programme whistle-blowers.

YouTube and the internet are your best bet for the teachers with metaphysical and esoteric knowledge that benefits humanity - the ‘powers that be’ don’t want them on the bookstore shelves. I am not saying you cant somewhat heal and gain some benefit from the widely accepted bookstore teachers, but they are limited and naive in many of their understandings. Everything is energy – are these book-store mainstream teachers teaching about the intricacies of managing energy? Nope. The controllers of this planet do their very best to keep the secrets of the universe and this planet to themselves. To be fair I used to read and quote some of these limited mainstream/popular teachers and modern day sages when I was searching and trying to work things out – but now I understand the limitations in their teachings.

I am not going to name any popular mainstream teachers that I think are very naive and limited in their understandings, but the point I am really trying to get across is to look beyond those popular teachers, those whose books you can find in the book-stores. Again, I am not saying you can’t derive some benefit from their words when you first begin searching – I did when I started out searching  –  but you certainly you wont find all your answers from them. Be aware that the infinite creation is supposed to be eternally enjoyed and explored - and that nothing is as it initially seems on this planetary system. Also be aware that it is not necessary to experience pain and fear like humanity is now – it is not necessary to grow, learn and evolve like this. And don’t get stuck on just one particular teacher / author - research and research and research - put together the jigsaw – they have manipulated it so that humans are so uneducated and so unquestioning. Become Heart-centered and informed.  There are certain programs / phrases in some spiritual teachings to get you to not do the research and work out the manipulations, such as 'its all illusion anyway’, or 'we are all one anyway’ – People throw phrases like this around as if they know what it means, when they are trying to sound clever, and are not doing humanity any favours – they are phrases which people can use to help them justify to themselves staying in a naïve bubble. I have been there myself, I went through a phase like that some years back.

Some spiritual teachers are often deceived and manipulated in unseen ways so they do not know the secrets of Earth and the Universe. Many seem to teach that there is something wrong with physicality, as though it is some kind of dirty thing that you must all try to transcend at all costs. This is more mind programming to get you to not seek the more advanced physics of Earth – such as the Earth’s energy grid – the vortices - its own chakra points etc. And also so that you don’t figure out that is is a prison planet being manipulated by other dimensional beings. The other dimensional beings and 'the powers that be’ are fully aware of these things and have lots of metaphysical knowledge they keep from the masses. They effect these energy grids and vortices on Gaia/Earth with very dark satanic rituals performed at these specific points on the grid, to negatively effect the collective consciousness of humanity and the morphogenic resonance of Gaia/Earth.


Do you believe there are Reptilian beings manipulating humanity? Yes I do, and its not just them, other beings too.  And they are absolutely connected to the non-physical Archons. These negative extraterrestrial beings have been working with the shadow governments, the  powerful banking families, the crime syndicates and the secret societies of Earth for a long time. The evidence, when you do the research, is massive. But also be aware that there are also very positive forces assisting humanity a great deal behind the scenes. Again, I realize it is difficult for people with all the mind programming that has occurred on this planet and the deep amnesia from the memory wipes - and also the covert way all of this operates.  I have been through the stages  - so I know what it’s like to first come across this type of information, or to just start to seriously consider it – I can totally empathise.

From my own perspective I am in a somewhat rare situation as I have had quite a few extraterrestrial and multidimensional experiences, which opened my mind significantly and led me to do the research I needed to. I have had a being with reptilian eyes appear to me twice in my minds eye/third eye – note: this wasn’t a reptile being as such, but a large headed being with vivid glistening yellow and orange reptile like eyes.  I have had two conscious visits from small beings who appeared to be benevolent and connected to me – it felt like they knew me well – and I knew them – after the brief physical experiences with them, whereby I had some physical contact with these little beings (rubbery dolphin like skin by the way) I also had brief astral experiences with them as well. (Is your programming kicking in as you read this ? Is this sounding ridiculous and unbelievable to you – recognise the programming you have – your resistance to possibilities) I have seen two craft in broad daylight in the hills near where I live - one was white and orb like – one a metallic dish like craft. I receive downloads – images within slides – when I find myself lucid in a void in the middle of the night - I don’t consciously understand what these images are but I know from my research that this is how a lot of communication is made with humans from extraterrestrials - these strange images, drawings, symbols or scenes. I have been awakening memories of past lives on other planets and also a memory of being taken off this planet on a craft. I have also twice experienced myself on craft or bases – I have woken, becoming lucid in the middle of the night, to find myself on a ship or base ( far out I know!) – seeing beings not from this planet and conversing with a very human looking being with pointed eyes and black material contraptions behind his pointed ears. And I used to wake up, become lucid in the middle of the night, and then experience myself astral travelling - I have seen some of the places I go to - Some of it is to places of learning on other dimensions – halls with other humans sometimes – it seems we are pretty busy at night time – well I am anyway. This is a very brief overview - I haven’t even discussed about how my art throughout the years has been communicating things with me and some paintings I did over ten years ago predicted my future! Anyway - so you see – I have some actual first hand experience in this area. These are seriously  paradigm shifting experiences when you have been living on a frequency controlled slave planet like we are  – little beings coming into your room - physically there – either just manifesting in your bedroom or coming through your walls somehow – freaky and mind blowing – it took a while to come to terms with this initially to be honest – but it really helps you break through some of the amnesia and programming.

