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I’ve gotta know.

I’ve never been an online active member of the Doctor Who fandom until recently.

Raise of hands, how many Whovians believe or are convinced that Alex Kingston and Matt Smith have had some sort of affair? Because I bloody well am.

@phosphorescent-naidheachd replied to your post “inspired by the prompt/response made here (x); Ageswap au, where…”

This is ADORABLE. The only question is whether Qui-Gon’s actions are all part of his Evil Plot to Get His Two Padawans to Bond or not. ;-)

thanks! The answer to that question is a little of column A and a little of column B xD

It’s less that Qui-Gon wants his former and current padawans to bond and more that he wants Anakin to adjust to the situation? The moment Qui-Gon realized Anakin would be around the Temple, he went “Ah. I have a new padawan. Anakin will have a negative response to this. If we’re all on a mission together, Anakin is more likely to adjust than go off and sulk and be resentful about it.”

He’s kind of trying to push Anakin through the ‘separation/grieving process’ as he understands it, and establish Obi-Wan as a fellow Jedi rather than the opposition/rival for Qui-Gon’s attention. If Anakin has to bond with Obi-Wan in order for that to happen, then fine, whatever. As long as Anakin doesn’t try to fill Obi-Wan’s head with any of his strange ideas, Qui-Gon won’t mind this attachment business so much. Maybe Anakin having more attachments in the Temple would be a good thing, now that he’s a Knight.

Little does Qui-Gon know, but his shiny new Temple-raised padawan is also attachment-happy. Oops.

To the Doctor Who fandom:

24 years is plenty of time to have and raise a child.

That is all.

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I’m aware 75 followers is not a thing worth celebrating but I missed my 50 follower milestone and I have a feeling I’ll miss my 100. It just so happened I noticed I’m at 75. Good enough! And thank you to all of my current followers!

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I am not endorsed by Natsume nor Arc System Works in any way. I’m just a dude that likes Kunio\River City

LOVELY DUWANG, In (River City) Sprite Form!
Click on it to see it in it’s true colors. Literally. Damn Tumblr Blurriness.

River City\Kunio is about delinquents, Jojo is about delinquents, SEEMS LIKE A MATCH MADE IN HEAVEN. Yukako is actually a last second addition. The right side felt too “empty” by my tastes, and originally she was gonna be hiding behind the tree. But I figured theres no reason for her to hide anymore, they probably told her to meet them at Angelo Stone. Which would also explain Koichi’s big ol smile there. Also Jotaro is still annoyed at his uncle saying hi to a guy he murdered and turned into rock.


I also wanted to raise awareness that a new River City Ransom game called “River City Tokyo Rumble” came out on the 3ds recently! (Available on the Eshop and various online retailers). I made another post on that, Read about it HERE. Check it out!

anonymous asked:

Tell me about kovarian. She didn't need river to be in the space suit for it to shoot the dr, yet she made river go in anyways. Was it punishment? Entertainment? "We were always coming for you melody pond" Was she obsessed with river in some way? Discuss

I think it was both; Madame Kovarian broke away from her own church, her whole belief system and the people surrounding her (implied by Tasha Lem’s knowledge of the Church), to take Melody Pond and create a weapon.

She also teamed herself with a race that could easily kill her. So she had a lot riding on this plan, plus she did raise River for at least six years and I know it wasn’t exactly a nice childhood but she presumably spent time with this child.

Because of this I believe that she would have been angry that Melody didn’t do as she was told and as Kovarian does appear quite sadistic (seen in the way she’s patronising to Amy whilst she’s in labour) I think it would be entertaining for Kovarian to see River so distressed.

I also believe that she did need a body, instead of the suit being almost sentient I think that River was heavily influenced by the Silence and forced to kill the Doctor, much like Canton straightened the Doctor’s tie.

But yes I think it was entertainment for Madame Kovarian and punishment for River. Kovarian is definitely obsessed.

