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Hi! Can you please write a hc about the paladins + Coran/Allura adopting a pet with the reader and raising it together? It would totally make my day! Cool blog btw!

It was Shiro’s idea at first. Something he mentioned offhandedly during breakfast, though it had been in his head for a long while. Once you caught on, you passed the local pet shop, and so you both agreed to at least check in! As soon as you entered, the animals began to stir, except for a relatively quiet Rottweiler-Husky mix that was standing against the cage, watching. Shiro instantly took to the puppy, and so you adopted him, and agreed on the name Rocco!(Shiro also highkey hinted at the idea of getting him service training, specifically for mental health)

Keith wasn’t opposed to the idea, but it wasn’t something he came up with. in fact, adopting a whole litter of kittens wasn’t even a plan. You’d been on a walk together, enjoying last nights rain. beside a bench in the back of the park, you noticed a collection of small kittens, no older than a couple weeks. The mother looked sickly, and malnourished, but laid down to support her babies as best she could. Keith ran to them first. it was hard to see the family of 5 in such a situation, but it lit a fire in Keith. And so you took them in, protected them, and took them to the vet to get them healthy. Luckily, they all lived, though the mother was much older than she looked, and so you both vowed to treat her and her children the best you possibly could. 

Lance was very boisterous when the thought came to mind, mentioning it at least twice a day until you agreed. He’d already have a breed of dog in mind, order the best treats and softest beds and funnest toys he could, setting the house up for the new arrival much like you would for a human child on the way. He would treat the new dog like it were one, and seeing how joyful he was at the idea, you let him choose who theyd be when you went to the shelter. After some exploration, with the guide, Lance had a hard time deciding, but eventually, he settled upon the older looking English Mastiff, who had a stubby tale and a slight limp. Lance’s eyes lit up at the sight of him, his heart swollen with pride for hours after taking the new family member, Marshy, home.

It was more of a surprise with you and Hunk, adopting 2 kittens from his grandparents. Their cat had given birth, but they couldn’t afford to raise the litter as well. so with litter deliberation, you two were given the newborn babies, named Cookie and Cream, as they were both mostly black and white calico kitties. It was more stressful then fun at first, being so unprepared for them, but hunk was determined to raise them well, making them comfortable and healthy. after just a few weeks, he was completely smitten with them, to the point of tears when either of them refused to sit on his lap with him. 

Pidge was ever the cautious one, wanting to raise an animal before ever considering raising a child. and so when you began to hint at the idea of having a family with her, she outright said that she preferred to have a pet first, to test the waters in a way. And so with a weary smile, we went with you hand in hand to the pet store, and in her unique ways, she drifter towords the bird cages, admiring the different colours and how they all chirped at her. She was fond of the relatively small cockatoo, her bright yellow feathers wafting when she turned her head to look at Pidge. And so she chose her, dubbing her Sunny from then on out, and while it was a difficult transition, Pidges sweet smile when she held Sunny was more than worth the biting and incessant squawking at 2 am. 

When you moved in together, Allura didn’t really discuss with you having a pet. though it seemed she had everything under control as she led her loyal Doberman into the house, who quickly sniffed out and made himself comfortable. Seemingly unaware that it was anything different, she sat with him on the couch, absentmindedly petting his side as you stared, dumbfounded. She just smiled widely, assuring you that she had everything covered, all you had to do was welcome little Moxie into your heart. 

Coran was never really the impulsive type, so you were shocked to see him come home with betta fish. He handed the bag to you carefully, and went to get the tank and other fish related homestead items from his car. you held the bag at eye level, and couldnt keep a smile off your face as the little fishy seemed to look at you, the same doubtful look in your eyes. But his joy to have such a small friend was admirable, and so you watched as he assembled the tank, decorated it, making sure that he got things right, adding the water heater and everything, very cautious, but determined to make this fish a great home. when you asked Coran if he had a name yet, he seemed to have completely forgot that step and defaulted to calling them “Fishy”