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Now i'm intrigued lol, can you tell us about fenrir?

Ahhh, Fenrir’s betrayal and binding, or one of the times we see the Allfather’s limitations. The gods are not omniscient or omnipotent, and even the Master of the Runes cannot escape the fate laid before him by the Norns. Sometimes, the steps taken to escape prophecy only result in bringing about what was seen. 

As I said before, Fenrir was the son of Loki and  Angrboða. Even as a pup he was immense, the size of a pony, and when the gods came to take the children of Loki back to Asgard he was not afraid, and ran happily to meet them. He and Tyr, especially, took to each other and played happily the whole trek back to the halls of Asgard. 

Now, we go back, to when Odin, in his relentless quest for wisdom and knowledge, journeyed to the gates of Hel and raised the spirit of a volva (witch woman, a seeress and sorceress) to interrogate her. She tells him many things, including the eventual coming of Ragnarok, and what will transpire there. And here she speaks prophecy to Odin of his own death, to quote; 

“When Odin fares to fight the wolf and the illustrious Bane of Beli to battle with Surt, Frigg’s lover (Odin) will then fall.”

Odin later uses his own gifts of prophecy to cast his vision forward to this moment, and sees the white teeth and burning eyes of Fenrir, the last thing he will ever see. 

It is to avert this, and the death of his son with his wife Frigg, the god of light and joy Balder, that he strives. 

When the gods bring Fenrir before Odin, he looks upon the wolf and sees his death. Fenrir swears that he is a friend to the gods, and especially to Tyr, but Odin is haunted by those sharp white teeth, and that lolling red tongue. 

For a time Fenrir is raised in Asgard, under the watchful eyes of the gods, and he and Tyr play and hunt and sport, but Fenrir grows fast, larger and larger, until the gods realize that he cannot stay in their halls, and Odin still cannot shake those visions of his own end. 

And so he resolves to bind the wolf. 

Chains are forged, and Fenrir is convinced to put them on ‘as a test of his strength’. The young wolf breaks them easily, and rejoices, and Odin frets. 

Twice they try to bind Fenrir. Twice the wolf breaks free. At last, Odin sends a messenger to the dwarves, and commissions the greatest craftsmen of all the realms to make a chain that will hold the wolf. 

And they do. They forge it from the sound of a cat’s footsteps, the beard of a woman, the roots of the mountains, the breath of a fish, and the spit of a bird. They forged it from the things that do not exist, and such a chain can of course never be broken. They called it Gleipnir. 

And so again the gods approached Fenrir and asked him to allow himself to be bound, with the thing that seemed lighter than air and shimmered as if only half-present, as thin as a silk ribbon. 

But this time Fenrir scented trickery, and only agreed if one of the gods would place his hand in Fenrir’s mouth as a pledge of good faith. None would, for of course they knew what would happen. Save for Tyr, the brave, who placed his hand in the wolf’s jaws knowing full well that it would be forfeit. 

And so Fenrir was bound, and however he struggled he could not escape, and so he bit down and devoured Tyr’s hand. As he struggled he cursed the gods, saying “I would have been a friend to you!” He swore vengeance upon Odin, who he rightly suspected was the source of this betrayal. 

Gleipnir was bound to an enormous boulder, and a sword was shoved between the wolf’s jaws to keep them open and prevent him from howling incessantly. He will remain there until the shaking of the World Tree at Ragnarok finally breaks his chains, and he will then devour the sun and have his revenge on Odin, who he may never have hated save for the Allfather’s own actions. 

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Hi! Do you know any myths about seers? Or spiritual/magical gods? They usually resonate the most with me. Also the longer I follow your blog, the more I feel drawn to Norse gods. So thanks!!! ;)

The greatest seeress of them all is perhaps Frigg, who sees all that must be in her weaving. She cannot control the fates, though, and sees only that which cannot be changed, and she never speaks a word of what she sees, not even to Odin himself.

The Norns weave the destiny of gods and men. Even Odin is subject to the fate they see for him.

