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An awesome article by the BBC about the Hombres Tejedores (translated from Spanish).

These men knit in public to try and combat gender stereotypes and inequality. They also raise money to be able to travel and teach others this skill.

“These activities will allow us to continue working for a kinder society, where a job as beautiful as fabric should not only be associated with the feminine gender”

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can you explain the bus thing in skam? like why are they so obsessed over busses,, is that a thing in norway

lmaO basically when ur a senior in high school you just kinda party non stop from may 1-17 (even though you have school and exams during that time) and people go All Out with it and get these party busses and it’s very Extra

Story Time

There are so many fucked up things in the world, and these things like to shit on me and my family relentlessly, but we’re okay lol

Anyways, there were these people who raised money for my brother’s brain injury recovery, and when it was done we heard nothing about the money again lol. Like they literally took it and never gave it to my family. My dad went to school with them.

How fucked is that, you know? Lol

The triplets have been tricked into signing a contract that forces them to return their debt plus 1000% interest within 5 days. They try to raise the money, but don’t know what to do more than gather a little cash from simple chores around the neighborhood. And Donald is penniless.
They go to Scrooge despite knowing he’ll probably chew them out for being irresponsible with money, but the lecture is shelved for the time being because once he reads the contract he’s furious, and ‘how dare anyone try to cheat his family and think they can get away with it!’

the only reason i don’t really talk abt hormones or raising money to start them is bc i’m not in a safe environment to start doing that whatsoever and don’t have that kinda job security

Hey so y’all know that I’m writing this graphic novel series. Finally got the script done and sent to my illustrator next steps are creating the website to raise money and stuff. So part of that is creating content about the universe to get people interested and i really love when stuff explores darker themes so I’m writing a piece about a fallen angel named Sariel who inhabits different human bodies and every time he dies he ends up at the Pearly Gates rejected all over again and in a new body.

I am really stuck on a reason why he would have fallen. I don’t want him to have fallen with Lucifer and the rest of the Angels who rebelled because I feel like he would have just ended up in hell with them.

Any suggestions?

mod v

the cringemas charity livestream saved my life and here is why

  • ‘here’s our first guest, markiplier. no, you’re not mark- yeah’ [jack walks onscreen]
  • is felix racist? donate to the charity to find out
  • jack getting a christmas tree shape waxed into his leg
  • jack slapping felix’s ass and then ‘i’ve been kissing felix’s ass for years, might as well do it physically’
  • jack singing
  • cryaotic reading pewdiecry fanfic with felix for 5 minutes and then leaving
  • ‘shut the fuck up. it’s cooking time’
  • mark and jack nominating septiplier for the cringiest fandom
  • ‘i’ve always wanted to see you fist a cake’
  • mark doing an interpretive dance in an inflatable snowman costume
  • pj: ‘watch out for this bag of trash’ jack: ‘who, mark?’
  • jack doing both of mark’s laughs
  • ‘the stuff in this fell out somewhere. i dunno where it went.’ [camera zooms in on the piece of paper behind jack’s feet]
  • jack doing a little irish jig and kicking felix in the knees on purpose and them getting into a mock tussle
  • the kisses
here’s how to get that raise

1. You have been an achiever, not merely a doer

  • Building on resume crafting 101 and ace cover letter writing, which you used to land this job, your proposal for a raise should highlight the ways that you have been an achiever for your organization — as opposed to merely a doer.  
  • A doer is someone who focuses on tasks, while achievers focus on results.

2. You’ve got a “no job too big, no job too small” attitude

  • Beyond the results of your work, you’ll want to be able to highlight your affable, reliable nature.
  • Find ways to demonstrate that you have been the embodiment of an easy-to-work-with “no job too big, no job too small” colleague and employee.
  • Didn’t buckle under the weight of three co-workers works sliding down to you when they all took ill-planned vacation the same week? Terrific.
  • Point that out in a positive way, by showing how you enhanced and improved the workload you were given.

3. Your collegial corridor behavior is impeccable

  • Now, it’s not going to floor anyone if your top reasons for a raise are that you’re nice, prompt and prepared. Those are usually assumed in a workplace.
  • But the lack of those qualities and behaviors could keep you from a raise.
  • Getting the work done, reliably and on time, you may get outshone by a co-worker who is campaigning for attention. 
  • But over time, your steady work will be recognized. So don’t get sucked into workplace politics.

4. You’ve demonstrated growth — and you’re still growing

  • Everyone progressively improves over time, but that doesn’t mean you can’t stop and take measure right now. 
  • Find examples of ways you have already become an asset to the company — and will doubtlessly become more valuable as you learn and grow further.

5. You’re a creator and innovator

  • If you’ve created something new — a new product, a new protocol, a new system, even, perhaps a new job for yourself — you’re on track for a raise.

