Ieyasu v.s. Sakon dialogue (@ Mitsunari’s castle/Sekigahara) and the dialogues when Mitsunari appears at Echizen (the stage with Sakon v.s. Katsuie) requested by rainmartlet !

Ieyasu at Sawayama castle:

Sakon: To him (Mitsunari)… Do you know how important you were to him…!? DO YOU SERIOUSLY NOT UNDERSTAND THAT, IEEYASUU!?Ieyasu: I did understand… No, maybe I was only pretending to understand. Either way I’ve made my decision. The people, over Mitsunari!

When Mitsunari appears at Echizen:

Ishida General: Tsk… Not all of this can be blamed on Sakon… At this rate we won’t have any excuses for Mitsunari-sama…
Mitsunari: What…? Excuses, to me…?
Sakon: Hmm? Why is it so loud over on that side… Wait, MI-MI-MI-MI-MI-MITSUNARI-SAMA!?
(skip to here)
Mitsunari: …If you died, there won’t be anything left to distract me.
(when Mitsunari is losing)
Sakon: Tisk, damn! Is Mitsunari-sama ok?
(when Mitsunari is defeated)
Sakon: Please, Mitsunari-sama! I’ll get through this no matter what! Bet on me, like I betted on you that day!
Mitsunari: …Hmph, fine… Sakon… Don’t you ever betray my trust!