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Stan Uris Imagine Part 3

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I mentally groan as Stan pulls into my yard, not wanting to leave him. I get off his bike and turn around to say goodbye.

I tuck my hair behind my ear and smile up at him. “Thanks for taking me home, Stanley. I really appreciate it.” I say quietly.

“It’s not a big deal. I-I didn’t want you to be alone.” He said with slight embarrassment.

“You’re so cute.” I spoke softly with a small smile on my face. His face grew red at the compliment. He looked down at me, both of us not realizing we were getting closer by the second. Our lips millimeters apart when I stop upon hearing my uncle’s voice, “(Y/N), sweetheart don’t you have some chores to do?” I swallowed nervously, knowing how my uncle can be.

I looked down seeing Stan holding my hands. I leaned up, our cheeks together, “I’m sorry.” I whisper in his ear. I press a kiss to his cheek and started to make my way up to my front door.

“(Y/N) wait!” Stan spoke quickly. I turn around and looked at him. He opened and closed his mouth a few times and finally spoke with a small sigh, “I-I’ll see you tomorrow.”

I smiled at him and made a kissy face at him. My smile grew bigger as he blushed. He got onto his bike and I watched him ride away.

I jumped as I felt my uncle grab my wrist and drag me inside. “I-I’m sorry Uncle J-John -”

“WHO WAS THAT BOY?” He yelled but I didn’t answer. He grabbed my face roughly. “WAS IT THAT FAG JEWISH BOY?”

That made me snap.

“Don’t you dare call him that. He’s more of a man THAN YOU ARE!” I jerked myself away from him. “HES ONE OF THE SWEETEST AND KINDEST BOYS I KNOW. LOOK AT YOU! YOU’RE A DIRTY PERVERTED DRUNK WHOW ABUSES YOUR 13-YEAR-OLD NIECE!”

He quickly put his hand up, slapping me with much force as he could. I tried to scurry away as fast away, running upstairs to my room. Locking the door behind me, I fell to the floor and just sat there. No tears came out as I just stared at the wall. I put my head in my hands. I stared at the wall in front of me and all of a sudden blood started seeping out of the walls.

My eyes widen and I sat up quickly. The blood looked like it was starting to spell out something. I looked around my room frantically, seeing if I was alone. I stopped abruptly when I saw a red balloon floating in the corner. I start to think I’m going even more crazy as I hear a voice, “Go ahead, (Y/N), take it.

I shook my head in disbelief and turned around to see the wall still dripping with blood with the words, “YOU’ll FLOAT TOO! HAHAHA”

I try to let out a scream as I feel a old dirty gloved hand cover my mouth. I feel myself turn around and looked up slowly. My eyes soon met with a clown smiling creepily down at me, holding the red balloon in his other hand. “Wanna play, (N/N)?” , it said with a sinister laugh. I froze upon hearing the nickname, not hearing it since my horrid voice. “Look at me when I’m speaking to you!” , it said using my mother’s voice now. I start to shake horribly.

I close my eyes and think of Stanley Uris, the skinny boy with adorable curly hair, brown eyes you could just get lost in, a dimple that just made you want to pinch his cheek, and a smile that made all of your problems go away. The boy who is my sunshine during rainy days even during sunny days. The boy who always knows what to do to make me feel loved and cared for. The boy who I love so much that I don’t know where I’d be without him.

I opened my eyes to see the clown and red balloon gone. I sighed in relief. The wall was still dripping with blood. I walked over and stared blankly at it. Moving closer I brought my hand up and traced word “float”. I shook my head, needing to get out of this house, I quickly open the window and jump down. I took off towards Stanley’s house.


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Hi! So I have decided I’m going to make this a series since a lot of you requested more!! Thank you so much I’m so thankful for getting feedback from you guys and I’m so glad you guys like it. I want to apologize for the use of the word “fag” I hated writing it but I wanted to get the point across how horrible her uncle is. I’m sorry if this chapter triggered you in any way, I did not try to intend that. The next part should be done tomorrow or Thursday. Requests and feedback are always appreciated. I hoped you enjoyed and thank you for reading!

