Hydrangea. Azalea. Geranium. Rainflower.

It was going to be done at some point so here are the flower meanings for these images (in case you needed any more symbolism idk)

  • Oz - Pink Tulip - Happiness, confidence, caring. Can mean encouragement and are less romantic than red tulips. 
  • Gil - Gentian - Injustice, integrity, intrinsic worth. 
  • Vincent - White clover - ‘Think of me,’ promise.
  • Break - Red anenome - Sickness, anticipation, unfading love, fading hope, a ‘point of no return.’
  • Elliot - Statice - Loyalty, remembrance, sympathy, ‘something that never changes.’ 
  • Leo - Black rose - Death, farewell, rejuvenation/rebirth (Black roses are often actually very dark red roses, which mean true love).
  • Reim - Sunflower - Pure thoughts, adoration, dedication, pride, haughtiness.

Whenever something bad happens in ShadowClan

Lizardstripe: It’s Brokentail’s fault!

Whenever something bad happens in RiverClan

Rainflower: It’s Crookedjaw’s fault!

Whenever something bad happens in WindClan

Crowfeather: It’s Breezepelt’s fault!

Whenever something bad happens in ThunderClan

Millie: It’s Blossomfall’s fault!

There’s a bad parent in every Clan…that’s not good.


Even in the rain, the flow is strong. So happy I learned fishtails. @couray_shep here’s your rain flow #contactstaff #flowartscommunity #cstaff#rainflow

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Raindrops keep falling down hah hah hah haannh #twistup #rainflow #slomo #hashtagvshasish