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Fred Weasley dating a shy girl would include…

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- The first steps would’ve been quite difficult

- He would try to get your attention by openly flirting with you, such as winking at you or just loudly telling you how cute you were

- You however would feel quite uncomfortable with this kind of attention, getting more and more distant towards him

- After talking to some of your friends, not really realizing what the problem was, he would suddenly see what made you so uncomfortable

- Knowing how you felt now, he would do his best to let you know how much you mean to him with more subtle matters

- He’d take you to library dates, knowing how much you enjoyed to read and guessing that you’d most certainly also like the quiet atmosphere 

- On rainy days, he’d suggest a walk on the lake. Barely anyone would be outside in the rain, giving you two some space from the crowded common rooms

- Him leaving you tiny notes instead of openly telling you how gorgeous you look, figuring you’d appreciate it a bit more subtle 

- You thanking him as you realized how much he got out of his usual behavior to make you more comfortable

- Which kind of made you want to show him that you were thankful to have him

- You’d gather all your strengh and after some weeks of dating, you would walk up to him after a Quidditch game and kiss his cheek

- He’d look at you stunned by your sudden display of affection, having to take a moment to process what was going on at first

- When he catched on however, he couldn’t hold back a grin before pulling you into a short, yet incredibly loving kiss



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here we go


losing a family member and sebastian comforting you

sebastian getting jealous

sebastian coming home after 6 months of filming

sebastian defending you

having a miscarriage 

being sebastian’s younger sister

fighting with sebastian 

sebastian finding your blog

cuddling with sebastian

meeting sebastian in an airport

bumping into sebastian at a convention

reading a fic

being called ugly at a panel

fighting with your siblings

helping sebastian through a mental breakdown

studying abroad

crushing on seb while on the cw press tour 

bumping into seb’s grocery cart

kiss seb on the cw set

being at wizard con with the cw cast (Part 1) (Part 2) (Part 3)

surprising you on your birthday

seb reminding you you’re worth it

4 year old daughter crashing an interview (Drabble 1) (Drabble 2)

seb proposing on set

seb comforting you on set

giant spiders

seb calming you after a fight

having a secret relationship with sebastian

meeting sebastian in NY

reading fanfic on jimmy fallon with sebastian

sebastian saving you from a guy in the club

sebastian helping you with an anxiety attack

sebastian helping with your constant pain

tear in my heart (Part 1) (Part 2)

being a costume designer on the CW set

getting mobbed by paps

stiching up sebastian

telling sebastian you’re pregnant

watching sebastian’s work

kissing bff sebastian

getting the giggles with sebastian

carpool karaoke 

meeting sebastian at the gym

having kids with sebastian (Drabble 1)

sharing a bed with sebastian

sneaking out of bed while sebastian’s sleeping

opening your acceptance letters with sebastian

sebastian flirting with his personal stylist

swimming with sharks

being nervous on your wedding day


sebastian learning about your depression and self-harm

sebastian liking your laugh

sebastian being jealous of your costar

sebastian delivering your baby

sneaking around with sebastian

sebastian believing you cheated on him

sebastian having a bad day

sebastian waking you up in the hospital

helping sebastian with a one night stand

sebastian giving you a puppy for your bday

meeting sebastian at a masquerade ball (Part 1) (Part 2)

star wars vs star trek

showing sebastian new orleans

spilling slushie on sebastian

sebastian telling you to stop sucking in your stomach

sebastian talking to your baby

meeting sebastian at a fashion show

having trouble sleeping and sebastian helping

sebastian supporting you at the olympics - part 1 | part 2 | part 3 | part 4 |

seb being your first friend on set

helping sebastian quit smoking

seb beating you at mario kart

telling seb you’re asexual

celebrating seb’s birthday

being 10 years younger than seb

enjoying the summer with seb

masquerade - part 1 | part 2

finishing your first week at college

double date

car sex

liv’s birthday drabble

motion sickness 

high school reunion

help after a bad date

being in an accident - part 1 | part 2 | part 3

“i do my boyfriend’s makeup challenge”

cat grandparents

meeting seb on a talk show

press tour


barging inpart 1 | part 2 (NSFW)

