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It was raining cats and dogs. No, it was pouring buckets of deers and bears. And it was dark even though it had only just turned 5:30 PM, but the cloud cover made it seem like it was midnight. Sadly for most people, they still had to go out in this - end of a work day, maybe end of school, late shopping because the fridge is empty - whatever the reason, if they were out in the rain, they were running to get to cover and using umbrellas.

The pace that everyone was going and the thundering of the rain hitting the Earth, almost fully hid the sound of pain and punches hitting flesh coming from a dark ally.

Rainy days

Written by Elle, photography by Jared

Nothing can beat waking up to the sound of rain drizzling down your window and hearing cars faintly scoop rain across the roads with a gentle whooooosh. I can’t help feeling that rain has a way of calming you and making problems better. I love waking up to the sound of rain and being toasty warm under duvets and soft pillows, ready to welcome the day.

The best way to start a rainy day is to get snug and eat some yummy breakfast! I know when it’s raining I always wear fluffy socks, lots of layers of clothing or a pair of pyjamas if I’m really relaxing. I always try to eat a hot breakfast so I keep warm.

There’s so many ways to spend a rainy day indoors.There is no better feeling than curling up and reading a book with a cup of your favourite beverage while hearing the rain hitting your windows. Take some time for yourself! Have a relaxing bath, moisturise your whole body and face, have a movie marathon, watch episodes of your favourite shows, paint, listen to music and journal. My friends and I like to get creative in the kitchen and bake anything and everything! A rainy day is the perfect time to try out new recipes.

Spending your rainy day outside is equally fun. Going out in the fresh outdoors and feeling the breeze tugging at your coat is a pretty great feeling. Visit a museum or bookstore, grab a friend and go puddle splashing, catch a bus and go to a new place and explore, sit down at a cute café and get a snack whilst catching up with friends.

My point is, rainy days are too precious to feel bored or unsure of what to do, so get yourself up and do what makes you happy!

Here are some rainy day songs that you might like to listen to:

Higher Love // James Vincent Mcmorrow
Left Hand Free // Alt-J
Warm Foothills // Alt-J
All of the Stars // Ed Sheeran
Today // Wilmette Stone
Heart Like Yours// Wilmette Stone
Holocene// Bon Iver
All I Want // Kodaline
Chocolate // 1975
Skinny Love// Birdy
Maps// Yeah Yeah Yeahs
La Vie En Rose // Edith Piaf


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Artist Creates Secret Sidewalk Art That’s Only Revealed On Rainy Days

There are plenty of cliches about finding the sunshine on a rainy day, but this sidewalk art is not one of them.

Designed and produced by artist Peregrine Church, Rainworks is a special type of street art that appears on sidewalks only when they’re wet. The works include hopscotches, whimsical illustrations and uplifting messages.