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I just get so so annoyed by people who come for the Celaena in the first ToG book. People always accuse her of Mary Sueing and not actually being as lethal as she claims and I am like have you considered the following:

-she has spent a year as a slave in Endovier

-she has had to fight every day of that year to remain sane 

-she was whipped. a lot. she was malnourished and weakened when she left the mines.

-it takes her a while to get back into shape after being a slave. like, duh. did you expect her to be killing ppl left and right as soon as she was free?? idk that would unrealistic and isn’t being unrealistic one the things that mary sues get criticized for?? hmmm? like idk u cant have it both ways. 

-the plot of the first book is not about her being an assassin. like, lol, thats part of her past and that is made explicitly clear. can u ppl even read i mean come on

-the plot it literally set up to give us a main character who has an intricate and painful backstory, i mean, her backstory is not completely clear in ToG1, but we do know that Arobyn is a dickhead and Sam is dead and that there is something else horrible lurking in her past. 

-so why are you all surprised when a 16 year old girl is happy to lounge in bed and read and flirt with the crown prince and go to balls

-she has literally been a slave for a year and before that she was an assassin like 

-so like same. fucking same. think about how u would act in her situation. u would flirt with dorian too. and chaol. and u would love nehemia. we all would. 

-can we stop expecting characters who are teenagers to act like they aren’t teenagers

-can u cut teenage girls irl slack as well

-and im sorry was Celaena’s participation in the competition to be the king’s champion not gory enough for you

-i mean is it not enough that she is supposed to kill like 20 other men

-i just…what else is she supposed to do?? she starts to learn about wyrds marks??? she is doing her part to begin the Hero’s Journey™ like ya gotta start somewhere

-again like the plot of tog1 is that she used to be an assassin as in past tense, as in, her assassinating people happened before the beginning of the book not during the book so stop complaining that she doesnt kill enough ppl?? 

-why is whether or not the main character kills anyone a legitimate complaint

-hint: it isn’t.

-there is literally a book called the assassin’s blade that makes her work as an assassin explicitly clear. and she does kill a lot of people. and at this point in time you can read the AB before Tog1 if youd like.

-please dont use the term mary sue to describe female characters. its pretty sexist tbh because we get tons of male characters in fantasy novels written by men who are idealized without ever proving their worth but i only ever see the term applied to teenage girls. like?? have u ever read the name of the wind. it is a bomb book but if u wanna talk about wish fulfillment and mary suing, Kvothe (yes his name is that pretentious) is ur fucking guy. 

-also an integral part of the mary sue trope is that the character is idealized and perfect and uh, Celaena is not perfect. Her flaws are what make her believable. I mean she has had this horrible past and she comes out of it being fairly selfish and a bit cowardly and vain. and thats just…so realistic? I mean that is how you would react if you woke up in a pool of your parents’ blood, were drowned in a river, raised from the age of 8 to be an assassin by an abusive dick wipe who claimed to love you but really just had a creepy crush on you, conditioned to mistrust everyone, had the one person you actually loved in the world be murdered, and then were sold out by your abusive assassin dad to the king who was responsible for your entire family’s death and ended up in the fucking mines as a slave. 

-I see a lot of people say that Celaena is a mary sue and then criticize her for all her flaws and im like…but the mary sue is an idealized character who has no substance to back up their perfection. Celaena cannot be a mary sue and also have all the flaws you claim she has??? that is just false logic?? in fact, Celaena has all of the substance and flaws and life experience to back up her actions and like, none of the perfection. 

-idk what to tell u other than that u have to allow female characters, especially teenage ones, the space to grow? and idk about you but i dont want to read about characters who have zero flaws? I’d rather read about celaena, queen bitchness herself, because hey you know who else is a bitch and immature a lot of the time? Me!!!! Myself!!! 

-But I’ve grown a lot and so does Celaena and idk about you but I am so here for extreme character growth over the course of 6 books like….that is so great…so many authors have flat character growth or no character growth and SJM avoids that completely by giving us a character who has so many issues and ways she could be improving herself.

-stop shitting on celaena for not being the perfect character u want her to be.



New borns and grandparents.

I’m not sure what exactly River said, but it was obviously very offensive.

To the Doctor Who fandom:

24 years is plenty of time to have and raise a child.

That is all.

Radiant in white lace, satin, and minimal underwear, Ms Boyne MuddyWater River married Mr. Murtagh FitzGibbons Fraser in a moving ceremony officiated by Reverend Roberta Burns, at Nitshill Church of Scotland, during a glorious Weekend Wedding Festival in sunny Glasgow.

