On Account of Rain

Tonight we’re gonna build a fort and use the couches. Inside we will discover a new world. We’ll talk for awhile, until we’ve ventured to the corners of our minds. We want to get high and watch the windshield wipers dance. I’ll talk about writing a message to my favorite author so I can tell him how much I hate him for the way he ended his last book. Can you tell me, what is love with out hate? What is pleasure without pain? You will tell me i’m stupid, but I will know i’m not. Let’s go outside and imagine a world where the ground is lava, and run in the puddles. Can you imagine a world like that? We’ll stick out our tongues to catch the fuel to the fire. When i looked up, i saw the stars against the dark sky and i almost cried. Doesn’t it remind you of the night after we fought? Tonight’s the night we’ll listen to our favorite songs and laugh at every painful moment we’ve ever had. Play it louder, for I can’t hear our music over the stillness in the air between our breaths. Talk to me about something sad and I will talk to you about something happy. Dancing like we’re drunk because it’s Friday, but we’re just idiots on a Saturday. We want to pretend, we want to feel, but more than anything we’d like to remember how.


How can I sleep when you’re far away? And how can I sleep when the room spins? How do I sleep when the rain sounds like your voice? I’m lost in your storm. Cold and saturated with loneliness. You take the best parts of me, And ruin them. The fire was extinguished but the burn is still here. I can’t sleep when the rain washes over me. And I can’t sleep with you not here. I can’t sleep and I won’t sleep until this storm in my heart stops brewing.


If you haven’t seen this, you should! A hall director from a school I was an RA with (who was also the hall director in a residence hall I was a hall director in immediately before me) proposed to his girlfriend using his 10 story residence hall during break! Congrats Frank!!