fighting with Bucky

irl friend/nsfw blog

hide and seek

arranged marriage

getting hurt by Bucky during a mission

becoming comfortable with touching

sleep walking

nurse bucky

riding a motorcycle 

Joining Up - part 1 | part 2 | part 3 | part 4

violent coloring

Bucky saving you from killing yourself

being Bucky’s pregnant wife and the team finding out

It’s All About Us 

Father’s Day

crushing on Bucky

making a build-a-bear with Bucky

Bucky loving your butt

bringing Bucky plums when he gets out of cryo

making Bucky feel comfortable

le vie en rose (Part 1) (Part 2) (Part 3) (Part 4) (Part 5)

bucky supporting your haircut

bucky taking care of you after the dentist

singing in the shower

helping bucky with his PTSD

bucky seeing your paintings for the first time

confiding in bucky

bucky finding his soulmate

bucky doing yoga

catching bucky dancing

discovering bucky’s hair pulling kink

moving on

bucky getting caught in his clothes

texting bucky…often

bucky helping with your sunburn

being the new avenger - part 1 |

bucky helping after a ruined date (NSFW)

bucky dating sam’s sister

bucky taking care of you whilst sick


boudoir photo shoot - prequel | imagine

Dr. Chris Beck

Romeo and Juliet

Hermaion (Part 1) (Part 2) (Part 3) (Part 4) (Part 5) (Part 6) (Part 7)

Drawing Chris on Ares 3 (Part 1) (Part 2)

Having a crush on Beck

Catching you as you faint

meeting on earth 


telling Grace you’re expecting a second child

Chase Collins

flirting at the bar 

asking chase to choose between you and his power

meeting chase at the bar

TJ Hammond

being TJ’s sober coach

cheering TJ up

visiting TJ in the hospital after his OD

TJ getting help

finding TJ after he OD’s

spending your birthday with TJ

Carter Baizen 

illegitimate child

Carter trying to win you back

confronting carter

Lance Tucker

having a crush on you

Clay Appuzzo

early hours of the morning

Series (to be added to)

not so commonplace



Whisper (possible NSFW)


Weight (Plus Size) |  Bucky

Anxiety Disorder | Sebastian

Weight (Plus Size) | Sebastian

Seborrheic Dermatitis | Bucky

Cheating | Bucky

Verbal Abuse (High School) | Sebastian

Weight (Plus Size) | Bucky

Weight (Plus Size) | Bucky

Scars Don’t Define You | Bucky  

You’re Assholes  | Stiles

Grace  | Elijah

Curves  | Anthony Mackie

I’m Here Now  | Bucky  

You’re Pretty (Part 1) (Part 2)

Locker Buddy | Bucky    

Liar | Sebastian 

Winner Fics

2k | Bucky - part 1

Christmas Special 2016

Day 1

Day 2

Day 3

Day 4 

Day 5


A Rainy Day

A Walk In The Park

The Carnival


Golden Boy

Late Night

Lonely Hearts Club

Back in Time

Starry Night

Sweet Shop


Train Station


White Walls

Teal Dreams

Time For a Party

Coffee Shop

Twilight Calls

High Fashion

New York Adventure

Captain America

Coming Home



Fourth of July




Every single walk I’ve taken with Joe this weekend we’ve got soaking wet, but I’ve enjoyed it! When it rains you can go out and not see a single other soul, everything looks fresh and green, the trees smell nice, the sound of rain hitting the leaves is lovely. This afternoon we walked in an old quarry and got caught in a thunder storm, and the thunder really boomed because of the stone cliffs, but Joe was really good. He would prick his ears up, look around, then just carry on walking. What a trooper. 

can we just take a moment to apreciate the person that is kim samuel. from when he was a pledis trainee preparing to debut with seventeen to debuting as one punch and having his fellow member leave the duo to when he was a contestent on produce 101 season 2, where everyone was so sure he would debut with the final 11. he did not, but brave entertainment was prepared and were ready to allow him to debut as soon as possible. and here he is today, debuting six days before the wanna one members and shocking everyone with the quality of his mini album, ‘sixteen’. can we all just take some time to acknowledge and support the boy who is of such a young age and been through so much already and please to support him in his career as a talented and young music artist. 

