rainy times


Another rainy day, another great time to do some fishing in Stardew Valley!

life cleansing tips:

- delete conversations between people you no longer talk to. its healthy to let go of the past and not letting yourself dwell on things.

- say kind things about people you like. say good things about yourself. don’t speak or think about people you don’t like.

- look in mirrors. you shouldn’t be afraid of facing yourself.

- clean sheets make clean sleep make clean minds

- allow yourself time to feel and grow. don’t be too hard on yourself for crying, you need to vent in order to move on to better times. even rainy days work towards sunny days.

- if things don’t work out, stop forcing them. there’s no reason for you to keep working and failing if there’s other places/people for you to excel and be happy.

- kiss your body, caress your body. make yourself feel loved.

- running away doesn’t always solve everything. sometimes, the reason that made you run will still be with you. focus on freeing yourself before starting anew.

- a glass of water and a good nights rest can go a long way


I actually had a dream about them?? doing this?? last night?? I mean it’s not very funny but. there u go

hope you feel better anon!! ;v;

Bare Assets

Summary: Reader goes for a dip and finds themselves not alone.
Word count: 1158

There was no denying the nervousness humming throughout your body as you stood at the edge of the river. It’s been a few weeks of long traveling and it did a number on your poor legs and clothes. Your destination was the Zora’s Domain to visit your good friend Prince Sidon, but before you went you wanted to freshen up a bit.  There was no way you would go there presented with armpits reeking and hair dirtied. Finally building up courage, and one last survey of the area, you removed the worn clothes settling them just at the edge. 

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