raise aim fire

Dear Gun Control Advocates

How am I, a 5'6" woman with a severe degenerative form of arthritis, who relies on a cane and/or wheelchair when out and about, and with no criminal record, supposed to defend myself against an attacker who doesn’t care about the law and wants to harm me?

Pepper spray and a firearm are my only ways of defending myself. I cannot easily hit and jab, I cannot run, I cannot fend off an attacker without causing great physical strain on myself. I could hit them with my cane yes, but what is more likely to stop someone twice my size (say, a 6'4", 200 pound man): a cane or a handgun? And if the attacker comes into my home, I’m likely to not have my cane on me as I don’t need it for short distances. Pepper spray doesn’t affect everyone the same way, and the spray residue will likely affect and harm me. The goal is to not have any harm come to me.

I can raise, aim, and fire a gun easily. They make guns that fit in my hands and don’t recoil as much as bigger handguns, yet can still stop an attacker in their tracks. I can conceal a handgun and easily retrieve it in a moment’s notice. A handgun could save my life.

Gun control is sexist and ableist. Not everyone can use martial arts and physical strength as self defense. There are ferocious criminals in the world who won’t stop even after you spray them in the face with pepper spray.
For people like me, a gun is the only reliable way of self defense.