rainglazed drowns in werewolves

I was trying to figure out characterization for a fic today and I just realized.

Almost all the werewolves got some measure of closure last season – Isaac discovering the ability to take away pain when he’s been dealt so much himself, Derek settling into his role as an alpha, Scott realizing he doesn’t want to be part of Derek’s pack, and of course Jackson, who finally became a werewolf period.  While there’s still room for development, we’re all pretty sure of where each of these character’s arcs are going, Erica and Boyd aside.

But think of where we left the humans.  Stiles is still drowning.  Allison is still trying to figure out who she is.  And Lydia.  Oh Lydia.  Lydia still doesn’t know what’s going on, not completely, and she’s still dealing with the fallout of an entire season of not being in complete control of herself, a situation that’s been rectified with Jackson already.  She’s been ignored and pushed to the side and can’t trust her friends and has had her agency taken away and oh baby, darling, let me just hug you.

So season three is basically going to be the season where the main plot is supposedly about the alpha pack, which is as werewolf-y as you can get, and yet the entire emotional arc will be centered completely around the humans.

Holy shit Davis.

Teen Wolf Fanfic Challenge II

A while back I made a list of phrases and words that I dared people not to use while writing fic.  Since it’s been several weeks since then I thought I’d expand it.


  • “Oh my gosh could you make some noise when you walk?” and other variations of the sort
  • Scott looked like a kicked puppy
  • Scott and any puppy jokes really
  • Derek scowled
  • something along the lines of Derek’s eyebrows communicating in their own languages
  • hell try writing something without mentioning Derek’s eyebrows
  • Stiles flailed
  • “What is my life?”
  • Derek growled/grunted/made monosyllabic noises
  • Derek and his ridiculous <insert part of anatomy here>
  • technically eyebrows should be included in the above but they get mentioned often enough to warrant their own bullet point
  • shit eating grins
  • SOURWOLF (you knew that was coming come on)
  • mouth breather
  • someone coming in through the window
  • eyes flashing red
  • the Sheriff having the late shift/being out for the night

NOTE: I AM NOT SAYING ANY OF THE ABOVE ARE BAD THINGS TO HAVE IN A FIC.  TROPES ARE WONDERFUL AND WE LOVE THEM.  This post was created purely to make TW fic writers everywhere attempt to meet this challenge and then squirm in discomfort while I laughed bitterly in the corner.  Because I couldn’t do it


All these Saint Harridan posts are making me super excited because SUITS I’LL GET TO WEAR ONE YES but now my mind is just filled with suited up Teen Wolf characters.

Like think of how fabulous Stiles and Lydia would look if they were dressed in classy black suit jackets with tailored pants that clung in all the right places and grey waist coats with just enough of their shirt undone to show off those collar bones (okay I’m putting to much thought into this shut up Salty) and they’d walk right into this big name office pretending to be interns or sales consultants or something, I don’t know.  It would be pack related, they’d be there to overthrow a werewolf business mogul who’s intimidation tactics where threatening to uncover werewolfy existence or something.  

Jackson would be flawlessly dressed, so much so that it would almost look like he’s trying too hard but people would forgive him because of the pretty.  Derek would be scruffy suit, slightly rumpled.  Scott would totally be a dandy, looking young and easy going and a complete heart breaker in dashing pinstripes and a playful bow tie   

Allison would totally rock suit pants, although I can see her getting a little creative with her ensemble, adding a severe looking silver pin on her lapel (useful for stabbing stuff if the need arose) and her hair either swept back or let loose in curls that were held together with a sophisticated tortoiseshell clip.  

Boyd would wear a fedora and walk around with rolled up sleeves and his jacket over his arms and everyone would be gnashing their teeth with sexual frustration.