I know it can be hard for the frequency and psychologically controlled masses to believe these types of things, but these experiences are very real, just as real as walking down the street to got to the local grocery store. My only purpose on this blog has been to share knowledge and info with people to benefit humanity in my own little way – and nobody ever gained in any individualised physical way from sharing their extraterrestrial experiences. It does bring some fear up in people on occasions when they hear about things like this, which can lead to them getting angry and very resistant even to the possibility of it – understandable though – deep, deep amnesia and fear programming. But in my experience most of those I have shared these experiences with have been curious and inspired to do more research more than anything – its a lot for some to take in though. I share this only in the hope it might stir something in people, to help them wake up some more – or to be of assistance to someone in some other way, perhaps if someone else has had some similar experiences they wont feel so isolated reading this.

Again, I do not blame people for their resistance to this information – people really have no idea of the level of manipulation occurring on this planet – for example: Poisons in our food – Genetically modified food to affect our DNA – Poisons and all sorts of heavy metals in our water (the fluoride is quite literally in there to dumb you down, and effect your pineal gland and health negatively) – Chemtrails = so that we breath in heavy metals and harmful chemicals to also affect our DNA and health – Harmful chemicals in our vaccinations – Exotic advanced frequency control technology – Parasitical inter-dimensional beings – Negative subliminals on television – Constant psychological manipulations through all media formats – Infiltration and manipulation of spiritual movements, teachers and communities to confuse and divert -  and of course the ancient Babylonian money-debt-slave financial system this planet is still using, etc etc etc… I could go on and on  – all affecting our consciousness, energy and health negatively.

Why you? Why did these experiences happen to you? Probably because I am not from here, the best way to describe it is not being a human soul. Wanderers / Starseeds are real things – souls who have come from other planetary and other dimensional experiences to be of assistance in the transformation of the planet - of Gaia and Humanity. Wanderers have much stronger connections to beings from other dimensions and planets. And there are many millions here at this time. You certainly don’t have to have had experiences like I have had to be a Wanderer. The fact you are following this blog suggests you may well be. Every being/soul has to have their memory wiped when they come to this planetary body – The Archons make sure that happens.  It is harder to wipe and suppress the Wanderers memories – they know something is very wrong here on this planet, they can feel it. It is usually the Wanderers who are really waking up to the manipulation and control occurring on this planetary system - which is ultimately coming from beings from other dimensions – who are working with secret institutions, banking families and shadow governments.

Can infinite souls / beings be duped and manipulated to reincarnate on the same planetary body over and over again –  it appears that they can. If you wipe the memory of  a soul and make it so their physical life is short (human lives are very short compared to other beings in the universe) it doesn’t appear to be that difficult. This is a very important point to contemplate and grasp – the souls/beings on this planet have their memories wiped before each incarnation – can you see or feel how shocking this is? Some in the spiritual communities have been brain washed or duped into believing this is a good or necessary thing – this is nonsense. Why on Earth would you need your memory wiped? – It does not help your evolution. Soul memories can’t be permanently wiped though - you will get the memories of your other incarnations back at some point in your evolution.

So to reiterate - quotes on extraterrestrials and the Archons and the prison slave planet Earth are coming up on this blog again. I am going to do a week or so of the Archons again at some point – and then I will get back to more general spiritual and metaphysical quotes - and  also quotes about the more easily seen manipulations and deceptions occurring on Earth.  Once you truly understand that this is a prison /slave planet – that humans are being farmed for energy - this place will make sense – you will look around and see how it is all set up by other dimensional beings for this purpose. Humanity has been cut off from the rest of the universe which is teeming with life. But don’t fear – the walls are very much cracking, the other dimensional control is loosening and eventually humanity will reconnect with the benevolent and loving extraterrestrial civilizations out there.

Far out stuff – isn’t it? :-) But in truth it only seems far out because of the fact that humanity has been totally cut off from the rest of the universe for a long time - The deep amnesia.

What humanity will come to understand eventually is that everything in this planetary system has been effected by extraterrestrials and inter-dimensionals – all throughout history – everything. It’s amazing – a rare situation in the universe to some degree: souls/beings enslaved without even knowing that they are. This information is positive too, in a way – this experience you are having now on this planet is about as limited and confusing as it can get in this universe – things are only going to get better, and they will. When I look around this planet I see the intricacies of the highly manipulative slave system implemented everywhere, absolutely everywhere - but I also see the amazing courage, resilience, humour and love within humanity.

Peace and Love.


Music is “528 DNA” by @4biddenknowledge Available Everywhere. Don’t think outside the box. Think outside the #Tesseract. Hollywood has hid the Tesseract AKA #MetatronsCube it in plain sight for decades. It’s been called the #CosmicCube, #Hypercube, #AllSpark, #CubeOfDestiny and has appeared in #CaptainAmerica: The First #Avenger, #IronMan2, #XMen, #TheMatrix #Thor, The #Interstellar, #TheDarkWorldPrelude, #Transformers and many more. The Tesseract is an enchanted object of unparalleled #POWER. The #Annunaki called them the #TabletsOfDestiny. Metatron’s Cube AKA Tesseract, is based on a deceptively simple pattern called ‘The Fruit Of Life’ – 13 connected circles – which is concealed in the ancient ‘Flower of Life’ inscribed on the walls of the #OsirionTemple at #Abydos Egypt. If you research The Temple of Abydos in my previous posts you will find depictions of advanced technology in their hieroglyphs in the ceiling of the temple. Life force and energy begins as an ovum or sphere, becomes a #tetrahedron, then a #StarTetrahedron, a cube, another sphere, and finally, a #torus. The Metatron Cube AKA the Tesseract is what was inside the #ArkOfTheCovenant which was located inside The “KingsChamber” in the #GreatPyramid. The #granite container has been mistaken for a #sarcophagus when the dimensions are exactly that of the Lost Ark. The Tesseract AKA Metatrons Cube powered the pyramids and made Egypt prosper. The Egyptians used the cube to power the pyramids because they had long stopped generating energy from even more ancient times. The Tesseract also represents higher dimensions of consciousness. To think outside the Tesseract is to raise your #consciousness to the 5th dimension where past, future and present exist in the same moment. #4biddenknowledge

