Mikani Shipping Trivia
  • Annie and Mikasa spending rainy days reading and listening to music in silence together
  • Annie can fall asleep anywhere, anytime, and Mikasa will always put a blanket over her
  • Mikasa really likes dabbling in cooking Asian dishes and has Annie test her food
  • They get really competitive and instead of fighting they tend to gamble/bet with each other
  • They have that “Silently judging you” look they share with each other on quite a few occasions
  • One of their gross couple hobbies is to paint on each other’s backs. Annie once drew a meme and reassured Mikasa it was “just a flower.” Mikasa retaliated by drawing a whole moustache and monocle set on Annie while she was sleeping.
  • Annie sits on Mikasa’s back when she does push-ups
  • Whenever they work out together they do that couple thing where one holds the others feet doing sit ups and then kiss with each sit up
  • Annie can fall asleep literally anywhere and whenever she does, Mikasa will put a blanket on her or carry her back to their dorm
  • Mikasa loves having her hair played with and Annie will play with it whenever she can
  • They love shit talking together and being salty over similar things
  • They’ll never admit it but they pushed both of their beds together and won’t let anyone into their dorm room
  • Underneath their lofted merged beds they have a little setup designated their “Make out cave”
  • Annie loves using Mikasa’s lap as a pillow. Mikasa will normally end up running her hands through Annie’s hair
  • They’re almost always making eye love

A compilation of soft tunes for a rainy day spent reading or thinking. (and yes, I managed to include showtunes) (5:55)

OC: Beau Ciprano

Name- Beau Ace Ciprano

House- Hufflepuff

Birthday- October 29, 1960 

Personality- Beau is very quiet and doesn’t talk much, he tends to be shy and isn’t part of many social groups. He will sometimes hang out with his twin sister and her friends but would much rather curl up by a window, sketch and drink hot chocolate all day. He’s very protective of his sister but doesn’t tend to show it unless you provoke him 

Likes- Reading, rainy days, music

Family- Twin Brother of Adelaide Ciprano 

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u_o (thats me, winking)

  • Yukimura likes to make little gadgets for his significant other. Things that will make their life a little easier somehow or fun little toys that might brighten their day.
  • Additionally, he likes drawing portraits of whomever he might be dating. He would pour a lot of love and care into it. He might show it off to them, but ultimately its something he’d keep close to enjoy on rainy (read: incredibly stressful) days.
  • He would draw things specifically for his SO, though. Pictures of things they might like to keep close for when times get hard.
  • Yukimura does his best not to show nepotism, but he really can’t help putting his SO far away from the thick of battle when he’s helping with strategy. It would be absolutely devastating if he lost someone so close to him AGAIN
150 Things I Love

1. rainy/overcast days 

2. reading books that make me cry

3. reading books that make me laugh 

4. having my cat come snuggle up on my lap without me dragging her over to me

5. really creamy mashed potatoes

6. sleeping with my window open with the smell of faint cigarette smoke wafting in 

7. having all my clean clothes put away after I just washed them

8. having a clean house

9. crawling into bed when I’m exhausted

10. the first sip of a cup of coffee

11. being fully comfortable around present company

12. buying new jeans that fit really well

13. blowing my nose in the shower

14. also brushing my teeth in the shower

15. Skins UK

16. tattoos, particularly traditional tattoos

17. walking around downtown on an autumn day when I know I look good

18. being able to wear pants and a sweater comfortably (referring to temperature)

19. waking up early and getting shit done

20. getting a new piercing

21. having really good sex

22. finding new amazing music

23. seeing my mom or my dad after a long time

24. having all of my bills paid 

25. feeling hopeful after I’ve just cried

26. crying from happiness

27. getting high and watching Game of Thrones with my sister

28. chocolate chip pancakes

29. getting my hair cut by Tenille

30. getting my eyebrows threaded

31. barbie movies (I own 13 of them)

32. animated movies in general

33. good anime

34. my cats Willem and Frey

35. interior design

35. reptiles of all kinds

36. ghosts 

37. when my brother tells a joke and looks to me for approval/validation, it makes me feel important and valued and loved

38. successfully talking to someone new

39. avatar: the last airbender

40. visiting my mom’s house

41. buying a new book

42. peeing in a quiet bathroom

43. one of the first few warm days of spring

44. going camping with my family

45. going to bed after a long day

46. changing into pajamas immediately after getting home from work

47, taking my clothes off in front of someone new

48. making people laugh by showing them really ugly pictures of myself

49. making people laugh in general

50. eating goldfish crackers and oreos at the same time

51. really good cheese

52. big windows that let in a lot of light

53. well taken care of plants

54. smiling at a strangers baby and having them smile back

55. pulling up to our campsite

56. getting the balls to do something I’ve never done

57. making breakfast in the morning with my sister

58. buying vegetables and actually eating them

59. showing someone a song I love and they end up loving it, too

60. Halloween

61. days where my eyebrows look really good

62. finishing a cross stitch

63. the song Nuvole Bianche by Ludovico EInaudi

64. going to uptown diner with my best friends

65. actually standing up for myself for once

66. calling someone out on their bullshit

67. having someone be really excited to see me

68. being really excited to see someone

69. thrift shopping

70. working out when I can motivate myself

71. driving through the city at night

72. going to a show at First Avenue

73. knowing something someone else doesn’t know

74. /being able to teach someone something new

75. the movie 13 Going On 30 for some reason

76. probably because of Mark Ruffalo, I love him

77. sitting on my mom’s swing in her backyard

78. decorating the Christmas tree while listening to The Sugar Beats Christmas album