Imagine watching the guys play basketball and Hoseok goes up to you doing this: 

Imagine going on a vacation with the guys and taking pictures of them then catching Hoseok doing this:

Imagine being backstage as the guys come off the stage and when Hoseok sees you he does this:

Imagine not seeing Hoseok for a long time because of his schedule so you decide to visit them and when he sees you he does this: 

Imagine laughing at one of Jin’s dad jokes then turning your head to see Hoseok looking at you like this:

Imagine making derp kissy faces with Jungkook and then looking at Hoseok motioning to you like this:

Imagine being asked by one of your friends if you’re going to keep supporting Bangtan for the rest of your life and you going “Of course” and then catching Hoseok’s eye and him going like this:

Just imagine. 

GIFs not mine. Credit to original owners. 

—  I don’t say your name often enough and maybe there’s a cause for the way that silence can be more familiar to us than faces that tug at our sleeves. I am made from the many similarities that gave birth to stars, I am also made from the remnants of destruction, so we tirelessly write about the many what if’s and how they’ve all gone wrong. It is simply not enough most days to just say I love you, you are more than a three stringed word that stays near the bee’s sting. You are heartfelt to many, but everyday to me you are love. The essence that leaves our memories to the piano keys that we long to hear from their voices– it’s one thing to miss someone, it’s quite another to miss yourself while missing them. You see I don’t write enough about death, it looms and it pours. Which sad song do the sirens sing today? I am not a myth, but I believe in mythology. I understand why Icarus kissed the fucking sun. I am not a leaf, but I understand why I must fall during winter. If I don’t, how would I return by spring? Heavy lies the crown, broken says the heart, tragedy writes my smile, rain takes my tears and fear is just whispering to my shadows– I’ve made peace with sunshine on rainy days to find that a normal day can be quite the opposite. We don’t get to return from the way we’ve treated ourselves after such a giveaway. So when we write poetry, we’re just trying to run away. So when we say that we love people, we’re just trying to not ask them to stay. Who wants to force love? Not I. Who wants to need love? Not I. But we do and there’s madness where sadness used to be. Who wants to be immortalized? Not I. Who wants to die? Not I. But we still write our golden stars into the darkest of nights– Clair de lune, a kiss from seasoned lovers waiting to leave while our backs are turned. I guess flaws are all that I am. I don’t say your name enough, so here I am writing my many I love you’s down as meaningless tattoos try to break into skin– they say that if it didn’t hurt then you didn’t earn your tattoo. Maybe that’s why love hurts because you earned it. If you’re anything like me, which you are, then loving people can grow you while simultaneously crack you open. We can try to build a spaceship out of those fragments, but we won’t get far– there’s a broken heart for every star that shows up at night. I’ve heard the wishes, I’ve heard the requests, I’ve heard the stuttering, I’ve heard the crying, I’ve heard the confusion, I’ve heard the restless– we love them, we loved them, we will always love them, we had love them, we have loved them from the very beginning, we left our love inside of a golden lamp and prayed that one of the three wishes was to be more than just a replacement. I can’t give you a flying carpet, I can’t give you the pot of gold, I can’t give you a unicorn or a dragon to ride the infinite sky into submission, I can’t give you the other rabbit’s foot, I can’t find the original horse to give you the other three golden horse shoes– I’m just not that lucky. I once read a question that asked if it’s possible that the universe fights to bring two people together– I think so. It brought us together. We are bound by ink and strangled by words. We are an infestation of nevermore and an ocean filled with love letters made safe because we burned them away. How many letters in a bottle did we ship out the last time we cut our lips next to a high? How many times will we try, try, try? Third time is the charm, right? I love you, I love you, I love you. There is a place for people like us, some call it depression– I prefer the more widely acclaimed name: we belong to the arts.