rainy day's morning


I actually had a dream about them?? doing this?? last night?? I mean it’s not very funny but. there u go

hope you feel better anon!! ;v;

Where are you?

I want someone.
I want someone that I can just collapse on.
Whether it in laughter or sobs.
I want someone I can tell all my secrets to.
The dark and the light.
I want someone who I can stay up with and just talk.
All day or all night.
I want someone who knows when I need them
And knows when I need space.
I want someone who’s laugh can get me drunk.
On love or happiness.
I want someone who understands I need to unleash
And just explode.
I want someone who can read me like an open book.
Even when I’ve locked myself in a cage.
I want someone to cuddle with.
On rainy days and late mornings.
I want someone who I can make me forget who I am.
And only exist with them.
I want someone who I can loose track of time with.
If I’m with them, I’m never late.
I want someone who I can love.
Unconditionally and always.
I want someone.

astrology aesthetics

aries: cups of tea, european monuments, music festivals, pennies kept in jars, awful jokes that are secretly funny, sleepy pets, key chains.

taurus: cherry blossom trees, karaoke machines, 80′s high school movies, sunrises, lockets, home-made lemonade, stationary.

gemini: summer wind, fruity alcohol, expensive clothes, meditation, city bridges, pastel colors, palm trees.

cancer: black and white photographs, sunflowers, midnight snacks, valentines cards, fresh fruit, lake reflections, bookshelves.

leo: tanlines, coca cola, fashion magazines, face paint, old fashioned telephones, sunglasses, wrist watches.

virgo: uncontrollable laughter, sunsets, sweet perfume, inspirational quotes, vines on buildings, chandeliers, notepads.

libra: bubble baths, romantic comedies, italian food, footprints, rings kept in bowls, flower shops, umbrellas.

scorpio: record players, campfires, staying up late with the best kinds of people, newspapers, art studios, waffles & syrup, libraries.

sagittarius: gigantic maps, new bed sheets, foreign languages, museums, car journeys, fancy suits, snowstorms.

capricorn: wooly jumpers, rustic architecture, baked goods, caffeine, 90′s rock, rainy days, dreaming.

aquarius: foggy mornings, glitter, countryside smells, documentaries, hot chocolate, aquariums, greek mythology.

pisces: violet skies, flannel shirts, blankets, pianos, old televisions, astronomy, gift shops.

Genji Masterlist

- Recovering From an Injury

- Showing Affection

- Apologising/Making up After a Fight

- Watching the Rain Together

- First Kiss

- Trusting Spirit Dragons

- Bed Time

- Masturbating Thinking About S/O (NSFW)

- Soulmate AU

- Returning after being Missing

- Returning after being Missing Alt.

- Trying to Recover too Quick

- Talon S/O

- Being Calmed Down after a Nightmare

- Captured S/O

- Talon Torture

- Praise Kink (Ft. Zenyatta) (NSFW)

- Thigh Riding (NSFW)

- Rainy Day HC

- Confessing Feelings

- Morning Sex (NSFW)

- High School Playboy

- Halloween Costume 🎃

- Crush HC

- Vampire Genji 🎃

- Little Boobs (NSFW)

- Scars

- Interrupting S/O Masturbating (NSFW)

- Reunited

- Overwatch Kink Week Day Seven - Shibari (NSFW)

- Lights Out

- Study Session

- Scalp Rubbing

- Facesitting (NSFW)

- Ignored S/O