Every volva (witch woman/sorceress) was a seeress. Their powers of prophecy led even Odin to seek their counsel many times. (Many of his mortal children were fathered with witches he sought out for counsel)

The beginning of the Edda starts when Odin, who’s son Balder has been troubled by evil dreams, journeys to the gates of Hel and raises a Volva from her grave to ask her what she’s seen of the future. She is, hilariously to me, highly irritated at being pulled from her rest by the Allfather, but reads him the prophecy of Ragnarok anyways.

Freyja was the lady of sorcery; she taught Sedir, women’s magic (and note that sorcery was a woman’s art, largely) to Odin. He relied heavily on her counsel, and she was both renowned as the lady of love and beauty and feared as the lady of war and sorcery.

And then, of course, we come to the greatest of the magicians, the great granddaddy of every wizard stereotype since his legends were tamed into Merlin, since Tolkein lifted him from the pages of the myths and renamed him Gandalf and Manwe; the Lord of Ecstasy and Madness, of war and creation, the Lord of the Winds and patron of poets, the god of wisdom and speech, god of death, god of the hanged, the father of men and gods and Master of the Runes, the god of a thousand names and Lord of Asgard, Odin himself.

He, of course, is the patron god of sorcerers. And my patron, as well.

Watching The Hunger Games

copperbadge: The way he says that, “we gamemakers call that a wrinkle”, makes me think that the hunger games aren’t the only games. Like there are probably games involving criminals and such, the way they had in Rome
Levynite: they had to find a way to find qualified gamemakers, right? Criminals would make great testing for baby gamemakers
copperbadge: Exactly. 
daroos: It’s probably pulled from TV producers
copperbadge: Oh yeah reality shows are crammed with game theory
copperbadge: I want to write a fanfic about how you become a game maker, like, is there a school for the study of game theory
copperbadge: So the really clever, possibly seditious ones in the capitol, they get plucked out and sent to Game School
copperbadge: Where they become the most brutal and highly-monitored sector of the Capitol population
copperbadge: As a way of keeping them from making mischief
daroos: The Quentin Quire School of Raising Hel and Zero Consequences


SYPNOPSIS - Things get a little heated between Hiccup and Astrid after a race one day. Paint pots get broken and faces get splatted. RTTE age. Oneshot.


“Bud we need to leave, now!”

The dragon in question gave Hiccup a look of ‘you’re on your own with your nesting partner’, and simply got up and walked off, leaving his rider to the mercy of the blonde warrior goddess stalking towards him.

Hiccup raised his hands to show they were empty and he was unarmed. Astrid carried her axe with her everywhere, why didn’t he carry his as-yet-unnamed contraption with him?

“A…A…Astrid, I can explain…”

“Haddock I do not need you passing me sheep when Stormfly is perfectly capable of getting them herself! I am not a weak and helpless woman, as much as you seem to think!”

Hiccup noticed out of the corner of his eye Stoick and Gobber backing away quietly, as were the rest of the gang.  

“…remember when Val was this mad at me once. Between her and a Monstrous Nightmare, I’d rather take the Nightmare…”

Gobber thankfully remained silent.

They were in the converted kill ring, Hiccup backing away with his hands still raised and Astrid slowly advancing on him. Hiccup suddenly felt the solid wall that marked the end of the road for him at his back.

“Now I need to deal with mother thinking you’re courting me in public! That’s going to raise Hel!”

“Hiccup, heads up.”

Hiccup and Astrid snapped their heads to the source of who was calling Hiccup, which turned out to be Tuffnut…holding three pots in his arms.

“Tuffnut! Little busy right now!” Astrid seethed at him.

“You can thank me later dude, bro-code rule one hundred and forty three: look out for other bros in mortal danger from their significant other and offer assistance.” He took a brief glance at Astrid before promptly dropping the three lidded pots on Hiccup, clearly expecting him to catch all three.

He only caught one. The other two rolled about and ended up at Astrid’s feet.

Hiccup peered inside and found that it was a new pot of red paint.

“Odin’s soggy left trouser leg pay attention!”

The lid clattered to the floor. Realisation suddenly dawned on Astrid’s face, and a sharp smirk appeared on Hiccup’s.

“Don’t you da-”

There was the highly amusing sound of red paint splatting all over Astrid’s face and upper body, with the rest making an encore while landing on the stone behind her.

Astrid was now covered in bright red paint, from the top of her head to about halfway down her shirt. A mix of emotions swirled across her face, predominantly shock, horror and confusion.

