rycbar123  asked:

what you thought was wrong with the 1x11?

Well, more specifically with the Emma storyline (the FTL storyline was fine):

  • Three episodes earlied (Desperate Souls) they made a point that Emma wouldn’t do anything wrong to get her way (in the election episode, she exposed the fact that Mr Gold was the home who started the fire even though she had nothing to do with it) and in this episode she breaks into Regina’s home and steals documents. I have nothing against Emma stealing the documents if the writers had handled it right (maybe they could have made a point that Emma was changing her mind, realizing that the stakes were too high to play fair, etc), but I thought they didn’t and Emma acted OOC.
  • The whole “Emma confronts Regina” scene was cringe-worthy and made no sense. Even if Regina had taken the money to build a playground and not a mansion for herself, you still *can’t* do that without permission. What Regina did was still illegal, and it was stupid of Emma to go “ooops, you had good intentions, my bad” - NO. She still took the money without permission. Even if she had taken it to save homeless pregnant women, she did something illegal and Emma was right.
  • Maybe they’ll explain it later and reveal that Sidney is double (triple?)-crossing Regina, but why wouldn’t Emma’s lie-detector “ping” when Sidney declared himself her ally at the end?

Basically, I thought the whole Emma/Sidney/Regina storyline was a mess.

rycbar123  asked:

So I was thinking, Evil Queen did not wanted to see Prince Charming with Snow, okay. So in Storybrooke wouldn't be easier if she just left him in a coma and let Abigail be with Frederick? Unless they did not end up together right before the curse.

She DID let him be in a coma. Emma’s arrival started time again and he came out of the come, but Regina’s didn’t let it happen, it’s just a sign the curse is starting to break. And letting Abigail be with Frederick would be letting them have their happy ending - and Regina doesn’t want ANYONE to be happy, not just Snow. Even though, of course, Snow is the one she wants to make miserable the most.