Family ol’ pal Saint-Hildegard-of-Bingen of Kentucky, USA offered a stirring rendition of the Ave Maria during the signing of the register, which was not usual for a Protestant wedding, but if it was good enough for the bride’s BFF’s first wedding, it was good enough for the bride.

Ms River-Fraser wore her ol’ mither’s pearl necklace and carried a bouquet of fresh ivory roses. Her headpiece of pearls and roses accentuated her flowing chestnut brown locks. Her bridal wardrobe included a jacket made from the Official Tartan of the Province of Manitoba, Canada.

Mr. Fraser was resplendent in his family heirloom kilt and grey waistcoat under a black wedding jacket with ivory rose boutonniere. He trimmed his hair and beard, and bathed for the occasion, paying particular attention to his knees.

World-renown couturière, Madame Outlanderedandoverhere of The House of Mother of Dolls UK, designed and tailored the Frasers’ wedding fashions.

King of Men, Laird Jamie Fraser of Lallybroch in Inverness-shire, Mr. Fraser’s godson, attended his godfather.

Sassenach, Lady SindyClaire Fraser, née Beauchamp, Mr. Fraser’s goddaugther-in-law, attended Mrs. River-Fraser. The House of Mother of Dolls UK also created the younger Frasers’ ensembles.

The couple’s beloved wee cheeties Rerun and Belle served as ring bearer and flower girl, respectively. They were bored out of their minds and slept through most of the ceremony.

Several wild animals native to Manitoba, Canada completed the wedding party, adding a je ne sais quoi flavour to the day.

RCMP Sergeant Diane “Ginger of The Mounties” Ferguson commanded the elite security team. In keeping with the spirit of Canada, no shots were fired and no one raised their voice.

Mrs. River-Fraser, master lion tamer, was born and raised on the Canadian Prairie. She was educated on the banks of the river bearing her name, and later earned a PhD in Classical Bullshit from the University of Manitoba.

Mr. Fraser, warrior and sword dancer, was born and raised near Beauly in Inverness-shire. He was educated at Beaufort Castle, and later earned a PhD in Cursin’ & Sword Fightin’ from the University of Edinburgh.

Guests of the Frasers enjoyed a Meet & Greet Brunch and Shinty Shinny Tournament on the Festival grounds prior to the ceremony.

Later that evening, the party rocked on during the reception, including a seven-course dinner, a talent show, dancing, and a Manitoba Social Midnight Supper. A good time was had by all.

Very few guests’ names appeared in the next morning’s headlines.

The Frasers continue to delight in each other’s company during a honeymoon trip to undisclosed locations.

They maintain homes in Scotland and Canada, and a cool and groovy summer home is currently under construction somewhere in between.

The Frasers wish to thank all People of Earth who travelled to Glasgow to celebrate with them, and to help make Sumday, December 32, 2016, a day that could never be duplicated.

No animals were harmed during the production of this wedding.

Photos for now…

The Frasers: Madame Outlanderedandoverhere of The House of Mother of Dolls UK @outlanderedandoverhere

Wedding Rings on Fraser Modern Hunting Tartan: Ms Jem S. Corner @jemscorner

What am I looking for?

Two stories on two days? What is this, the apocalipse????

Calm down everyone. Actually this was supposed to be done A MONTH AGO.

If you made the count, you know what it means, if not I’ll tell you: THIS IS THE 6TH PROMPT FOR @starcoweek2. YES I’M A MONTH LATE.

I was almost giving up, but then… I hate to start things and never finish them, I already got to many stuff I did that *looks at the pile of fanfictions and brush aside*

Day 6 was “Song Inspired”, I got a bit of trouble to find a song to this because most of my stories are written with songs so I had way too many ideas and no idea on how to start them… That was until Lyoko decided to add a new song to the playlist in which bring me up back to the past of my childhood and the clip helped me to figured out what I wanted to do.

Also, huge thanks to @mrevaunit42 for the title lol

So here, have a journey to our childhoods and enjoy! (The link for the song is linked on the first verse, just click :D)

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Ba ba da da
Take a look at my girlfriend
She’s the only one I got (ba ba da da)
Not much of a girlfriend
I never seem to get a lot (ba ba da da, ba ba da da)

Marco called his mother to tell the news, unable to wait more. Star was setting the genre for their movie night. Every tuesday, popcorn, couch, blankets, chocolate and soda to watch at least one movie together. Neither of them knew how they started this habit, but it was set and no one would change that.

