man, I forgot how long it takes me to do comics, especially when not drawing at full focus. ; n;
some more preview - ing, I guess? I have so much more to draw, but since I don’t want too play too much anymore before this is done ( too many things might happen! ), I’m just going to post snippets so that the blog keeps being updated a bit. BD ; 

today is the day I update my blog lots without actually contributing to it myself –
unless I end up doing some doodle this evening.

first art of rainribbon and jsghd look at how adorable she is. ; U; <3 and the artist, JiGziK, actually took note of me saying her outfit was supposed to be spandex - y despite my lack of shading, so totally happy. <33 

annnd here we have rainribbon, my freshly caught wooper girl.

wataame does not like her.
they’re both little lolis who like having kaito’s attention, except wataame is quiet by nature ( and a little vain ), and rainribbon is quirky and mischievous, so she puts herself out in the spotlight more easily and is a lot more clingy.

wataame is jealous of this, but rainribbon isn’t the most astute kid around so she’s probably pretty oblivious to this.
or will be oblivious to it until wataame goes yandere on her ( head )butt.

but rainribbon is most likely to be replaced by eva anyway, so hopefully wataame can hold out two more badges. hopefully.

oh, and most of that outfit is supposed to be shiny tight spandex, by the way. swimmer and all.