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Lesson 8: Auras - What They Are & The Seven Bodies

The human body, and everything in existence, is energy. While we all have the same energy fields geometrically, we are on different frequencies as humans and this causes differences the way we come off.

Your aura is the electromagnetic field of energy surrounding you that is specific to what you’re feeling, thinking, doing, or what chakras you are over- or under-using. The aura stretches through and beyond the seven-chakra system, meaning that it extends above the head and below the feet into the ground in the shape of an egg. (This auric field is not to be confused with the star tetrahedron field that surrounds us, the mer-ka-ba)

Auras come in several different colors, but the main system of colors are red, orange, yellow, pink, blue, and purple, since these are the colors of the seven-chakra system. There are also other colors, including black, green, and several variations of the main seven.

The aura contains seven bodies:

1. Etheric Body

Closest energy body to the physical body. It is usually seen as bluish-gray; this white-blue light is the prana or the life-force energy of your body. This is the body that is seen through Kirlian photography (we’ll come back to this later). The etheric body extends one quarter to two inches beyond the physical body (from the skin) and pulsates at about 15-20 cycles per minute. It can be seen around the entire body but is mostly seen around your hands, feet, your head, and a little on your shoulders. When seen around the hands, it is 3-4 inches away.

2. Emotional Body

While the etheric body duplicates the physical body, the emotional body is more fluid. This is expected, since fluidity is the nature of our emotions. Your emotions put out electromagnetic fields. This body is associated with our feelings and changes as your feelings do (you can practice seeing these changes yourself, but we’ll talk about that later.) This body is about one to three inches from the physical body and is far more colorful than the etheric body.

3. Mental Body

The mental body is associated with our thoughts and mental expressions. Just like emotions, your thoughts emit electromagnetic fields from your brain. It extends three to eight inches from the body, and generally has a yellow light, which radiates around the head and shoulders, and extends to the body below. The mental body is similar to the emotional body in colors sometimes, because if there is an emotion associated with your thought, certain colors of the emotional body will show. Otherwise, the yellow deepens/intensifies if you are deep in thought.

4. Astral Body (astral plane - bridge)

This is called the bridge to the astral plane, because this body is associated with energies that are not of the third-dimensional frequency. It extends six inches or one foot from the body. It has the colors of the rainbow like the emotional body, along with a pink/rose hue that is mostly seen if the personal is emotional + loving. The astral plane is also sometimes called the emotional plane, which is why when we are in the astral, our emotions are greatly enhanced either way.

5. Etheric Template Body (physical aspect)

The name of this body suggests that it is the template for the etheric body, which is the first body we mentioned. This means that the etheric template body is the body formed before the etheric body. It exists in a higher dimension but also extends one and one half to two feet from the body. It has a dark blue hue, and is usually only seen by advanced healers or people with lots of practice in healing/clairvoyance.

6. Celestial Body (emotional aspect)

When we feel pure love, and when we feel true interconnectedness, we are tapping into the frequencies of the celestial body. This celestial body is the spiritual-emotional plane, which is kind of like the emotional body, but different in that the emotions felt here are more related to euphoria, bliss, love, and ecstasy. The colors of this body are usually pastel and have a soft glow.

7. Ketheric/Casual Body (mental aspect)

As the celestial body was the emotional aspect of the spiritual plane, the ketheric body is the mental aspect of the physical plane. It contains all six other bodies within it and extends up to three and a half feet from the body. It vibrates at a very high speed and is made of a gold grid type structure, which is very durable. Once you raise your consciousness to the level of this body, you are aware of your oneness with Being or Source. This body also contains the main Kundalini force that runs up and down the body (which we will talk about later).

Now, even if you don’t “believe” in the bodies I listed above, I can tell you how to actually see your etheric body. 

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10 Tips For The New Healers On Earth

1 - If you are stressed or emotionally upset, before taking action or saying something ask yourself “What is my intent?”, establish what energy you want to contribute to the situation, and base your decisions off your answers.

2 - Don’t get upset with yourself over “Lack of progress” or “inadequacy”. If you are feeling you aren’t achieving what you are supposed to be it is because you have become ensnared in the chatter of your mind. There is no such thing as a future or past, there is only Now and nothing can exist outside of Now. You are already enlightened, you create this reality moment by moment, and are always doing your best. You are the cosmos experiencing a growth in self awareness in the limited form of a human being. So sit back and enjoy the show.

3 - Spiritual development doesn’t have to be laborious work. The main forces behind the impact of your healing practice(s) are the mastery of your visualization and intent. There are many ways to improve both such as reading a fiction novel, creating art, writing, any fun activity that stimulates your imaginations and gives you focus. If you aren’t having fun, what’s the point?

