rainy day in nyc

Borrowing Pajamas (SR)


Request: Spencer and reader are working a case and have to share a room and the reader forgets her pjs and has to borrow Spencer’s and they have hate relationship but that ends at the end of the night with some fluff!!?!?

Warnings: None (Not edited)

your pov:

We started the case off in New York City. An unsub was targeting taxi drivers. They would kill them and then push them out on the busy streets, stealing the cars. Then the unsub would target the people who got into the taxi with him. So it was basically a huge shooting spree. 

It was a rainy day in NYC. The thunder and lightening casted down on top of all of us making the evidence wash away into the streets. I ran my hands over my face groaning. “Sometimes I hate the rain.” I mumbled looking around one of the recent victims. “What’s the MO?” I asked the team as we all huddled towards the body. “Well it looks like they have all been shot execution style, just one bullet to the head.” Reid said bending down to look at the wound. I winced and stepped back not enjoying the visuals I had just seen. “Alright everyone lets go to the station and set up the time line.” David commanded out. I nodded and walked behind everyone, placing myself in the back of the big black SUV. “You’re awfully quiet.” I heard Rossi comment from the drivers seat. I gave a sad smile and shook my head, “I’m good, just tired. It’s been a long day of flying. I haven’t slept in so long.” I said yawning out. “Why haven’t you slept?” He asked back looking in the rear-view mirror. I shrugged, “I guess with a job like this and the sights you see. It’s hard to sleep.” I told him looking out of the window. I saw Spencer look back at me confused. I decided to just brush it off and continue looking at the water droplets coming down the window. 

When we got to the station I let myself out of the car slightly stumbling. I tapped my cheek trying to keep myself awake for the next countless hours of working up a profile. I sat down with the rest of the team going though all the questions on how the unsub acts. “So he’s an organi-” I said stopping mid-sentence to yawn. “Oh goodness, excuse me. So he’s an organized killer. He knows what he wants and he’s calm.” I concluded. Hotch nodded his head calling Spencer and I out into the hallway away from the others. “Reid I need you to take Y/N to the hotel. You two are bunking tonight so I’d suggest you guys get comfortable together.” He commanded. He handed Reid the keys to the car nodding towards the door. I started to walk off to the door when I heard Hotch again. “And Reid, make sure she gets sleep.” I heard the doctor mumble out an ‘okay.’ 

I climbed into the passenger side and buckled my seat belt. I waited for the young doctor to present himself. He opened the drivers side and slid into the seat swiftly. He started up the car and pulled off. The ride was so far filled with awkward silence. “I don’t understand why you can’t sleep.” He said keeping his eyes on the road. I stared at him examining his face. “And why is that Dr. Reid.” I said not really wanting an answer. “You act all hard in the field.” He commented. I sighed and rolled my eyes. “Me acting tough in the field has nothing to do with how I feel mentally.” I told him resting my head on the cool glass window. I heard him huff and puff, slightly annoyed at my logic. 

We pulled into the hotel parking lot parking in the closest space we could find. “I’ll get the bags, you go ahead and get our room.” Spencer told me pointing to the main entrance. I nodded my head gratefully. I lazily pushed open the doors and walked to the desk asking for our room. The nice lady gave me the key card and gave me directions to it. I nodded and smiled giving her a polite thank you. I went back out to the car and helped Spencer carry in the bags. “We are on the fourth floor.” I said trying to make small talk. He nodded and slung a bag over his shoulder. “Do you want me to help you with that?” I asked him looking at his tired eyes. He shook his head and shrugged off my touch as I reached for my bag. “It’s fine. Just hurry and get to the room.” I groaned and closed my eyes thinking about how even though he was a dick, he was still a gentleman. Which really pissed me off. 