79. English breakfast tea with a lil bit of milk

80. cherry dipped cones from Dairy Queen

81. the Uncharted game series

82. cheese and crackers

83. being high and having the munchies

84. looking at houses

85. learning new things

86. sitting in my hammock

87. laying in the park

88. extra toasty cheez its

89. Adventure Time

90. the smell of old books

91. vines growing on the sides of houses

92. sun rooms

93. super soft blankets

94. kissing my cats repeatedly on the tops of their heads

95. sharing music with my dad

96. freshly fluffed pillows

97. the Silver Birch scented candle from Yankee Candle Co.

98. clean sheets

99. boys who smell good

100. girls who smell good

101. campfire coffee

102. figuring something out on my own

103. going dancing and being really into it

104. pizza hut pizza

105. carrying a backpack with me wherever I go

106. thinking about owning a tinyhome one day

107. being told I’m important to someone

108. harry potter

109. Sam + Louis’ relationship in Stuck In Love because Sam reminds me of myself and it makes me feel like I can find love someday, too, even though I’m so fucking scared

110. Joe Dempsie

111. braided hair

112. makeup (even though I don’t really wear it)

113. the book Eleanor & Park

114. my two antique teacups that my sister and I drink out of every time we drink coffee together

115. that tired feeling I get after I cry

116. snowmobiling

117. jamming out in the car with my friends

118. successful phone calls

119. having cash on me

120. making to do lists

121. reorganizing my closet and my room

122. sleeping in a sleeping bag

123. finishing a book in two days

124. confidence boosts

125. dogs

126. very, very deep talks with people

127. raspberries

128. french fries

129. the stars

130. forests

131. lilies of the valley, hydrangeas, bleeding hearts, and peonies

132. carving pumpkins

133. my brother, he’s so motivated and funny and smart

134. my mom, she’s so sensitive and strong and generous

135. my dad, he’s so strong willed and realistic and witty

136. my sister, she’s so independent and spontaneous and gutsy 

137. giving people presents

138. paying for someone’s meal

139. having a genuinely pleasant conversation with a stranger

140. seeing someone really attractive in public and temporarily falling in love

141. riding the train by myself and listening to music

142. taking myself on dates 

143. seeing someone for the first time in a long time and embracing them really tightly 

144. seeing justice being served

145. girl couples on motorcycles

146. memes tbh

147. classical music

148. every single song from Moulin Rouge

149. singing every single song from Moulin Rouge

150. HGTV

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ps everyone should try this!!

10 Things I Love

I was tagged by my fellow hot mess trashcan @aliceofalonso

Rules: name ten things you love and tag ten people

  1.  Waking up and realizing that you have another hour to sleep before your alarm sets off.
  2. Chocolate chip cookies fresh out of the oven.
  3. The Sisyphus-like accomplishment of moving on to another level in Candy Crush. (What? My commute to work is really boring, ok?)
  4. Bookstore browsing.
  5. Sundresses. This is the Emmy summer uniform of choice. 
  6. Whine n’ Wine skype sessions with my baby sister (who I get to see this weekend IN PERSON for the first time since January!!!!!!)
  7. Old movie musicals.
  8. My family, those nerds (puppies included). 
  9. Lazy, rainy days spent reading inside with a cup of tea.
  10.  All of the talented, lovely folks in the Jon x Sansa Tea Party who make fandom so much fun.

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Summer Reading

“You finished another book? Again?” said Dad, incredulous.

I laughed sheepishly. “Yes.” 

I can’t begin to emphasize enough how much this was said to me – and not just from my father, but from anyone else in the family who constantly noticed me reading in bed. In the garden. In the brown armchair set aside in the living room. I would read my books everywhere, normally devouring each one up in a matter of days – 2-3 days, to be exact.

This summer has been filled with cracked spines, impromptu visits to the bookstore, and rainy days spent reading under the covers. (I absolutely love reading in cold, rainy days!) Of course, apart from traveling to Scandinavia for 2 ½ weeks last May, I’ve been reading a lot. Hoarding books, opening them up, going through word per word. I like coming home with stacks of books in my arms, a sense of eagerness, avidity. Or watching my mom, after a long day at work, bring home new novels from her school library that I requested her to borrow for me. Something about this helps me unwind myself from stress, from everything that could possibly bother me. But don’t.