Types as LOTR moments (movie edition)
  • ISTP: Aragorn kills The Mouth of Sauron
  • ESTP: Legolas shield-surfs down the stairs in Helm's Deep
  • INTP: The Entmoot
  • ENTP: Pippin looks into the palantir
  • INFP: Frodo volunteers to take the ring to Mordor
  • ENFP: Bilbo's speech and disappearance on his birthday
  • ISFP: Arwen raises the river and defeats the black riders
  • ESFP: Èowyn kills The Witch King of Angmar
  • ISFJ: Faramir decides to let Frodo go
  • ESFJ: Sam carries Frodo to Mount Doom
  • ISTJ: Boromir's last fight
  • ESTJ: Narsil is re-forged and brought to Aragorn
  • INTJ: The Council of Elrond
  • ENTJ: Gandalf defeats Balrog
  • INFJ: Sméagol banishes Gollum
  • ENFJ: The last march of the ents

Poster from 1999 play by underground writer / director David N. Donihue

Below is a collection of works and hard to find memorabilia taken from 20 years of Donihue’s writing and directing of poems, plays, films and music videos. Below is taken from a series of articles and a couple photos from Donihue’s own private collection.

Donihue was born in rural Eastern Washington and raised near the Green River Killer in Auburn, Washington. He started writing plays that were performed for 45 cents in his back yard and local parks when he was as young as seven. His first film was made when he was eleven, utilizing a rented video camera and two borrowed VCR’s with stereo cables. His father was a pastor. His mother, a well known Christian Devotional author. 

The controversial writer got his first negative reviews at the age of 15, when he was nearly expelled from his conservative town’s high school for writing the below story -

MR. CLOWN (1990, Age 15)

Mr. Clown was a happy clown.
He loved making children happy.
And they were happy and the parents were happy.
And everyone was happy.

Until Mr. Clown realized he could no longer please children.

They wanted to be transformers and deformers and things with no form whatsoever.
And so then the children were unhappy and the parents were unhappy.

Until Mr. Clown decided to blow himself up into many little pieces and then
the children were happy and the parents were happy and Mr. Clown never had to be sad again.

The End.

Donihue handled the rejection of his early art well yet refused to take another writing course again. It should be noted, he was later nominated for a Film Fare Award for his writing on Parzania, the highest honors in India and one of the largest international awards one can receive. The film, was an anti-religious violence piece.

By his mid teens, Donihue was writing feature length plays. During these years, Donihue began to work graveyard shifts at a local college radio station, KGRG-FM, as an overnight DJ.

There, he became obsessed with experimental music and film, and directed a series of student films. These included Anthony’s Apocalypse and Inside Anthony’s World. During this era, at age 18, he wrote Hold My Hand & Tell Me I’m Not Insane, a comedy-drama about a young playwright whose scripts follow his life, yet later dictate it. The play was produced in Seattle with its premiere at the Scottish Rite Hall on Capitol Hill.

During his early twenties, Donihue wrote, directed, acted in and produced a string of independent plays within the northwest including Hey Baby Do Ya Wanna Come Back To My Place and Justify My Existence, and another pop psychology comedy Brain Aches And The Quest For Redemption Of A Telephone Psychic as well as the forty-minute short film Love Me Tender, Pay Me Well.

In 1998 Donihue began performing under the stage name Punko and released an indie album titled The Day Bob Went Electric. The comedicly performed yet earnest album garnered regional radio and Donihue continued to perform the sad and sweet parody like tunes until his final show at sxsw in 2007.


