Les Amis headcanons: Disney
  • Combeferre dragging Courfeyrac on rides like Ellen’s energy adventure because dinosaurs and science not to mention Bill Nye. Also on Spaceship Earth and he ends up nearly crying over the fake burning library of Alexandria
  • Joly and Jehan queuing with screaming children for two hours just to meet Mickey Mouse.
  • Feuilly taking time off of his many jobs to have this time away with his friends. He also goes around the countries in Epcot muttering how he could make better fans than the ones they’re selling.
  • The entire group groaning at how stereotypical France is in the world showcase
  • Jehan secretly buying all their photos from the rides and making a scrapbook of their trip
  • Grantaire loving the food and wine festival, him and Bahroel try at least one thing from each stall
  • Enjolras being a secret huge Disney nerd and taking a million photos of everything. His favorite Disney film is Finding Nemo and no one tells him there’s a ride based on the film to surprise him. Before he sees it he continuously grumbles about how there should be more nemo based stuff and then literally screams when he sees the ride. Grantaire rides on it about 20 times with him. While he’s there everyone sees a different side of him, he’s not overly stressed about the cause and he’s so happy all the time. (It’s like when he first got together with Grantaire)
  • Bossuet always forgets his bags on the ride and has to go back (with Joly) and talk to a cast member to get them back.
  • Marius who grabs Cosette’s arm so hard it bruises her when they’re on tower of terror because the sudden drop scares him
  • Enjolras, Grantaire, Combeferre and Courfeyrac always battling to get the highest score on rides like Buzz lightyear and Toy Story mania. They get VERY competitive
  • Combeferre throwing a penny in the anamatronic crocodiles mouth outside rainforrest cafe because it’s meant to be ‘good luck’ he then gets two moths land on him when he sits down!
  • Bahroel designing the most scary ride in Disney Quest and Feuilly riding it with him, becuase no one else would, and coming off and proceeding to throw up. Bahorel loved his ride however and thinks someone should build a real version. Les Amis aren’t too sure however
  • Eponine secretly bringing in vodka “Just some water, you guys must know how hot these days get” (or at least that’s what she told the people at bag check) she gets drunk and spends 3 hours riding the monorail back and forth. Grantaire ends up rescuing her, she thanks him and says “R oh my god i swear Donald Duck wouldn’t let me off the ride”
  • Musichetta finally getting to introduce her boyfriends to some Mexican things in the world showcase (Mexcian Musichetta is my headcanon) and nearly cries because she misses home so much, she feels better after cuddles from Joly and Bossuet
  • Combeferre and Joly running around Tomorrowland together because space!!! and aliens!!!
  • Bahroel giving any animal he sees a funny voice and narrates what they’re doing. This leads to the very funny narration of ducks getting scared shitless by a firework show. Cosette provides the female voice for each animal.
  • Jehan and Cosette having to be told on every ride that they need to take off their flower crowns. Needless to say they aren’t happy it  about it.
  • Group photo outside the Cinderella castle
BLACK is true.

We are the
“other side of the moon”.
We are midnight
June plum
and rainforrest rain—

We are smoke
and glittering ash
We are tar beach
and skin deep
We are true.

We are the brown
bottom of feet.
We are the air
in between
each shaking hip
We are the rhythm
under each beat.

We are congo
and voice box.
We are be bop
and hip hop.

We are the callaloo
and the collard green.
the simmer of
sweet and
savory palmed
together like lovers
We are the seasoning
that makes everything
worth waiting for.
the flavor that makes home

We are home.
The low lit lamp
and the quiet kitchen.
the room for which all
your secrets are held.
the color of safety
The color of rest.
We are true.

We are the fill
between light
We are milky way wide
and bottom
of the sea

Too complex
for the simple
to appreciate…
too simple
for the complex
to understand
We are a language
that need not be spoken
to be heard.
We are true. 

We are meaty thighs
and skinny knees
We are tall short
big nosed small
eyed beautiful.
We are the prototype
the pro- to - life

We are fight.
We are always surviving.
We are always moving.
We are always an always
and always all that.

We got this.
We got malcolm and martin
and harriet, and sojourner
and hattie and harry
and ella and nina
And Alex and marcus
and huey and amadou
And hattie and assata
and michael…and trayvon
And Frederick and Maya
And nelson and Bob
and you and
and me
and you

We are true.
We are true.
We are who?

(first line taken from a Mos Def track)