When we finally found our room I placed the key card in the slot letting the light turn green. I pushed open the door loving the smell of a hotel room. “I don’t even think I can make it through a shower tonight.” I said softly laughing to myself, flipping on the lights. I looked across the room noticing the king sized bed. “Oh brother, this must be a mistake.” I said whining. I looked towards Spencer seeing his bowing his head. “Let’s just sleep Y/N, the bed is big enough for the both of us and I really don’t feel like walking all the way back down to complain. I just want to get into comfy clothing and sleep.” He said complaining. I bit my lip and sighed placing my bag on the bed furthest from the door. I opened my bag searching though to find my pajamas. “No, no, no this can not be happening.” I said groaning. “What?” Spencer said snapping his hand up towards me. “I was doing the laundry for my go-bag and I guess I left out my pajamas.” I said biting my quivering lip. After the long day and the exhaustion swarming my brain my body finally let go of the tension letting the tears flow freely. I groaned and sat on the bed kicking off my shoes. “Uhm do I need to go get you something?” He asked awkwardly. I pouted and looked up at him. I shook my head and took off my blazer starting to get under the covers. I faced my back towards him. I heard him sigh and sit on the bed. “Here, you can borrow these. I have extras.” He said. I felt a weight on my side, I looked down to see some plaid pajama pants and a plain long sleeved shirt. I dried my eyes and looked up at him. I sniffed and smiled, “Thank you.” I told him getting up. “Um, oh I’ll go to the bathroom.” He said rushing out. 

I unbuttoned my pants and pushed them down stepping out. I then pushed my shirt over my head unclasping the restricting bra. I heard a knock on the bathroom door, “Are you dressed?” I heard Spencer ask through the door. “Um almost.” I said pulling the overly baggy pants and shirt on. “Okay.” I said placing myself under the covers. “I’m sure they will be a bit bigger since you’re quite a bit shorter than me but it’ll do.” He told me as he came out of the bathroom. I nodded my head and settled myself closet to the edge of the bed. I felt the weight of the mattress shift under him. “You can move closer to me you know, I don’t bite.” He said softly. I felt his body move closer to the middle of the bed. I felt a hand run over my waist making butterflies erupt. “I’m not going to hurt you.” He said pushing my back closer to his front. I flipped over to face him and blushed. “You look cute in my clothes.” He said placing his hand on my jaw making me look at him. “Oh stop Spencer.” I said giggling hitting him softly on his chest. “Go to sleep.” He said whispering, tucking me into his chest. “What no goodnight kiss?” I asked into his chest. I felt his chest vibrate, I looked up into his beautiful brown eyes and leaned in to place a soft kiss on his lips. “There, now sleep.” 

Rainy days

Written by Elle, photography by Jared

Nothing can beat waking up to the sound of rain drizzling down your window and hearing cars faintly scoop rain across the roads with a gentle whooooosh. I can’t help feeling that rain has a way of calming you and making problems better. I love waking up to the sound of rain and being toasty warm under duvets and soft pillows, ready to welcome the day.

The best way to start a rainy day is to get snug and eat some yummy breakfast! I know when it’s raining I always wear fluffy socks, lots of layers of clothing or a pair of pyjamas if I’m really relaxing. I always try to eat a hot breakfast so I keep warm.

There’s so many ways to spend a rainy day indoors.There is no better feeling than curling up and reading a book with a cup of your favourite beverage while hearing the rain hitting your windows. Take some time for yourself! Have a relaxing bath, moisturise your whole body and face, have a movie marathon, watch episodes of your favourite shows, paint, listen to music and journal. My friends and I like to get creative in the kitchen and bake anything and everything! A rainy day is the perfect time to try out new recipes.

Spending your rainy day outside is equally fun. Going out in the fresh outdoors and feeling the breeze tugging at your coat is a pretty great feeling. Visit a museum or bookstore, grab a friend and go puddle splashing, catch a bus and go to a new place and explore, sit down at a cute café and get a snack whilst catching up with friends.

My point is, rainy days are too precious to feel bored or unsure of what to do, so get yourself up and do what makes you happy!

Here are some rainy day songs that you might like to listen to:

Higher Love // James Vincent Mcmorrow
Left Hand Free // Alt-J
Warm Foothills // Alt-J
All of the Stars // Ed Sheeran
Today // Wilmette Stone
Heart Like Yours// Wilmette Stone
Holocene// Bon Iver
All I Want // Kodaline
Chocolate // 1975
Skinny Love// Birdy
Maps// Yeah Yeah Yeahs
La Vie En Rose // Edith Piaf