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The Signs as Strange Planets
  • <p> <b>Aries:</b> Wasp 12 b ; Orbits WAY too close to its star making it slowly die.<p/><b>Taurus:</b> HD188753 ; Has 3 stars, everywhere you look there's a sunset/rise.<p/><b>Gemini:</b> 55 Cancri e ; A gigantic diamond worth about 26.9 non million dollars.<p/><b>Cancer:</b> GJ 1214 b ; Completely made of water, no land.<p/><b>Leo:</b> Gliese 581 c ; Can possibly support life in a small area but 1 side is too hot and the other too cold.<p/><b>Virgo:</b> Kepler 452b ; The most earth-like planet.<p/><b>Libra:</b> HD189773 b ; Rains glass sideways constantly.<p/><b>Scorpio:</b> TrEs 26 ; Darkest Planet ever, glows red.<p/><b>Sagittarius:</b> Wasp 17 b ; Largest Planet ever.<p/><b>Capricorn:</b> J1407-B ; Has rings 200 times bigger than Saturn's.<p/><b>Aquarius:</b> Gliese 436 b ; A ball of ice that is constantly on fire.<p/><b>Pisces:</b> HD 106906 b ; The loneliest place et, 1.1 times bigger than Jupiter.<p/></p>

Something’s been making me think lately.

There are so many stories where the aliens are shocked and intrigued by earth’s weather and how we can survive tornados and hurricanes and the likes. It’s all so new to them.

But we have discovered planets that have more extreme weather than Earth. Take Jupiter for example. But there are other planets in our system that are more extreme. A planet that rain glass sideways; one so close to its parent star that there are rivers of molten lava on its surface and infamously liken to Hell; a planet called the darkest planet in our system because it reflects less than 1% of light; a planet made of diamonds; a planet coated by burning ice, and so many more.

What if Earth wasn’t the only planet that was new and weird to the aliens? What if our little corner in space held these anomalies called planets?

Alien astronomers are baffled and trying to figure out how this region of space can hold such violent and odd planets and how one of those planets can have so many life forms on its surface despite the tornadoes and hurricanes and etcetera.

Danny Phantom concept

Sooooo, guess who fell back into the proverbial hole known as 2000’s cartoons? Yeaaaah… Danny Phantom is my main obsession right now. (I can hear some of my followers groaning right now. Haaaaails pick a different obsessiooooon… it’s not happening)

But anyway, just listen- you don’t understand, just- *notecards flutter everywhere helplessly* I- jus- LISTEN.

What if, you know, despite there being an obvious hero to villain relationship in Amity Park, Danny Phantom became the little brother of everyone in the Ghost Zone. Hear me out:

All the ghosts that go to Amity Park are trying to take it over and hunt things or gain attention etc, etc.

But let’s say, every once and a while, Danny will visit the Ghost Zone. If it’s to check on all the ghosts or something else, no one really knows what motivated him. But he’s there one day and suddenly, in the span of 6 hours, he’s raced Johnny 13 on his motorcycle down one of the most dangerous roads in the Ghost Zone, cheered and whooped and whistled for Ember at one of her mini concerts, much to her absolute confusion, let Walker hold onto him in the prison before going human to phase out, and entertains Skulker for something to hunt.

None in the Ghost Zone speaks of this day, it’s a socially unspoken taboo.

Then on another day, Danny pays a visit, he claims he’s getting his friends and sister off his tail for a bit–they are nagging and nagging and nagging. Klemper decides to be all “friendly” and Danny thinks, ‘why not? What bad could come of being his friend for a day?’ And so he does, in the form of dodging icicles and playing with a mix between trucks and doll houses (all made of ice) but for the most part, it’s okay.

The next week he comes back it’s mostly by force when Young Blood’s parents want him to babysit… again (see: the comics). He chases YB around the Ghost Zone, playing pirates and cowboys vs Indians and construction builders, when finally Danny resorts to Skulker: “can I have one of your nets?” He makes it to sanctuary, Young Blood tied in a net while the Savior of the Ghost Zone is exhausted beyond belief, so when it’s nap time, all YB’s parents see when they come home is Danny just kind of… floating in midair, while their son rests on Danny’s chest–he’s actually calm for once and they wanna pay him triple. Danny declines, GZ money is kind of void in the real world.

Next week he encounters the Box Ghost (“Beware!”) but they don’t really do anything aside from speak about boxes. It’s a boring conversation but Danny let’s the Box Ghost indulge himself. In that process, BG accidentally mentions he’s got a thing for the Lunch Lady (“Eew,” Danny gags off to the side where no one can see him.) He considers Box Lunch, their daughter many years into the future, the girl only he’ll remember, and is suddenly, “well maybe I can set them up.” If BG or LL knew anything about Danny helping with their lunch date, they don’t mention it.

