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Can we talk about how a man stole Te Fiti’s heart and she turned into a fiery destructive force and then a young, open-minded woman helped her get it back and she became vibrant and nurturing again because I want to
Women raising up women, even in Disney movies

I’d just like to point out that almost no one knew about Katherine Johnson, Mary Jackson, Dorothy Vaughan, or any of the other black women who got us into space before Hollywood made a movie about them. Movies are powerful.

why you should watch ‘one day at a time’

ok, so you may not know this, but netflix has a new show called one day at a time

it’s a comedy starring justina machado and rita moreno bows as justina’s character, penelope, raises her kids with her mom’s (rita) help while also dealing with a divorce and with trauma after her time in afghanistan.

why this show is important:

  • it’s a cuban family living in america, and they’re damn well proud of it
  • it displays the elderly tremendously well
  • rita moreno dancing
  • two women raising the kids
  • shows a strong latina veteran starting to live her life after a rough separation from an addicted husband
  • the daughter.
  • THE DAUGHTER. Elena. I could write a 5 thousand word essay on how much i love elena, what she represents and how much i identify with her, but just know this: she’s 15, a writer, fights for equality, a feminist, eco-friendly, has a goth girl as best friend.
  • **SPOILER** elena also is confused about her sexuality, tries to date a boy, realizes she doesn’t like him ‘like that’, comes out to her brother, mother and very religious grandmother (and later to her douche dad). like half the season is about her coming out
  • the family is actually very accepting of her, even though a few take some time to think about how they feel, they never reject or doubt her feelings in any way (this excludes the douche dad)
  • deals with misoginy and gender roles
  • immigration is treated really well
  • the mom also has a lesbian friend who is AMAZING (played by judy reyes)
  • lots of poc and very few white ppl

I didn’t even know there was a gay character in this, I stared watching it for Rita. It’s not a great writing, but it’s a very feminist show, unproblematic, and I have never related so much to a character who was half my age like I did with Elena. i feel like crying just thinking about it 

ANYWAY, watch One Day At A Time on Netflix and you won’t regret it.

The Viking Runes.

The eldest runestones, inscribed with Norse runes, date from the 4th century. These were the Elder Futhark runes. However, the most of the runestones were created during the late Viking Age and thus inscribed with theYounger Futhark runes. The runestones with Norse runes were usually erected to commemorate one or several deceased kinsmen, and in most cases these people died at home peacefully. Usually, men raised or commanded raising a runestone, while some of them are raised by women, usually widows of the deceased. It is believed that runestones were brightly colored. Nowadays, most of them are painted with falu red, Swedish deep red paint known for its use on wooden cottages and barns. The vast majority of the Norse runestones are located in Scandinavia, but they can be found at all places reached by the Norsemen during the Viking Age: from the Isle of Man to Berezan’ in the Black Sea region. It is interesting, however, that not a single runestone is known to be found in Iceland. Runestones were erected at assembly locations, near roads, bridges and fords. Norse Runestones marked territory, explained inheritance, and told about important events. They remain one of the most striking traces left from the Viking Age.

miss manners have mercy on us

Here’s the thing:  when we women smile, respond to compliments with a “thank you” and possibly engage in civil conversation - all these things are called being polite, gracious and well-mannered.





About 50% of this is due to our respective mamas raising us right and about 20% is society expecting us to be “ladies” and the remaining percentage is SELF PRESERVATION BECAUSE THESE DAYS, APPARENTLY, A FIRM “NO” COULD POTENTIALLY GET A WOMAN KILLED.  

– This has been a PSA

Thanks to @lezspreadtheword for the love. Great mag and we were thrilled to be on the cover! Also, Proud to be partnered with @kiehlscanada to raise money for LGBTQ women and girls. Our collaboration is in stores and online in Canada 🇨🇦 🌈🌈🌈❤🙌

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Trump's Hollywood Walk of Fame star destroyed

Donald Trump is no longer a star — at least not in Hollywood.

Trump’s star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame was destroyed Wednesday morning by a man purporting to be a construction worker. Trump’s name and the TV logo once emblazoned on the star are no longer visible.

The man used a sledgehammer and pick-ax allegedly in attempt to pluck the star from the ground. He told Deadline, which first reported the encounter, his name is Jamie Otis and that he planned to auction the star to raise money for the women who have accused Trump of having sexually assaulted them over a span of decades.

According to Deadline, Otis began hammering the star around 5:45 a.m. but left before a Los Angeles Police Department cruiser pulled up a half-hour later.

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It’s not about “getting our way”. It’s about people being targeted. It’s about people getting assaulted. It’s about a whole night club of people getting killed because of the idea that it is wrong for two people of the same sex to love each other. It’s about people thinking they can electrocute, torture, someone into being what they perceive to be right. It’s about men being raised to view women as their property, their right, their play thing. It’s about a man seeing an unconscious women and instead of calling for help, he decides to ignore her humanity and get off. It’s about the continual racism, the continual systemized racism where appearance is everything and your humanity is ignored behind the color of your skin.

We will not “get over it”. I am white. I am privileged, but I will not “get over it.” We are humans and deserved to be treated like humans.

wild idea but maybe women feel more confident with makeup on because people keep insulting and treating women badly when we don’t wear makeup, and our entire worth as human beings is based on our appearance and how well we conform to a non realistic and oppressive beauty standard. here’s a crazy idea instead if you actually care about raising women’s confidence and self esteem maybe stop insulting the appearance of any and all women, stop judging women’s thoughts, ideas, accomplishments, arguments, actions, and entire existence based on how they look,and stop upholding and defending impossible and harmful beauty standards. 

anonymous asked:

how do your grapple with all the -isms in the bible (sexism, racism etc.) i challenged myself to read the bible more this year. some of the verses ive read are alarming and are in contradiction to what ive always been raised to believe. for example, women and how they should dress and wear their hair and the whole not speaking in church. i hope my question makes sense i appreciate hearing your thoughts

Well I don’t see racism in the Bible, although people have used the Bible to justify racism. When it comes to sexism I recognize that the Bible was written by men and if it was written today it would look different. I also recognize that there is a difference between the voice of the author and the voice of God. You will not find Jesus saying women are less than men. What you will find is Jesus valuing women that men have discarded. And that distinction matters.

Furiosa isn’t the female action hero we’re used to. Furiosa doesn’t have a dad who taught her boxing or five brothers who taught her how to fix cars. Furiosa wasn’t a tomboy growing up, who preferred to play with the boys. Furiosa isn’t avenging the murder of her husband/brother/father or hunting down a rapist.

Furiosa comes from a community of women. She was raised by women. She works her way up through enemy ranks until she’s in a position to  rescue women. Furiosa is here for women, she is here with women, and she is here because of women. Her rage, her ruthlessness, her courage – these are all things she learned from women, and from being a woman.

Sonia Nassery Cole (b. 1968) is an Afghan American activist, writer, and director. In 2002, she formed the Afghanistan World Foundation, responsible for a number of causes, such as raising funds for a women’s and children’s hospital in Kabul or offering medical care to the victims of landmines.

She directed films such as The Bread Winner (2007) and The Black Tulip (2010), the latter winning the award for best picture at several film festivals: Boston, Beverly Hills, and Salento. She received the Afghan American Sisterhood Award and the UN Women Together Award.