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prompt: rainy car drive, yoonjin

Sometimes, Seokjin is like a toddler. In moments that he can’t sleep, Yoongi figured out that Seokjin has less trouble nodding off in the car than just lying in bed staring at the ceiling or the wall. They hadn’t had to go on a drive in months but now, on the eve of starting his very first Real Grownup Acting Job, anxiety crept in and refuses to leave and Yoongi has very little choice but to take Seokjin for a ride.

The streets shine, slick with rain reflecting the streetlights, and he’s going as slow as he possibly can to keep Seokjin from complaining and maybe also keep from skidding off the road. It’s been forty-five minutes, though, and Seokjin’s still awake. They’re damn near headed to an entirely different city at this point.

“Let’s just go home,” Seokjin mutters, arm draped over his eyes to block out the streetlights as he reclines. “I’m fine, really.”

“Your eye bags have eye bags,” Yoongi says as he takes a right. This street’s smoother, he thinks. Fewer lights. “You need to rest.”

“I can rest in a bed,” Seokjin says. “As the hyung, I demand we go home.”

“As your boyfriend, I’m overruling that. Close your eyes. Go to sleep.”

“You’re treating me like I’m two,” Seokjin chuckles. “Yoongi. I want to go home.”

“Give me fifteen minutes,” Yoongi says. “If you still want to go home then I’ll take you.”

“You’re ridiculous,” Seokjin says, but he doesn’t continue his protesting.

Yoongi smiles to himself as he feels Seokjin’s hand slide over, wrap around his thigh, squeeze briefly. He takes a hand from the steering wheel to squeeze back before focusing back on the road. He’s sure, kind of, that he remembers where to go…maybe. If nothing else, at least driving this far means there are fewer and fewer lights.

A rumble of thunder rattles the car just about at the time Yoongi comes to a stop. He looks over to Seokjin and smiles wider and very nearly congratulates himself on success.

“I’m not asleep.”

“Dammit.” Yoongi sighs. “Okay, well, look. It’s super dark here. Do you want to get in the back? Think there’s still blankets back there from the beach…”

It seems momentarily that Seokjin might complain some more, but he turns, crawls into the back, and lets the seats down without protest. Yoongi follows after double-checking he’d put the car in park, adjusting the giant blanket to cover them both. Seokjin scoots closer, drapes an arm around Yoongi’s middle, breaths quietly for a bit. It’s nice lying there, just enjoying one another, enjoying the sound of the rain against the car, and Yoongi finds himself drifting to sleep. But he can’t. Not until he knows Seokjin is resting properly.

“There was a storm the first time you spent the night at my apartment,” Seokjin says in that low, mumbly rumble he has when he’s either dangerously close to falling asleep or just woken up. “And it was gross and flooding and I said you couldn’t go home in that mess.”

“You held me hostage,” Yoongi says.

“You could’ve left at any time.”

“You literally pinned me down.”

“You had zero complaints.” Yoongi laughs, defeated. “Anyway I like storms with you. They’re our thing.”

“I didn’t realize we had a thing,” Yoongi comments.

“We have lots of things. Pay more attention.”

“Noted. Please just go to sleep.” Seokjin’s grip slips a little lower, grows a little tighter, and Yoongi shivers as Seokjin bites against his shoulder gently. “No, sleep. That’s not sleep.”

“But it’ll make me sleepy,” Seokjin says.

Yoongi considers this. Not even two hours earlier Seokjin had insisted on not fooling around so he doesn’t look haggard for the first day of filming. But he’s so close and warm and the rain’s a pretty lovely soundtrack…

“Fine but you can’t yell at me if you look like a mess later on,” Yoongi says, and he shifts to press his lips to Seokjin’s before Seokjin can complain.

Rainy Day on the Mighty Mac.

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