4 - Raising the vibration of your consciousness and becoming a healer isn’t about being happy all the time. There is much to be sad about in the world and all emotions hold their purpose and place. Healing comes from a place of balance and acceptance. We become dis-eased or dis-harmonized when we are imbalanced, aligning ourselves toward one polarity. Light and dark are not at war, they are two comparatives on a spectrum whom mutually require the other in order to exist. This is because though apparent opposites, they are two halves of a whole.

5 - Love comes from the self first. How can you expect to love and take care of others if you can’t love and take care of yourself? Many of us have been raised with the false notion love takes sacrifice and martyrdom. As humble and honorable it may seem to take on another’s suffering to “lessen their burden”, often suffering is purposeful and is an opportunity for learning. By refusing to allow the fool to persist in his folly you deprive them of this opportunity, simultaneously sacrificing yourself causing detriment on both ends. The most effective forms of healing will always heal both parties.

6 - As a healer it’s easy to take on more than you can handle, and stretch yourself thin between social obligations. Remember to take time to yourself to rest and rejuvenate, you can’t perform to the best of your ability if you’re exhausted all the time.

7 - Healers of all practice tend to have a psychic empathy with everything in their surroundings. Because of this we are susceptible to adopting foreign negative emotions and thinking patterns. If you find yourself abnormally stressed or upset try to think of a possible external source of this emotion as you could be empathizing with a distraught friend or family member in your proximity. Becoming aware of these external forces helps you maintain your own space and learn to identify your feelings more clearly.

8 - Whether you practice your healing through reiki, crystal work, meditation, or even conversation, the tools and practice of your work holds no power within itself. Rather the actions and objects act as a focus through which you channel the healing energy. This is what allows for such a wide variety of healing methods. Again the true source of your power lies within your intent.

9 - You do not have the power to evoke change or healing in an individual who is unwilling to receive it. You can tell people the solutions to their problems from an outside perspective all you want but it is always the responsibility of the recipient to do the processing of the healing themselves. You are only a facilitator, a catalyst for healing to occur in your space, but you can be no more than such.

10 - The most important healing work you can practice is on yourself. We are each individually responsible for our own progress and development. There is only one consciousness, source consciousness, of which every “I” is an embodiment. You are pushing the universe forward one life at a time, and this is the main life your attention should be focused upon.

anonymous asked:

do you have any tips/sources on how to work through your internalised homophobia? I'm struggling with that at the moment and I don't know what to do :(

theOkay, so I’m really struggling to come up with any good advice / strategies of my own except

  • look for same gender/wlw/mlm positivity and submerge yourself in it. literally. follow a ton of wlw/mlm positivity blogs. reblog their stuff. save it on your phone. make it your lock screen and background! listen to music about how good it is to be gay. put something rainbow-y in your room.
  • embrace same gender relationships in fiction! seek them out actively and when you find them, celebrate them. some shows and movies that i can think of off the top of my head that have same gender couples in them: supergirl, grey’s anatomy, eyewitness, class, the fosters, carol, moonlight, the handmaiden, the get down, skam, glee, how to get away with murder
  • talk to other lgbpq people (including online!) about your experiences with internalised homophobia
  • find out if there’s a lgbt club/bar/event in your town and go there. party and celebrate lgbt people! who knows, maybe something interesting will happen ;)
  • find same gender porn that you like (maybe start with pwp fanfic if visual porn isn’t your thing) to normalize same gender sex for yourself and get rid of the homophobic attitude that it’s weird or gross

but I found a couple of things that might be more helpful than that online:

Read more about internalized homophobia. While this topic has less written about it than say, coming out, there is still a lot of information out there, especially moving personal accounts.

Community – building a support network is absolutely essential. The compassion of other LGBQ people and straight allies can be tremendously healing. Others who are at a different stage in the process can often offer valuable insight and solidarity.

Learn about the history of the LGBTQ rights movement.  Find role models in the struggle. See all of the different identities and human beings it took to effect progress towards equality and justice.

Find an LGBTQ positive therapist, counselor or psychologist who can guide you through the reparative process.

Get away from toxic influences. This one can often be the most difficult. Typically, toxic influences include major players in our lives, such as family, religion, and friends.

If your religion is not accepting, consider leaving the church even for a time, or find a new church. If you refuse to leave, educate yourself. Refine your arguments. Learn about whether or not your religion truly teaches the immorality of gays, or if it is the interpretation of your religious leader. However, if your religious doctrine is perpetually in conflict with your identity, you may find the commitment more damaging than rewarding.

Clarify your perspectives by talking to friends and allies. Heterosexism and fear can skew our idea of the threats we truly face. For example, a person with an open-minded family, LGBTQ friends and enlightened teachers might still be overcome by crippling fear and internalized homophobia. Work to determine where you stand.

Practice self-awareness. Be aware of your negative reactions, critical self-talk and judgment of other. Each time you do it, examine the source.

If you can do it safely, come out of the closet. While it has potential to be painful, and most certainly will be repetitive and exhausting, this step can be immensely rewarding.

Try to overcome your fear of rejection.

Remember that internalized homophobia is not coming from inside of you. You are not sick, and you don’t need to be cured. It was forced upon you, in a suffocating and violent way by a homophobic society. If you have been accused of having it, or if you wonder about yourself, don’t feel guilty or shameful, just take the steps, one by one, to free yourself of this weight that keeps us all down.

