The Known World: Words of Dorne and Words of the Stormlands 

Long before the coming of the First Men, all of Westeros belonged to the elder races - the children of the forest and the giants (and, some say, the Others, the terrifying “white walkers” of the Long Night). The children made their homes in the vast primeval forest that once stretched from Cape Wrath to Cape Kraken, north of the Iron Islands (today all that remains of this great wood are the kingswood and the rainwood), and the giants in the foothills of the Red Mountains and along the rugged stony spine of Massey’s Hook. Unlike the later Andals, who came to Westeros by sea, the First Men made their way from Essos across the great land bridge we now call the Broken Arm of Dorne, so Dorne and the Stormlands were the first parts of Westeros to know the steps of man.

         - [A World of Ice and Fire] The Stormlands : The Coming of the First Men 


Those who do choose to make their homes in the stormlands—whether along the stony shores of the narrow sea, amidst the dripping green forests of the rainwood, or on the windswept marches—are a special breed, however. The people of the stormlands are like unto their weather, it has oft been said: tumultuous, violent, implacable, unpredictable.


Women of the Stormlands
Mylenda Caron

The poor lad had a wife, to be sure, but she was half the problem. Not only was she twice his age, but she was bedding his brother Walder too, if the talk was true.

Alynne Connington
Amongst the prisoners were Ronnet’s younger brother Raymund, his sister Alynne, and his natural son, a fierce red-haired boy they called Ronald Storm. All would make for useful hostages if and when Red Ronnet should return to try and take back the castle that his father had stolen. Connington ordered them confined to the west tower, under guard. The girl began to cry at that, and the bastard boy tried to bite the spearman closest to him.

Jena Dondarrion
Wife of Baelor Breakspear Targaryen and mother of Valarr and Matarys Targaryen.

Shyra Errol
Lady of Haystack Hall.

The Green Queen
… even upon Cape Wrath a challenge arose, from a woods witch known only as the Green Queen, who held the Rainwood against Storm’s End for the best part of a generation.

Jocelyn and Laena Penrose
Daughters of Ronnel Penrose and Elaena Targaryen.

Marya Seaworth
One day he would be knighted, and the two little lads as well. Marya was mistress of a small keep on Cape Wrath, with servants who called her m’lady, and Davos could hunt red deer in his own woods. All this he had of Stannis Baratheon, for the price of a few finger joints.

Jeyne Swann
Rescued Lady Jeyne Swann and her septa from the Kingswood Brotherhood, defeating Simon Toyne and the Smiling Knight, and slaying the former.

Ravella Swann
Lady Smallwood welcomed the outlaws kindly enough, though she gave them a tongue lashing for dragging a young girl through the war. She became even more wroth when Lem let slip that Arya was highborn.


asoiaf minor characters meme: (2/10) characters ➝ EURON GREYJOY

Crow’s Eye, you call me. Well, who has a keener eye than the crow? After every battle the crows come in their hundreds and their thousands to feast upon the fallen. A crow can espy death from afar. And I say that all of Westeros is dying. Those who follow me will feast until the end of their days. We are the ironborn, and once we were conquerors. Our writ ran everywhere the sound of the waves was heard. My brother would have you be content with the cold and dismal north, my niece with even less… but I shall give you Lannisport. Highgarden. The Arbor. Oldtown. The riverlands and the Reach, the kingswood and the rainwood, Dorne and the marches, the Mountains of the Moon and the Vale of Arryn, Tarth and the Stepstones. I say we take it all! I say, we take Westeros.

Love is sweet, dearest Ned, but it cannot change a man’s nature.

She wonders that she’d even said those words.  Wonders it now.  Perhaps it was protest, perhaps it was what she’d been telling herself.  No man could be perfect–and certainly not Robert who drank and spoke of loving her but philandered.  Not even Prince Rhaegar was perfect, though his song was lovely.

Elia was, though.  Elia, with her soft brown eyes and her wicked smile and the way that her gaze makes Lya feel like a little girl, her stomach all tied up in knots.

Love is sweet, dearest Ned, but it cannot change a man’s nature.

She’d never felt in love before.  Not truly.  She’d tried to imagine herself kissing Robert Baratheon when she had first learned of their betrothal, had done her best to imagine riding through the Rainwood with him as she rode through the Wolfswood with Brandon.  But not since she’d met him.  She couldn’t now that he was real and not some figment of her imagination.

But oddly enough…she didn’t know why she could with…maybe something was wrong with her.  No woman she knew wanted to kiss other women, and certainly no woman would be so foolish as to want to kiss the Prince’s wife.

Love is sweet.

She helped put the Princess’ hair in braids, and helped her choose her jewelry, and the others of the Princess’ ladies let her do it, though she was newer to the Princess’ household and, by rights, should not yet have the honor.  Elia’s laughter is infectious and makes Lyanna’s heart lift, and when Lyanna helps her paint her lips a deeper red, they sit so closely that Lya can feel Elia’s breath on her skin, smelling of the blood oranges her brothers had sent her from Sunspear.

“Would you like a bite of one?” Elia asks her, and Lyanna accepts a slice, feeling its juices squirt into her mouth and dribble down her lips.  

Elia laughs gently and reaches for a handkerchief to wipe away the juices and Lya closes her eyes when her hands brush across her lips.

But it cannot change a man’s nature.

It is Lya’s night abed with Elia, and they are telling one another secrets.  The windows are closed–Elia finds King’s Landing too cold; Lya finds it too warm, but she doesn’t care if it means she shares her bed with Elia.  

“I like my husband,” Elia says, “but I do not love him.”

Lyanna knows that such a secret could mean ill for the Princess, and vows that no one will know it from her lips.  Not ever.  

