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Ok followers who don’t have an interest in Star Wars: I know you have been sticking it out for me for a long time…but you also know that I am a certified Star Wars Hoe™. And I truly mean this when I say that Star Wars: Episode VIII-The Last Jedi (2017) is my reason to inhale and exhale every damn day. It’s going to be a wild ride tomorrow, so I’m going to need y'all to buckle up! Because when that trailer drops it’s going to kill me instantly while raising me from the dead at the same time.

between the devil & the deep blue sea (m)


Words: 28,455. (rip)

Genre: Pirate Jimin au + smut, fluff, angst.

Paring: Jimin x Reader.

Summary: “No matter the endeavour you were on, no matter the storms you encountered on rocky seas, or the possible threat of encountering blood-thirsty pirates, no one intrigued you or intimidated you more than the thought of him, of Park Jimin, the most notorious of pirates, the most brutal of men, the devil incarnate.”

Fantasy Collab

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We are an evil group (that are all effective level 12) centered around a baby white dragon (player character) and most of us are dragon blooded of some kind or another.

We encountered an adult black dragon who was rambling on about how we were trespassing but that he needed help getting rid of a problem in his warren and so forth.

During the middle of this monologue our kobold necromancer stands up without warning and says, “I cast shivering touch on the black dragon”

DM: “… What?!?”
Necromancer: “I cast shivering touch on the dragon”
DM: “ok… Make a caster level check.”
Necromancer: rolls a nat 20
DM *in astonishent* “wow… Well he falls into the swamp below him as he freezes”
Necromancer: *turns to my half white dragon kobold and hand him a rope* “tie this to my leg”

My character does so and the necromancer then proceeds to swan dive off the bridge till he’s hanging just above the water upside down and casts raise legion on anything dead in the swamp within range and commands all of the undead to start killing each other.
He has a special ability where any undead he raises explodes with negative energy damage when they die.

Our DM was so shocked we had to take a half hour break so he could collect himself cuz we just destroyed his quest.

TLDR: our tiny squishy insane kobold necromancer pretty much one shoted an adult black dragon with shivering touch and exploding undead.

And that’s not even the craziest thing this group has done.


Yes dude, we ship them because Tom’s a guy and it’s gay, not because….

1. They have chemistry

2.  They have ROMANTIC chemistry

3. Marco is the only character who so far knows how to properly handle Tom’s emotions and issues. And his only real supporting friend.

4. They have shared interests and problems.

 5. They sang a dang romantic duet together.

6. One literally raised the dead for the other just to make them happy.

7. Their dynamic is highly interesting and their interactions are fun to watch.

8. The show actually makes these weird hints of a romance between them.



They have a building relationship that the show took time on, they didn’t just become friends right off the bat,  which means it’ll come into play in the future with more episodes.

and that’s without mentioning the fact that gay couples have kissed on this show and that the crew likes this ship as well.

Yes dude, you really nailed us tomco shippers down. -_-

If you wish to respect us for our ship, then calling our ship “Bad” and making assumptions as to why we ship it is not the right way of doing it. 

If you wanna know why someone ships something, you ask them, you don’t assume anything.

Things You Might have Forgotten About PJO

- the Stolls aren’t twins
- Thalia has freckles
- Nico almost told Atlas to shove his army up his ass
- Thalia is afraid of heights
- Sally turned Gabe into a statue and sold him
- Percy always got jealous when Annabeth thought/talked about Luke
-Hedge wrote a letter to Grover
- Grover wore a wedding dress
- Rachel threw a blue plastic hair brush at Kronos
- Nico raised the dead with McDonalds
-Black Jack was originally written as a girl
-Annabeth kissed Percy in the fourth book
- Annabeth was really good at hacky sack

Modern Witches

Cackling Witch: will take your dank memes in exchange for favors, you can get that invisibility power you always wanted but can’t laugh at Pepe ever again

Fortune Teller: works for prediction websites, uses statistics to win fantasy football, will spoil the seasonal finale of your favorite show if you piss her off

Potion Master: works either at pharmacy’s or fast food restaurants where she uses the soda machine to mix draughts and the frier as a ‘bubling’ cauldron

Necromancer: gave up raising the dead and now works in IT, brings dead computers back to life because it pays better

Astral Witch: works at an online horoscope magazine, blogs about alien sightings, can help you astral project into the next town over to fight your shadow self

Solitary Forest Hag: is a top-tier level gamer since she doesn’t leave her house at all, vapes and makes hemp bracelets on the side

Spell Caster: has her own website called ‘WillCurse4Bitcoins,’ under the table deals in your local Denny’s for magic computer viruses that make your enemies default browser be Pornhub

Creating A Clever Trap...

