raise forelegs

doritoslocostaako  asked:

they have those exact elephant chewies, minus the cord, for like 6 or so dollars on stimtastic!

[image description: the reverse side of an turquoise Stimtastic silicone kawaii-style elephant chewable with a heart cut-out where the ear rests for gripping, a small loop where the trunk rests against the forelegs and raised silicone dots covering the side of the chewable, providing texture whilst chewing.]

I wanted to show the other side of the chewable, because I didn’t realise they were so textured!

Link: $5.80 USD. Available in grey, pink or turquoise.

For folks who can add their own cord, or don’t want the beads and cord anyway, this is probably a cheap way of getting the same elephant goodness. Thank you!


Simba dans le carton by jacme31
Via Flickr:
Strange but apparently comfortable position. He remained for several minutes.