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Antoine Griezmann poses with a flower bouquet after being pranked on TV

Every 28th of December, Spain celebrates ‘El Día de los Inocentes’ which is a kind of April Fools Day. On that day, the “Inocente Inocente” Institution makes a Fundraising gala on TV for Children with diverse problems. Last year they raised 1,150,000€ for those kids. In the gala they show pranks they’ve played on famous people during the year, and this year Antoine will be one of the pranked people.

It’s quite often that they play pranks on football players, and sometimes it’s even their own teammates who help to make those pranks:

2007: Iker Casillas
2008: David Villa
2010: Raul Albiol and Alvaro Arbeloa
2010: Jose Antonio Reyes (Accomplice: Kun Agüero)
2012: Radamel Falcao (Accomplice: Adrian Lopez)
2013: Thibaut Courtois (Accomplice: Koke)

2016: Antoine Griezmann is invited to a radio show to discuss the new UEFA rules, what he doesn’t know it’s that a female football association will appear on the show to claim equal rights. HIs reaction will be aired next Wednesday.

Hey guys!!

So yep! I’m moving out of my parents house and it’s about time! I’ve been dying to do this for years, but I never could save up the money nor could I as an 18 year old with a part time job afford to do. But me and two friends have decided that we are sick of our abusive parents and that we need to get out, and quick.

All three of us have jobs, but they are all part time jobs being that we all have classes, which means we only make about $200 every two weeks. And while that’s enough to rent a place we fall a little short on the down payment plus pet deposit ( one dog and a snake ). So I’m here to ask out of the kindness of your hearts to commission me.

I can do anything from sketches to paintings to digital art. Prices vary depending on the complexity of what your wanting and the character.

But I do understand that not everyone can afford to commission me so if you can’t please please reblog this. 

and if you can and are wanting to commission me please contact me through Tumblrs messenger or through asks.


Water colour paintings

Digital paintings

please please please reblog this post for me 


Employers nationwide gave raises to avoid paying overtime. Now they’re taking them back.

  • In 2014, Obama boosted the minimum level of income workers can earn without being entitled to overtime pay. 
  • The Department of Labor rule change meant anyone making $47,476 or less could get overtime pay after they worked 40 hours in a week. 
  • An estimated 4.2 million American workers were set to benefit from the rule change, to the tune of $470 million. 
  • Some businesses, however, sought to sidestep the change by bumping their employees up past the $47,476 mark.
  • Then, about a week before the rules would have gone into effect on Dec. 1, a federal judge in Texas issued an injunction, blocking the change nationwide.
  • He decided the Obama administration was overreaching its authority.
  • Employers across the country, though, reacted by taking back the raises. Read more
Vet Bills

As per my usual I will be opening up commissions to help pay for Momo’s vet bills, she will most likely need a DES Implant (yearly at minimum), and she is also grinding her teeth (ulcer? pain? etc) and will probably be tested for other issues such as Insulinoma etc. 

Cartoons will be available for $15 (for one) and they will look like this, any additional pets will cost full price at $30. Any animal of your choosing, cell shading, high rez. They will be in this style only as it makes it easier for mass production if I focus on one style. 

Thank you for your time, reblogs would be appreciated. I’m just trying to do my best for my animal family, as I’ve mentioned many times on this blog before. Thank you for understanding! 

Holding a Bake Sale for a Cause

Step One: Choose a Cause

Raise money for a charity near and dear to you.  Spend the money on coloring books for a local children’s hospital or toiletries for a homeless shelter.  Whatever you choose to do, make sure it’s something that’s important to you.  Make a donation jar to set out on your table for people who may want to donate but not buy anything.

Step Two: Choose a Time and Place

Whether it’s in your front yard or you ask a local business to hold your bake sale out front, make sure that you choose a spot that’s easy to get to and has a lot of traffic.  Local grocery stores are a great option, and they’re usually super willing to help you out, especially if the cause is something that will help others in the community.  

Note: It’s also important to have a table and some chairs readily available.  If you don’t have any on hand, ask friends and/or family if they have some you can borrow.  If need be, some places will rent out a table and chairs for occasions such as these.

Step Three: Advertise

Create posters to pass out and hang around your town.  If you have a large network on social media, a Facebook event wouldn’t be a bad idea, either.  Make sure you mention the cause, the time and place, and who any interested parties can contact to help out or ask questions.  

Step Four: BAKE!

An important part of advertising is getting people to pledge to make baked good donations for the event.  Ask friends and family if they’d like to help out.  Make sure you let them know when and where to bring anything they might bake.  You should also try to have a variety of items; if you already have people making chocolate chip cookies, maybe ask someone to make cupcakes or a pie.

Step Four Point Two: Setting Prices

Setting uniform pricing is very important for a successful bake sale.  If you’re not sure what to price things, you can make everything ‘by donation only,’ so that potential customers can make their own price points. 

Step Five: Have your Bake Sale

Start off with a change box/bag with a small amount of change in it and get to selling!