Tokyo Tower by Hidehiko Sakashita

I cut off all my hair again! My parents are still in shock over it and when my main guy finds out he won’t be happy about it either. I suffer from trichotillomania (hair-pulling disorder), which I can’t help and none of my family or friends understands. I know if I didn’t constantly pick out my hair it would be nearly down back but I can’t help it. When its cut short no one can really notice all the short spots which is extremly obvious when its long. Unlike a majority of people I know, I don’t care about having my hair short and will cut it spur of the moment like I did today. However, it seems to be a big issue for everyone else whenever I cut my hair. According to a guy friend of mine “your a woman, your suppoused to have long hair because that’s your pride and glory. Men don’t like girls with short hair, it makes y'all look like boys…if you were anyone else I wouldn’t even speak to you..” I have fairly large breast, so if a guy can’t see that I’m a girl then he needs to have his eyes checked. Last time I checked this is my hair, I do what I want with it. I wasn’t put on Earth to please anyone except myself. Plus, its summer time. In hot, humid, rainiy FL, short hair is best for me. #ShortHairDontCare #ShortHairRocks