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1. Find gay friends with whom you identify. 2. It takes a while: keep looking until you find them. 3. Don’t expect your parents to “get it”, but don’t tolerate rudeness or disrespect. 4. Only date kind men. 5. Allow yourself the freedom to view all your fantasies in porn. 6. Take a sociology class and learn about the arbitrary, made up rules that different societies create about what is okay, and why. 7. Type in “love yourself workshop” on a search engine and see what comes up. 8. Care deeply about what it was like for you as a gay kid in high school. 9. Say “I love you” to yourself even though it feels ridiculous. 10. Do something that feels “too feminine,” maybe in private. 11. Avoid “friends” who put you down. 12. If you are religious, join a church that knows that gay really is good. 13. Practice coming out to friendly strangers and work your way up to telling the important people in your life. 14. Notice when you are trying to be perfect and remember: it’s futile. 15. Take small interpersonal risks every week, such as revealing something that feels slightly vulnerable. 16. Read Randy Shilts’ The Mayor of Castro Street. 17. Read Alan Down’s The Velvet Rage. 18. If you are new-agey, read Louise Hay’s You Can Heal Your Life. 19. Raise your political consciousness at a gay fund raising event. 20. Love some of your most judgmental family members from afar, rather than in person. 21. Never underestimate the power of childhood exposure to homophobia: it’s damaging, and repair will take your full effort. 22. Commit to making self-nurturing a new lifetime habit. 23. Work with a gay-friendly therapist or coach. 24. View a mean homophobe with sadness, imagining how truly scared and insecure he is on the inside. 25. Join a gay artistic, athletic, political, community service or support group. 26. Get angry about injustice: righteous anger builds self-esteem. 27. Treat other gay people especially well. 28. Be a witness to your thoughts. By detaching, you’ll notice your illogical, self-critical judgments. 29. If you live in a very conservative area, do something on this list at least once per day because you need extra support. 30. Create your own list of things you can do. Then do them.

by the gay therapy centre

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I hope any of this helps, nonny!

anonymous asked:

How can I vibrate higher daily ??

Previous answer…

I suggest reading the following articles while using your intuition to help guide you further than this blog can. It will take practice, determination, discipline and patience to vibrate within higher frequencies.

Levels of Consciousness

Shame – Just a step above death. You’re probably contemplating suicide at this level. Either that or you’re a serial killer. Think of this as self-directed hatred.

Guilt – A step above shame, but you still may be having thoughts of suicide. You think of yourself as a sinner, unable to forgive yourself for past transgressions.

Apathy – Feeling hopeless or victimized. The state of learned helplessness.Many homeless people are stuck here.

Grief – A state of perpetual sadness and loss. You might drop down here after losing a loved one. Depression. Still higher than apathy, since you’re beginning to escape the numbness.

Fear – Seeing the world as dangerous and unsafe. Paranoia. Usually you’ll need help to rise above this level, or you’ll remain trapped for a long time, such as in an abusive relationship.

Desire – Not to be confused with setting and achieving goals, this is the level of addiction, craving, and lust — for money, approval, power, fame, etc. Consumerism. Materialism. This is the level of smoking and drinking and doing drugs.

Anger – the level of frustration, often from not having your desires met at the lower level. This level can spur you to action at higher levels, or it can keep you stuck in hatred. In an abusive relationship, you’ll often see an anger person coupled with a fear person.

Pride – The first level where you start to feel good, but it’s a false feeling. It’s dependent on external circumstances (money, prestige, etc), so it’s vulnerable. Pride can lead to nationalism, racism, and religious wars. Think Nazis. A state of irrational denial and defensiveness. Religious fundamentalism is also stuck at this level. You become so closely enmeshed in your beliefs that you see an attack on your beliefs as an attack on you.

Courage – The first level of true strength. This is where you start to see life as challenging and exciting instead of overwhelming. You begin to have an inkling of interest in personal growth, although at this level you’ll probably call it something else like skill-building, career advancement, education, etc. You start to see your future as an improvement upon your past, rather than a continuation of the same.

Neutrality – This level is epitomized by the phrase, “live and let live.” It’s flexible, relaxed, and unattached. Whatever happens, you roll with the punches. You don’t have anything to prove. You feel safe and get along well with other people. A lot of self-employed people are at this level. A very comfortable place. The level of complacency and laziness. You’re taking care of your needs, but you don’t push yourself too hard.

Willingness – Now that you’re basically safe and comfortable, you start using your energy more effectively. Just getting by isn’t good enough anymore. You begin caring about doing a good job — perhaps even your best. You think about time management and productivity and getting organized, things that weren’t so important to you at the level of neutrality. Think of this level as the development of willpower and self-discipline. These people are the “troopers” of society; they get things done well and don’t complain much. If you’re in school, then you’re a really good student; you take your studies seriously and put in the time to do a good job. This is the point where your consciousness becomes more organized and disciplined.

Acceptance – Now a powerful shift happens, and you awaken to the possibilities of living proactively. At the level of willingness you’ve become competent, and now you want to put your abilities to good use. This is the level of setting and achieving goals. It basically means that you begin accepting responsibility for your role in the world. If something isn’t right about your life (your career, your health, your relationship), you define your desired outcome and change it. You start to see the big picture of your life more clearly. This level drives many people to switch careers, start a new business, or change their diets.

Reason – At this level you transcend the emotional aspects of the lower levels and begin to think clearly and rationally. The way I see it, when you reach this level, you become capable of using your reasoning abilities to their fullest extent. You now have the discipline and the proactivity to fully exploit your natural abilities. You’ve reached the point where you say, “Wow. I can do all this stuff, and I know I must put it to good use. So what’s the best use of my talents?” You take a look around the world and start making meaningful contributions. At the very high end, this is the level of Einstein and Freud. It’s probably obvious that most people never reach this level in their entire lives.

