We all joke around about the cost of college tuition, but there is a way to relieve a part of that through scholarships. However, many scholarships require a lot of time and some websites even require a fee to use their services.

Imagine getting money just for receiving a good grade or participating in extra-curricular activities. Raise.me offers just that!

Raise has been featured in media such as the Wall Street Journal, NPR radio, CBS News and CNN, which is how I first heard about it. I compiled an overview of this for you so that you can check it out yourself!

 What is Raise.me?

Raise.me helps high school students discover colleges and earn scholarships for their academic and extracurricular achievements throughout high school. These bite-sized scholarships are called “Micro-Scholarships,” but they can add up to a large sum.

 How does Raise.me work?

When you add achievements to your Portfolio on Raise.me, you begin earning Micro-Scholarships towards the Raise.me partner colleges. These achievements include good grades, participating in clubs, playing on a sports team, volunteering, or even starting a club. They can include taking AP or IB courses, honors classes, and college-level courses, too. 

The scholarships you earn on Raise.me will be applied directly into your college financial aid package after applying for admission and getting admitted to a partner school.

 Here is a screenshot of some of the Micro-Scholarships that you can get

The site makes it extremely easy to log activities and this is also a great outline for building your resume.  All you have to do is log in your courses, activities and awards and the scholarships will be applied immediately after you enter them in!

How do you sign up?

All you need to do is register on www.Raise.me by entering in your email or phone number.

How much are the Micro-scholarships worth?

These scholarships vary depending on which activities you do and what colleges are offering for them. The good news is that you can log many activities and accumulate a large sum of scholarships!

Is this service free?

Raise.me is entirely free for students because the cost of the program is paid by charitable foundations, colleges, and other funders such as the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation and Facebook’s charitable giving.

Check it out here!

President Obama just quietly gave millions of Americans a raise.

According to Politico, as early as this week the Department of Labor could propose a rule that would dramatically increase the percentage of the workforce eligible for overtime, a regulation that has been updated only once in the past 40 years. Millions of Americans making up to a certain amount would now be eligible for overtime pay.

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Click here to support Help the Robicheaus keep their home by Jake Robicheau
Hello, My name is Jacob Robicheau, and I am twenty years old. I live an apartment with three other family memebers; My mother, Jennifer Robicheau; my father, Terry Robicheau; and my brother, Nicholas Robicheau. As well as our four cats; Mookie, Lady, Shadow, and Pumpkin. We've lived in this apart...

Hey guys. So it’s been brought to my attention that my family and I are in real danger of being evicted out of our home. We are struggling so bad financially. So i made a GoFundMe in hopes of getting the help we need in order to keep our home. Please, help share this around on here, and if you can, help donate. Thank you very much for your time and efforts.

RAISE (Revolutionizing Asian American Immigrant Stories on the East Coast) and DRUM - South Asian Organizing Center are proud to announce AMPLIFY(HER), the first-ever zine by and for undocumented Asian women. AMPLIFY(HER) is a counter-narrative project that aims to empower and encourage women-led storytelling that is crucial to our identities and survival.


AMPLIFY(HER) is looking for art, prose, poetry, short stories, photography and/or mixed medium submissions from undocumented Asian women (including trans and gender non-conforming folks) on how they understand and navigate their intersecting identities in today’s society. Drawing upon black feminist thought, we understand that we do not experience our gender, class, race/ethnicity, legal status, etc. individually, but melded into an experience singular to each of us.

We welcome all artists, of all ages, and strongly encourage inter-generational dialogue. Submissions may be submitted in any language with accompanying English translation. For each selected submission, the artist will receive $100 honorarium. The 2 artists selected for the cover or spread will each receive $150 honorarium. The selected pieces will be published in our zine, which will be available in print and online.

Deadline for submission: January 1, 2016

For more details on our submission guidelines or to submit, please visit: http://amplifyher.submittable.com/

Have questions or concerns? Please send an email to amplifyher.zine@gmail.com.

  • I really recommend everyone watching the documentary 'Cowspiracy' (it's on Netflix) & it's all about the government hiding the true reason for the majority of environmental change which is actually livestock & agriculture. Even if you just watch 30 mins you learn tons & you'll probably be shocked at all the statistics and facts which are hidden by environmentalist organisations such as Greenpeace/Oceania, so yeah, go watch!!
Aufruf an alle, die was tun wollen.

Ich habe gerade einen Spendensammelaktion auf betterplace.org beantragt, die zu Gunsten homosexueller Jungendlicher aus homophoben Haushalten sein soll.

Gibt es hier Leute, egal ob lesbisch, schwul, bi, trans oder sogar heterosexuell, die sich einfach für Homosexuelle einsetzen wollen und mich bei dem Projekt unterstützen wollen?

Es geht um die Organisation und ich würde dann eine Whatsapp-Gruppe eröffnen. Es ist mir wichtig, dass ich nur ernstgemeinte Rückmeldung bekomme. Das Ganze wird vorerst online durch Internetspenden ablaufen und danach soll das Projekt auch auf der Straße in Städten seinen Platz finden. Jeder, der Bock hat, daran teilzunehmen, schickt mir bitte seine Nummer.

Bei den Spenden sollen Jugendliche unterstützt werden, denen das Leben bei homophoben Eltern zur Hölle gemacht wird. Je nachdem, wie viele Früchte das Projekt trägt, möchte ich damit Jugendlichen helfen, die beispielsweise ein Zugticket brauchen, um eine Fernbeziehung aufrecht zu erhalten oder vielleicht sogar Hilfe und finanzielle Mittel beim Umzug brauchen, wenn sie zuhause rausgeworfen werden, sobald sie sich outen. Das nur als Beispiel.