🌲It’s pouring in the woods, time to bust out the wizard cloak and make some magic happen ✨🕯🔮

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I need one a them crossfiters who likes to swing sledge hammers at rubber things…. #forging #functionalstrengthforreal #blacksmith #dontlightyourshirtonfire #rainydays #handmade #shapes #steel #joyfire (at Downtown Santa Ana)

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i was born into turbulence
always a migrant
from everywhere going anywhere
and no place has been my own

but with you i have found something,
something much greater
i’ve found something that is ours
our own.
it is a bed,
any and every that we lay on

and it is your arms,
wrapped around me.
your heartbeat
strong, steady, constant
and within you i’ve found my place
i’ve found my home

i swear that i will never leave

Adrien and Marinette having a lovely day in the rain :3c

Inspired by this fanfic: https://www.fanfiction.net/s/11588623/1/Rainy-Days
Bless this fic, go read it.


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Wet pavement

The cars on the wet pavement zoom by
The rain comes through my open window, plop plop squish
Drops from the corner of the sill
Fall to the floor.
It smells new,
Like the rains taken away everything yesterday left behind.
Your smell finally left my pillow
I think I vacuumed away all your hairs.
Now I’m just waiting for the new to settle for the sun to dry today into normalcy,
And take you off my mind.