Love – It’s unconditional love, a permanent understanding of your connectedness with all that exists. Think compassion. At the level of reason, you live in service to your head. But that eventually becomes a dead end where you fall into the trap of over-intellectualizing. You see that you need a bigger context than just thinking for its own sake. At the level of love, you now place your head and all your other talents and abilities in service to your heart (not your emotions, but your greater sense of right and wrong — your conscience). I see this as the level of awakening to your true purpose. Your motives at this level are pure and uncorrupted by the desires of the ego. This is the level of lifetime service to humanity. Think Gandhi, Mother Teresa, Dr. Albert Schweitzer. At this level you also begin to be guided by a force greater than yourself. It’s a feeling of letting go. Your intuition becomes extremely strong. This level is reached only by 1 in 250 people during their entire lifetimes. Joy – A state of pervasive, unshakable happiness. Eckhart Tolle describes this state in The Power of Now. The level of saints and advanced spiritual teachers. Just being around people at this level makes you feel incredible. At this level life is fully guided by synchronicity and intuition. There’s no more need to set goals and make detailed plans — the expansion of your consciousness allows you to operate at a much higher level. A near-death experience can temporarily bump you to this level.

Peace – Total transcendence. This level is reached only by one person in 10 million.

Enlightenment – The highest level of human consciousness, where humanity blends with divinity. Extremely rare. The level of Krishna, Buddha, and Jesus. Even just thinking about people at this level can raise your consciousness.


What is a spiritual awakening?

A spiritual awakening is when one has become aware and has awakened or who is going through the stages of an awakening. They will become more aware of themselves on a much deeper and higher level and what is real. The person going through the awakening will suddenly have a deeper awareness of what is going on around them and of themselves and they will be more aware of their life experiences and the lessons they have learnt from these experiences and the reasons why. The person will start to feel more at one with themselves and everything around them and they may feel more contented and at peace with their surroundings, themselves and with other people. The person will start to accept who they are and let go of any hurt, anger and negative feelings that they had towards their life and people and they will gradually go through a healing process of their heart, soul and mind. The person will suddenly start seeing the world in a different way and their previous views and opinions may change drastically. A spiritual awakening can be very life changing for a person especially if that person was not spiritual to begin with. An awakening  can strip a person of previous beliefs, feelings and life views causing them to see the world and themselves in a whole new light. Well being a positive experience towards the end of the awakening, at first the awakening can be quite disruptive, shocking and upsetting to a person and their life because it forces them to take a deeper look at themselves, face their fears, re-live any bad experiences and memories and forces them to see things in a way that they previously never thought.  The awakening can be very confusing and so powerful that the person may question themselves and even their sanity due to the symptoms that occur during the awakening. These kinds of changes can be quite unsettling at first and may take many months or even years of soul searching before the person starts to feel more at one and have feelings of serenity. A spiritual awakening can be spontaneous or caused by a profound spiritual experience or an event in a person’s life, a loss or a near death experience. The spiritual awakening process sparks the activation of awareness and once someone have completed their spiritual awakening and they go and look back on their life before the awakening began they may see how much they were just existing in robot mode, a spiritual awakening brings them out of this robot mode and in to awareness mode which wakes them up and they start to exist with a new and positive lease of life.

Once the spiritual awakening has started it will feel like a lifelong fog has suddenly disappeared and things will just seem much clearer to you. You may look back on the old you before you started your spiritual awakening and you may realize how much you was living in a bubble that was just waiting to burst. You will see how much you took your life and life in general for granted when you look back on the old you.  Looking back you may see how much your life was just passing you by in a blurred daze and that you on an emotional and spiritual level was living in a blurred daze just existing but not questioning it either and just getting on with your life in this fog like daze. A spiritual awakening clears this fog and bursts that bubble, it removes your daze and shows you that you are not just existing but you are living and with a purpose and reason and no matter how little or large that purpose and reason is you will realize that it is important nonetheless and that you have a place in this world just like everyone else and you will see how much you can make a difference to your life and to others too. One purpose of the spiritual awakening is getting you to see your self-worth and show you that you do have a reason to be here and that even the little things you do for yourself and for others can have the biggest impacts and can make a positive difference to you and for others around you. Remember that just because there may be situations where you won’t see what impact you have had on a person it does not mean that there never was one. You would be surprised at how much influence you can have on another person and how much positive change you can bring to them on an emotional level without even realizing it. Simple things like complimenting a person or smiling at a stranger can make their day because that stranger unknown to you may have been having a bad day and that acknowledgement and smile from you could have had an emotional and positive impact on them and made them feel much better but you would have walked away from this person not even knowing this positive impact you just created and the difference it made to them emotionally.. Because people don't always get see this positive impact they have on others they fall into the trap where they think they are not making a difference to other people’s lives when they had without even realising it. This trap causes them to think that they are worthless and that they are useless when this is not true at all. A spiritual awakening will help show you that you don’t have to do the big things to make changes. The little things can make the biggest changes for you and others. Your were born with spiritual abilities or attributes waiting to be discovered and the spiritual awakening helps you discover what they are and encourages you to use them to help yourself and others to make this positive difference which will not only change your life but theirs too.
                               Purposes and reasons for a spiritual awakening
1) To discover your true inner self ,the spiritual you, and to connect to this self through a raise in consciousness during the awareness process

2) To raise your consciousness to higher levels on a spiritual level

3) To become aware of this inner self and to explore it and learn and grow from this inner discovery

4) To learn to love and accept yourself fully

5) To learn to love and accept others fully

6) To discover any spiritual gifts you have or attributes that were given to you which you can use to help yourself and others for a positive difference

7) To discover your purpose and life calling

8) To connect on a spiritual level with the source, the earth and the people, animals and plants that occupy it.