Every week he visits and he gets roped into something. Be it Johnny owing him a solid after Danny fills in for a shopping spree with Kitty, stopping a couple bullies from picking on Sidney Poindexter, playing DOOMED with Nicolai Technus, which inevitably leads to a conversation–an embarrassing one–about Valerie, Danny entertains them, decides to help them out.

No one says anything, they think maybe it’s just a fluke. But with how nice he’s been, nobody knows what to think. They wonder if something awful has been happening, but according to Spectra and her most recent attempt at creating misery (she failed, by the way, Danny is just too good) Amity Park is just the same as it’s always been.

One week, as Danny enters the Ghost Zone, not three seconds in he encounters Skulker, who has the little whelp come with him. Skulker drags him off to a river in the GZ (so cleverly named Styx) and he witnesses hundreds and hundreds of sharks, ones that had been killed because they’re commonly hunted. Danny can only stare in awe, everything is so beautiful.

An unspoken truce happens in the Ghost Zone, so while Danny has been nice, they pay back the favor. Technus gives Danny some cheat codes to DOOMED, Ghost Writer helps Danny with his English homework because Lancer has been busy lately, Ember teaches Danny some lullabies which is a godsend blessing whenever he babysits Young Blood. Skulker keeps a look out for test days and stressful study weeks, dates which the denizens of the GZ avoid attacking Amity Park. Kitty helps toughen up Danny’s costume with armor and “Honestly, Phantom, that jumpsuit is SO 2 seasons ago. Try this instead.” Sometimes she’ll even slip him a binder to wear, everyone knows all his somehow end up ripped or torn due to his fights with them. The Lunch Lady, shockingly enough, has some healthy recipes whereas everything is balanced and works well, she’s not all MEAT EVERYTHING, Desirèe teaches Danny how to tell when someone is lying, grants a few small wishes of his, and well, Danny learns some skills that no one else would have taught him. Slowly, everyone grows accustomed to having Danny being sweet and kind, and they watch him grow older because he’s a Halfa. “Look at our little baby, going off to the destroy things.”

Everyone just decides that from now on, Danny is their little brother. You screw with him, you screw with all his big brothers and sisters.

Bonus: Danny already has some big, scary friends. So if it’s to give Danny a break, sometimes Frostbite will allow Danny to come and watch the games his people play, Pandora teaches Danny some power control techniques, Clockwork will drink tea and listen to Danny ramble on about space and being an astronaut and 'did you know that there’s a planet made entirely of diamond and it rains sideways?’ In those moments, Clockwork discovers that despite having Sam and Tucker and Jazz, Danny is kind of lonely. No one really wants to talk about space with him, so it’s always so endearing and heartfelt when Danny gets excited, when his eyes light up and he becomes passionate and he gives fun facts about space and tells puns about space, and Danny is just so innocent. He could never turn into a monster.

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Hey MAHM! Hope you're having a good night ><~ loves Could u do a SHINee reacting to it being rainy and they were supposed to go out? Like thunder and lightning rainy xD

hi baby~ i love this prompt bc shinee’s known as the rainy men literally they bring clouds to whatever event they perform at


  • squints at sky 
  • hoe don’t do it 
  • sky: *begins to pour*
  • OMG not again
  • and the wind is blowing so hard that the rain is going sidewAYS 
  • they’re staying inside 
  • plans are cancelled 
  • this day in general is cancelled 
  • the last time he went out in this kind of weather his umbrella flipped and dragged him down the street while he struggled to maintain his dignity (jong: looked like a v harassed mary poppins / onew: helpful, thanks)


  • ah the weather matches my stormy poetic heart 
  • but also scowling and calling the weather app a liar bc he chECKED the forecast maybe once an hour yesterday and it said that it was supposed sunshiney af all day today
  • that’s why there’s no trust in this family 
  • looking forlornly out the window 
  • do you think that someone put a curse on them
  • how does this always happen
  • ?????????


  • i can wear my jeremy scott raincoat~~~
  • therefore was voted the one to go out and buy groceries bc they are out and are in need of food 
  • damn his fashionable practicality 
  • when he came back he’s dripping and his bangs are plastered to his forehead (minho: wow did jonghyun cry on you / jong: *was minding his own damn business* hEY) 
  • jong: where did your umbrella go / key: i don’t want to talk about it / onew: *pats his shoulder* i feel you
  • shakes his hair like a dog @ all the members 
  • like father, like sons 


