raining in adelaide

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i'm in the mood for some angst. know any sad fenhawke fics? red lyrium fen would be a great bonus! thnx <33

Oh man I usually don’t read too much fenhawke angst haha, but I had a few that were tagged as angst in my bookmarks. Some of these I haven’t read for a while so they might just have angsty elements (and I think most have happy endings), but they’re all great and worth reading! Good luck on your angst hunting!

Follow You - Chibiwriter (Red Lyrium Fenris)

By The Still Waters - Emilyenrose (Red Lyrium Fenris)

If We Leave Here - Voltagion (Red Lyrium mention)

The Dying of the Light - Khemi 

Remembrance - adelaide_rain 

Friendly Concern - KaerWrites

I try to picture me without you (but I can’t) - canistakahari

Fire, Walk with Me - Khirsah

Espresso Shots - black_ink_tide 

Desire - CaptainCorale 

From the Ashes series - Lingering Nomad 

Those long freedom years - augustbird

I Want You - Dyr0z

Oh and I guess I might as well throw mine in there too: Don’t Die for Me and All that Remains


South Australia is facing fires as bad as the 1983 fires known as ‘ash Wednesday’ five homes already and many more are not able to be reached and assessed have been destroyed and the fire has been burning for over 24 hours with no signs of letting up. Also lost in the fire are many dogs and cats who were boarding at a pet boarding house where the fire ripped through. I’m really proud that most South Australians are working together to help and thankful to all the firefighters and volunteers keeping us safe. They have gone above and beyond #prayforadelaide #letitrain