9) To discover that everyone and everything is connected to each other and that there is no separateness but a unity between every living thing

10) To open you up spiritually and to raise your vibrations

11) To experience life in its fullest as much as possible and to enjoy it and make the most of it

12) To learn to forgive yourself and others 

13) To develop empathy, compassion and sensitivity for people, animals and nature

                               The stages of a spiritual awakening
When a person begins their spiritual awakening they will go through different stages of the awakening before they get to the last stage which will be completion of the spiritual awakening. Because everyone is different and reacts differently to a spiritual awakening the time frame of each stage of the awakening will vary from one person to the next. A spiritual awakening can take days or even years till the awakening process is completed.
Below are the different stages of a spiritual awakening.

Stage 0
Awareness has not begun. In this stage the person has no spiritual awareness but eventually everyone will then start at stage 1 which is when the spiritual awakening begins and which will then go on to lead to higher awareness being achieved by stage 5. The awareness may or may not begin in their current lifetime but it will happen eventually if not in this lifetime but another. It can take many lifetimes of experiences and learning lessons before a spiritual awakening can occur and once a person has reached a certain level of spiritual awareness then an awakening can happen spontaneously or through a shock experience. For some though an awakening may not even take that many lifetimes at all to occur because it depends on the soul and the impact any lessons and experiences have had on them during their other lifetimes and current one and even if they have had fewer lifetimes than another their experiences during those lifetimes may still have had a huge impact on them spiritual thus causing them to develop quicker and cause an awakening to happen and yet other souls it may take many rounds of lifetimes to learn just one certain lesson whereas others sail through at a seemingly quicker rate. Some souls may go through particularly difficult lifetimes every time they have one so they may learn and develop much quicker on a spiritual level due to the harder experiences that they would have to go through than a soul who chooses lifetimes that are a bit easier with fewer life experiences and lessons or they may take longer breaks in-between lifetimes causing them to develop at a slower rate. A spiritual awakening can take many lifetimes of experiences and learning lessons before it happens.

Stage 1
Trigger/spontaneous awakening. A spiritual awakening is often triggered by something experienced which had a deep effect in the mind of the person going through the awakening but an awakening can also happen spontaneously too. A trigger can be the loss of a loved one, a near death experience, a spiritual experience or some other event or situation that had a profound effect on the person going through the awakening. Most spiritual awakenings are caused through some sort of shock event or experience that had a deep effect on the person’s soul. The spiritual awakening now begins brought on either through a trigger event or spontaneously.

Stage 2
Shock and upheaval. The start of the spiritual awakening will be a huge shock to the system especially if it was triggered by an event such as the loss of a loved one or a near death experience. The person going through the awakening will experience a revelation and a realization which may be very overwhelming emotionally for them and the person will start to become aware in a way they never was before. They will now begin to question things in a serious way such as life and death, the afterlife, God, spirituality, their own life and lives of others, the world they live in and themselves and the event that triggered their awakeningAwareness is now activated and the beginning of the awareness process now starts in stage 2 of the spiritual awakening.

Stage 3
Chakras begin to open. In stage 3 of the awakening the chakras will now begin to open one at a time as energy pulses through each of the 7 chakras, the energy canters of the body. The opening of each chakra will now cause the symptoms of the spiritual awakening below. The symptoms can either be mild or life affecting and it is in stage 3 where people may begin to even question their own sanity due to the intensity of the symptoms. Stage 3 of the awakening is for the most the hardest of all the stages because of the affect the symptoms can have on the person physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually. Stage 3 can be dramatic and traumatic and can take its toll on the mind and body and It can be a very confusing and disruptive time. It is in stage 3 that you will really need to take care of yourself, take lots of rest when possible and eat and drink well. If the emotional and mental symptoms of the awakening is too much to bare because of old and difficult memories cropping up or because you are doubting and worrying about what is happening to you it may help to speak to someone who can help you deal with these feelings. There are lots of spiritual forums online where you can find like-minded people to speak to if you can’t talk to anyone else at home but it is important that if stage 3 is affecting your life in such a way where you are struggling to do day to day stuff then it may be worth speaking to a GP or a Councillor because stage 3 is when you will start to take a deeper look at yourself which for some may be very hard to cope with if they already have low self- esteem, confidence and a negative view on themselves and also this stage may cause upsetting memories to resurface which may be too painful to deal with by self. Awareness continues as the chakras begin to open one by one causing many physical, emotional, mental and spiritual symptoms.

Stage 4
Healing process begins. Once the difficulties of stage 3 is almost over the person going through the spiritual awakening will now go through a healing process of the body and the mind. After all the disruption of stage 3, stage 4 will be a welcome relief. It is in stage 4 when the person will now start to accept who they are, their past, their life, their experiences and they will begin to love themselves because they will now be learning acceptance not just with themselves but with life in general without feeling bitter and resentful. They will also start to lose all the anger, hurt, pain and judgments that they have been carrying around not only at themselves but towards other people too. They will begin to see themselves, others and the world they live in, in a whole new and positive light and they may now start to change their views and opinions on life and on others that they had previously before. They are continuing to become aware and will go through a huge and positive transformation in this stage. The symptoms from stage 3 have now started to calm down but there will still be many symptoms but they should be easier to handle now as the body goes through the healing process. Awareness continues as the healing process now begins.