  • v rudely awakened by a clap of thunder 
  • he bolted up so he found himself in a sitting position with his fists up  (onew: it’S ALIVE!!!!! ALIVEEEEEE)
  • laughing at himself bc you can’t fight the sky minho
  • (yet) 
  • covers his head again with his blankets bc clearly the universe hates them and don’t want them to go out 
  • making everyone ramen (taemin: i’m helping / minho: absolutely not) so that they could eat while they grumble at the sky like old men 


  • guys they could totally still go out
  • after key headbutts him with his still wet hair: 
  • nvm 
  • everything is terrible 
  • why must they live like this  
  • he busyeoed  the ramen (ot4: WHY WOULD YOU DO THAT TO RAMEN) 
  • ~popping~ 
  • he put on sunny day video from youtube so they could pretend that it’s nice out (ot5: wow this is a next level of sad)
Gift From God

Dean x Daughter!Reader

Warnings: Well there’s talk of God if someone people don’t like that. Guess that could be a warning.

Forever Tags: @Freaksforthewin , @thewinhunter, @cambriacaneatnoodles, @brokennoone , @youtubehelpsmesurvive , @chrisevansthedoritobastard , @winchesters-favorite-girl , @we-know-a-little-about-a-lot @godh8salyssa @dean-baby-Winchester @straightasdeanwinchester@animexchocolate@fabulouslycassie@lizbeth-loves-bobear @nicolesyneah25 @lemonadegazeelle @i-am-an-outcast @evyiione 

Today was a perfect day, at least how you drew it on paper. A bright yellow sky in the corner. Beautiful green grass flowing in the little swirlies you called the wind. A stick figure of you holding your dad Dean’s hand with Sam on the other side smiling. Only the weather outside in the real world was much different.

The sky was a dark and depressing grey. Throwing around sticks and branches in the violent wind which only whipped the rain sideways in an even harsher tone than it already was. With a sigh you hopped down from the chair you sat in, plopping your feet to the ground as you pouted on the path to Dean.

“Why are the angels crying, Daddy?” You asked, hopping up and into the counter. “Cas use to tell me that when it’s raining, that the angels in heaven are crying because they miss God. But I don’t understand…why did they have to cry today?”

“Well, the angels do whatever they want. Nobody can control them.” He replied as he set down his cup of coffee. His third to be exact.

“Nobody but God. But he’s gone, and I don’t understand it.” Your eyebrows furrowed. Shaking your head in a confused manner. “Doesn’t God love his kids?”

“Not every father wants there kids, sweetheart. And God ain’t right for leaving them, and all of us to deal with his many messes.” The tone Dean gave off showed his irritation in the subject. But you were an eight year old curious girl, who loved to ask questions and learn things.

“The messes like all the monsters? Even the demons and some of the bad angels that aren’t like Cas?” As you spoke and asked your questions, your feet swung. Only pausing when Dean needed to access a drawer they were covering.

“Yeah, exactly like that.” Reaching in the fridge he picked up a Gogurt. Shaking it around a little. “Want one?” He asked, only getting a nod in response to his question.

“Daddy?” You didn’t speak again until you managed to get the small seal off your drink. “Will you leave me like God did to his kids?” Your question made him stop dead in his actions. “Will you always want me?”

Everything Dean had in his hands was set down. It was as if every word you spoke struck a chord with him on a whole new level.

“Why are you crying, Daddy?” Though he tried to hide his tears, his muffled sniffling caught your attention.

Without hesitation, you hopped down and rushed over to him. Wrapping your tiny arms around his waste and hugging him tightly.

“I’ll never leave you, Daddy. Don’t cry. I promise I’ll never leave you.” While you tried to help him feel better, you only made his tears fall harder.

He finally moved his face from its hiding spot turned away from you. Bending down and picking you up. Allowing your legs to wrap around him like a small monkey.

“Winchesters stick together. And I’ll always stick with you, always and forever. I pinky promise.” With a hand you innocently held out your pinky, smiling and placing a kiss on the top of his nose.

“How’d I ever get so lucky to have you in my life?” He asked, grabbing onto your pinky with his own.

“Because God knew you needed me more than he did. So he sent me down to you.” You skilled before cuddling your head into the crook of his neck.

In that moment, that one simple moment. Dean Winchester, the man who’d been to Hell, Heaven, and Purgatory, felt utter and complete peace.


So we got a new sponge at work, and when we wash the beets, it’s absolutely horrifying.

one of the greatest things that always makes me feel better is remembering that there’s a planet where it rains molten glass sideways at 7000 mph and if this isn’t proof that the universe occasionally shitposts I dont know what is

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OMG 20 & 5 with Gibbs!

20 - cold and wet
5 - “We are not dancing right now.” 

“When the hell is DiNozzo getting here?” You mumbled, leaning up against the car. “I’m freezing and I’m pretty sure it’s going to rain.”

