rainy coffee


a. studies to learn, not to get good grades. doesn’t stress about anything, sloppy handwriting, stacks of books, takes napping seriously
b. spends every single night working their ass off for their grades yet still people think they are naturally smart
c. spends more time procrastinating than actually studying. gets still good grades. secretly envied by others.
d. always late, never has their material with them and interrupts everyone. still liked by everyone.
e. the stereotypical hipster. loves classics, coffee and rainy weather. can be found at coffee shops reading or observing people.
f. perfectionist who feels the need to better than anyone else. gets mad when a friend gets a better grade.
g. envious of everyone. wants to get good grades but spends their time watching netflix all day long, still has the gut to complain about not having enough time to study.
h. tries to do everything they can even though their mental health isn’t the best. skips a lot of school days to catch up on school work.