ID #56512

Name: Mathilde

Age: 23

Country: Norway

Hi, I’m Mathilde!
I’m a 23 year old Graphic Design student, with big dreams living in little Norway.
I consider myself a creative dorky person who loves making stuff, going on adventures, discovering good music and movies, staying in bed on rainy days and exploring on sunny ones.

Music feeds my soul and I kinda listen to everything, except Hardcore Metal-ish. Also, Im a feminist, cause everyone deserve equal rights and opportunities. (So If you think otherwise I dont think we’re a good match.)

I really want to make friends from different places in the world, but I dont know where to start - maybe this is it. I would love to email, text, facebook or any form of digital communication.
So If you wanna be my penpal, hit me up!

Preferences:  20+, Open minded and judgment-free


** Correcting misinformation: Etta’s actress, Lucy Davis, was not put in a fat suit according to pictures of her in recent TV roles. The Mary Sue article played a big part in spreading this misinformation.

Some of the fat actresses of colour suggested for Etta Candy, following the release of set photos** from the Wonder Woman movie. Fat women of colour have had abysmal representation, always portrayed as unlovable or punchlines and they could have taken the opportunity to have Etta as a fat woman of colour.

co-written with rob-anybody

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Amber Riley
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