When the characters fall prey to a trap, they’re usually unprepared, unwary, or outclassed.

Players take great pride in getting past traps, because they think that means they’re smarter than the makers of the dungeon.

Conversely, they feel a little bit embraased when they walk right into the trap.

To see all the parts of a great dungeon trap, look to a real-world example: the mousetrap.

A mousetrap has three parts: the bait, the trigger, and the illusion of safety.

The mouse is attracted by the bait (some cheese), trips the trigger (a pressure sensitive neck-breaker), and is stunned when it happens (since the neck-breaker seems far removed from the cheese).

Although your PCs are (hopefully) a bit smarter than mice, the same principles apply.

The bait should always be something the PCs want.

Before you flip to the treasure chapter in the Dungeon Master’s Guide, think a little deeper about what they really want. They want experience. They want to conserve their resources.

Most importantly, they want to feel comfortable breaking into something’s lair and killing it.

These characters are easy to motivate, because simply presenting a door plays into the PCs’ expectation that they can walk unimpeded through a dangerous area.

The trap’s trigger can be magical, mechanical, or both.

Almost any spell or device can become a trap if given some thought.

Even the raise dead spell can trigger the revival of something the PCs want to stay dead.

If your PCs can shrug off the damage from a crossbow trap, set up a ballista trap.

The best triggers are ones that create some amusing, embarrassing, or otherwise memorable victimization, such as a hidden catapult that propels a PC into a freezing cold river.

The illusion of safety is the most important element.

A trap should go off when the PCs are comfortable with their situation.

A rickety bridge spanning a crevasse does not appear safe, but a door on which the PCs have already disabled a trap with a low DC does.

Put them on guard when their guard is down, and knock them off guard when their guard is up.

For more on the making of traps, see the Dungeon Master’s Guide for 5th Edition…

My 13 year old is just getting into TWD. Been waiting for her to be old enough to see past the scary zombies and fall in love with the characters.

Mind you, I did not groom her in anyway or tell her anything about the show besides I thought she would like it.

When she was done with the first season I asked her how she liked it.

“Rick is hot!” She told me.

Season 3, I asked her for an update on her thoughts.

“Michonne is a beast and Rick is still super hot!”

Now she’s in season 6 and I asked her who her favorite is.

“I can’t decide between Michonne or Rick.”

I got teary-eyed (because soon she won’t have to decide between the two) and was like

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I hate how the show frames Steven as the moral center of the universe but then whenever he fucks up it’s “but he’s just a kid!”

Marco, Star, Dipper, and Mabel, for instance all mess up and has the narriative acknowledge that they mess up. Mabel is impulsive and doesn’t always think things out. Star’s a massive, selfish hypocrite who’s incredibly irresponsible. Marco doesn’t always know what’s best in every situation and often fails to think outside the box. Dipper raised the dead. They all face consequences and get scolded, but they learn and it ultimately helps them become better people.

But Steven? Steven’s always right. He was right to befriend Lapis, Peridot, the cluster, centipeetle,  his racist uncle. Lapis sucking it up in order to befriend somebody who she wanted nothing to do with was presented as the right thing to do. The water spire was going to collapse anyway. Jasper, Bismuth, and Eyeball were all shown to be “in the wrong” (#bismuthwasright). He’s always there to provide the morals for Pearl, Amethyst, Ruby, Sapphire, Greg, the Pizza Wars, whatever. He’s potrayed as this perfect child that can do not wrong and it was endearing way back in CheeseBurger Backpack but now that the show is covering serious topics like bigotry and abuse it simply just doesn’t work and ends up being more less Plebcomics For Kids.