.:A Cool Rainny Day:.

Outside was raining, but not a simple rain, was rainning pretty hard ans Strong, even the colorfull clouds of underfresh seems a little more rude then usual, Splat was looking pretty sad to the window, he can’t play outside with he’s toys or friends mostly because his RadPapa sayd that he can’t go “Wassup Dug?” Fresh asked casual to the little print “Why i can’t play outside? Why i can’t play in the pool? Why i can’t play with my broskis in the rain? Why i can’t touch water?” The Doge looked really confused and sad, Fresh only Smile like all ways and sit down, and hug him “Because Water is not phat sweegety for your Ink Dug” RadPapa reply with calm voice “Why? Water is brutal atari?” The kid keep asking looking at the window “Nopety Nepety Nup Pal, water is da bomb!! Thax to da Water you can play with strong trees, ya can smell colorful flower, ya n ur broskis can roll on more clean Streets, da fishes life dere and even really spaaaarkle dope rainbows out after the rumble of the rain” RadPapa reply again with the same calm voice “So why i can’t Touch it Papi?” Splat looked that he was goin to cry “Cuz ya are hella special!“ Fresh reply with a funny tone “Dat itsa not funky!!” The little Splat replied in a loud strong voice “Why not? Dat it’s Word and fly for me, Btw ya can’t touch it cuz is All total unfresh to you ink” Fresh sayd again calm, The Doge nodded obedient to Fresh’s order “Da Rad thingy of all dis Crazy Rain is dat we can see Ducks on da FreshPark!” RadPapa say trying to animate the little print, maybe it works because he smile and say “Cuak Cuak Cuak!!” Little laughs couldend be hear on the room “What if i forget to don’t touch da Water?” Splat ask “Repeat after me Da Water do NOT refresh me” Fresh say this more like this was a game “Ok, Da Water do NOT refresh me” Splat repeat looking to Fresh “Ya can’t touch Water cuz??” RadPapa ask to the little Print “Da water do NOT refresh me” Splat replies, after a pause of 20 minutes with pure silence Splat calls Fresh again 


“Yup Duggy Dug?”

“Da ducks are total freak out likety all da time?”

“Why ya ask dat?”

“Cuz dem say Cuak Cuak alot!”