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No One Knows

Pairing: Eggsy x Reader

Warning: Swearing, sexual themes

A/N: this is also going on AO3 but instead of it being a reader insert, I made an oc specifically for this. It’ll be awhile until I put it up.


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It wasn’t like they had fought beforehand. No, their last conversation had ended with sweet kisses and spending the night together. Y/N hadn’t heard from him for weeks after that. Weeks that brought along were filled with her going to his mum to find out where he was, but when she started getting sick, she stopped. Maybe he was run out of the house by his step-dad? Why hadn’t he come to her if he had?

It started with her just getting nauseous after she ate breakfast. She would eat something light before she left her house to go to work. One day, she felt vaguely like she might puke, so she ended up calling out that morning. She had probably come down with a cold. It had just continued from there, sometimes being so bad that would puke after every meal she had. Very little would calm her stomach. It was only after she started fainting that she decided maybe she should go see a doctor.

However what the doctor told her had her paling and feeling sick for an entirely different reason.

“You’re pregnant,” the doctor announced, cheer in his voice and a smile on his face. She stared at him like he hadn’t said anything at all. Then her mood crumbled.

“Pre… pregnant?” she squeaked. The doctor took in her expression, tapping at his clipboard nervously.

“Um… not good news I take it?” he asked gently.

“No… I… I can’t afford an abortion and I don’t… The father isn’t around anymore…” Tears started to well in her eyes. The doctor tried to console her, telling her there were other options besides abortion. She had cried harder at the thought of giving the baby up for adoption. It was wrong and she couldn’t bring herself to throw away the child after loving the man who had given it to her. The doctor had been confused as to how to get the poor girl to stop crying. Y/N ended up going home feeling worse than before, taking the bus back to her small apartment.

Telling her parents had not been easy. They were judgmental and rude when she had brought Eggsy home to meet them the first time. This would make them question her decisions more. She had asked them to come over for dinner, planning to reveal it as the dinner went. Hoping she could at least let them have a good time before she gave them further disappointment.

Y/N made their favorites, providing cheap wine and a handmade dessert. They were laughing and smiling so much, not even noticing that Y/N wasn’t drinking with them. The wine bottle didn’t even reach half empty as her parents were not big drinkers. And then came the time, they were just finishing up dessert and Y/N slowly set down her spoon.

“Mum? Dad?” They both turned to her, smiles slowly falling.

“I… I’m pregnant,” she said quietly. The air around them suddenly seemed thick. They were staring at her.

“Excuse me?” her father hissed, his American accent starkly different to that of her mother’s soft British ‘what’.

“It’s not that-”

“Is it that boy’s you brought home? I told you he was no good! Where is he? I’ll kill him!”

“He’s not here, daddy.”

“So he can get you pregnant and he can’t even bother to be here when you tell us?!” Her father shouted, standing from his seat. Her mother watched him before her eyes turned to Y/N.

“I haven’t heard from him in months…” she admitted, looking down at her plate. Both her parents started shouting at the fact. She cried silently as they continued, not even bothering to get up and show them out as they stormed out of her apartment. Y/N sat there for a good hour until the tears stopped. Locking the door, she immediately went to bed.

It all seemed to happen so fast after that. Despite her parents being angry with her, they were still there when she went into labor. They sat with her in the hospital room for forty-eight soul crushing hours as Y/N panicked over little things. It was another four hours until they were ready to actually help her give birth.

Pain had been a part of her life for a solid two days and it was so much worse while actually delivering the baby. Oh but the feeling she had when she first saw him, small and pink from crying. Her heart swelled as she reached for him. The nurse handed her her son and she kept him close as she gazed at him, the exhaustion from childbirth at the back of her mind. He was perfect. Cheeks chubby with a lot more hair than she knew babies could have.

“Gary. I want to name him Gary,” She said when asked what name to put on the birth certificate. Her father scowled at her disapprovingly.

Y/N spent the next three days in the hospital with her baby right next to her. She knew then that she could never give him away. He was simple to take care of and even when he wasn’t, she still couldn’t find it in herself to resent the lack of sleep.

At some point, the bliss ended and she had to go back to work, but they weren’t giving her the schedule change she needed, so she had to have her parents babysit little Gary while she looked for a different job. Nothing really could have prepared her for the only job she could find that allowed her to work evenings.

It was a club, located farther up town than she had ever bothered to go before. It was a classy place, but that didn’t mean the patrons were classy. Now she herself wasn’t a dancer, but that didn’t mean she wasn’t dressed in a revealing way to please the people as she served them their drinks.

And that was where she stayed, working as a waitress for a strip club in while she raised her son during the day.

The Mystery Continues (Sort Of)

One of the questions I’ve had for some time was WHO the purple clothed strong woman was on the Supergirl Annual. The issue now coming and going…we don’t really know still. She as shown on the cover does not exist. But presumably that’s just an oversight by DC.

Presumably it’s simply an early miscolored or otherwise early design for

Selena who was ported into comics for the first time. (The annual being solicited with said art before her debut comic appearance.)

But the two designs are not very similar at all. So this’ll likely one day raise questions from readers who have on idea who said purple clothed woman was meant to be.