As his mother picked-up Marco was rambling happily to them and Star laughed from the living room because of his excitement.

“Marco, calm down, is there a problem? Do we need to go back?”

“No!” He laughed. He didn’t want them to get out their little vacation just because he couldn’t control his happiness, “Sorry, I got carried away”

What is it then?

His lips hurt from smiling “I got a girlfriend.”

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I want more grounder music. More songs like Take a Life With Me. Songs about love and loss, of myths and legends. I want songs about heroes and their battles; songs about Lexa. I want instruments forged from scrap metal and leather. Instruments salvaged from pre-war caches; some of which are used as designed and others repurposed to wonderful effect.

I want grounders dancing. Men dancing with men to flaunt their prowess on and off the battlefield. I want men dancing with men to fall in love and women doing exactly the same. I want grounders of all traits and clans, dancing to music that echoes and pounds inside them.

Give me grounders dancing around fire pits in the dead of night, with nothing but ale and off-key singing as accompaniment. Give me huge festivals where the music is so loud it can be heard across the seas. Show me the graceful turns and intricate footwork that only the best warriors can master. Bring the mountains down with the foot stamping in the aftermath of battle.

Show me a celebration of alliance. Show me Clarke on the outskirts of a great hall, trying to hide, mesmerised by all the dancing figures. This is not the music of the ark, or the symphonies of her ancestors the mountain men lauded so much. This music is life. It’s in her blood and making demands she doesn’t know how to assuage.

There’s a pattern to some of the madness. Grounders dance in groups and some as partners. They spin circles around each other and tattoo the flagstones with their boots. Some look locked in combat, with others showcasing that grounders love as fiercely as they fight.

But recognising the pattern and making the movements are two entirely disparate concepts. Clarke says as much when Titus asks if she’s going to join the celebration meant to honour Wanheda and her people. But curiosity does get the better of her; gaze flickering to Lexa on her throne.

Does the Commander dance? Is she like the lithe warriors whose steps would dizzy the butterflies? Or is she the kind for big and bold, and raucous singing along? Somewhere in between?

Titus raises his glass with the hall when a new chant begins that tells the story of the first grounder wars. Whether the wine or the music, or wicked mischief, a knowing smile plays around his mouth. He looks at Clarke and – barely loud enough to be heard above the descant – says, “You have seen my Heda fight, no?”

And soon she gets to see Lexa dance. Clarke is watching the footwork of a broad-backed warrior so intently, trying to shuffle her feet to the same, when Lexa is abruptly by her side. Lexa’s pupils are wide in the low light and a faint sheen of sweet has gathered at her hairline. The ‘no’ on Clarke’s lips dies before she can breathe it. Lexa has pulled her onto the dance floor. Someone has taken her drink and it’s just the two of them trapped in the press of exuberance.

Lexa can dance. Clarke can’t. She stumbles and stops and steps on Lexa’s feet often enough to be sure she’s caused lingering damage. But Lexa is eminently patient and smiling. The smile alone is enough for Clarke to persevere, even though she knows her friends are laughing at her somewhere.

The steps don’t get easier but Clarke gets steadier. It helps that Lexa’s hands are at her waist and her shoulders and low on her hips. She tucks in behind Clarke to show her how to twist one way and move her feet the other. Their dresses whirl to mad effect around their ankles. Lexa’s dress has even slipped away from one shoulder. She spins away to draw Clarke with her and Clarke is helpless but to follow.

When the humming-bird tremors of instruments fade away, Clarke stumbles to a stop in Lexa’s arms. Her hair is falling free of its intricate braid work. Her cheeks are flushed red and her mouth is open to draw rapid breaths. There’s an evanescent moment to wonder at the smile so clear in her eyes, before the drums start.

This music, Clarke can move to. This was the music her genes knew without question. She can stamp her feet and clap her hands, and lose herself in the journey back to her origins. The room is rocking off its axis with the circles they turn. But with Lexa as her fixed point on the horizon, she isn’t going to fall off the edge of the world. Or so she thinks.

Clarke was not raised among the rivers and trees like Lexa; her cousins were the stars and galaxies. She knows what happens when two bodies with immense gravitational force get too close. Light leaves the room. They’re swallowed by a vacuum where all she can hear is Lexa’s laboured breath. They’re at the event horizon of stars about to go nova. A single electron out of orbit and Clarke knows she’ll be beyond the point of no return.

