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Obianidala au where Padmé is a wedding planner, Anakin is a pastry chef that makes amazing wedding cakes, and Obi-Wan is a phenomenal florist.

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Summary: David Nolan is out to protect his family, in any way that he can. He enlists the help of Emma Swan and Killian Jones to help uncover the crime boss currently living in his sleepy town of Storybrooke, ME. Two stubborn and damaged souls now have to come together as partners to solve a murder and maybe even save each other in the process.

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Reminiscing on how beautiful my grad dress was. I was so upset because it was raining that day and I thought our pictures would be ruined, but they turned out so beautiful and the rain actually made them better. But I think that’s a good metaphor for life, even though bad shit may happen to you and it feels like the rain will never stop, chances are that it’ll turn out better than you expected in the end, so keep your chin up!

I wrote a poem once
About love
And I find it ironic
How I finished it with the line
‘By someone who doesn’t know how to love’
And I’ve found out its true
I don’t know how to love
I can’t love
I don’t feel it
Not like how they do in the movies
Or in the books carried around in coffee shops
Romantic love is but a concept
A concept that I’ve realized I don’t feel.

I once thought I was in love
With someone very dear to me
But we never got past more than a kiss and a year of confused texts
It was not love
It was curiosity

I started dating someone
An amazing human
With a heart of gold
But four months in
I realized why I was so exhausted by the relationship
I didn’t feel the love she felt
I couldn’t
I lied through my teeth so I would feel normal
To try to make feeling appear
But no matter how hard I tried
It didn’t work

I think I’m broken
A clock that doesn’t tick
A shoe with no sole
A button with no holes

All my life I’ve imagined
Of a wonderful romantic life
With rainy kisses
And wedding rings

As beautiful a concept
For me that doesn’t exist
It took two broken hearts
And a life
To realize
I will not fall in love
Not in the way described in poems
Not in the way told by happy couples
Not in the way I thought I would.

—  thoughts of a lithromantic

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What Could Have Been

Hello SasuHina submarine! OMG I love you all so much! So much creativity that no one let the ending of the series end this ship. So for some reason I felt the need to do a what if scenario, or more like showing the two what could have been and I came up with this while listening to Wish from the Final Fantasy 13 soundtrack i think…anyways…please enjoy this…remember a submarine is unsinkable…lol 

It had been an accident; a mere brush of the fingers, a moment of poignant warmth and contact so foreign, that the world had felt born anew.

The spilled macha tea continued lazily across the cherry wood table of the Uzumaki-Hyuuga living room, the delicately wrought clay saucer cracked in two. 

How could a simple invitation to tea go so wrong? All she had wanted was to get to know her the man her husband cared for so much.

The dark stain stood out on the sleeve of her lovely, indigo threaded kimono, contrasting with the curling dark green tendrils of Osmunda ferns etched in silk.

Hinata gazed at the taciturn man before her, his normally stoic expression showing widened eyes and a crazed look sparking to life and she wondered if he had seen the exact same thing she had.

 A blazing hearth and pale skin jealously consumed by his pale lips, running course up and down her slim neck. Hands intertwined, a scent that smelled of rain and thunder, charged with energy and anticipation…foreboding and possibility.

He sighed her name, beautiful in its every nuanced syllable…he whispered it as she arched into him, and they became whole…


S-sasuke-san…I..I…“ She stuttered, a habit pulled back from the depths of her genin days because she had no idea what the HELL had just happened. 

"What. did. you. do.”

He seethed, gritting out his words, bile rising up in his throat as he could feel his desire rising. Guilt clawed at his chest, gnawing and mixing dangerously with his lust. 

This was his BEST friend’s wife, mother to his godchildren and for heaven’s sake, he was with Sakura and the image of broken and betrayed dark eyes made him seethe. 

His daughter…how could he betray her so, how could one second of contact…one genjutsu-filled image cast by the Hyuuga temptress-

And he stopped because he finally took note of his companion’s pale face and trembling hands. It was then he knew that she was innocent.


He said her maiden name out of habit, refusing to call out for fear that he would say her first name in the same way as in the dream…refusing to give in to the overwhelming desire of the strange vision…and yet his heart raced as soft lilac eyes looked up at him in fear, confusion laced through her expression and her small frame shaking with…guilt.

Curiosity overtook him, and without another word, he grabbed her slim wrist, pressing a calloused finger from his right hand to feel the pulse of just at the base of her thumb.

It was instant and stronger this time. They were pulled into a place existing only in the realms of possibility, the space between one letter and the next…a dream.

It was raining. They were outside, warm cloaks and apparel only slightly shielding them both as they made their way through the slushy mud trail, unkempt and hardly used. The vivid green of the forest was made all the more sharp, the droplets bouncing off every sharp corner and leaf and stone.

Hinata laughed, tipping her head back, her hood falling off to let loose her wildly cascading hair, the dark waves tumbling down her back like liquid silk. 

Sasuke thought she was beautiful…even as her tears mixed with the rain, and rolled down her flushed cheeks.

He didn’t ask her why she was crying. It could have been any number of things…the Hyuuga clan was fixed, Naruto had rejected her confession, her cousin had died only months ago…

He didn’t need to know why, only that as the tears rolled down and she danced in the rain, electricity crackling at her finger tips, he thought she finally looked free.