Hiccup had frozen in the throwing position, the pot firmly held between his two hands, beginning to realise the vast consequences of his actions.

However before he could say anything, Astrid had dropped to the floor to pick up one of the two remaining pots, ripping its lid off and then dowsing Hiccup before he had even left his previous body position.

It was now Hiccup’s turn to feel stupid. He was now bright blue from the head down. Astrid now looked like she could kill…

…before she started giggling.

“Well it somewhat improves your cuteness…”

They both mutually looked at the last pot, comically exactly halfway between them.

It was Hiccup who made the first move, leaping for it. Astrid however had other ideas. She jumped forwards, intent on removing Hiccup from the equation before claiming the paint as her own. What neither of them took into account however, was how slippery the paint made them both.

“Ow! Now why would you do tha-!”

“Just lie still! I never realised leather got so slippery when coated in paint!”

“What!? So you can drop the last pot on me?”

“Thats exactly what I’m going to do!”

Astrid was on top of Hiccup, using her superior strength to hold him down. She tried leaning back to where the paint was lying, except knocking Hiccup back had put it ever so slightly out of her range. It was a difficult choice, keep Hiccup wiggling beneath her, or attempt a recovery of the pot?

Said wiggler made the choice for her. Hiccup rubbed his hands over his face - transferring a lot of the red paint from there to his hands - and then ran his hands through Astrid’s hair.

“No! Do you know how long thats going to take to get out you son of a half-”

Hiccup used the distraction to flip Astrid over so he was now the dominant player;

“Now now Astrid, I don’t think the chief would be too happy to hear either he or his wife was a half troll. Right where’s the paint…”

“Hiccup you’re so bony…it’s a wonder survived your first winter with this little meat on your bones.”



“Be quiet.”


Hiccup reached over for the paint, having rolled closer to the paint since Astrid was in charge. Yet Astrid wasn’t one to quit so easily, even if she was enjoying Hiccup being on top.

The change in position meant Hiccup was now outside his centre of gravity. And vulnerable. With a deft flick of her arms, Astrid tumbled with Hiccup into the - thankfully still sealed - pot, each one slipping and sliding over the other, Astrid trying to offload some of the paint from her onto Hiccup’s face via her hands, and Hiccup resorted to messing up Astrid’s hair even further by taking it out of its usual braid. Hiccup was quite sure he’d face the Red Death again than sort out Astrid’s hair.

The pair tossed and tumbled about the ring, neither one able to gain an advantage over the other. Astrid was stronger and more tactical, yet Hiccup was able to level the field by being coated in slippery leather and being more resourceful with the situation he was in.

“Do you think they’re going to notice us all standing here?” Fishlegs said to the gang, leaning over the railing surrounding the ring.

“Nah, I say let them fight! This is the best thing thats happened all week, Astrid screaming at Hiccup and then being doused in paint!” Ruffnut replied, loudly.

There was a small gathering left behind to watch the chief’s son and the Hofferson girl trying to defeat the other. Everyone knew Hiccup and Astrid had a thing for each other, however lest you wanted a round with Astrid’s axe it was an unspoken topic in front of the aforementioned couple.

“Well if they don’t finish soon, I’ll have to separate them. Hiccup has chiefly duties to fulfil.” Stoick added in a serious tone, arms crossed and foot tapping restlessly on the floor.

“Och c’mmon Stoick. Let the young lad and lassie have their fun. Remember the time you tried courting Val by starting a food fight at her families hall?”

“Don’t give the young one’s here any ideas…” Stoick muttered back, fearful of what damage the Thorston’s offspring could do if they knew their chief had once done it.

Back in the paint pit, the two teens were tiring, fast. Chests heaving and breathing rapidly. Astrid finally had Hiccup in a headlock from which he couldn’t escape. Dragging him over to the pot, she awkwardly opened it with Hiccup struggling like his life depended on it. Hopefully he wouldn’t be teased too badly by being beaten in a fight by a girl, it was Astrid after all…

“Hold still! The faster I pour this over you the faster we can go and clean ourselves up!” Astrid complained, she felt grotty since her hair was all over the place and matted up.

“What, what makes you think I want to clean?” Hiccup retorted.