Lexa saying her name pushes her too far. The slope of her shoulder and the way her ribcage expands and contracts is too much: her soft skin over lean muscle, the scent of her sweat, and her inescapable aura. All too much.

Never enough.

Somewhere between the drum beats, she yanks Lexa into a kiss that is too much teeth and too much heart. She’s going to die if she stops. If she doesn’t get her hands in Lexa’s hair and her body tucked in close, she’s going to cease to exist. If she doesn’t kiss Lexa like the world is ending, she’ll end up as one of those stars that never becomes anything more than a brief phenomenon, one soon forgotten.

Clarke isn’t ashamed of the whimper of protest that leaves the back of her throat when the kiss ends. Nor that it’s heard by the entire – now silent – hall. She’s too mesmerised by Lexa blushing to care about the grounders all hollering and whistling; or her mother’s stunned face in her periphery.

The music starts again and Lexa stumbles through the steps right along with Clarke. She’s so turned around that she gives up on the dancing entirely, drags Clarke to a secluded corner, and gets to learning the steps to an entirely new dance. And Clarke is happy to let her. She’s pretty sure she can teach Lexa a thing or two in this dance.

Roll on, rivers; raise your hands, cities! I, a faithful son of the black earth, shall return to the black earth. as if my life had not been, as if not my heart, not my blood, not my duration had created words and songs but an unknown, impersonal voice, only the flapping of waves, only the choir of winds
and the autumnal sway of the tall trees.
—  Czesław Miłosz, ‘Hymn’
Imagine Being The Eleventh Doctor and River Song’s Daughter And Your father Comforting You...

Request: Helloo! Could you please write me a fanfic where the reader is the 11th doctors and River Songs 16 year old daughter? Could it be about the daughter feeling down because she is dreading the day River has to go to the library. And then the doctor talks to her about it and makes her feel better? Lots of fluff please! Many thanks! :)

Of course! This sounds really cute! :D

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Your mother and father are currently bickering lightly over were to go to next in the Tardis. River slaps him once and you smile at them. The Doctor rubs his face lightly and looks confused for an old genius Timelord. You look down at the battered blue diary in your hands, your mom lets you read it when she’s staying in the Tardis, but whenever she leaves she takes it with her.

“She needs to learn about archeology!”

“Archeology is boring!”

Skimming through the pages you realize it was starting to get filled up. Only a few more pages left for a few more stories. The Doctor told you what it meant awhile ago… He told you what happens to her at that stupid vastra nerada infested library. No, you don’t want your mom to die! She can’t! Tears fill your eyes and land on the diary. You sniffle.

Your parents look at you worriedly. River is the first at your side, her arm wraps around your shoulders and she rubs it soothingly. Next your father sits down on your other side.

“Sweetie, what’s wrong?” Your mom asks. You shake your head.

“Okay fine. We can go to that fancy smancy museum if you really want to. I was only teasing,” your dad lightly nudges your elbow.

You look at him and glance down at the diary in your hands. He picks up on the hint. Leaning over to look at River he tilts his head to the side. River rolls her eyes and kisses your temple. She leaves the console room, probably going to screw up the Doctor’s color coordinated beloved bowtie collection… Again.

Once you were alone you hug the Doctor tightly.

“I don’t want her to go to the library,” you whisper. The Doctor pats your back.

“I know, pumpkin. I know. I can’t change it. I’m sorry,” he whispers.

“What are we going to do?” 

“She’s not going to go to the library immediately. She still has some wiggle room,” the Doctor pokes your side and earns a small grin.

“I wish it didn’t have to happen…”

“We have to move on as long as we remember who we once knew. It’s not goodbye if we remember them. With that being said the timelines are flexible,” he winks at you. You wipe your eyes and lean your head against his shoulder and he rests his head on top of yours.

“Isn’t that what they always say?”

“They always say it cause it’s true! Wait… They don’t always- Never mind. Your mom’s going to be around for a long time that’s all you have to know. She’s not going to leave for a very long time. Timelines,” the Doctor says.

“Thank you, dad,” you smile. He kisses the top of your head.

“That’s what dads are for! Wanna go to the science museum we’ve been talking about?”

“I said no!” River shouts from the corridors. She races over to the Doctor and hits him. He jumps. “We’re taking her to the Archeology conference THEN science museum.”

“I am the Time lord here!” The Doctor stands up and faces River. River raises her eyebrows and purses her lips. The Doctor quickly runs over to the console room.

