raining in adelaide

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Taako doesn’t need to sleep, but it’s become a habit, one he enjoys immensely and one he does not appreciate being interrupted.

But when the interruption is a call from Kravitz asking if he wants a blow job? That’s a different matter.

so I'll be finding those for a while

Adelaide: (looking at her Easter eggs) Mommy, can I have some jelly beans?

Me: You can have ONE jelly bean. We’re about to have dinner.

Me: (leaves the room)

Me: (hears a sound like an orchestra made of rain sticks.)

Adelaide: (from the other room) Oh, gosh. That’s a problem.


South Australia is facing fires as bad as the 1983 fires known as ‘ash Wednesday’ five homes already and many more are not able to be reached and assessed have been destroyed and the fire has been burning for over 24 hours with no signs of letting up. Also lost in the fire are many dogs and cats who were boarding at a pet boarding house where the fire ripped through. I’m really proud that most South Australians are working together to help and thankful to all the firefighters and volunteers keeping us safe. They have gone above and beyond #prayforadelaide #letitrain