You’re not one for costume parties, but he manages to convince you to come along anyway. He’s wearing that ridiculous Casanova costume that he swiped from the set years ago, and though he nudged you into going to the party, he can’t get you in a costume. Fine by him; he doesn’t mind. It makes things a bit simpler, he had commented.

There’s a look of confusion in your eyes, but you go along with it. Sometime in the heat of the party, he’s slipped off, and you go looking for him. The music dwindles down the further you look, and soon you’ve stumbled across him, alone, in a room.

He’s drawn himself up on a small couch, a seductive look on his face as his costume gently hangs open in the front. “Well?” he purrs, his accent delightfully thick and irresistible as you climb into his embrace.

The bride and groom’s limo drives off, and the guests of the reception start to file back inside. He plops down on the ground and gives you a happy and exhausted smile as he ties his shoe. You sit next to him, and lean against him. You had more than enough things to do for this wedding, being that it was your sister’s and you were maid of honor. David, always considerate, helped you as much as he could (with everything but the bachelorette party, which he wouldn’t go anywhere near).

Now with it over, and your sister and new brother-in-law off to Hawaii, you feel like you and David need a vacation of your own. He rests his head on yours, and you sigh. “I wish we could crawl in bed and never leave,” you mumble into his suit jacket.

You feel him lean back to look down at you. He smiles slowly. “I think that can be arranged.”

David’s never known to be extremely bashful, especially not with his outgoing personality. He’s always on top of things, dragging you around, and making you look at every little detail that strikes his fancy. He’s a bit like a dog in this regard: always trying to figure out what’s going on. It’s a bit like having a child in hand. This time, however, you take control.

He’s about to rush off in another direction, his hand grabbing your wrist, and other arm pointing off in the distance. This is why you rarely go vacationing.

“David!” you protest, giving his arm a light tug to get him to turn around and face you.

“Yes?” he asks, a wide grin spreading across his face.

You almost cave under his stunning smile, but you’re determined to take the reins. “Here, let me show you something,” you say, raising and eyebrow in invitation. You move to take him in the opposite direction, but his pout stops you.

He’s frowning, his eyes wide, puppy-like, and such a deep, dark shade of chocolate brown. “Oh, but… I love you, and I want to show you everything.” He bends his knees, leaning over to place his face so close to yours—you can feel his excited breath on your cheeks. “Can I?”

You badly suppress your laughter, reaching up to touch his cheek. “But you take me everywhere. Let me show you something in return, you deserve it, David.”

Instantly, he’s bounced a foot away, drawing up his dark coat around his face, trying to hide in it. “Nooo I don’t. You—You’re… No, don’t,” he babbles, clutching at his mouth through the coat.

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