Stage 5
Spiritual awakening completed. In stage 5 the spiritual awakening has now completed and the person now has awareness like they have never before. This stage is a wonderful stage to be in because it will turn a person’s life around in a complete and positive way. The person will now feel happier with who they are and will accept and love who they are, they will not be quick to judge others but will now have compassion and empathy towards other people, animals and nature. In stage 5 they will have now realized that they are connected to every living thing on this planet and beyond. They will realize that nothing and no one is separate and that we were all created together by the same source, and that even though people may have different names for that source, it is still the same source which we all came from and will go back to eventually. The spiritual awakening processis now completed and although the person is now awakened they will continue to become more aware as they progress through their life learning new lessons and developing their soul but now with a new and different prospective than they had before. This spiritual awakening may reflect on them in their future lifetimes and they may find that they will be quite spiritually aware at a very young age in their next lifetime.

Symptoms of a spiritual awakening
Physical symptoms

1) Tingling hands or feet

2) Heart palpitations/racing heart

3) Tingling in the third eye area located in between the eyes

4) Warm palms or feet

5) Headaches, backaches and general aches and pains which are not caused by an illness

6) Changes in weight and eating habits

7) Food intolerance’s and allergies which was once never a problem

8) Skin eruptions, rashes, body tingling and itchy skin

9) Pain, numbness and feelings of vibration and electricity going through the body

10) Dizzy spells and a feeling of lightness

11) Feeling more tired and needing to rest a lot more than normal

12) Memory loss and forgetfulness

13) Changes in energy levels

14) A feeling of having waves of energy going through the body

15) A feeling of having brain fog

16) Feelings of pressure inside the head. Head may feel like it might explode

17) Night sweats

18) Enhancement of physical senses such as smell, sight and hearing

19) May look younger

20) Hair and nails may grow at a faster rate

21) Changes in sleep patterns. May experience restless sleep and waking up two or three times during the night

22) Changes in bowel movements. May have bouts of diarrhoea

23) Sinus and ear trouble

Emotional symptoms

1) Sudden waves of emotions

2) Sudden feelings of sadness then happiness, depression or elation

3) A feeling of being on an emotional roller coaster ride

4) Intense mood swings

5) Suppressed and forgotten memories and old stuff may suddenly resurface causing waves of sad or happy emotions

6) Emotional confusion

7) Feelings of great joy and bliss

8) Crying outbursts without a reason

9) Wanting to withdrawal from family and friends

10) Feelings of loneliness, disconnection and being different from others

11) Loss of motivation and may feel like not doing anything and feel there is no point

12) Feeling irritable, angry and impatient

13) Feeling that your life is out of control and is in a mess

Mental symptoms

1) A feeling of losing the mind

2) A feeling of going insane and losing control

3) Feelings of fear

4) May suddenly hear voices that don’t feel is coming from yourself

5) May feel like you are going crazy at times

Spiritual symptoms

1) Dreams may be more vivid and intense. May have very spiritual dreams and dreams of angels, guides and deceased loved ones

2) May suddenly be able to hear and communicate with guides, angels and deceased loved ones

3) May feel more empathetic and sensitive towards other people’s feelings

4) Questioning life and why you are here and have an intense feeling and urge to find out what your life purpose is

5) A feeling of being different suddenly from friends and family

6) May realize what your life purpose is and go on to fulfill it

7) Synchronicity and coincidences may start to occur all around you

8) A feeling of being a different person to previously

9) Paranormal activity, sensing presences, seeing guides, angels, deceased loved ones and other spirit beings and spirit lights and a higher awareness of the spiritual world

10) Feeling closer to animals and nature and at one with everything

11) Has an intense urge to find your soul mate/twin flame

12) You may start to experience conscious and spontaneous out of body experiences (OBEs)

13) Has a higher awareness, knowing and perception of things

14) You may drop old friends that you have outgrown and make new ones who feel the same way you do now

15) You may start to see colours in your mind’s eye and in peripheral vision

16) Suddenly find yourself interested in healing, crystals, tarot cards and other forms of divination and of spiritual topics

17) You may want to start taking better care of your body and start eating healthily and exercising more

18) May become aware of psychic gifts, healing abilities and other gifts that previously was unaware off and have the urge to use them

19) Has a strong urge to spread awareness and share personal experiences with others and speak your truth

20) You may experience the blue pearl-this is a tiny blue dot seen in the mind’s eye or peripheral vision or directly in front of you

21) Teachers or people who can advise and help you with your spiritual journal may suddenly turn up

22) An intense urge to discover spiritual truths and yearning for meaning and purpose

23) Wanting to make life changes, breaking old habits and routines and starting new more fulfilling things.

500daysofcarollann  asked:

I want to learn! How can learn about high frequencies/vibration and to positively used them in my life? How manifest love and light?

Know that you are already love, light, and the darkness, but you must concentrate and bring your awareness to the energies that resonates with your soul. 

I suggest reading the following articles while using your intuition to help guide you further than this blog can. It will take practice, determination, discipline and patience to vibrate within higher frequencies.