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Pandora Hearts Positivity Month // Prompt 30: Beginning/End

main characters + first and last scenes

Sale: Pandora Hearts Animate/Movic & Event Merchandise

Hello my lovelies!

I decided to organise my Pandora Hearts collection and came across quite a few goods I bought when living in Japan that I’ve decided to sell.

All of the merchandise/goods bellow were purchased during Winter 2014/2015, when Pandora Hearts was reaching its climax, at Animate stores or at the Pandora Hearts Ikebukuro Animate event in Tokyo. They can no longer be purchased, as they were only available during a limited time period.

Only the flower cards and the metallic key chains are event exclusive items, and are labelled with double stars ★★

The rest of the items could be purchased at Animate stores.

Click the read more function to see the individual items and the rules!

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