things that come to mind about the first three songs.
  • she's kinda hot:bright red, kids chanting, revolution, old convertible cars, shouting, the last day of school, running, sneaking out, parties that im not invited to, kids talking back to ignorant adults, open-mindedness, the millenniums, dangerous teenage laughter, that im gonna be ok.
  • fly away:airplane seats, pinning all the places you have traveled to on a map, running away, starting over, the beginning of an indie young adult film, the sounds of the city, the spray of the ocean, relaxation, aesthetically pleasing buildings you just need to take a picture of, a long drive with someone who would make it worth it.
  • jet black heart:dark colors, grey skies, rainy drives, punching a wall, painting everything black, crying in the shower, hurricanes, rippling mascara under sunken eyes, second chances, that just because of the things you have done in the past, does not define your future.

From the storm a few weeks back on August 2nd in northern Michigan. We were stuck on I-75 because of down trees and power lines. We ended up leading a line of cars off the expressway. Luckily we had the traditional tools that rarely anyone uses anymore (a real paper map and magnifying glass *gasp*).

The sky was constantly changing colors…these are just a few of my favorite images.


more pictures from my rainy drive this morning

Roaring Fork Motor Nature Trail by Jason Parker
Via Flickr:
The Roaring Fork Motor Nature Trail is a one-way scenic drive located in the Smoky Mountains National Park just outside Gatlinburg, TN. The drive, closed in winter, features two scenic overlooks as it ascends Piney Mountain and then follows the Roaring Fork, a loud-flowing mountain stream which gives the drive its name. The road gives rise to several prominent trails in the national park, including Rainbow Falls and Trillium Gap. Many of these trails can be used to ascend Mt. Leconte, a mountain towering over 6,000 feet which is one of the Smokies primary hiking destinations.