seto’s personal trashy update

my last day of vacation is tomorrow, these 3 weeks i’ve been animating for the islands MAP, watched hours and hours of gameplays, read the entire snk manga, and watched anime

i’m a productive child


The Mercedes-AMG CLA 45 is where design meets Driving Performance.

[Mercedes-AMG CLA 45 | Fuel consumption combined: 7.1–6.9 l/100 km | combined CO₂ emissions: 165–161 g/km | http://mb4.me/efficiency_statement]

#MBPhotoPass by Trent Bona

Waking up to salty hate in the Sokkla tag, again, because apparently there’s too much Sokkla for their Tyzula eyes all over the Azula and ATLA tags.

Again, proving their lack of imagination by saying Sokkla has no basis other than one canon interaction. Again pretending we’re shallowly shipping it for no reason just because they’re worried about how big it’s gotten. Again, giving me no real reason not to ship it. Again, proving there’s no reason to hate Sokkla other than “it gets in the way of my ship and I’m worried/confused that it’s getting this popular”.

I was mad for a moment until I read it again and understood what was up. Ah, things are looking up in this fandom.