“To the Archeology thing…” He grumbles.

You stand up and look down at the diary. You look up at your mother who’s piloting the Tardis. Your father elbows you and gestures towards River.

“Time machine. Time travelers. We got the whole world to see before River goes to the library.” You hug him tightly.

“I love you, dad.”

“I love you too, pumpkin.”

“I love you, mom!” You call out to your mom. She turns and smiles at you.

“You better love me cause I love you too.”

You and the Doctor both pilot the Tardis to the conference place so River doesn’t murder your father before their next date.

Types as LOTR moments (movie edition)
  • ISTP: Aragorn kills The Mouth of Sauron
  • ESTP: Legolas shield-surfs down the stairs in Helm's Deep
  • INTP: The Entmoot
  • ENTP: Pippin looks into the palantir
  • INFP: Frodo volunteers to take the ring to Mordor
  • ENFP: Bilbo's speech and disappearance on his birthday
  • ISFP: Arwen raises the river and defeats the black riders
  • ESFP: Èowyn kills The Witch King of Angmar
  • ISFJ: Faramir decides to let Frodo go
  • ESFJ: Sam carries Frodo to Mount Doom
  • ISTJ: Boromir's last fight
  • ESTJ: Narsil is re-forged and brought to Aragorn
  • INTJ: The Council of Elrond
  • ENTJ: Gandalf defeats Balrog
  • INFJ: Sméagol banishes Gollum
  • ENFJ: The last march of the ents
‘Doctor Who: Extremis’ Review


For some reason, I kept hearing the opening strains of Queen’s ‘Bohemian Rhapsody’ on rewatches of this episode.  The song is particularly fitting to a Doctor about to regenerate.  There are some questions raised by tonight’s episode, and there are a few things answered as well.  What we end up with though sets up the rest of the season and defines the Doctor we see.

At last, the question of how did Nardole come to be in the company of the Doctor is answered.  Again raising the specter of River Song, it is revealed that she sent Nardole with a message to the Doctor at the moment of Missy’s potential execution.  Now, of course, we knew that the Doctor wouldn’t really go through with the execution (would he?)  It is nice to see that relationship reveal itself again.  Far too often the Master and Missy get cast as the crazed villain.  Certainly, that is an aspect of the character that cannot be ignored.  But the joy of the original Master/Doctor pairing, Roger Delgado and Jon Pertwee, was the underlying friendship of the two.   Yes, The Master was up to no good, but it was the Doctor’s job to scold him more than stop him.  There have been hints of that relationship with Michelle Gomez and Peter Capaldi and the execution scene is a payoff to those hints.  We have the set up that Missy (and most probably her predecessor) will end up helping the Doctor through this threat to the world.

The other dimension to the episode is the threat to the world itself.  I like the idea of someone setting up a simulation to see how they would conquer the world.  It’s probably the most realistic invasion I’ve ever seen depicted in sci-fi.  It also gives the Doctor a chance to define himself again.  Even as a simulation, there is no reason he cannot be the Doctor.  I can’t quite avoid the comparison of the Monks to the Silence though.  I hope that we end up with a stronger threat that that.  

The episode leaves the mystery of the Vault behind as well.  And it’s time for it to be done (I’d even argue that we might have waited a bit too long).  I understand that the first part of the series was devoted to establishing Bill as the companion, but throwing something big and mysterious that is touched on without much detail can rob from the rest of the story going on.  You can end up with your audience so focused on that one element that they don’t see the rest of the story and leave disappointed.  Is it just Missy in there?  Who knows, but now it doesn’t really matter anyway.  

LOVELY DUWANG, In (River City) Sprite Form!
Click on it to see it in it’s true colors. Literally. Damn Tumblr Blurriness.

River City\Kunio is about delinquents, Jojo is about delinquents, SEEMS LIKE A MATCH MADE IN HEAVEN. Yukako is actually a last second addition. The right side felt too “empty” by my tastes, and originally she was gonna be hiding behind the tree. But I figured theres no reason for her to hide anymore, they probably told her to meet them at Angelo Stone. Which would also explain Koichi’s big ol smile there. Also Jotaro is still annoyed at his uncle saying hi to a guy he murdered and turned into rock.


I also wanted to raise awareness that a new River City Ransom game called “River City Tokyo Rumble” came out on the 3ds recently! (Available on the Eshop and various online retailers). I made another post on that, Read about it HERE. Check it out!