The girl from the park (Bucky Barnes x reader)

Request: Can you write a Bucky Barnes x Reader? Where the reader is having also a prothesis or something like that? :b

Pairing: Bucky Barnes x Reader

Warnings: Fluff

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It started pretty simple: A normal Sunday morning as Bucky decided to go for a run around the park to clear his head from all of his nightmares as he saw you lying on a blanket that was spread over the grass, your laptop in front of you taking pictures of the flowers that were growing around you. 

He saw you only from far away but for some reason that was enough to captivate him and let him stare at you for 5 whole minutes as you turned around and looked at him that caused him to come back to reality, immediately continuing to jog and not realizing that you had a smile playing on your lips. 

It happened every single Sunday. Even on the rainy days you would walk around the park, your camera in your hand wearing one of those yellow rain jackets with matching boots that made you look absolutely adorable. Not only you realized that a certain super soldier seemed to have an interest in you but also his best friend who noticed that Bucky would sneak out of the tower without saying anything and coming back with the biggest grin on his face Steve had ever seen. 

“You wanna tell me what´s her name or should I follow you the next time you sneak out like a teenager?” Steve asked one morning while Bucky was holding a cup of tea in his hands starring at it and trying to hide the blush that was turning his cheeks into a peachy color. 

“I uhm..I don´t know what´s her name.” 

“You´ve been doing this for one month and haven´t even introduced yourself? And you always call me the shy one.” Steve placed a hand on his best friends shoulder as he walked outside leaving him with the thought of actually asking you out. Well why not? You knew that Bucky existed and the way you smiled at him could probably mean that you had also an interest right?

And so Bucky stood up from his chair and walked outside the Avengers tower directly to the park where he was already picturing you on a blanket again with a book in your hands or maybe walking around with the dog you once had with you or even taking pictures of the flowers of the trees but as soon as Bucky arrived and looked for you he could not see you anywhere. 

It was a strange feeling in his stomach that he could not describe but instead of going back he sat down a bench, his hands folded in his lap, looking around and watching people walk by. He asked himself a lot of questions in his head: Where were you living, what type of job were you doing, would you even date someone looking as weird as him with a metal arm? Maybe this was the reason why you were not in the park anymore because the last time Bucky was here it was the first time he wore a t-shirt showing his arm to everyone. 

So much questions and no time to think for an answer because he suddenly felt a tap on his shoulders and turned around to see you standing there, smiling at him with your typical cute smile. “Hey! I´ve been seeing you a lot in the park and..I´ve never really was brave enough to say hello or something but after yesterday..when I saw your arm it took some of my insecurities away.” 

Bucky looked at you in confusion as you walked in front of him and he saw that you were wearing a sundress but not only that. Your right leg was missing and replaced with a prothesis and for some reason Bucky´s heart skipped a beat as soon as he realized that the girl he had formed some type of crush was just as nervous as he was about a missing body part. 

“May I?” She pointed towards the bench as he nodded and she sat down, her hands folded in her lap and her legs swinging as she was silent for a few seconds before she started to speak again. 

“I´m Y/N by the way.” She stretched her hand out and without even thinking Bucky stretched out his metal arm out, shaking her hand and looking at her in awe.

“Bucky..Bucky Barnes. It´s really great to finally get to know you.”

Should I make a second part? Send me an ask if you want to see the story continue :)

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Name: Cameron
Age: 15
Country: Canada 

Um… so im kinda new to this whole penpal thing but i did it once in 6th grade at school and it seems pretty cool so ya. I speak fluent french but english is my first language, I love photography, art, dogs, reading, sleeping, muffins, long walks, rainy days and mom jeans. I consider myself a very open minded person so ya. Also i like spicy memes ( ͡ ° ͜ ʖ ͡ ° )

Preferences: preferably around 14-17. tbh gender, sexuality, race and all that trash mean nothing to me so… Hit me up so we can be buddies!



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Finn teaches Sean to drive