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Me again! What about Monsters Vs Aliens?

I always thought it was funny that everyone made a big deal about Brave being Pixar’s first film with a female lead, and how it’s about a girl rebelling against society and the bond between mother and daughter and people patting Pixar’s back for being the bare minimum of progressive…

Meanwhile Dreamwork’s first movie with a female lead came out 3 years before Brave, and was a random movie about a giant woman joining some monsters to beat up Rainn Wislon as an alien. A HUMBLE FILM

The human’s were definitely from that long stage when Dreamworks really didnt know how to get humans to look not creepy. While Pixar embraced stylizing humans by the time the incredibles came around, Dreamworks was in an awkward inbetween stage for quite a while and took up to HTTYD to finally make human characters not so lifeless.

The monsters are alright. I wish they did more with Dr Cockroach’s design and gave him more interesting proportions but ehhhhh whatever.


Endless List of Christmas ( Movies and TV )

The Office: A Moroccan Christmas (2008)   “This isn’t your grandmother’s Christmas party. Unless of course if your grandma is from Morocco, in which case it’s very accurate.”


Hesher - Official Trailer (by bluetonguefilms)

I can tell already, this is gonna be a very good movie.