His grip tightened, and for all the reality that was waiting to crash down upon them, he brought up his bandages hand to grip her own tighter, to drown himself in the shared dream.

She did the same.

The moon loomed large and the snow continued to fall. Hinata stared in fear as the meteorites headed for Konoha in the distance. She lurched forward, cries ripping from her throat…

“Hanabi! Father!”

“Hinata!” Sasuke called desperately after her, for once struggling to keep up as she pushed chakra into her legs, her aura flaring and his hair standing on end at the sheer force of her energy.

He tackled her to the ground, lifting himself over her sprawled form. He grimaced as the searing heat of the meteorite blazed over them. He could smell the scent of singed hair and cloth.

It crashed just a few meters away, a steaming crater the size of a small house now in place where they had almost been.

Quickly he took off his cloak, beating out the flames and rolled her over to check for injuries, his one hand frantically patting to and fro.

She blinked blearily up at him, confusion and slight annoyance tinging her expression.

“WHY?! We have to go! They’re in trouble!” She struggled against his grip, ready to fly recklessly into battle.

“You fucking idiot.” He grit out, and pulled her into a tight and worried embrace. And he buried his nose in her hair, the scent of rain quelling the fear and his racing heart.

He laced his fingers with hers, there eyes looking into nothingness. They drew closer, unseeing.

“So he saved the world again.”

“You protected the village. You helped.”

“So did you.”

“I failed her, my sister.

She hugged herself tighter, her face smudged and the self-hatred so evident on her face made him understand.

"You got her back.”

“And you’ll leave again..” She whispered, her heart breaking.

Sasuke’s eyes widened, his next action clear and so perfectly logical, that he did it without a second thought.

“Come with me.”

“What are..you…”

“Exactly what I’m saying, come with me, Hinata.”

“But I…”

“Unless, there’s something you need to do here.” He said it gruffly, with little emotion, but Hinata smiled because she knew him too well. 


“…I guess, this is…goo-

"N-no! I meant yes, I will come with you!”

The blush on her face was adorable, and she realized he had been joking with her. She broke into laughter and he joined, a soft chuckling that was the most welcome noise in the world. It sounded like home.

They were mere inches from each other, and white searched black for meaning and possibility. Their heads tilted, the sharp, fresh scent of rain and lightening filling their senses and a heady feeling of fulfillment rushed through them. The compunction to touch, to feel, to see the possibilities pushed them forwards, ever so slowly…fingers gripping tightly to keep them anchored not to reality, but to a dream…a melancholy wish ringing with love and a connection so ridiculously deep, that it hurt to even think of breaking it…

Hinata’s eyes slid shut…Sasuke’s followed suit…but at the back of their haze rested a building pressure, a nagging pounding, a reminder of things they both cherished…

But still they drew closer and closer…

A rainy wedding day, a rushed ceremony, a warm kiss that tasted of sunlight and hope…

Shared moments of love and pain, lackadaisical walks through Konoha and wherever they wished…a freedom so nostalgic, that it ached to think of parting with it. 

Hands intertwined tightly as she screamed. Her body aching, every bone and every muscle tensed to bring home a gift.

And tiny fingers, a beautiful baby girl with dark hair and scrunched up eyes…

She was beautiful, everything they had ever dreamed of. Her name was-



Their eyes shot open, reality crashing down around them like meteorites through the clouds. Hinata’s eyes widened till all he could see was white…she was so close…so very close..

And the she screamed, falling over in her haste to put as much distance between them as possible.

She clutched the strands of her hair, her body shaking, her breath becoming quicker and more shallow…

“No..no..no..no…I love Naruto…Himawari…Bolt…”

She muttered it to herself and Sasuke ever the quick thinker, grabbed her shoulders, shaking the poor woman.

“Hinata! Snap out of it! ”

She gasped once and took a deep breath, slowly letting go of her lengthy hair.

“W-what just happened? What was that?! What did you do.."She trailed off, looking in fear at the man whom she had always only known as her husband’s best friend, his rival…that was all…so that future…had been…

"I did nothing” He whispered bitterly, now fully awake and confused as all hell. He ran an agitated hand through his hair, frowning.

They were interrupted by the sound of a door slamming, and the pitter patter of small feet rushing through the entry way.

“Mom, we’re home!” Cried her son, and she remembered the joy she felt on the day he was born…her baby boy…

“Mommy…we bought flowers!”

“Hmm. That’s weird, those are Dad’s shoes…DAD!?”

And Sasuke quickly separated himself from his host, smoothing down his clothes and quickly assuming his typical distant expression, showing nothing and giving away little.

Naruto showed up just a few minutes later, inviting Sasuke to stay for dinner with the largest grin on his face. And Sasuke declined, avoiding looking at the Hokage’s wife…guilt and some odd kind of nostalgic longing plaguing him.

He stepped out of the house, his daughter in tow. And as if to make it up to her, he smiled a rare smile, because she was precious little girl…and it would be hell or high water before he let his family fall apart due to some stupid weird magic dream.

But as they stepped out into the sunshine, he couldn’t help but miss the rain…

Hinata gazed after the two. Her children were in the back, surely up to no good  mischief. Just like their father…an affectionate smile crossed her face, but even as she told herself that nothing had happened and that it was a beautiful day…

She couldn’t help but miss the rain…and her fingers reached for the unseen possibility of what could have been.


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