“Hah! Prepare to meet your doom Haddock.”

As Astrid made the move to slowly pour the pot over Hiccups head in a torturous manner, Hiccup saw a chance to at least get them both partially covered. If he couldn’t win, then he was going to have to settle with a draw. It was underhanded, but he’d been called the spawn of Loki for years, this should be right in with his character.

As the first dribble of the bright yellow paint threatened to come out of the pot, Hiccup twisted within his captors grip. On a usual day he would have revelled - and felt incredibly awkward - at where his head was currently, but that was beside the point.

Before Astrid could say anything or make a move to rectify the situation, she felt Hiccups hands move towards her waist. She was about to get tickled.

“No no and NO!”

Before she lost all control and surrendered to the tickling, Astrid flicked the hand which was holding the paint. Yes she would get slightly splatted but the end result would still see Hiccup mostly covered in it.

In the split second distraction he had, Hiccup used the last of his strength to roll himself and Astrid onto their side, further widening the spread of paint and ensuring that they were somewhat equally covered.

The pair once again felt the feeling of being covered with free flowing paint. Less so than last time but still, it was paint.

As payment for his tickling, the now mostly empty pot fell on Hiccups head with a resounding whack. Astrid was far too busy making sure none of the paint dripped into her eyes however to make fun of that fact.

Separating, and struggling to stand on the slippery stone, Hiccup and Astrid looked at each other and laughed between heavy breaths. Hiccup slipped with his prosthetic leg and collided back into Astrid, causing them to laugh even more.

“Right then you two, have you quite finished?” came the deep voice of Stoick, attempting to sound serious but it was evident he was very amused.

Taking a second for a couple of deep breaths before answering; “Yes…dad. We’re done.”

“Good. Go and clean yourselves up, I’m sure Toothless and Stormfly will want some attention from the two of you after all the fun you’ve had.”

As if on cue, the two dragons rushed in. Toothless bounded to Hiccup and Stormfly ran over to Astrid.

“Come on bud, I think we need a long time in the hot springs.” Hiccup said, while scratching the dragon behind it’s ear plates.

The Night Fury crooned before looking at the paint on the floor and back to Hiccup expectantly.

“The rain’ll wash it away, unfortunately it wont arrive quick enough to wash me away.”

“Come on Hiccup, we’re waiting.”

Hiccup looked to Astrid and Stormfly and found that they were already saddled up. He quickly followed suit, being sure to get at least some of the paint onto Toothless, who growled in return.

“Be quick son, you still have duties to fulfil.”

“Sure dad, I’ll try to be.” Hiccup replied, having already taken off after Astrid.

“Think they’re going to go any further than rolling about with clothes on, Stoick?” Gobber asked Stoick when the pair were well out of earshot.

“Hiccup had better go to the mens section, they’re not even official as a pair to the tribe yet.”

In the distance Astrid could be heard screaming; “YOU DID NOT JUST CHALLENGE ME TO A WATER FIGHT HICCUP HADDOCK!”



Got the idea for this scrolling through Tumblr a while back, only just gotten round to doing it. Thanks for reading, and Happy Christmas :)

Ragnarok IS NOT happening tomorrow!! (2-22-14)

So for those out there who are claiming Ragnarok is tomorrow, let me just say you obviously haven’t done your homework and you can shut up now. This was started by the Jorvik Viking Center to draw attention to their festival and it is in NO WAY based in the lore or fact. We Heathens DO NOT have a set date for Ragnarok and we aren’t considering tomorrow any more significant than any other day. 

Ragnarok isn’t happening until the following criteria have been met:
-Three years of endless winter and war
-Heimdall sounds the Gjallarhorn, heard in all nine realms
-Yggdrasil trembles and moans
-Skoll will seize the sun
-Hati will swallow the moon
-Fenrir loosed from his binds
-Worldwide earthquake
-Gullinkambi crows atop Valhalla
-Fjalar crows to the giants
-a nameless rooster crows in Hel, raising the dead
-Jormungandr comes out from the sea onto land
-Loki is freed from his binds
-The sky is torn by the Muspili

So until such time as all the above apply, quit saying that you “know the day the Vikings predicted Ragnarok was going to happen”. There was never a single date given. There is just a list of criteria.