Sangwoo trying to make Yoon Bum happy like…

Oh these two babies are learning basic social interaction and growing up for the first time, raising themselves/each other ❤️

And Sangwoo blushh! I wonder if he’s ever blushe before, like after his childish innocent blindly loving stage that most babies have
Scoliosis Awareness Month!

Hello all!

It is scoliosis awareness month - JUNE! I have wanted to raise awareness for Scoliosis through this blog and with your guys’ questions, we really have done a great job of reaching out to others and showing support. For that, I thank you.

If anyone wants to put out any stories of strength or support, please message me and I will forward it to this blog! Scoliosis Awareness Month is about letting others into the world of Scoliosis that we all know so well, and answering questions kindly that anyone may have. Let your guards down this month, and let others in. It will only help others understand Scoliosis better, and how it affects people every day.

Love you all!

  • How I wish I was raised: There’ll be times in your life where you’ll feel like giving up and ending it all, and they’ll be people who’ll try and bring you down to try and lift themselves up, but never give up what you love; your feelings matter, we want you to be happy, no matter what. We'll be here to support you emotionally, whatever the cost.
  • How I was raised: You’re too young to be stressed – you’re just sad, you’ll be happy the next day – stop overreacting – just stop being shy – you’re too young to know what love is – stop moaning, everyone else has it worse – no, you can’t do this subject because we want you to have qualifications for THIS job – don’t dress like that, WE don’t like it – you never appreciate what we do for you.