Music Appreciation With Lin-Manuel Miranda
sadsadconversation edition

Is there anything wrong with your day? Anything at all? This will fix it.

Lin-Manuel Miranda lip synchs to Mama Will Provide from Once On This Island in 2011, in defiance of Hurricane Irene (and rainy crappy days in general).



sunday, 31 january 2016 | 4:22pm

january has been a combination of copious homecooked comfort meals and (ongoing) reevaluations of love over distances.. but a new month is right around the corner. my past few daily goals to stay focused and hopeful have been pulling me forward.

today’s a rainy day, but it’s not all blues. i’m feeling bright and refreshed and ready to make the most out of my sunday.

11/100 days of productivity / daily schedule printable from @theorganisedstudent