Gibbs glanced sideways to you before looking through the window of the car, glaring at the keys stuck inside. It doesn’t matter who left them in there, the end result was the same; the two of you were stuck out in the cold until Tony could pick you up. And Gibbs felt kinda bad that you were freezing.

So, he pushed himself off the car and grabbed your hand. You looked even more confused when Gibbs put his hand on your side, fingers stretching over your ribcage. And then he started to sway back and forth, a smirk on his face.

The absurdity of the situation made you laugh. “We are not dancing right now.” Was your firm reply.

“It might warm ya up.” Gibbs responded cockily. And you didn’t want to admit that he was right.

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favorite thing about space?

I love how HUGE space is!! There’s so much stuff in it, and so many possibilities for literally anything. A planet that rains glass sideways? It’s out there. Diamond stars? It’s out there. Alien life? Possibly out there, and it could take any amount of forms that could be completely unrecognizable to us. I guess what I like most is the endless amount of possibilities out there - space is literally infinite, and full of infinitely many wild, crazy, things! Holy cow.

Time and tide and thunderstorms

I have actually a lot to do before I leave next week, so today I did one thing and then spent an hour sitting in my underpants in front of the fan eating cookies.

A big storm came through late this afternoon, thunder and lightning and sheets of rain blowing sideways. The temperature has dropped a lot but I’m still drinking tinto de verano with lots of ice and I might have some ice cream later.

People who are not excited about space baffle me, like they just found a planet where it rains glass and it rains sideways. It’s like yoooo how can you not care? If you can’t be excited about space then get out of my face. There is a super massive cloud of drinkable alcohol floating around space and from what they can tell so far it’s probably raspberry flavoured okay?!
—  Flitz, at some point, probably

Gif is mine

Imagine dancing in the rain with LaSalle? 

Requested by imthehoneyyourethebee~

Your hair and clothes had long since gotten damp from the soft rain. Considering this was New Orleans, you and LaSalle should consider yourselves lucky it wasn’t pouring too hard. The sticky humidity that followed a rainstorm would probably be worse than the actual rain.

Chris looked sideways at you, noting the frown that etched across your face. Why were you so angry? The rain felt nice; especially since the day had been hot and sunny. He gave a smile and quickly grabbed your wrist, spinning you to the side to face him.

Without warning, Christopher put a hand on your hip and began to move his feet. “C’mon, Y/N. Live a little!” He spouted out, grin growing in size.

You stared up at LaSalle, but slowly began moving your feet like his. “Dancing in the rain is living a little?”

“‘Course it is. No better place to dance.”

Highway Honeymoon

Member: S.Coups
Genre: SIN Ridiculously Smutty
Word Count: 2425

It wasn’t supposed to happen like this. After the two of you drove off after your wedding reception you were supposed to get to the airport and jet off somewhere warm and tropical to spend your first night as man and wife under the covers in a ritzy hotel. But no, you were stuck on the side of an empty country road in the middle of a surprise thunderstorm with two flat tires and a pissed off husband standing in the rain soaking wet, trying desperately to get signal on his phone. You sat in the passenger seat and watched as Seungcheol paced around under an umbrella waving his cell phone around. The umbrella was useless, he was already completely soaked; it was basically raining sideways at this point.

“Cheol, baby just get back in the car, you’re gonna make yourself sick.” You called out, cracking the door open a few inches so he could hear your voice.

“Wait, no, I think I just got a bar, wait, shit, no, goddamn it, can this thing just fuc-” he muttered to himself, his eyebrows so furrowed together that it contorted his whole face into a ridiculously livid expression. You just rolled your eyes and shut the car door. It was useless. You’d probably be stuck out here until morning, because this storm didn’t look like it was going to let up anytime soon. Your mind went back to the beautiful ceremony to try and push your current situation out of your mind. It was a blurry rush of flower petals, friendly faces, music, and dancing; but the memory that stuck out the most was Seungcheol’s strong hands reaching up your dress to pull off your garter during the reception. God, all you had wanted was to get to your honeymoon destination as soon as possible, but it now it looked like you’d have to wait quite a while longer.

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no contest

breath of freshest flower,
light of touch, beaming purity
as self-contained waterfall,
today is the best day.
all needs met, moderation
equalized, even the ground is
friendly as it greets my downward
steps, today is the best day.
rain comes at you sideways and
your umbrella breaks and something
is ruined in your bag, you can
feel it in your socks but today
is the best day because its yours


Little Sibling: Bucky & Steve x Reader

A/N: Sorry its been so long since I’ve posted anything guys. College takes up a lot of time. Hope all is going well! Finally posted this imagine @mcuimxgine sorry you had to wait for like EVER. Hope you guys like it, I managed to edit most of it but some of it seems a little rough still. Whatever, hope you like it :)

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