rainfall the sojourn

"Trödel, the relic of the old world"

There’s a tale spoken amongst the people of the Northern Plains of Iris. A tale long forgotten through the passing of time. The tale spoke of a creature of many faces who walked among the residents of Urd. It was described as illusive but at  times overtly social. Based off its sporadic nature, it was determined amongst the people that this creature had a fragmented mind and was a danger to society. Fortunately, it chose to live in isolation.

No one really knew where it came from - Though, the traveler who first discovered it nicknamed it 

ödel has a guise with an inscrutable countenance that would surely make those who witnessed it frighten at the sight that befallen them. 

For several years it plagued the locals. You see, 
Trödel liked to talk the ears off to anyone unfortunate enough to cross his path. Its questionable sanity, enormous size, and puzzling expression made any contact with it unsettling. He was an abomination that was best avoided at all costs.

Over time, sightings of 
Trödel diminished until he seemly disappeared entirely, never to show its face again.

Perhaps one day it will appear again.



This entry will be the first of many entries of a series known as “Tales of Urd”. These entries are meant to give life to Urd which is Rainfall’s world. The entries are lore taken from past, present, and future of Rainfall. Sometimes they can directly reference events in the game’s main story.