rainy cat


I FINALLY figured out how to make thumbnails!  XD  (shutupitwashardokay??)

Fan art of @thelastpilot ‘s fan fiction, “Rainy Days,” which was one of the first ML fics I ever read.  I’m definitely a bit late to the party since it was written a few months back, but I’m a new fan so it’s still new to me.  ;)  And at least I don’t have to tag it with a spoiler alert.  XD

I drew this while I was on vacation, so it was drawn in my sketchbook instead of digitally like I’m used to.

(Apologies again for the giant watermarks)

Edit: Someone asked for a link, here it is.

Adrinette Month (messy) Calligraphy!

HI! So, I did more calligraphy for Miraculous Ladybug
I was so excited for Adrinette Month, but unfortunately, I am the SLOWEST WRITER EVER and I can’t draw. So, I thought why not do some calligraphy as my submissions!
Every day I’m just going to do a little calligraphy for the themes for each day!

I hope everyone had/is having a great Valentine’s Day!

Love y’all!