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❁ share 5 favorite blogs:

- oppatite: Naomi is such a nice and talented girl, and I absolutely love her edits, oh and she is so gorgeous ^^ Definitely a follow4ever ok she is great. HER EDITS ARE BEAUTIFUL I LOVE THEM

- taemintz: I love Casey, she is a good friend of mine on here; her posts are koala tea and she is a sweetie pie ok she’s the best<3 I’m so glad we’ve become friends through this wondrous site (^o^) check out her edits/gifs because they are awesome!

- hyoreo: Perfect SNSD-focused blog! Amida is such a nice girl and did I mention her reaction gifs are hilarious? we also both love our dancing queen to bits<3 If you love Hyoyeon or SNSD in general, follow her ok

- bigbangdonut: Rachael is so sweet omg (;~;) And she is so funny! If you ever need to discuss the wonders of Onew or Taemin, she is the one for you. Again, another friend I’ve found through tumblr and she is amazing <3

- rainstans: Rain and I have this connection, you know, it’s wanting to pair Luna with anyone and everyone ~(;o;)~ if you love Luna (or Layhan), you need to follow her, because she is SO nice and makes awesome edits as well as fics.