projections (1997)
you expect me to become what you project

my eyes are drifting to the clouds once again

I see the colorless planet and am ashamed

I see the vibrant vivid crashing rain

crashing down with sincerity

why does it take pain to 

transcend us a bit of honesty 

in this day and age

and all of my daydreams come crashing in

singing dum dee da lum dum dum dee lumm dum

and all of your projections threaten to transend

screaming dum de da lum dumand 

all of my daydreams function once again
run in the sunshinelike 

your drift in the daydream light

like that colorless drifting look in your eyes

I’m still the same no matter what you bring to my life

I’m still the same I can drift inside

on account (1997)
on account that your strung out and

there’s no doubt I lost my mind

I’m a tripper & a spinner & I’m stuck on overdrive

I’m a preacher and a seeker 

like watching Jimmy kiss the sky

And all about that day & how you sat me down 

& changed my life

There’s no reason to be seasoned 

if you’ve seen the world flash by

Look at what’s going on

Yet they are strong

He’s my brother like a summer like a daydream whitworth time

He’s a prisoner and I miss him wonder who he’ll be next time

He’s a liver & a giver & I’m sorta trapped inside

Look at what’s going on

Yet they are strong

I’ve seen all the young idealist turn into what they despise

I’ve seen all my daydreams take me right on through this daylight life

I’ve seen people try to heal me just so they could feel alive

Donihue during this era directed the little seen feature The Humanity Experiment.

In 2005, Donihue wrote and produced the first “non-trippy” film of his career, Parzania. It was directed by Rahul Dholakia.

The internationally acclaimed feature was nominated for the eastern hemispheres Oscars, the film fare award for Best Picture and Best Screenplay and Best Story. Leads Sarkia and Naseeruddin took home Best Actor Nominations. The film is considered by many accounts, to be one of the most controversial films in the eastern hemisphere.[8]

The English language thriller, based on the true story of the Gujarat Riots of 2002, was initially banned in India, caused a storm of protests and bomb threats, and later garnered praise from the New York Times, Variety, Indiewire and many others.[9] It was shown in New York as part of the Museum of Modern Arts’ India Now film exhibition.[10] Donihue was nominated for Filmfare Awards for Best Screenplay and Best Story for Parzania. The film won the Screen Gem Award for Best Picture.

While at the same time, he was developing something revolutionary -

In 2010 Donihue’s epic four and a half hour interactive choose your own adventure film The Weathered Underground was released by Indican starring Heroes Brea Grant. The comic book inspired picture went on to become a small cult classic and is now shown as part of curriculum at many of the worlds best film schools. Considered one of the most daring voices to come out of the independent underground film scene, 

in 2014 Donihue directed another socially driven action comedy, The Bang Brokers, which is currently headed for distribution.

Mr. Donihue’s love for music driven short films continues, having recently directed over 30 music videos / short films in the last two years for EDM acts such as Moguai, Mark Sixma, Thomas Gold and EDM legend John Dahlback.

Below is a collection of poems and stills from the music videos from the last two years.

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Opening Night

34 songs

1. Meet Me In The City
Introduces The River album
2. The Ties That Bind
3. Sherry Darling
4. Jackson Cage
5. Two Hearts (W/ It Takes Two ending)
6. Independence Day
7. Hungry Heart
8. Out in the Street
9. Crush On You
10. You Can Look (But You Better Not Touch)
11. I Wanna Marry You (W/ Here She Comes intro)
12. The River
13. Point Blank
14. Cadillac Ranch
15. I’m A Rocker
16. Fade Away
17. Stolen Car
18. Ramrod
19. The Price You Pay
20. Drive All Night
21. Wreck on the Highway
22. Badlands
23. Wrecking Ball
24. Backstreets
25. Because The Night
26. Brilliant Disguise
27. The Rising
28. Thunder Road
29. Rebel Rebel
30. Bobby Jean
31. Dancing in the Dark
32. Born To Run
33. Rosalita (Come Out Tonight)
34. Shout

PLL Season 5 Episode 15 "Fresh Meat"

Toby in his uniform! Don’t think I’ll ever get over how hot he looks!


“Wow, you’re a really good liar.” -Some guy to Aria.

Jason having Hanna’s mom tell Alison he isn’t there..

Aria’s meltdown..

“I won’t have someone there to look after me..” Caleb to Spencer.


Aria’s letter..


CALEB’S LOCKED IN THE FURNACE(whatever it’s called)!!
saw that coming.. but still get him out of there!


Emily having a breakdown.

“If you thought that, you would have did it the first time.” -Spencer to Toby.

“You once told me I could tell you anything..” -Spencer to Toby.


Aria’s letter coming back to haunt her already..