“I do not love Robert,” she says, hoping that Elia will hear the meaning behind those words, the promise that her secret is safe.

Elia smiles at her.  “I’d rather thought not.”  

Elia’s brown eyes flicker between Lyanna’s, then she leans over and her lips–they taste nothing like blood oranges.  They taste sweeter than anything Lyanna could have dreamed.


This isn’t the typical Follow Forever post. This is me saying THANK YOU to ALL OF YOU, who have made my experience with Tumblr in the past few months truly amazing - you all have been either true inspirations to me (graphic and/or everything-wise) and/or dear, dear friends; you’ve supported me and helped me with different things, talked to me, sent me sweet messages I didn’t deserve. I wanted to thank each and every one of you “personally” in your ask boxes like I did to a couple of people already (and that is why they are not included here, in case you were wondering), but as we know, Tumblr likes to stand in the way of communication and I really don’t want to wait a week until I have thanked you all. I’m sorry if I left anyone out by mistake. This group of people I really care about in one way or another, so even if this is not intended as a FF, you will only benefit from following them! [little disclaimer - the urls are listed in a completely random order] I love you guys <3

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Team R'hllor

             a Fanmix for rainwoods

1. Heroes - David Bowie (x)

I, I can remember (I remember)
Standing, by the wall (by the wall)
And the guns, shot above our heads (over our heads)
And we kissed, as though nothing could fall (nothing could fall)
And the shame, was on the other side
Oh we can beat them, for ever and ever
Then we could be Heroes, just for one day

2. One - Metallica (x)

It is impossible for any severed individual to experience pain
Pleasure, memory, dream or thought of any kind
This young man will be as unfeeling as unthinking as the dead
Until the day joins them
I don’t know weather I’m alive or dreaming or dead or remembering
How can you tell what’s a dream and what’s real
When you can’t even tell when your awake and when your asleep
Where am I?

3. Diablo Rojo - Rodrigo y Gabriela (x)


4. Tightrope - Janell Monae (x)

Some people talk about ya
Like they know all about ya
When you get down they doubt ya
And when you tippin on the scene
Yeah they talkin’ bout it
Cause they can’t tip all on the scene with ya
Talk about it
T-t-t-talk bout it
When you get elevated,
They love it or they hate it
You dance up on them haters
Keep getting funky on the scene
While they jumpin’ round ya
They trying to take all your dreams
But you can’t allow it

5. Suspicions Minds - Elvis Presley (x)

We’re caught in a trap
I can’t walk out
Because I love you too much baby
Why can’t you see
What you’re doing to me
When you don’t believe a word I say?
We can’t go on together
With suspicious minds
And we can’t build our dreams
On suspicious minds

anonymous asked:

who are your favorite GoT blogs?

I follow around 100 people and I hate going over (I’m currently at like 107 and everyday i check to see if I should unfollow a few less active blogs), so by asking which is my favorite GoT blog, I feel like I should list ALL the GoT centric blogs I follow, since I don’t follow literally GoT only blogs. But yea.

theongreyjoy, rainwoods, clawsandfangs, meerareed

Why I like them

Because yeah, he’s kind of an asshole but he’s upfront about it and doesn’t bullshit.  Because he tries to protect Sansa even though he doesn’t have to.  Because he gives me all the feelings.  Again, there are a lot of reasons.

Why I don’t


Favorite episode (scene if movie)

I loved the scene where he fought Gregor at the Tourney of the Hand.  Book-wise, same as I picked for Sansa: the conversation they had before the Battle of Blackwater.

Favorite season/movie

Season 1?  I know Season 2 will top it, though, because A Clash of Kings was my favorite.

Favorite line

He turned back to Lord Beric. “Say, make my horse a knight.  He never shits in the hall and doesn’t kick more than most, he deserves to be a knight.  Unless you meant to steal him too.”

Favorite outfit

Um, that same outfit he wears 99% of the time haha.





Head Canon

He prefers red-headed whores, but then again I think that’s most people’s head canon for him.

Unpopular opinion


A wish

That he’s the gravedigger on the Quiet Isle.  And SanSan.

An oh-god-please-dont-ever-happen

Him actually being dead. :(

5 words to best describe them

Brave and gentle and strong
Fierce.  Brave.  Loyal.  Brutal.  Honest.

My nickname for them

I don’t really have one?  Usually I refer to him and Sansa and ‘these assholes’ because they ruin my life.  :(

davosseaworth  asked:

Can I like... request a fic from you? There are like 3 Davos/Marya fics out there that I've seen. And I would like to cry myself to sleep. I I'd give you my firstborn child or something of equal value. <3

With his new born son in his arms, it’s hard not to shed a few tears. Life was hard, but with Marya and Dale, he could pretend that life was good.

He was all but a smuggler from Flea Bottom, but for them he will turn over the whole world. He would give them more, he promised that to them.

A Song of Ice and Fire - Tag Meme

I’m having too much fun with this to mind being tagged to often.

I WAS TAGGED BY: rainwoods



  1. If you could be a character for a day, which character would you be?
  2. When you become King/Queen, what will you out law first?
  3. Melisandre disrobes herself to you. What do you do?
  4. Lobster bake out at Dragonstone beach, what are you bringing?
  5. Is Renly, Robert’s or Stannis’ bastard?
  6. Would you marry Roose Bolton if he gave you a Hello Kitty flaying knife as wedding gift?
  7. You can hit one person over the head with the scholastic version of ADWD, who would you hit?
  8. You are a bastard. Who is your daddy?
  9. Mother of Dragons or Mother of Shadows?
  10. You stand between Damphair, Melisandre and Bloodraven. What god is your god?

My answers to Rebecca’s questions under the cut.

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