rainy day walks

OTP Drawing Prompts

Theme: Spring 

Just a list of ideas you can use or issue as a “send a number” challenge!

  1. going for a walk
  2. window shopping
  3. picnic (or preparing for one)
  4. florals or spring fashion
  5. reading outdoors
  6. cherry blossoms
  7. lemonade or afternoon tea
  8. pale pink or peach and/or light blue 
  9. spring break or European vacation
  10. riding bikes
  11. morning jog
  12. bare feet
  13. ice cream
  14. golf or tennis
  15. rooftop bar
  16. school festival 
  17. making a wish + fountain
  18. impromptu photography
  19. rainy day
  20. walking or playing with animals or pets

Just a small walk today. Yesterday I was lazy and didn’t end up doing anything after work other than binge watching the OA. So ya! It was raining tonight, but I walked with my parents over to the store and then we did a few loops there. Yep. Tomorrow’s my day off, so I’m planning to get a real work out in. I have a counselor in the afternoon and I need to do a certification thing for my work from home job that I’ll be starting soon that’s really the same as my old job, except the at home version, haha. 

Today I went and got Pupusas for Dinner because my favorite little mexican hole in the wall does them for 99 cents on Tuesdays. I’d never had them before, so I wanted to try them! So I felt a bit guilty for buying mexican, especially because I also got it yesterday…. BUT I stopped eating when I was full, and not sickly so, and put the rest in the fridge. So I may have gone and bought food which isn’t good, but I didn’t binge on it. Baby steps! 

Things I associate with BTS

Jin: First dates, innocent kisses, large scarves, baseball tees, lilac, snowy days, the feeling of hugging a loved one, trips to the country side, flower crowns, butterflies, white button ups, dream catchers, long hugs, glass figures, soft purple light, city lights.

Suga: Forehead kisses, walks during the winter time, face masks, over sized sweaters, day dreaming, napping on a rainy day, walking deep into a forest, holding hands, listening to rain, burnt matches, statues, lightning, abandoned cities, dried flowers, inverted colors, reflections, brick streets, crystals. 

J-Hope: Cherry blossom trees, bomber jackets, jacket patches, thigh high socks, neon lights, laying in the grass, ripped jeans, walks on the beach, graffiti, blurred city lights, brooches, high tops.

Rap Monster: Radios, watching the clouds, city views, sitting by a lake, purple sunsets, rolled up sleeves, walking on the beach, chokers, tribal patterns, black and white clothes, over sized teddy bears, leather jackets, beanies, crashing waves, cliff diving.

Jimin: Hanging lights, sunlight shining in through curtains, turtle necks, knit sweaters, orange sunrises, trees in the fall, walking around museums, aged paper, sitting in cafes, lazy morning cuddling, frames of photographs, gold bracelets, red ribbon, mist in the morning, cactus, over grown greenery.

V: Circle glasses, broken glass, fluorescent light, water distortion, train yards, looking into water, abandoned libraries, damask, winter over coats, looking out of the window.

Jungkook: Knit blankets, sweater paws, messy bed sheets, bookshelves, white flowers, hand written letters, postage stamps, hanging plants, embroidery, antique shops, oil lamps, green houses, paisley.

  • rap monster: don't you just love rainy days?
  • jimin *jungkook walking up*: yeah especially when jungkook is there...
  • jungkook *turns around and speedwalks away*: oh my god oh my god oh my god he needs to stop
bangtan + kisses

immense description on the manner of how bts would kiss you


Like chocolate and warm pie. Like sunshine seeping through the clouds on a rainy day. Like walking through the park with a light breeze kicking up the ends of your hair as little kids run around you with smiles on their faces. Like a bright and fruity lollipop that tastes so sweet on your tongue. Like a high school anime full of aegyo and pastel, occasionally catching sight of lace or cotton under little school skirts. 


Like a porcelain tub brimming with warm water. Like a red canvas splattered with black paint. Like crystalline bedsheets and lazy Sundays between them, reading books and filling your ears with loud music from big headphones. Like a soft punch or gentle kick. Like no air but also like gasps and sighs. Like a walk along The Seine with sounds of water and locks clicking closed along the bridge with timeless ecstasy. 

Rap Monster: 

Like black lace and colored lingerie. Like a late Friday night, covered in sweat from the club or from being on your back above cold sheets. Like a thousand stars in the night sky and a bright sun, partially obscured by thick clouds. Like rolling green hills and tall red heels. Like pressure and pleasure and something you don’t think you need until you do. Like fine wine and plush leather. Like ink stains along fingertips and along the lines of recycled paper.  


Like sweet rolls and coffee in the early hours of the morning. Like a bouquet of brightly colored flowers that smell like Spring days and finely spun strands of gold. Like orange suns and dark moons and collections of rainbows that twirl across a blue landscape. Like a loose blouse and tight pants and undressing after a long day in the dark of your bedroom, a beckoning hand calling you from atop a gray duvet as sunshine fills his smile. 


Like an inside joke you shared as kid or a secret you can’t tell anybody. Like a long shower with strawberry scented soap and voices echoing off the clean tile. Like a waterpark on a hot day, wet and fun and relieving, with cute polka dot bikinis and suggestive smiles as you drink smoothies. Like a sundress in the summer and stockings in the winter, like lavender and roses scented candles filling a dimly lit room. 


Like puffs of blue cotton candy going past pink lips. Like an everlasting summer with dark dark nights that end in breathlessness and sore mornings. Like the sweet taste of fruit juice and texture of whipped cream. Like a low cut blouse and long hair that wrap around his fingers during late nights of embrace. Like early awakening and unspoken motivation. Like the cotton of dresses and the lace of what’s hiding underneath.    


Like fall days and long plaid shirts with red leaves littering the ground. Like a shy rain dotting along the rooftop and laying in bed with soft music as you watch puddles form along the streets. Like a late night car ride to clear your mind and a million fireworks exploding in the sky. Like an amusement park churro and a cold iced water. Like dim lights and musky cologne, and a  dangerous comfort as you move between silk waters.   

Hope you enjoyed because I honestly don’t know what this is…

~Admin Eggplant