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Sometimes you just need to get away.  Sometimes you just need to leave the daily grind of life and find a place to decompress.  With a lull in weddings, Lavender Vows decided that a vacation was in order.

For most ponies in the Crystal Empire, the destination was somewhere warm.  Living in a land surrounded by snow and ice most of the year made ponies want to thaw out.  Lavender packed her bags and took the train down to Horseshoe Bay.  Her goal was to chill and spend some time to herself.

The crystal mare spent most of her time at the bay on the beach.  And most of that time on the beach was spent at the tiki bar there.  Lavender would sample a different drink each day.  Today it was a pina colada.  She hummed and smiled as the sweet and fruity drink touched her lips.

“Well hello there beautiful.”

Lavender’s ears twitched at the sweet voice nearby, looking around to see if it was meant for her.  The blue eyes focused on a white pegasus in a two piece yellow bikini, similar to her light blue one.  She had a mix of brunette and white curls in her mane.  And was giving Lavender a look that she wished a stallion would give her.

“Haven’t seen you before here.  Name’s Coconut Milk,” the pegasus greeted.  "What’s a pretty mare like you doing down here?“

"O-Oh,” Lavender giggled nervously, a tinge of blush on her cheeks.  "I’m Lavender Vows.  I’m a wedding planner from the Crystal Empire who’s taking some time away.  That’s all.“

"Wedding planner?  That explains the cutie mark,” Coconut smirked, her eyes having already shifted down to Lavender’s flank.  The crystal mare shifted her hind legs and giggled.

“What do you want to do down here, Lavender?  Relax…or have a little fun?” she purred, continuing her flirty gaze.

“F-F-Fun?” Lavender stammered.  "I mean…relax, yes.  But I could have some…fun too.“

"What kind of fun?” Coconut asked as she scooted closer.

“I-I guess anything…really, Coconut.  I’m still exploring the area and such,” Lavender replied.

“Exploring, huh?” the pegasus smiled.  She arched her back and raised her forelegs up and behind her head to give Lavender a good look at her body.  "I can help you do some exploring down here…if you catch my drift.“

The purple crystal mare’s mouth was slightly agape, her mind racing.  Lavender was single.  And while she always wanted a stallion, the thought of fooling around with a mare had crossed her mind.  Coconut’s forward advances made it the only thing running around in her mind at the moment.  "I-I-I d-do?” she stammered, her blush now burning red.

“You’re very pretty Lavender.  Very pretty.  I love what I see,” Coconut confidently stated.  "You enjoying that pina colada there?“ she whispered in Lavender’s ear, with a nod in reply.  "When you get done with that, come back to my room.  Room 314.  And I’ll give you another Coconut flavored thing to taste and enjoy.  We got a deal?”

Lavender’s heart was racing at this point.  No pony had ever really intensely flirted with her like this.  Coconut did everything but tell her to go to her bed.  The thought of a vacation fling with this gorgeous mare was now the only thing in her mind.  Was she really going to do this?  Was she really going to have a one night stand with this pegasus that she just met?

Lavender turned her gaze to look Coconut in the eye, and bashfully nodded her head.  She was in.  "D-Deal…“

A little pic and fic for @momomistress featuring their super cute flirty pegasus Coconut Milk, who’s making Lavender consider playing with mares too.  Super cute OC!


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